What do you need most right now?

I decided to do another pick a pile reading based on photos.

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Please choose one or more of the photos below and then scroll to see what it reveals. These messages are about what the universe most wants you to know right now. The astrology is intense and many of us are feeling overwhelmed. My goal is to provide as much guidance as I can. There are four different photos to choose from.

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I always advise people to trust their own intuition over all else. These messages won’t be for everyone, but they will be for someone. Please do not ever force a reading to fit your situation.

Sometimes they will fit and it will resonate with a deeper knowing within you. Other times it won’t, and it will resonate with that same inner knowing. Both are okay. Take the bits that fit and leave the rest for someone else in need.

Choice One:


Right now it’s important that you remember you are never alone. You can create mindful moments throughout your day to remind yourself that you are love, you are a miracle, and you are perfectly natural and good as you are. You don’t have to achieve or accumulate anything to be worthy. It’s inherent.

You are never alone and there is a need for you to start interacting more with the people you care about. Don’t just invest your time and energy into one person. Make sure all the people who matter to you are aware they do. Communicate clearly and let down your guard.

Love is in your life in all forms right now. With that comes a responsibility that most ignore or do not live up to. You’re being called to live up to it. Give your love freely, without conditions, understanding if someone takes it for granted it’s not personal. You are allowed to set healthy boundaries.

You’re going through a rebirth to learn the difference between love and attachment. There is a fine line between desire that is pure and obsession that leaves you vibrating in lower levels of fear, jealousy, and possessiveness. It’s crucial you learn where you begin and other people end. You may have been neglecting people who actually love you for someone who is attached to you.

The universe would like you to consider what you’re wishing for right now carefully. Is this wish really what you want? Are you ready to pay the price for this wish to come true? Are you really in love or are you desperate to feel loved and settling for attachment? There is a huge difference.

Consider what you want from your relationships of all kinds. Close your eyes and feel deep within how you want to feel with the people you love. If the people in your life currently don’t make you feel that way it may be time to release them, so that your real soul tribe can make their way in.

Good fortune, ambitions, wealth, prosperity, and happiness are all knocking at your door, but you must answer it. People and things will come and go, so the important thing is to stop losing yourself in them. Become observant.

When we are struggling within it’s best to detach and observe how we feel and what we are thinking as if we’re an outsider. This can neutralize any discomfort or emotional overwhelm. You must learn that nothing is as personal as it feels. This theme keeps coming up in your reading.

I like how in this photo he is sitting inside a heart contemplating the moon and water. This is exactly what you need to do. Go within, tap into your heart space and open it fully. The water and Moon represent our emotions, thoughts, and internal world. It’s time to sort that all out now.

There is definitely a letting go permeating your experience. A need for you to change your perspective. Don’t continue to fight when the war has long been over. There is no reward in playing a constant victim or wounded warrior. It only prevents you from having true happiness and warmth.

Write down everything you’re facing right now. Then go back over it pretending it’s someone else’s story. Give that person good advice, and then take your own good advice. When you let go of the past the struggle dies down and success rises up for you.

If you keep putting off what you know must be done the universe will do it for you. There is powerful movement coming into your life. You can anticipate a positive outcome either way. There may be some who are jealous as you rise, but that isn’t personal either. I never did understand jealousy much.

If you see someone who you admire for their traits or success why not emulate them? I suppose it’s a self-worth issue like most things. Let it roll off your back. It’s time to live your life for you, and choose your tribe carefully.

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Choice Two:


The universe is going to be guiding you into self-worth. It’s past time that you stand in your power and know exactly what you deserve. Just because obstacles get in your way from time-to-time doesn’t mean you don’t deserve what you’re working for. Sometimes they’re detours in the right direction.

What is it you value and believe in? This is where you focus needs to be. Is your best, most authentic self the one you display for others? Not everyone will agree with you, share your values, or treat you as worthy, but the goal isn’t to make everyone like you. It’s to like yourself enough to vibrate at a level that will attract like-minded souls to you.

People are terrified of vulnerability and authenticity, and so the more vulnerable and authentic you become the more the fake people in your life will expose themselves. Let them do that understanding it isn’t personal, and set some healthy boundaries.

There are some things you simply won’t know until you experience them. We are in a state of evolution constantly, and as such you will stumble. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip from time-to-time. Be gentle with yourself as you build your self-worth because if you beat yourself down you undo all the work.

You are not here to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect to be worthy. There is nothing you need to chase, attract, or achieve to be deemed worthy. You’re worthy because you exist, period. Stop putting qualifications on your worth and others will, too.

You may be trying to manifest something or practice some form of ritual. Don’t violate and break any rules. Now is the time to practice by learning first, and then attempting. You really do have all the tools you need to manifest your best life. We all do all the time. However, in order to manifest something into your life you must fully, firmly believe you deserve it.

Read articles and books on self-worth. Build yours like a muscle. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever struggle, but it does mean when the struggle appears you’ll handle it quickly instead of making it worse. Stop seeking your worth, validation, and magic outside of you. It all lives within.

You are being granted a temporary power to see the future. I would meditate, celebrate your visions and epiphanies as they come. Many of your dreams are approaching you now, and you have the ability to see them coming. It just takes you being willing to slow down, listen, and look for them.

Now isn’t the time to speak, but to be silent and listen. Pay attention to what is and isn’t being spoken. The universe doesn’t want you listening with your ears. It’s time to listen with your heart, and if you have walls up they have to come down. You’re being granted greater understanding about your life.

If you are struggling to find worth or in any area of life maybe it’s time to ask for help. The most important help you can receive is from your higher self and Spirit, but ask those you trust around you, too. Have someone be your self-worth accountability partner.

In fact, the universe has sent or is about to send someone in to help you. This person is meant to guide you at this point in your life. Make sure you’re not winging things. Take care to plan and organize everything. This is going to lead to brilliant success for you. New and exciting times are on their way, but you have to open up. You will know who to confide in.

There may be an internal struggle for you where love is concerned. I feel someone has offered you a sincere form of love, but you fight against it. Unfortunately, this is what we do when we lack self-worth. We tend to stay in bad relationships too long, and push good ones away. Don’t do that to yourself. Now is the time to understand and connect with love.

Good news is coming in soon. This offer is a genuine one. One that is going to bring you joy and fulfillment. A balanced and stable partnership and home life is on its way to you, but if you aren’t ready it can’t come in. Don’t sabotage yourself and let it pass it you by.

Your potential joy and fulfillment can be turned to pain just by the way you handle yourself. You can’t steal away and be alone, avoiding the whole world, and expect love to find you. No one will be able to climb your walls. As soon as they try you just build them higher. Time to step into self-awareness.

In the photo we see an adult holding the hand of a child. It’s quite fitting. It’s time for the grown up you to take the inner child you by the hand. It’s time to lead that inner child to the healing he or she deserves.

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Choice Three:


There is a need for you to brace yourself. Unexpected changes are coming into your life if they haven’t already. This will require you to adopt a beginner mindset and start over. Fitting the photo is a whale diving into the powerful sea. I feel your life has been or is about to become stormy.

Change is the only constant in life and you may have a hard time dealing with it. The universe is giving you a heads up that it’s coming, and it wants you to handle it like a pro. With innocence and curiosity. When things seem chaotic around you detach. Seek the good in what it is going on with intention.

In the past you may have become prickly and defensive when faced with change. That isn’t the road you’re meant to travel this time around. Witness that darkness and call on the light. Thank the universe for guiding you to perceive fear through the eyes of love. Don’t cave to the fear. It’s just false evidence appearing real. Have the courage to call it out.

Meditation is suggested for you to gather guidance and inner peace regardless of the whirlwind that may surround you. If the tornado is coming anyway you may as well prepare. You aren’t going to miss anything if you step back and remain quiet. Allow the storms to pass. The sun will shine again.

Your perspective becomes your reality. You can choose to view what is happening as happening to you, or to see it happening FOR you. Don’t allow the future to be determined by the past or the present. There is a need for you to focus on your inner world because it’s the only world you can control.

Don’t get caught up trying to control the external reality. There is going to be no easy way out, so stop seeking one. If you’re facing a hard decision stop putting it off. The hard work of just getting it over with will be rewarded.

Your shadow self is going to want to resist the change. It’s going to mimic your voice, tell you that you should be ashamed, and if you don’t combat the shadow with your light it will have you reactive and giving away your power. Do not feed the negativity around you at all. Now is the time to practice rising above and being the peace.

Your idea of home is being challenged. Safety, security, peace, and belonging aren’t found in other people or in buildings. It’s found within you, when you are finally comfortable in your own skin. To be able to live comfortably no matter what is going on around you. Home is where the heart is. What is in your heart? Follow that road.

Change and disruption is at hand. It could be a shocking loss of some kind. Maybe you’ve put a decision off long enough and the universe is now stepping in to solve it. It’s okay though because this is necessary for you to become the strong leader you’re meant to be. It’s going to teach you how to listen and advise others who later go through some of the same things.

These changes are so that you can find your soul tribe. I sense some of these changes are around work and career. That you’re meant to build up your own business and you haven’t believed in yourself enough to begin. You are going to face that reckoning and have to begin now.

Keep reminding yourself that this chaos ends in victory. It is time to trust in your own power, and work with those you know have your back. Ultimately this leads to a wish fulfillment and a lasting empire being cultivated from the ground up. Whatever it is you’ve put off due to fear and negative thinking is about to come crashing into your lap. It is demanding attention.

You must step away from indecision and doubt now. Maybe the chaos is all in your head as I get further into this reading. Perhaps it isn’t external at all. Your have trapped yourself in a cycle of thinking that is toxic. Only you can set yourself free. Stop allowing petty upsets, worry, stress, and self-doubt to rule.

Those things aren’t monsters or bad. They come in thinking they are protecting you, but they never do. The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions. Validate those feelings, tell them you appreciate their attempts to keep you safe, but they have only kept you small. Let them know you no longer need them. That you got this.

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Choice Four:


For you the time has come to take all the knowledge you’ve accumulated and apply it to your life. It’s the only way it can ever become wisdom. Focus on your inner light and see the world through the lens of love as often as you can. This is about integrating it all into the body, mind, and soul.

Take time to examine the lessons you’ve learned thus far in life, and ask yourself if you’re applying them. Be loyal to your dreams and your soul above all else right now. You may be someone who waits on others, but you are the one you have been waiting for. That’s the biggest lesson of them all.

Whoever chose this pile is in alignment with their destiny. You may not have all the answers, you may not know where it’s leading, but you’re on your way. You’re learning that wisdom is really trusting the unknown, and using what you do know to clear your path along the way.

There is a strong message of you being loyal to the uniqueness of consciousness. Apples and oranges are different, but both are fruit. It’s truly time to make sure you’re judging less and loving more. This brings you a gift that you may not be expecting. Things are looking very good for you.

Beauty is not skin deep. It goes beyond the skin to the soul. There is a need to keep an open mind and purposely focus on the beauty in your life and all around you. Don’t allow yourself to become fooled by unrealistic choices, but do take the time to dream up what is possible and chase after that. Know this, you will win the war, even if you lose the battle.

There is a huge spark of creativity alive in you. The universe is telling you that you have every reason to move forward with hope and optimism. Great time to give birth to new ideas, start new relationships, or change jobs. You will be connecting with others and watching your spark become flames of victory.

The caution for you is to stop seeing what is different than you as somehow separate. It’s all connected. I have a feeling that whatever you are meant to do it involves oneness. An understanding and appreciation of both the shadow and the light is necessary. Your success will come through others, and it’s going to be critical that you allow them to contribute and feel valued.

A time of true reciprocity is upon you. People in your life will give as much as they take. You and your soul tribe will be loving, devoted, and present for one another. You make an excellent counselor for others. Make sure you remain honest and authentic every step of the journey. Being imperfect and acknowledging your flaws makes you honest.

If you feel any sense of loss now is the time to deal with that. It’s a great time of hope for the future. Reflect not just on the losses in your life, but also on the growth and success. Good things are definitely on their way in for you. Memories and people from your past may resurface.

It will be up to you if you allow them into your life. The cards are giving a positive omen for doing so. These people may be coming in to help you start or grow a business. I have a feeling one or more of the people coming back broke your heart previously. This may lead you initially to have mixed emotions regarding allowing them back in.

I see when they first reach out you feel a sense of sadness, but once you allow them in things move quickly in your favor. It may make others jealous, so it will be important to know your worth and stand in your power. Maybe in the past the loss felt great when this person walked away, but they aren’t the same person they were when they left.

The person they are today is strong and honest. They aren’t afraid to lead. They listen and offer fantastic advice. Once this person re-enters your life and you allow them in absolute joy overcomes you. Material wealth increases. I see solid love relationships. There is peace and vitality. The ultimate success.

I like that this photo is a book whose pages are coming to life. We write our own stories, and I have the sense that you know this. You have done well writing, re-writing, and editing your life. I have no real concerns for you going forward. Just trust and follow your inner guidance.

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd