Your Solar Return: A Breakdown

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13 min readDec 31, 2020
My Solar Return for 2021

Every year at your birthday you get what is called a Solar Return chart. When you view this chart compared to your natal chart it can really help you narrow down your focus for the year. There are so many layers to astrology that we could even break it down with the progressed chart, too, but to save time we’re going to use the natal and solar as our basis here.

It may help as well to know what profection year you’re in. Each year on your birthday a different house in your chart (different part of life) becomes your focus for the next year. Find your age on the chart to see where you’re at currently, and where you’ll be when your birthday hits again.

I’ve already written my own stuff down for personal use, but I wanted to share because I’m hoping it can help you. If you can’t afford to have a solar return reading perhaps the information I provide here will help you be able to do your own reading. Let me know if there are any questions.

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Profection Year Chart
My natal chart. Everything relates back to this chart.

I am currently 41 and in a profection year six. The house of work, health, and routines. For the past three years Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto were also in the sixth house. I’ve had to deal with a lot of factors related to health and routine. Also, lost my job in March when Covid hit, and began truly considering my own business more seriously.

In February I’ll be turning 42 and in a profection year 7. This puts a focus on relationships, personal and professional for the coming year. Saturn and Jupiter also just formed a conjunction in the 7th house. A seed that is meant to grow the next two decades. This makes sense with the solar return, and I’ll explain that as we go along.

This was my solar return for 2020.

Now, your solar return happens when the Sun reaches the exact degree of your natal Sun. That…

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