Wherefore Art Thou Gods?

Adjust Your Sails
7 min readNov 14, 2022

This is read aloud in four parts over on my TikTok if you prefer to listen. It’s labeled Religion and Spirituality over there. ❤

Warning: I deviate from this script here and there lol

My history with religion and spirituality is long and complicated. Some might say you shouldn’t even listen to me, and that’s valid. I just put my thoughts out there, and if you vibe you vibe. If not no hard feelings. Life is too short for either of us to worry what the other thinks.

I used to share from a space of fear, and it would be easy to go away and be quiet. To hang my head in shame, but I wasn’t built for the easy way out of anything. There is nothing easy about learning to accept yourself as worthy and modeling self-respect for your children. Not when examples were sorely lacking from your life.

To have lived a life where all you ever saw was women sell their self-respect, their dignity, their relationship to their children all for a crumb of attention from abusive, angry ass men. And to have found myself repeating that. I have clawed my way out of a personal hell, and that will be my legacy. I will be known as someone who completely changed her life.

Someone who broke the cycle. It ended with me. And while my children have healing to do we are on that road together. They fully understand that I was simply mindlessly repeating cycles and desperate to be loved and belong the way we all are. They are proud of me for learning how to respect myself and choose better for my life.

You get there by radical acceptance and there is no other route. Fuck me I have tried them all. Lol Ask anyone who knows me well. We’re not beating around bushes around here. We own our shit. And when it comes to religion and spirituality we are all saying the same thing, but labeling it something different. Make that make sense please.

We allow them to convince us to hate each other based on the labels. It’s like the fucking Wizard of Oz. Weak ass men and sold out women behind a curtain of divide and…



Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd