I will get back to the astrology perhaps later or tomorrow. For this post I wanted to do a pick a card reading. Right now all many of us have is time, and there are far greater things we could be doing with it than worrying and stressing out over current events. I know it took me a minute, and if it’s taking you a minute that’s okay, too.

The goal is never to avoid feelings like grief, fear, and loss. It’s to see them as okay, normal, and part of the full human experience. Take the time you need to cry, grieve, and heal. Create something that allows you to release. Listen to some healing music. Meditate. Unplug. Just breathe. Know that this, too, shall pass. Our emotions are waves and we can learn to surf them.

The following piles will each be a reading meant to speak to what you should be using this down time for. Maybe some will simply be a message you need to hear that will help you know what to do next. I know many of us freeze when we’re in fear and anxiety, and need guidance to move forward.

Pile Picks: left to right you see pile 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

What do you need to hear right now? In this moment? Think of that for a long pause and then ask for guidance on which pile or piles are for you. There may be nuggets that speak to you in more than one and that’s okay.

I will be including a charm interpretation with each reading.

Collective Message:

Right now not much seems very certain. So my challenge to you when things feel scary or overwhelming is to have faith in the tangible first. You are alive right now. You are safe right now. Find peace in the small truths and build up from there. Just start somewhere.

We will always see what we look for. I don’t use astrology and tarot to escape the truths of the world. I use astrology to explain current events, and tarot to guide us through them. I cannot and will not promise you that the road ahead is going to be easy or that we’ll all make it out whole and complete on the other side, but I can tell you the solidarity all over the world is breathtaking.

I firmly believe that energy is a vibration. It starts with us as individuals and then grows as we do for the collective. If we can each learn to take responsibility for our own mindset, keep ourselves together, behave with emotional intelligence, not only is our life better internally, but externally as well. Set boundaries where you must and move forward.

Now is a time to take stock of the relationships in your life and come to terms with what is important. Who do you want to be? There is a creative, talented, wonderful Spirit in you, but you may have been avoiding it for a long time to take care of “real life”. Well, as surreal as all this feels it’s real life.

What else do you have right now but time? How can it best be spent? Let us seek to add to the collective calm. We need that now more than ever. I do hope that these messages find who they’re meant for and that it helps you gain some perspective. We are in control of our thoughts and emotions whenever we decide to be. Nothing is as personal it feels.

The numbers for you to pay attention to are four and six. These relate to foundations and domestic environments. Pretty fitting since we’re all following stay at home orders. The year 2020 is a universal foundation year. I wrote about that way back. What do you want to build?

Four is all about the foundations. Seeing this number on repeat is a sign that you should be considering how solid yours is and where you may have some cracks. The number six is about love, family, and home. So if you begin seeing this number a lot there is something the universe wants you assessing in this area of your life.

Don’t forget Saturn is here and he’s pushing us all. He wants us to be our very best. Your drive and determination should steadily increase. Use this energy to benefit your future. The number 8 is also a factor. It’s a good time to start balancing our spiritual and material worlds.

This pandemic will end, and we will have either learned and adapted, or remained frozen in fear and unable to move forward. Take what speaks to you and leave the rest. I wish you all the very best.

Pile One:

A theme running throughout this pile is self-control. It’s faking it until you make it. It’s recognizing all emotions as equally valid and allowing yourself to process and feel them without letting them control or rule over you. Defy the current circumstances. Obviously, follow the guidelines, and stay physically safe, but let your imagination be an escape from time to time.

Play around with your dreams. Practice trusting that all is well with your soul. You will find the most peace through music. You got the charm and the card. This Spring you’re recognizing someone in your life may be immature and you may feel hurt by them in some way.

The owl lets me know you’re wise enough to understand nothing is personal and start setting clear and healthy boundaries to protect your heart the right way. It may not feel like it, but this period for you is about exploring your feelings, creativity, good luck coming your way, transformation, health, abundance, intelligence, endurance, happiness, and strength.

Practice going with the flow on purpose. Surf emotions like waves and soon you’ll be a pro. A deeper awareness of the unconscious and your higher self awaits. Turn on some music frequencies and meditate if you can.

Music, Self-discipline, The Woodward, Five of Stones, Seven of Vessels, The Sun, Five of Swords, Treasure Island, By the Book, Milk and Honey, and To Be Fair is your spread.

Music is very, very influential right now. I am being encouraged to ask you to listen to music that helps keep your energy upbeat, and to be self-disciplined and try various techniques that may seem weird or odd to you, in order to control and alleviate your anxieties and fears.

No one else is coming to save you. That’s the lesson of this era. Yes, we need each other, and there are times we genuinely need help. For that, create your circle of people with purpose. There is a lot in astrology right now helping us configure our relationships. Seek people who will listen, and then remind you who you are and how strong you are capable of being.

Ultimately, though, there will be times all we have is oneself. I could tell you once an hour, on the hour, that everything is going to be okay, but if the other 59 minutes of those hours you’re telling yourself the opposite I am wasting my time. We believe what we tell ourselves most.

You’re being asked to challenge yourself. To purposely promote love and patience over anger and hatred. To face your own fear. You are not a victim. You can demand respect. Do not allow people to take your kindness for a weakness. Strength is in giving, but also receiving. You understand the nature of darkness, and this can help lead you to the light.

Right now, many of us have been stripped of a security we once took for granted, so acknowledge that. Then remind yourself you’re only responsible for you, and it’s okay to take things one moment at a time. When the darkness creeps in look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself you’ve been through these same kind of feelings before. Don’t rush them off.

Recognize it’s okay to be human, and that sometimes that means being sad or fearful. Embrace the full experience. It’s not the feeling that matters, so much as how we respond to it. If you acknowledge it, feel it, and then replace it with a thought that is more uplifting and makes you feel good you win.

Through adversity and the process of re-balancing we generally find our strength within, and often from unknown sources. This is a time to practice calm and resolute strength like it’s your job. To not beat yourself up if you can’t be perfect and do it 100% of the time. The goal is to just to gradually grow better at emotional control.

Right now you may feel abandoned or lonely. The beat of the universal drum is being heard in our souls, and it’s requesting a healthy surrender. Your energy is renewed through music, dance, meditation, art, love, even a profound sexual experience if you have a partner nearby.

Spend time in euphoric awareness of the whole, the bigger picture, the aftermath of this where we will be building a fairer, safer, healthier earth. It’s time for you to gain the purpose you feel is lacking. You do this by gaining access to deeper and more profound comprehension of everything.

Go ahead and grieve the past because it’s likely things won’t ever truly be the same, but they will be better once this is over. Take time to mourn what you thought life would be, and embrace the unknown. It’s never the physically strong who survive. It’s those most adaptable to change.

Mourning is understandable during this time, but the sun will shine again for you. The sun brings us vitality. We’re on stay home orders, but it’s still okay to go outside, go for walks, and feel the sun on your face. Even five minutes of that a day, eyes closed, face to the sky, can be very beneficial. Mantra “I am whole. I am more than enough. I shine like the sun and I am happy.”

When you’re mourning you will get to the point where you can view your pain as a lesson and move forward. You will see what you look for. Sometimes life isn’t fair, and you may feel that heavy right now. Your energy may feel depleted, which is why music and creating keeps coming up. Never let one chapter of your life define you. You have so many left to write.

If you start practicing mindfulness and manifestation you will increase your personal vibration, and add a higher vibration to the collective; which we need right now. Poverty consciousness, victim mindset, the fear of not being good enough are no longer for you to wear. Change how you perceive your limitations. There is nothing to lose but self-imposed prison bars.

In order to really help challenge authority and power in the collective you must first do it within. You must first make sure you don’t agree with the rich and powerful that you’re undeserving and unworthy. Tap into the revolutionary energy bubbling up at the surface.

When you release yourself the milk and honey flows in. Opportunities are born from your hard-fought for authenticity. Always be true to your higher self, and not your lower vibrations. Know your worth. Own it. No one can take your worth away without your consent.

There may be an unease telling you to pursue pleasure as a means to escape the pain. That isn’t what I’m suggesting. That only helps for the moment. All vices are is distractions to the problems we could often times solve with half the energy. Practice extreme self-care and confront your own condition. Only you have the power to change it. I’m suggesting a healthy balancing.

What we’re going through right now is the law of cause and effect. Life will forever offer challenges and nourishment. Sometimes at the same time. The injustice and inequality you’ve experienced in life does not define you. Be fair to yourself and with everyone else.


Pile Two:

I feel like this down time for you could be used to chase after a dream you’ve been putting off. Even if it’s just taking this time to really learn and accumulate knowledge, since you can’t really be out in the world. Even though the days may feel long this will be over before you know it. Your window of down time is going to close. Will you have used it intelligently?

You have a real message of family in this reading. Your family is blessed and brave. Together you can gain success through filling one another’s cups and taking care of your health. Remember the rain will come, but from it grows the most beautiful flowers.

We are living through an unexpected tower moment, but you can use that to start building your best life. We can rise from the ashes. You’re the star of your play. What role do you want to take on? Is it time for something different?

Nature, Parenting, Eight of Vessels, Page of Stones, Ace of Stones, The Foundation of Life, The Chariot, Five of Pentacles, Yang, Chaos and Conflict, Serendipity, and Higher Power are your cards.

Maybe you are involved with children somehow, whether your own or someone else’s. It’s in your nature to care for the most vulnerable. There may be something attached to children that you want to pursue, but you never felt good enough, or real life kept getting in the way. Perhaps it just hasn’t been the right time, but you’re being given this downtime to prepare and learn.

The universe hasn’t been telling you no. It’s been telling you not right now. Now is a good time to stop beating yourself up. Instead, look at the past with self-reflection and acknowledge your mistakes as lessons. Grow and attain new wisdom. The future waits to be unfolded by our positive actions and now is a great time of rebirth for you.

Time to stop asking, “Why me?” and instead ask, “Why not me?” In the midst of a global pandemic you can be safe and warm at home, studying a passion that you can turn into profit when this is over. Drink of this fountain of opportunity and renew your life objectives.

Give the physical realm some attention. Be aware of the effects generated by everything you do personally. That is all you can control. Don’t forget to have fun and make room for creativity, but be aware of letting your wild side run unchecked. This could hamper you going forward. Saturn wants you to buckle down some. Create a loose routine and start small if you must.

It’s time to learn the ropes as a beginner in advocating for and building up yourself. This will require concentration and effort. You mock the concept of authority, and I feel like the way you are with children shows this. You give them guidance and boundaries, but never act superior. Once you reach full responsibility for yourself the children will learn what they see you live.

Ask yourself of every situation, good and bad, what you can learn from it. What needs your dedicated commitment right now and what doesn’t? Don’t squander this opportunity away.

The most potent act of your mind is to conceive of an idea and manifest it into practical reality. It’s a great example of balancing our spiritual with our material worlds. Be on the lookout for that number 8. Now is the time to transmute your dreams and bring them into the material world.

If you use this time wisely you will see victory. You will recognize that the key to unlock the door has been right here all along. You’ve just allowed fear, doubt, and lack of time to cloud your vision. Harness and unite the opposing energies we’re dealing with right now. You’re being gifted this window to create the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Right now many of us are experiencing health and financial distress. It’s more important than ever we don’t lay down and wallow in a lack mindset. No, this isn’t your fault, and even if you wallow it’s not your fault. I just firmly believe the more positive we try to be, while still allowing the negative feelings their space, the more resourceful we become. A calm mind is key.

There is a lot of masculine energy right now, and we really do need more people in touch with their feminine side. That being said, you can use this energy to your advantage for it’s better qualities. You have the power and support from the universe right now to make things happen.

Be mindful of impulsive actions and words. Practice self-control and pay attention to what you say, what you do, and how you say and do those things. It is a time for you to be learning and in thoughtful consideration of life. You will easily build momentum right now if you simply start.

Yes, you may feel like forces are opposing you and that things are turbulent. I would be concerned if you didn’t. Feel those things, acknowledge they are there, and then tell them to go away for now. Meditate, breathe, do something that quiets and stills you. Be the eye of the storm.

You’re likely already seeing or will be seeing signs and serendipity. Right now events are aligned in your favor like magic. You will continue stepping into alignment with the greater good. You may have felt serendipity in the past, and thought certain people or things were meant to be, and now you’re realizing they’re not. That’s okay, too. Breathe. Let them go.

Make a conscious effort to connect to your higher self and higher power. Right now it’s crucial you be tuned in to your intuition and potential. Seek to be a vessel for the highest good of all, and your highest good will be automatic.

It’s time to consider what you’ve been giving your time and attention to. To stop obsessing over the perfect timing or everything being just right. It doesn’t have to be and likely never will be. Perfect is the enemy of good. Surrender the fear and the troubles and take in the peace and serenity.


Pile Three:

I feel like the challenge for this pile is remembering that the opposite of love is fear. If we are allowing the fear to be fed and to grow we are starving the love. It’s okay to be afraid. Just be self-aware and face your fears as you are able. Your job is to spread love right now and always.

Whenever you find yourself anxious or fearful ask yourself what love would do. Then do that. Speak to yourself like you are someone you love. At the end of the day you’re only going to believe what you tell yourself either way, so you may as well practice telling yourself good things.

Believe all is well with your soul and it will be. Be inspired by miracles big and small. Have faith that you’re protected through this process when things seem off or looming. Tap into your feminine side as that is coming through strong. There is birth, good fortune, and resurrection coming in for you.

It’s very important for you to immerse yourself in your spiritual practice. Meditate and journal if you can. Whatever a self-care routine is for you that keeps you centered with a balance of roots and wings is recommended. It’s time to gather ideas with your wings and plant them to grow roots.

Physical Activity, Completion, The Great Bear, Knight of Bows, The Seer, Three of Wands, King of Pentacles, Yin, Chop Wood, Clean It Up, and Happy Happy complete your spread.

There is a need for you be more physically active. I know this can be hard to do when we are quarantined to our homes, but not impossible. Sitting for hours a day can shorten your life and cause pain. Try yoga, dancing, lightweight cardio, and just add a little each day. It’s time to leave your old life in the past. This time frame we’re in is a completion of old cycles for you.

Right now your focus cannot be on the right and wrongs of the world. The judgment taking place in this completion for you is a time of rebirth. It is both inward and mystical, and yet outward and universal. There is something you have to cultivate for the greater good of us all. This reaches far beyond the realm of our human confines.

Coupling this with a physical activity routine and being grounded is good. It will allow you to balance the spiritual and the material worlds nicely. The fear of death and damnation have mutated into a distorted view of what judgement is. It’s far simpler than what you’ve been taught.

If you squander your life the judgement is the result of that choice. If you make something of it the judgment is the result of that choice. We have abused the ecosystem for so long, that yes, we are going through a collective judgement, but that doesn’t mean you’re being punished. Nature is not vindictive; just practical.

You are a guardian of ancient knowledge that people need to know. You hold the power of life and death within you. We all do. Right now you’re seeing the stages of it being stripped and laid bare. This initiates experiences and new strength and wisdom within. Seek a quiet stillness, peace, and rest that allows the healing process to be completed.

It doesn’t matter how long the world is shut down. Use that time to discover the message you’re hear to speak to the world. There is a new, whole, reconstituted person in us all, just hibernating, full of potential, and ready to meet the coming Spring with energy and joy. Feed into that energy heavily.

The only thing assured in life is change. So, don’t let the fear of it hold you back. Be brave and speak any and all truths even if your voice shakes. How we survive the change and who we are after it happens is up to us.

Balance out your determination. Keep your routine loose, so you don’t burn out. You have the ability to anticipate the future, and can use this to your advantage. Don’t allow impatience to hinder your chance to really change things. Where can you be moving more slowly? Let’s continue leaving the old ways behind and building on the new.

You are a seer and a knower of things others cannot see and do not know. You represent insight gained from stillness and an inward journey. You stand at the heart of an inner personal universe and can mediate knowledge and help to externalize this energy into power, wisdom, and creative endeavors that change and challenge the material world.

Just as I thought the number 8 was going to be really lighting up for this pile the clock read 11:33. 1+1+3+3=8. Synchronicity is always lovely. You are a mediation between worlds. Tap into the feminine energy and feed of your intuition; even if you’re not female.

You are a guide to the soul for others. A catalyst for the manifestation of creative and artistic work that can change the world. You may be experiencing shadowy dream states, and ideas are being filtered through them. You can form these ideas into words, song, dance, art, and provide inspiration to others. Now more than ever we need open hearts, laughter, and solidarity.

Now is a great time to focus on your inner power and let it flow through you. Many dreams or desires can be applied to your every day life right now in ways they couldn’t before. Heal and remove toxic partnerships of all kinds. Now the manifestation of the inner spiritual insights into our practical and physical daily life will bring profound rewards and results.

You will have to wait a bit to see the results of your efforts, but they will ultimately lead to a stable and secure future. Do not allow fear to block you any longer. You’ve being given this time to prove to yourself that you can face your gifts and create something beautiful with them. Stay expectant and optimistic. This isn’t to say you will be 100% of the time, but do your best.

With steady desire and effort, which Saturn is here to help with, your potential is limitless. Balance that out with the feminine energy we’re lacking in the collective. This means just gather information and take cues from your intuition right now. You don’t need the blueprints completed overnight.

You cannot always lead, always teach, and always give. Sometimes you have to receive. With all the down time be grounded in your everyday experiences. Just as we must tend to and pluck weeds from real gardens, so must we do so with the garden of our soul. Now is a time of the boring and mundane, but absolutely necessary process for real growth.

It is during the everyday moments, when you’re doing dishes, walking the dog, sweeping the floor that your aha moments and epiphanies will come. This is another example of the spiritual and material working together, too. Use this time to clean it up; physically, mentally, spiritually.

Now isn’t the time to be focused on other people. Yes, check on those you love, and maintain relationships important to you. Just don’t get lost and bogged down in other people’s details and drama. Keep seeking to find joy in the present moment. The past and future can have us feeling anxious when they are this uncertain. Be as aware as you feel you need to be, and then unplug.

Make a little time to be ridiculously silly while you’re at it. Lighten your vibration. The rest is out of your control and that’s okay.


Pile Four:

You are someone who likes to be in your logical mind. You have to figure everything out. When we have big events happening like we do now you’re invested in figuring it all out. Sometimes, though, we aren’t meant to. The tapestry of life is mysterious and eclectic.

Let faith in yourself and your inspiration propel to believe in love and the greater good. We are all unique and even though we’re experiencing the same event, our methods are vastly different for coping. Some of us are finding love of country, others spending more time with our kids and pets, seeking the knowledge that will unlock whatever normal was, but we aren’t going back.

Wisdom is letting the old ways that got us here die, and standing up for the new and improved society that benefits us all.

Patience, Pride, Four of Arrows, Five of Arrows, Six of Arrows, Ten of Wands, Eight of Pentacles, Here and Now, Come to the Edge, Message in a Bottle, and Loyal Heart is your spread.

Now is a time you may not feel much patience, but you’re being asked to surrender and cultivate it with intention and purpose. It’s long past time to let down your walls and stop allowing pride to get in the way. We often create our own suffering because we are afraid of what others will think if we change, grow, and do something different. Do it anyway.

Whoever chose this pile has been suffering for a long while. The world has been stressful and demanding of you. Even now, you’re so used to work, work, work, that you’re stressing out over rest. It’s time to take the rest and know that you have earned it. Rest and self-care is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Try some meditation and journal for a few minutes each day. Learn to be still and alone with your thoughts. Don’t be afraid of them, no matter how dark they are. We all have thoughts, and rather than judge them, notice them and replace them with new thoughts. Practice this until it becomes automatic.

Make sure your sleep schedule gets fixed during this time, too. As much as we need a mental rest we often need a physical one, too. Sleeping is a restorative rest that we should all be trying to do in a healthy manner. You may struggle here for a bit still.

Your energy seems rather unfocused and this means your arrows aren’t being aimed with intention at all. You are going to miss valuable targets and waste resources and energy if you remain so chaotic inwardly. I feel like you’re not one to talk about or reach out much, either, due to the pride and maybe shame. Reach out anyway. Let people encourage you to be better.

Frustration is the enemy of any task that requires self-control and stillness. Saturn’s energy can help you master those anyway. There is a transition coming for you. Movement towards new possibilities you may not see right now. You may start feeling ready to leave your current location, but we can’t do that for now. What you can do is make a plan for when this is over.

You need new, dynamic resolutions for old problems. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect something to be different. Trust in your own skills and instincts to absorb all the change happening around and within you. I know venturing into the new in any realm is challenging, but I also know you can do it.

You are going to be releasing your burdens into the ether, and trusting the universe to help you handle essentials. You’ve taken on too much and refused to delegate any of it. Now is the time to delegate. Perfect is the enemy of good, and if you take on too much you’re not able to give your best to any of it.

Maybe you’re over there looking for some shortcut. There are none. Take this time to learn a new skill that interests you. Find your soul’s purpose and then be patient and determined to live it out. Be dedicated to excellence, while understanding excellence is never perfection. It’s just your best from an authentic and healthy space.

I want you to practice mindfulness and being fully present in the now. Stop trying to figure out the past and future for a while. All you have is right now, this moment, and nothing else is promised. Be self-aware and when you feel your mind drifting bring it back. You control it or it controls you with consent.

You’re being asked to have courage. To feed love and openness. To let down your guard. I have a feeling you’re not one who takes a lot of risks, but you’re being asked to trust them now. We all have to face the unknown right now, and you’re not alone in that. The fear, ego, and pride will not ever lead you to where you need to be.

Some type of communication is coming in, maybe even this reading, that is going to guide you in a clear direction. Something will spark an epiphany for you. The universe may start sending you signs. Don’t refuse to acknowledge them the way we often refuse to give voice to the red ones. You know they are there, and these signs are much healthier for you to follow.

You’re a loyal and devoted person and that’s all you want in return. Unfortunately, unless you can let down the pride and take off the mask you’ll never feel like you’ve been granted either. If the people trying to love you are loving a false image of you the real you knows.

Evidence of loyalty already exists in your life and will start appearing more during this time. Pay close attention. Get rid of unloyal people, too, while you’re at it. Make space to allow the real you to come through.


Pile Five:

We are experiencing people hoarding and being selfish during a time we should be coming together. You are being asked to understand that it comes from fear, and instead of being angry practice something different. Give what you can, when you can, to whomever you can. Just don’t forget to ask and allow yourself to receive when it’s time for that.

Find grace and understanding for yourself and others right now. This is not an easy time. Imagine that all is well with your soul and it will be, no matter what is going on with everyone else. You have always been a warrior.

The key to surviving this is unlocking your heart and filling it with inner peace. Recognize unique perspectives and keep an open mind. Remind yourself that you, me, everyone is part of an infinite, divine love. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket right now.

Spirituality, Adventure, Six of Stones, Seven of Stones, Eight of Bows, Queen of Cups, Four of Wands, A Leg Up, Imagine, Thinker, and Time for a Nap make up your spread.

Now is a good time to make spirituality an adventure. To delve into it and tinker with it some to see what may work for you and what does not. For example, I don’t believe in one, divine being who is saving us. I tend to view us more like a simulation. We have evolved psychically, so why wouldn’t we spiritually? Each life we live is a new grade in the school of hard knocks?

Individually and collectively we’ve been selfish and foolish in overuse of non-sustainable resources and everything is imbalanced. This is where climate change comes from. We have damaged our environment and in turn ourselves. We have all been exploited for our labor, too. That is all coming to the forefront like never before and the astrology bears this out, as well.

Now is the a time for healing. Don’t grow impatient. While we’re resting, so is the earth. No, I don’t believe humans are a virus. I believe corporations and big industry are greedy and evil. This rest is making everyone aware of the price our children will pay for our exploitation if we don’t fix it now.

The earth has been very sick for a very long time. Now is a time for rest and rejuvenation. Patient and peaceful healing from a spiritual source that means something to you is necessary. We are healing as the earth heals. Wholeness and recovery will follow serious wounding.

A huge part of healing is forgiveness. It’s something we can offer easier when we understand the human condition and that nothing is as personal as it can feel in a given moment. We will have to remind ourselves we’ve forgiven the same person several times before it sticks. It’s a habit like anything else.

Tap into the collective joy and warmth. Friendships that are generous and healthy for you. Cut out the ones that aren’t. Find kindred spirits and let them fill up your life force. Hope leads to the attainment of innermost dreams, desires, and our security. It fuels us with belief in ourselves.

Now is a time to be thankful for every gift in your life, no matter how small it seems. To not allow survivor’s guilt or things you can’t control to convince you that you’re undeserving. Cultivate a circle you can trust and be forever grateful that it exists in your life.

You feel all of this very, very deeply. You are someone who feels linked to everyone and everything, and understand we are all one. You’re extremely intuitive and have high emotional intelligence. That doesn’t mean your emotions never get the best of you. Just that you don’t stay in them long.

You’re full of empathy and lead with your heart. It may have taken you years to learn how to set healthy boundaries, but I feel like you’ve done that for the most part. You are able to openly express very deep love to all.

If you want stability in your home and relationships it begins with an inner stability. The foundation you build must be built inside of you, and you’re the only with access to that property. Be devoted to connectedness with self, and connections with others will form far more naturally.

You may be used to being mostly a loner, but people are going to start entering life who are there to offer you a leg up. You don’t have to walk life alone. This could be after quarantine in a physical space, or you could start networking and connecting with your soul tribe online.

Don’t allow illusions and wishful thinking that is rooted in a lack mindset take hold of you during this time. Do not give in to the fear and pressure. It’s a great time to accept things as they really are, while letting go of the fear of the truth. Acceptance is the first step in changing our course.

You are someone who has a great ability to reason and strategize. You’ve likely reasoned and strategized yourself right out of good opportunities even. Do not get to the point where you suffer from analysis paralysis. Thinking and logic have their place, but so do heart and imagination. We need the head and our heart.

This is a temporary time of non-action. So, take advantage of it and rest and rejuvenate while you can. I can’t promise it won’t get worse before it gets better, but I can promise how you handle it matters more than whatever it is when it comes. Use now to build up your strength and endurance.

In America, in particular, worth ethic is seen as the best determination of character, but I have seen some workaholics whose character I’d be ashamed and horrified to have. I’ve never believed how hard you work and how much money you make makes you a man or makes you successful.

Part of what we’re going through is for people to finally understand this. Do not allow your ego to go at full speed without pulling it over for a conversation. Our inner state will affect the collective state. Feed what is good, necessary, and true, but also the love we’re all craving.

Pile Six:

Maybe you’re someone who has already done a lot of growing and experienced a lot of evolution, but this pandemic has thrown you off course. This is your gentle reminder to get back up. Let go of the negative forces and stop paying attention to them for now if you must.

Life is not always beautiful. Since the dawn of time it’s taken faith and brave and fearless warriors to overcome and push the powerful to act in ways that aren’t consistent with their greed and self-interest. Right now the best thing you can do is be the brave and fearless warrior.

Dare to seek inner peace and be the calm amid the storm. Remember that things are not always as they appear. Sometimes what you’re looking for is lost in the details. You’re being asked to be resourceful and perhaps take this time to start up a homemade business inspired by love. Something unique and inspiring that you can call your own when this is over.

Spiritual Partnership, Relationship Change, The World Tree, Three of Vessels, The Green Man, The World, Four of Swords, No Place Like Home, Blessed, Why?, and Building Blocks make up your spread.

For you I feel there is a partnership coming in by the time this is over. It will be rooted in the same path of belief in astrology and the universe unfolding as it should. This may also bring other relationship changes. This goes beyond the cards to the current astrology making us focus on connections.

You are teetering on a bridge between the living macrocosm and the inner universe of the human psyche. This is about ending a solo spiritual journey you’ve been on, and embarking on something new in collaboration with others. You’ve been gaining inner wisdom and awareness and now is the time to continue that or pick it back up.

You’ve likely learned the hard way there are no short cuts, and every time you try to take one it’s been a dead end. This is both individual and universal for you. The universe offers many blessings, and for too long they’ve been hoarded by the few at the expense of the many. That’s all going to be shifting.

There is definitely a theme of relationships and celebrations for you. I feel as if you’re going to start really calling in your soul tribe. You all have much work to do to usher in this change. There is a successful return of the revolutionary spirit of love, and you are so here for it.

You have the ability to connect to joy, even during the hardest times, and this brings healing and empowering energy to those around you and in your life. Sometimes you just have to give yourself the permission is all. I feel you’re someone who is going to be known, but you’re not yet. Something about you will become a brand and it will be healing to humanity.

You are generous, creative, fertile, and have the energy and will to move to new levels of confidence that allow you to assert yourself. This wasn’t always true for you. Now is the time to really harness that energy and stand in it. You are a storehouse of vital energy needed for creation and stability. You are the foundation for many.

There is a definite completion that has happened for you, and this period of rest will ready you for the new beginning. I see new levels of consciousness achievable right now. You are no longer seeking closure because you’ve realized it was always within. Give yourself permission to slow down and finish the last necessary steps before bigger action is required of you.

When I say there is no place like home what I mean is there is nothing like the feeling of authenticity. Your authenticity is your home and it’s with you wherever you go should you consent to showing it. When you first start practicing being authentic it’s a bit scary, but over time nothing ever feels as safe and secure as simply being who you are.

You have this beautiful ability to trust yourself and feel at home in your own skin. It’s something you’ve given yourself that no one can ever take away. There are times when what is familiar and felt like home changes, and that’s okay. If we aren’t changing with time we’re not learning our lessons. When something or someone no longer feels like home it’s time to move.

Something wonderful that is unearned and unexpected is headed your way. Let the awe and gratitude of whatever it is guide you. Remain humble always and keep surrendering to the universe and serving the higher good. The collective highest good is always your highest good, too.

One good way to ensure we remain humble is to check our motives. What is your why? What is driving you every day to push and do more? Is it a meaningless, material existence or something more? If you’ve lost the drive or do from time-to-time that’s okay. Now is the time to get it back. Saturn is waiting to guide you and help you bring dreams to life.

Right now is the time to finish the building blocks of your internal foundation because things are going to shift for you big time. You have everything you need to cultivate an extraordinary life going forward. Address any internal cracks, adjust your routines, and anticipate good things to come from the chaos and the conflict and the pain.


Pile Seven:

I feel like you have a certain vision of your life and how it was supposed to look by now. You were likely already struggling with this before the pandemic, and now the imbalance is larger than life. It’s time to understand that what we think is best for us isn’t always, and we must allow it to look different.

It’s time to believe that life is still beautiful. To seek that on purpose. To be a fearless warrior with grace, who knows you are enough. To imagine that you are but one gear in the matrix and only responsible for yourself. It’s time to take authority over your own life to bring a sense of order and calm.

You really are full of persistence, endurance, and longevity. You don’t have patience for games all the time, but you’re willing to play them if they have a purpose that is for the greater good. You sometimes view life as a game.

Seek to see things clearly and feed yourself whatever brings you inner peace, not numbness; peace. Within you is all the inspiration, guidance, brilliance, intuition, and vigilance you will ever need. Stop letting other people speak for you and give you away. Stand in your power.

Self-Love, Creativity, The Hooded Man, Balance, The Moon on Water, Two of Stones, Three of Swords, Two of Cups, Soul Mates, Exchanging Gifts, Unfinished Symphony, and A Change in the Wind is your spread.

I feel like you’ve had a lot of heartbreak in your life. It’s been a long road to learning to love yourself and be able to express that creatively. Maybe you’re still on the journey. I would suggest working on that self-love foundation and how you wish to express it to pass this time.

Even before the pandemic things were spiraling for you. There have been trials and tribulations, many I feel you fought alone. Now is a time for rest and stillness. To contemplate the lesson you’ve learned, so you can shift your strategy going forward as needed. Stop learning the same lesson twice.

You are meant to be a spiritual warrior and we need you right now. Become a seeker of esoteric knowledge, and the complex matrix in which we live. Seek the shadows and expose them as the illusions they are, rather than remaining afraid of them and allowing them to hold you back. Withdraw and rest as you go within and clean out the clutter.

Right now we are proving with this stay at home order that the balance between humanity and nature is vital. It’s not time for us to consume with greed and feed that monster. We should be outpouring the total opposite energy right now to combat it. Seek to be balanced and patient. Seek answers from your higher self and then make your moves.

I know there are times it seems there is no visible path before you. You even got the glasses in the charms to compliment this moon card. Yet, we often forget that even the moon gives off light. The hints and signs may not be glaring, but they are there if you choose to see them. Now is the time to illuminate the unconscious and unrealized insights into human reality.

It is a time of transformation, initiation, and awareness. Your inner voice has been whispering long before you read this. Your soul brings into the physical world the symbolic keys to the collective human subconscious, and you have the power to unlock what is there.

Try learning how to deal with adversity or rivalry in a dispassionate manner. This can be used to your advantage. The astrology is such right now that many people will be more locked into their stubborn opinions than ever, so you’re going to do best not taking that personal. Make sure you not creating adversity from insecurity and fear.

Back to the self-love. I see a soul mate coming in for you. This could be a lover, a very good friend, even a close family member you never expected to be close to. In order to truly appreciate and reciprocate with equal give and take you must take this time to heal what is still broken inside of you. Otherwise, you’ll blame new people for stuff old ones did, and lose them, too.

There may be many harmonious partnerships headed your way. One will be known because there will some type of exchange. You will gift them something or they will you. It may not be an actual gift. It may an even exchange where you’re each helping the other one out. Be careful what you’re wishing for right now. If you’re not ready for it you’ll either miss it or be unable to afford the price tag when it comes.

There may be unfinished relationships from the past that you never received closure on. Now is a good time to realize you can give that to yourself. Research how to bring closure for yourself. Everything is done within. Procrastination is self-sabotage. Tie up the loose ends you’re able to, and seek to understand, forgive, and let go of what you can’t.

You can feel all of this right now. There is a sense in you that unseen changes are currently being initiated beneath the surface. Often we yearn for certainty and resist change, but you can’t do that and expect a better life. The devil you know is not always better than the devil you don’t know. Nothing stays the same forever. There are far too many shades of gray for that.

These conditions are brewing in your life and you have no control over them. Sensing that can cause fear, anxiety, and panic. This is where meditation and journals could be helpful for you. Rest assured that whatever structures are being torn down for you personally or on the global scale must be torn down, so that new, better structures can be built.


Pile Eight:

You must learn that no matter what is going on in the outside world your internal world does not have to play along. When we allow our internal state to become conflicted, chaotic, and fearful we cannot make healthy decisions and choices. Accepting things as they are, recognizing the full breadth of emotions and feeling them in healthy ways, this allows us to move forward.

Time for you to believe you’re brave. To convince yourself that miracles do happen and all your dreams can come true. Put your trust in your family and imagine you’re all warriors of hope and light.

When you do feel worked up stop and recognize that your perception may be the problem. There may be something you’re not seeing because you’ve allowed the stress and fear to win for a bit. Treat it like a game if you have to. Stand in the mirror and have a conversation with yourself.

You cannot hang on to the past and the future. Spoon feed yourself the future you want and the belief that you can have it. From everything that is torn down and destroyed something grand and lovely will be built in its place. Now is the time to confront reality and sit with it a while.

Communication, Love Partnership, Two of Vessels, Queen of Arrows, Four of Stones, Six of Cups, The High Priestess, Fork in the Road, Tick-Tock, Time to Go, and the Fates are your spread.

I feel like communication from an ex is coming in. A love partnership from the past is coming to try to claim you again. My best advice is do throat chakra work and meditate often, so that when the time comes you know what to do. You may already have a partner and you’re just not communicating well at this point. Same advice goes for this.

When the person comes back you may want to explore the potential. Maybe you’re feeling lonely and vulnerable. The first shared spark between two beings can appear simple and uncomplicated if we only allow ourselves to use our heart and not our head. So take both with you in to the conversation.

I feel like in the past there was a state of separation between you and this other person. There was a lot of sorrow with it. Maybe it’s time to break those old bonds for good. Maybe the person’s changed and evolved into someone honest, with integrity and pure intentions. Just make sure the truth is spoken above all else from your side.

There is a newly rising hope here. A new vitality to the vulnerability. You are protected going through this. Many trials and tribulations surface during our lifetime, and you’ve endured them all. It’s the sign of a strong heart and healthy spirit. Seek to find a place of emotional safety and intelligence.

You may have been nostalgic for and missing this person for some time now. Just really be connected to your intuition before they come back in. If they’re already here the same applies. Forgive yourself and the other person for the part you’ve each played in your shared pain from the past.

Pay attention to your dreams and write them down if you recall them as soon as you wake up. I feel like you’re going to be receiving powerful psychic insights. You have the ability to draw down and illuminate meaning from above. You have all the answers you seek beneath the anxiety where the still, quiet voice lives that is your higher consciousness.

You will have to make a decision where this person is concerned. Is it time to re-open to the possibility of love with this person or to keep isolating yourself until someone else arrives? Only you can answer that. Regardless what you do the lessons are needed in your life and don’t stop viewing it all as a lesson.

Let go of the desire to shape each moment to your expectations. Sometimes we just have to experience things. Whatever you need will be right on time. If you know this relationship won’t fulfill you and be deep enough for you walk away from it. Every ending is the chance for a new beginning. Maybe the answer isn’t no, but just not right now.

If this person upsets you during the conversation remember it’s not personal. We all only function from the level of healing we have allowed ourselves. Sometimes when people feel unworthy inside they make others feel that way. Whatever we feel inside is what always comes up eventually. How others treat you rarely has anything to do with you at all.

This person may come to you seeking help, and I have a feeling it’s because they know you have a big heart. You may have to check out and decline to offer assistance. It’s ultimately up to you, but the cards are seeming to point you away from this person. Either that or this person really has changed, and you’re not allowing yourself to see it. Still holding them to old standards.

I ended up pulling a clarifying card and got The Mirror to clarify Time to Go. Patience and Prudence are required. Take the things that get said and hold them up to yourself like they are a mirror. If it makes you feel bad, but is true, the good news is you can change it. If it doesn’t make you feel bad because it isn’t true, they are simply projecting, unable to take responsibility, and that is never going to be your fault. Don’t force the pace of the communication.


We are in this together and your every day personal life still matters.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd