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Adjust Your Sails
14 min readMay 6

Venus is entering Cancer tomorrow, where she is meant to take the edge off of a fallen Mars, and I feel it so deeply in my bones. Yesterday I resonated with the above photo, and shared it with the caption, “I’ve peeled off so many masks. May I never forget, and never be done.”

Mars rules my 4th house of home and family in traditional astrology, along with Pluto in modern. Mars also rules my 9th house in both. Several years ago I became incredibly driven to learn all I could about creating a happy and healthy home. I don’t recall the exact date, but it began in 2006.

That year the North Node was in Aries, where it’s about to be in July of this year, and Aries is ruled by Mars. This would have been a focus on the 9th house for me, and how I chose to dedicate myself to the journey and purpose I felt, was to study and learn from all sorts of life philosophies.

There is not a more appropriate time for me to tell you the full story than now, as Venus is getting ready to dance with Mars in his brokenness, and teach him pleasure and joy can be a choice. Mars is being helped in really big ways right now, and today I feel it on such a soul level.

I’d like to speak about the various masks I’ve worn over the years, and how each of them can be traced back to the same thing: trauma and a lack of self-awareness. What healed me was not other people suddenly deciding to enable me, but me figuring out enabling is not love.

I began by taking Christianity seriously. I’m not going to dive into all the details of it, but I can tell you that approaching it from love didn’t work long-term with my logic, and approaching it with logic increased the fear, which is the opposite of love for me.

Christianity is not for me. I tried my best to reconcile the contradictions, but some of that required a suspension of my brain, knowledge, and wisdom. I stayed very angry with religion for a very long time. As I shed the mask of Christianity, understanding it made more trauma for me and my family, and did not save it, I put on the mask of atheism.

I have an Aquarius stellium, so I am forever trying to find my tribe. And not only do I have an Aquarius stellium, but it’s in the house of other people, and includes my chart ruling Sun in detriment. I have worn many masks…

Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd