This is an energy check-in for each sign for the week of July 27th-August 2nd. Please feel free to read your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, or any other placement that may resonate for you. If you aren’t sure what your other signs are please check the link below. I do prefer to use whole sign houses, so you may try a different calculator if you prefer a different house system.

I cannot tap into every single person for every single sign all at once. So, please take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Do not force a story to fit based on ego and insecurity. If it fits it’s more an inner, quiet knowing.

Collective Message for All Signs and Placements:

Many of us are going to have breakthroughs and epiphanies this week. I’m being shown a crack in a foundation. This crack may have made you sad for a while, but now there is light pouring up through it, and it’s splintering further. There is something you didn’t see about this before that you now see clearly.

It’s as if you’ve been shackled or stagnant and you’re now free. I see you getting up finally able to move forward. To step away from whatever this prison was for you. You’ve gone from this vast, dark space into a field of grass and flowers. The Sun is shining down upon your brilliant smile.

You are spinning in circles, dancing to the beat of your own drum. The weight has lifted. You’re going to feel absolutely freed by this illumination coming your way. Expect it and don’t ignore it when it comes.

As always there is additional information or resources at the end of the post.



What is coming in for you this week is clarity and wisdom, Leo. The Owl Spirit is going to be with you. Pay attention to any signs of owls either in nature or scrolling through your social media. This clarity appears to be in the area of home and family, with a slight emphasis on balancing work and home.

Your intuition is going to be turbo-charged this week. Messages will appear to be coming in from all directions, so it’s important to read between the lines. Make sure you’re meditating and reflecting. You may feel overwhelmed and on information overload. The meditation, journaling, and other practices can help you sort it all out and gain the vision and clarity you need.

Some of you are working way too hard right now and this week you need to schedule time to relax. Obviously if you have a job I’m not telling you to quit, but I am saying ease up on yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard. Schedule time for a relaxing bath or a good binge session of your favorite show. Get off the constant treadmill and breathe.

There is a commitment that I sense you want deeply, but you’re being asked to detach from the outcome. It feels as if you have recognized a soulmate you’re deeply in love with. This week you’re asked to step aside and remember that you cannot control the process of growth. Simply form your intention and then vibrate high as you release the need for timing and fruition.

I sense this connection is meant for you, but not at this moment. The both of you have reflecting to do. You are being asked to trust the uncertainty you feel and know it’s all for the highest good in the end. Before any decision can be made for lasting commitment you must both heal the past and be committed to yourselves. Commitment is responsibility of heart, mind, body, and soul.

Trust this partnership is going to be harmonious and powerful. Let it evolve naturally without feeling the need to control or shape it. Keep in mind always that your relationship and commitment to the divine must come first. If you choose that first the rest falls into place.

Be poised to rest this week. It is in your moments of rest that the truth comes to light for you. Stop searching for the answers and just let them come in. You are ready for anything right now. A new phase of your life is about to begin, and when it does it’s going to move fast, so rest this week as much as you can.

Understand that it is only when you are confident and happy in your own skin that are ready for deeper, more intimate relationships with others. There is more than this one connection coming in for you. I sense a whole tribe of connections coming in for you that are destined to help you thrive.

Take care of your health this week. Eat well, drink your water, exercise, and get plenty of rest. If you experience sleepless nights try meditating and asking for guidance and help. Tell yourself over and over that you can trust the signs the universe has shown you and release the need to know. It is in the unknown that miracles are taking place.

The clock isn’t running out on this new beginning. Do not rush what is meant for you, or you’ll ruin it before you even get a taste. Remain open and flexible about how and when your victory comes in. Do not focus so much on this connection this week. Focus on you, your health, and your healing. The more you increase your vibration the more you attract what is meant for you.

You will gain clarity on the balance needed in your life this week. This clarity will help you feel more confident in your self-sufficiency. Yes, Leo, this person is your person, but right now there is healing from heartbreak that is taking place. You have to allow space for that.

I sense you or this other person need to divorce or sever a long-term connection first. The wheel cannot turn in your favor until that judgment is completed. If it’s you do what you need to do. If it’s not accept that the timing the other person is on is their own. Release the need for it to be right now.

This person sees you as a wish fulfillment, but they feel they have to work hard to get you. They haven’t yet realized that hard work isn’t what is required. That simply developing a relationship with their higher self and following their intuition is all that is needed. They feel like that is somehow a shortcut or cheating. Trust Spirit is working on them.

Eventually their offer is coming in. It’s one of emotional availability, heart on sleeves, and promises you ten of cups. You’re in store for an amazing life full of harmony, love, and a true sense of home. Trust what you can’t see clearly and the clarity will come.



Oh my Virgos, this week you’re going to receive an epiphany on what you need to let go. This epiphany is coming in hard, quick, and fast. Once you understand this you are not going to waste any time at all. The Groundhog Spirit is with you this week, so if you see them or hear them mentioned take that as a sign. He’s helping you release and let go.

There is a new person you feel is meant for you, but you have been denying yourself this connection. There is something else that has to end before something new can begin. You’ve been struggling because part of you wants to hold space for the familiar, and part of you is ready for new discovery.

There is definitely something in your life that it’s time to let go of. Something is going to shift this week and you’re no longer going to pursue people or things you know aren’t meant for you. There is something about self-worth and you increasing yours, in spite of the fear of abandonment.

It feels like a huge risk, but you understand that what is meant for you is the new path. It’s been being brought together in the 5D for some time now. Know that you can move forward, release the past, and are protected in doing so. Your loyalty to yourself and your soul is of utmost importance right now.

It’s time to forgive yourself for being unloyal in the past, whether to yourself or others, and to stop giving your loyalty to those who don’t treasure and respect it. Find some patience for you this week. For those who aren’t on your level. Release criticism of self and others.

There is a love you feel that needs to be expressed. However, before you can express it truly and completely there is a need for integrity. You must release the past fully. Keep your strength and beliefs in this strong. Everyone around you may be against your heart’s desire, but your heart is right, they are wrong.

This new connection is about discovering emotions in all forms. It’s going to teach you all about familial ties, romantic ties, unconditional ties, and so much more. You know who I’m speaking of if this pile is for you because the give and take between the two of you is effortless. It just flows like home.

Virgo, real love has come calling and seeks you as the partner in its dance. I didn’t have to tell you this because the universe already has. Tap into your intuition, meditate, seek an inner peace and let it guide you forward. Trust in the uncertainty of the new. You know deep down it’s not new at all. It’s a space you’ve lived and loved for lifetimes.

You have spent a lot of time second guessing, but when you’re in the presence of this person you know with certainty where you belong. Trust that knowing. Success is only going to come to you if you follow the signs the universe keeps throwing in your face daily. Walk in integrity. Do it the right way this time.

When it comes to matters of the heart this week you don’t have to make any plans. It’s being suggested you rest, rejuvenate, and meditate. Detach just sightly from how you feel in the moment, and listen with your heart and soul. Your ears are fine, but right now the listening needs to be deeper than that.

You can choose to make life harder by going round and round with the past if you wish, but the universe is going to keep crashing your entire world down around you. You are avoiding a rebirth and ignoring an offer that is meant for you. Something you signed up for before you were ever born.

Meditation and journaling can help you stop overthinking. It can help you release self-doubt and stress. The past is nothing but a road littered with hollow victories, Virgo. Is this the chase you’re up for? It’s time to walk away.

You are going to keep receiving messages about your destiny from the universe. A huge one is coming in this week. You know where home is and the longer you deny yourself the truth the more miserable you’re going to be. On one hand, there is sunshine, warmth, unconditional love, and the promise of a future full of harmony, soul tribes, and greatness.

On the other, you can live among lies, defamation of your character, nosy people, secrets, and people who claim to love you, but never really do. The choice is yours. The moment you release the past, stop chasing those hollow, pointless victories, is the moment your entire world shifts. Ten of cups clarified by the ten of cups, Virgo.

Where do you feel peace? Where do you feel at home? Where is your spirit the most at rest? Where do you know for certain you can enjoy the pleasures of life? It’s time to get real with yourself and do what must be done.



There has been an obstacle in your life for some time now that you haven’t been able to overcome. This week an epiphany is coming to help you clear it away. The Rhino Spirit is with you, so pay attention if you see Rhinos this week in your feed, in television shows, etc. It’s a sign for you.

I think the biggest problem is for so long you’ve felt there was only one way through the obstacle, but this week that is changing. There is more than one way forward. Sometimes we just don’t like to admit hard truths to ourselves. I have a feeling for some of you the obstacle is your relationship.

Sometimes when we are faced with an obstacle it’s actually a divine detour meant to teach us something. Take a break this week, Libra. Stop exhausting yourself pushing against the tide and trying to force things to work the way you want them to. Seek inner peace because continuing to sacrifice who you are seeking it externally will never work for you.

Right now you’re being asked to take time to meditate or start a spiritual practice. The strength you need will have to come from your higher self or a higher power. The strength is available to you if you seek it. This will either make or break your relationship, but something has to give.

Maybe the reason you’ve been stuck is because Spirit wants you to slow down a minute and actually look at your situation. Continuing the struggle will only lead you to muddier places. Take time to step back, detach, and observe. There is a rebirth here for you and your partner if you want it. One that will help you get to a space where legacy is a sure thing for the future.

For some of you it’s time to just move on from the relationship honestly. You’ve worked so hard, invested so much, and what are you seeing as reward for those efforts? The time isn’t going to run out on you for love. Letting the people go who aren’t meant for you frees you up for the ones who are.

This person truly brought you joy at one time, and it’s always painful when we come to an ending that is inevitable. I do see you being successful after your epiphany and finding joy again. For some of you it will be a mutual healing over past heartbreak and a new, honest beginning with your person.

Try having some honest, heartfelt communication once your epiphany comes. At best you’ll save the relationship and elevate your partner. At worst you’ll feel better, become independent, and rise to new heights on your own, with no one else holding it over your head as if you owe them something for it.



I believe you also got the transformation card in the Leo Season readings I did, so I’ll link that at the end of the post in case you missed it. There is something shifting this week about the way you view the transformation phase you’re in. Butterfly Spirit is with you this week, so pay attention to where and when you see butterflies throughout the day. There may be a deeper meaning there.

You’ve been in this transition phase for a bit now, but you’ve been over-thinking it the entire time. That is what is shifting for you. There will be less doubt and more acceptance that you’re following the path meant for you. It’s as if you’re surrendering to an inevitable change that was so hard for you to surrender to for so long.

Until now you’ve viewed this as traumatic or dramatic, but now you’re coming to understand it’s necessary and good. This week there is a shift coming because you’re tired of wearing a mask. You are going to start walking in your full authenticity and stop missing out on what is meant for you. There will be no more sadness over the past. Instead, you’ll feel excited about the future.

You are shedding old skin. Becoming aware of the people around you and how you no longer fit in. There are new people in your life, one in particular, who is a soulmate. Meant to help you evolve and grow. This person has invited you to become the best you that you can become, and it inspires you deeply.

Things probably moved fast at first from what I’m seeing, but you grew afraid. It exposed where you are wounded. You began to struggle feeling worthy of this connection, beating yourself up for decisions you made in the past, and as much as you wanted to offer this person your love you didn’t feel adequate.

This person sparked in you what is called a dark night of the soul. Do some research on this and how to get through it in healthy ways. I think this will bring in a shift for you. They really are a soulmate, Scorpio. You do not want to throw this away living in the past.

Consider love in the deepest, most unconditional sense. That’s what this is for you. It is so powerful that even though you keep trying to remain the same, maybe even tried going back to old life, you will simply never be able to. This connection is so compelling and overwhelms you with gratitude and fear. It’s meant to awaken you to who you are meant to be.

You are in the presence of someone guiding you home. A dream come true and wish fulfillment. This relationship will be everything you begged your past ones to be and you won’t even have to ask. It is effortless and freeing.

Now you’ve been at this fork in the road for a while. You’ve grown some already. The cards take you from a page to a knight. Will you make a new offer? Will you do so from a place of integrity? What must you release first? There is some more clarity coming in for you this week.

I see more messages coming in from the universe. Repeating numbers, someone will say something that sparks your intuition, a song will come on that reminds you of this connection. To gain here much work is required, but it’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be, and I see you recognizing that this week.

This person is a divine counterpart, full of fertile potential for abundance in all forms. However, in order to have this person there is something you need to fully release first. The judgment card lets me know a divorce or official separation must happen from someone else to keep this connection pure.

This is a relationship of alchemy. You are likely connected intuitively and telepathically. Your energies are coming together over and over in the 5D, waiting for you to do what is right. You want to rush toward this person sometimes, but you’ve been strong because you know this time is different.

It’s not like past relationships. It’s a divine union that is going to altar the entire course of your life, and before you enter it you want to make sure the past is completely ended. This person inspires you to act and walk in integrity and authenticity and you have never had that before. Follow their light.



This week I see something shifting in you that allows you to reclaim your power in a relationship dynamic that has made you feel weak. You are part of a lineage of people who promised to devote your light to serving humanity, but instead you have allowed others to dim your light.

It’s going to take courage to face your challenges this week, and the universe wants you to know you’re far braver than you think. Speak as if you’ve never spoken before. Act as if you’ve always had the courage you needed. The time about dreaming of change is over and you need to act now.

You’ve allowed fear to hold you back and I see that shifting for you. Pay attention to where you may see panthers in your social media feeds, on television, etc. The Panther Spirit is a message for you. The wheel of fortune is turning and it’s your choice whether you get on or miss it again.

The world is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Those are what create your world. Take some time this week to focus on self-love and self-respect. Stop seeking the validation you need from others. It will only ever matter whether or not you approve of you. I sense a passion for self-love coming in for you this week, Sag.

Your current relationship is a deep freezer of emptiness. That or you may simply be single. You want a love that is reciprocal, but you’ve settled for “safe” or “good enough”. Allow this deep freeze to be a pregnant pause, where you can just shift to loving yourself more.

As you continue to love yourself more the magic of life will flow through you. You will gain the courage and strength you need to end what needs to end, and to start over again. Bloom where you are planted and then uproot yourself and go where the wind blows.

You’ve been at this fork in the road for a while now. Part of you wanting to stay and fix the relationship, but another part of you so fed up you just want to be free and independent. You’ve done all you can do. You have truly gone the distance and it’s left you feeling sad, isolated, and alone.

Sometimes you can’t sleep at night. Staying and leaving both increase your anxiety. But this week some sort of clarity is coming that will resolve some of that anxiety and inner conflict you feel. Make sure your words are not cold and bitter toward your partner. It’s likely this person lacks self-love, too, and the two of you simply trauma bonded. They can’t give what they don’t have.

Walk in truth and integrity, so that later you have no regrets. This week won’t be one of rash decisions. Even if you feel like rushing away that isn’t the advice for now. You have to deal with what has made you stay so long in the first place, that way you don’t take old wounds out on new people.



I feel like this week is when the shift is starting for you that I spoke of in the Leo Season reading. I put the links to that at the end. You’ve been working hard and had little balance between work and home. Something is coming in this week that may feel like a setback, but it’s a divine detour, Cap.

Trust that you have divine guidance and tap into healing and meditation this week. You may feel like wanting to work and push through, but you’re not going to be allowed to do that. Trust what comes and allow yourself to relax. The lesson you’re meant to learn is that love, family, and home are just as important as work, money, and career.

This week you’re not allowed to be fixated and chasing the prize. Take care of your health because the four of swords has come up. Eat right, sleep well, exercise, meditate, and relax. There hasn’t been reciprocity in your relationships for a while now. Finding some will heal you.

This week you’re going to open up to the idea that possibilities are wide open for you. For a while now you’ve been trapped in anxiety and pushing yourself so hard chasing one avenue. It’s time to allow a greater vision to replace old structures and ideals. Not the easiest feat for Capricorns.

This week you are a divine channel for creativity. Let go of the inner conflict. Meditate and seek to feel optimistic and full of hope. If some of the relationships in your life aren’t serving you, dousing water on your dreams, then let them go, but be honest with yourself. Some of these people really do love and want the best for you, but you’ve not been investing in them.

Someone is going to make you an offer this week you can’t refuse. This is a nudge and encouragement in the right direction. Taking this reprieve to focus your attention elsewhere frees up the universe to work on your behalf. You’ve been too self-reliant for too long. If you want to gain further success in career spend some time with those you love. Loosen up a bit.

This is the dawning of a new life for you. No more focus on the cups that have spilled over. There are cups standing there, waiting to be filled, wanting to fill you up. Reciprocity takes two, Cap. It’s time to get honest with yourself and cut out the noise. I see your cup overflowing this week. Lots of passion.

You’re leaving the burdens behind for a bit, so you can feel your way through life. Clarity is coming because you’ve had your guard up for too long. It’s time to let down the walls and let people in. I see a new beginning for you in your relationships. It’s a simple choice to stop being blind to your part in things.

There is an epiphany coming and you’re going to face your truth. If you feel the need to go within this week do so. Just don’t avoid those you love. Don’t trade the constant working for constant meditation. This is about balance.



There has been something holding you back in regards to work or employment perhaps. Recently something has triggered you in this area. This week there is an epiphany coming that is going to help you finally clear out the clutter. Frog Spirit is coming in, so look for frogs as a message or sign.

Go all out this week, Aquarius. Clean your home, organize, get rid of stuff with stuck and old energy. Do meditations meant to cleanse your mind and spirit. Do heart chakra frequencies. Clear it all out and open space for the new to be built. You have Empress energy trying to come in, but it needs space.

There is something triggering you and keeping you stuck, but this week I see you having a breakthrough with this. You feel as if you have hit a rock bottom. Surrender and acceptance of where you are must come first, and then you’ll be able to build up from there. A miracle can occur at any moment, but before it does you have to accept defeat fully.

In whatever situation got you here you were right. You may have been outnumbered, but you were correct. Don’t let that make you prideful or resentful, though. The point of me telling you this is that your intuition is on fire, and you need to trust it completely.

An idea is emerging this week, a brand new beginning for you. You’re going to start feeling as if the world is opening up, and possibilities are everywhere. However, if you’re holding back and refusing to surrender so will the universe. This is about reciprocity with the divine.

If you want the universe to open up and gift you something you must first be open to receiving it. You must have the space for it. This week, rather than working hard in the material world trying to pull yourself up from where you are I want you to surrender. I want to you write down all the ways in which are you still blessed and fortunate.

Stop feeling like you have to do everything by the book. You are an Aquarius. We never do anything by the book. You’re a rebel and now is the time to weigh which moments are okay to throw out the instructions and do so. To reflect on the choices before you. I feel as if a new idea or an old one has resurfaced and it’s worth contemplating turning into a business.

In fact, this may be your soul purpose and lead you right into the arms of love eventually. I see you rising from rock bottom to the Queen of Pentacles. Independent, stable, warm, and nurturing. Whatever happened to get you where you are it’s what was meant to happen. Something had to close.

It’s time to stand in your power this week. Once you get everything decluttered that will be much easier for you to do. This new spark of passion coming in may cause you slight anxiety, but don’t cave to the fear. Maybe because of the time it will take for this to develop, but the time is going to pass either way. So, why not use it to become self-made?



Like a couple of the other piles yours matches what I picked up in the Leo Season reading. I’ve linked them at the end of this post. There is a shift in life this week that is going to bring deeper healing. Wombat Spirit is with you and wants you to be at home this week as much as possible.

Try to be surrounded by your family and closest friends if you don’t want to be alone. The goal though is to be alone. To find ways to be comfortable in your own skin, and with shedding the old. There are no more masks, Pisces. This week is all about learning how to be you and set boundaries.

It’s time to transition to smoother waters, and leave behind the people who constantly overstep your boundaries or get angry when you try to set them. This week something is shifting that is going to push you to be more assertive. To speak your truth regardless how it will make other people feel. Just be careful not to be cold or biting in your communication.

You’ve been experiencing a metamorphosis. One meant to take you from a weak individual to one who is strong and powerful. You’re shifting from doormat to trailblazer. Just don’t rush the process. Take it slow and steady. There may be a slurry of communication and back and forth coming at you, but you don’t owe anyone any explanations. Do you, boo.

I see you at a fork in the road this week. Do not take the easy way out and fall back on old behaviors that got you where you are. Nothing good will result from that way of thinking or living. If it were possible it would have happened for you already. Stop deceiving yourself and letting others deceive you.

Meditate on the ways you can become a strong, honest person ready to lead. Find your zen and be in the flow this week. Your spirituality and compassion are a badge of honor, but they cannot be without boundaries. That’s your charge this week. Seek to be someone of integrity, who means what they say.

It takes time to grow from a knight to a King, so as I said, slow and steady wins the race. Plant your new mindset seed by seed. Big, fated changes are coming in for you. The sword of truth is on its way, so be ready for it this week. There is no more living in denial.

Your divine counterpart is ready for you, but first you must heal. You must be the warmth, the love, the devotion within before you can attract it without. As above, so below. As within so without. Your relationship with yourself is a mirror and every other relationship you have reflects it.



I’ve done some Aries readings in the past regarding needing to heal from lack mindset and abandonment. I feel like some of you have made huge strides in this area. There is another breakthrough coming this week. You will be learning something that will help you overcome more of your past.

Something is going to trigger you this week, and in that moment I want you to stop and consider why it triggers you. This has something to do with your ability to commit, lead, and manifest. Perhaps there is a small bit of self-doubt left to overcome? Who made you doubt yourself to begin with? It wasn’t ever as personal as it felt. People put their own limitations on us all the time.

We can’t honestly leave our pasts behind. Our subconscious memory matters. There may be something from your deep past that is triggered about a certain custom or tradition that disagrees with your current lifestyle. If that pops up just recognize it for what it is and deal with it in that moment.

Whoever you are in love with right now is deeply committed to you and ready to follow your lead. This is a commitment of heart, mind, body, and soul. Any other partnerships you decide to form at this time will be harmonious. Just do not forget your relationship with the divine comes first.

You may be asked to step up and lead something unexpectedly this week. Perhaps that will be the trigger. It may cause you to temporarily want to put up your walls and defenses. Or it could make you want to prove you can win at all costs. Either way, a calm, rational approach is warranted.

When you are comfortable in your own skin you have nothing to prove. This could prove to be a stable and lucrative opportunity in disguise honestly. You’ve co-created this by walking away from the past, learning from it, and no longer letting it guide your present and future decisions. This could feel like a tower moment, but it’s meant to be, so let it be.

In the past, you may have let opportunities like this pass you by. The never-ending story of not good enough, settling for less, but I don’t see you doing that this week, Aries. I see you not only being successful, but gaining some sort of acknowledgement from those around you regarding your growth. So, get through the trigger and then celebrate you.

There will be signs around this from the universe, so pay attention to them. Numbers, songs, and maybe you will even see elephants, as the Learn from the Past card has an elephant on it. Either way your whole world is about to shift and change if you learn whatever is coming to you this week and take a leap of faith when it does.

My only real caution is don’t overwhelm yourself. Make sure that as Spirit is working on things behind the scenes you’re balancing your material and spiritual worlds. You can’t do it all, so delegate if you must.

Trying to be completely self-reliant will lead you to working too hard, and denying yourself the growth that is possible. Let those who love you help you and be sure you’re walking in your integrity completely this week. I highly recommend a daily spiritual practice of even ten minutes.



Taurus, I believe in the Leo Season vision for you I saw you and a partner cooking up healthy food in a kitchen. You were going to be working on your health, body, mind, and soul. That seems to be what this is about for you. Your trigger may come in this week for all of that to really get started.

Snake Spirit is here letting you know it’s time to heal. This is going to change your whole life before it’s over. If you see snakes anywhere this week let that be confirmation it’s time to shed old skin. You actually have two cards right off the bat speaking of healing, resting, and taking a break.

Something is going to happen this week. It could be something that’s happened so many times before, but this time will be different. You will choose to allow that to motivate you into taking control of your health and your life. You will choose to believe that no matter how much time you have lost there is so much time you can gain. Celebrate this epiphany.

The world is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. If you tell yourself, “It’s too late. I’m already so unhealthy” then that’s the road you will choose to walk down. If instead you say, “I have as much time to live as I’ve already wasted, so I’m going to take control of my health” then that’s the road you will take. I hate to make it seem so simple, but it is.

This breakthrough is going to make you courageous and inspired. You’re going to be willing to put in the work to finally change your life. No more letting opportunities pass you by. In the past you remained stuck, overwhelmed with the different methods, diets, spiritual practices, whatever it is you’re trying to improve, but I see all that changing this week.

Just try something and if after a couple weeks it doesn’t work try something else. No sense in being so overwhelmed you try nothing at all. I just see an honest acceptance of where you are finally and a willingness to change it. I see once you make the decision a lot of changes come in for you quickly, too.

There is a warning for you to remain in the present moment on this journey. If you’re too focused on the past or future it will fill you with dread and anxiety. So, if you find yourself in that situation meditate and seek an inner peace. All is not lost if you fail to be present for a bit. You can right yourself at any given moment in time.

You’ve been given dreams, visions, and signs for a while now that this is the path you should take. You and your partner are in this together, too. Behind the scenes things have been worked on while you have worked out your inner conflict or conflict between the two of you. I see you both starting this beautiful new journey on the same page.

Fate is turning for you. Don’t worry about the resources so much, as where there is a will there is a way. I see you finally removing all the blinders this week and putting a plan in place. I see you being absolutely successful.



Man, Gemini, a few weeks ago I did a reading for you where I was full of anxiety and it’s here again for this one. In a few of your past readings you were advised to leave a relationship. I believe in the Leo Season one you had left and were cleaning up this person’s mess again for the last time.

Something is going to shift in your sadness and stress this week. You’re going to realize leaving was the right choice and that you’re on the right path. That you can loosen up and be a bit more playful. The Sandpiper Spirit is here to tell you exactly that, be playful, Gemini.

Leaving the past person behind, taking time to rebuild, will not only help you gain confidence, but it leads you right to the person who is meant for you. Someone warm, kind, nurturing, and abundant. This new person could already be in your life, but you’re taking it slow, and that’s good.

It’s okay to flirt and have fun in the meantime. In fact, engaging in playfulness with this new person, with children, with friends is exactly what will heal you going forward. The heaviness of your heart having to release the past will lift the more playful and happy you are.

Part of the anxiety is that you haven’t had to truly navigate life on your own in some time, but you’re absolutely capable and competent. Something is going to snap this week and you’re going to be so ready to just claim the independence you’ve wanted for so long now. I see a confidence boost.

People from the past do not share your vision and they certainly don’t have the resources you need. There is something coming in this week giving you the strength to set and maintain clear boundaries between yourself and a person from your past. You’re done with what you know doesn’t serve you.

I see a lot of healing this week. Where you have been feeling stuck or wounded all of that will start to lift. Stop and savor the excitement of the promise of a new life. If you haven’t met this other person yet you will soon. I see them teaching you a lot about how to flow around the obstacles in your life, rather than allowing them to stress you out and slow you down.

Your happiness and warmth will be found in a connection with your higher self, so do practice meditation or whatever spiritual practice you’re comfortable with. This connection coming your way is divinely orchestrated. It will be unlike anything you begged for in the past. Effortless, easy, affirming. You deserve it after all you’ve been through.

There is just a need to remain flexible and take it easy, to go within and heal first, so that you don’t ruin the new because the old is getting in the way. You may be walking away from an Earth sign, as the King of Pentacles has shown up and your back is to him. He was clarified with the Six of Swords.

Whatever happens this week you’re done. You’re moving on to smoother waters. No more clinging to the past like it’s a lifeline when all it ever did was suck the life out of you. You’re releasing the sadness. Choosing a new beginning full of promise and truth.

I see you letting the inevitable finally come to a close. Releasing painful, karmic cycles, and embracing your new start. Tons of courage and fortitude is coming in this week. You’ll be working hard, getting ideas, and planning your future with excitement. Don’t let any opportunities pass you by, Gem.



Cancer, your Leo Season vision was beautiful and that’s sort of what I see starting for you this week. Something is going to shift and allow you to see the bigger picture. If you see Giraffe’s this week take it as a sign. Where you feel anxious I see a shift and a desire to play, celebrate, and not be so serious and detailed focused. Sometimes you just have to let loose.

This week I see you finally able to release the fear and overwhelm. Gaining the ability to see things from a higher perspective, where you are no longer taking the past so personal. I see you slowly shifting out of self-doubt and working on building self-worth and self-love. This is beautiful, Cancer.

I see you deciding to practice mindfulness and meditation. Something is coming in and your karma is just clearing. It’s like weights will be lifted. I see you finally ready to just embrace your authenticity and shed all the masks everyone always expects you to wear. You’re over it.

You understand now that if you’re ever going to create a healthy balanced relationship with someone else you have to create it first with yourself. There is just a final acceptance that people are who they are and you can’t change them. That fate has something bigger and better in store for you.

You’re walking away from mixed emotions. Refusing to settle any longer. I see you meditating, feeling free, getting downloads, dreams, and visions this week. Open yourself up to it, Cancer. It’s going to be a week of releasing.

Where you were once blind you will see. It’s like this wave of confidence hits you out of nowhere. I see you feeling passionate, ready to take on something new. Like the Sun is washing away all the rain. Going forward you understand true reciprocity is found with your relationship with the divine.

If others want to leave your offer of love and care on the table, acting like they have all the choices in the world, you will make their choice for them. You will choose yourself, even when nobody else does.


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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd