Weekly Astrology: 9/13–9/20

Hey tribe! I decided to write up a post about the coming week and the astrology. There are some important things we should discuss, so that you can make the most of the week. As always it’s my goal to simply inform and guide you in the right direction. Take what you need and leave the rest.

I think a good theme for this week is self-respect. So, let’s link the past September posts that are relevant and then get started. For those who ask the tip jars are linked at the end. I truly appreciate your support always. ❤

I wrote about the month as a whole here:

Mars retrograde (Rx) is an important happening. Wrote about it here:

There have been so many planets Rx. What does that mean? See here:

I did pull some tarot cards for a collective message:

This week you may still feel all tied up. You will do good to remember that everything is interwoven. Even the “bad” things are lessons if we choose that. Perception is quite powerful and you get to choose yours. If you have a good friend you can trust to lead you back to center seek their connection this week. I do see emotional fulfillment being extended to you.

It’s time to walk away from whatever violates the oath to love and respect yourself. If you haven’t made that oath now is the time. Stand in your power with firm and healthy boundaries. Celebrate small successes with your tribe, and build a solid foundation by mapping it out first.

Make sure you’re making time in your day to simply appreciate where you are, how far you’ve come, and the fact that you’re here, alive, breathing. There is a lot of understanding coming in this week regarding what makes us feel at home. What brings us harmony and peace is up for debate. As is us understanding now is the time work hard, so we can play hard later.

Sunday, September 13th:

Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn today. Generally Jupiter expands whatever it touches, but the shadow side of this is unchecked growth. With Jupiter being in its fall in the sign of Capricorn that’s our reminder. It is teaching us that unchecked growth simply isn’t sustainable; personally or globally.

While having it go direct is a positive thing we have to remember that it doesn’t mean the brakes are completely removed. Mars is Rx and isn’t going to allow us to pedal full speed ahead. However, our line of vision is growing broader. We are able to plan things on paper and take small steps forward.

The Sun is still in Virgo, the Moon moves to Leo, Mercury is in Libra, Venus in Leo, Mars is Rx in Aries, Jupiter is direct now in Capricorn, while Saturn and Pluto remain Rx in Capricorn. Uranus is Rx in Taurus, Neptune is Rx in Pisces, the North Node is in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius, and Lilith and Chiron are both currently in Aries.

Don’t forget that Mars is squaring Saturn, and this isn’t an easy aspect for us to deal with. However, what is lovely is that the Sun is trine the triple threat in Capricorn that has been wreaking change in our lives for some time. So the Sun is trine, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

Having the Sun trine Jupiter is the best solar transit we can get honestly. It helps us feel on top of the world and we can enjoy friendlier relationships with other people. We can tap into higher spirits with more ease. Perhaps your self-confidence will be given a boost.

This brings opportunities that can come in all forms. Personal, material, spiritual, financial, etc. It helps broaden our outlook on life.

What is great about the Sun being trine Saturn is we are given a steady progress and an easier time being patient and determined. We can suddenly adopt this strong sense of duty, but in a balanced and focused way. It helps us become less distracted from our goals.

The whole theme of this year is building your structure and foundation. It’s not exactly thrilling, but it’s so necessary.

Sun trine Pluto allows us to influence others without even trying. If we use this for good we can make huge strides. If you self-actualize this energy it can truly evolve your soul and transform your ego. This is especially good for your chosen career or life path. Good time to dig in and study it.

Relationships could form with people who have power and influence to help you on your chosen path, too.

Questions to ponder:

How can I expand my life right now?

Do I have confidence in my own authority and self-empowerment?

How can I grow and thrive going forward?

What are my long-term goals?

Monday, September 14, 2020:

The energy for today is exactly the same as yesterday. We have all the same planets in all the same positions. The trines between the Sun and our Capricorn trio are still in play, too. You may feel it’s easier to transition than before. There is more determination in you to do so.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020:

While the Moon has been in Leo you’ve likely felt more like expressing yourself from the heart. We could be prone to dramatic displays, so be cautious of this. We get an energy shift soon with the Moon.

The Sun’s trine to the big three in Capricorn are still at play today. The Moon is trine Mars. This is great because it gives you the courage to make a move and forge ahead. There is this intuitive knowing about what you want and how you can get it. This is especially true of your relationships.

It encourages you to be direct and assertive with your own needs. It gives you the inner strength to display that self-respect and self-empowerment I keep talking about. To stand up for yourself.

I do want to mention a more difficult aspect for today. Venus is going to be square Uranus. This is an awakening of your yin energy. The more intuitive and receptive side of you. Guard yourself against all drama. Find a creative outlet to feed. Tap into the energy and experiment today. Shake ups in love are possible with this aspect.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020:

Today all the planets are in the same signs as they were yesterday, except for the Moon has moved to Virgo. The trine with the big three in Capricorn still at play. The Sun is also conjunct the Moon, which I love honestly. It’s this chance to really balance your yin and yang energies. Typically called the feminine and masculine.

Think of it this way:

The Sun (Yang/Masculine) is conjunct (Walking side by side with) the Moon (Yin/Feminine).

Most of us will be focused on our personal life. Attention will be paid to home, emotions, relationships, etc. The Sun is illuminating the inner world. Great day to really hone in the balance of head and heart. You shouldn’t feel irrational today at all. Great day to introspect on psychological conditioning and your personal habits and goals.

The Venus square Uranus is still at play. If your relationships aren’t balanced you may truly feel that today.

Thursday, September 17, 2020:

Best thing about today is the Super New Moon in Virgo. Know that whatever ritual of manifestation you do today is powerful. We have two more Super New Moons in October and November. It will culminate with the Super New Moon Eclipse in December.

The other signs and planets remain the same. This includes that trine with the big three in Capricorn. The Moon is trine Saturn and Jupiter. This is great for a dynamic moment of truth to be revealed. There may be an epiphany today on which way you want to go.

I will tell you that this New Moon is forming a 90 degree angle with the nodes. With Mars Rx we are already likely experiencing people lashing out and reacting to the instability this year has brought on. Today we are likely to feel even more wobbly than usual, so know that going into this.

If people around you are lashing out due to feelings of instability it’s not personal. It is a chance to demand respect and set healthy boundaries. This New Moon is orbiting much closer to the Earth than normal, so you will definitely feel its effects. Be prepared for it, so it doesn’t take you off guard.

I will likely put a post together about this New Moon before it comes. I’ll include a pick a card reading with it. Feel free to keep a look out.

We do still have Venus square Uranus. So, be cautious in love is all. A lot of the current astrology is testing our relationships. It wants us to choose people who are healthy and beneficial to our lives. So, if they aren’t the universe is going to push and push until you remove them and stand up for yourself.

Self-respect. Self-empowerment.

Friday, September 18, 2020:

Everything remains the same except for the Moon is now in Libra. Your focus will shift to where you need more balance in life. It’s a good day to study emotional intelligence and learn to balance your own emotions within. We often get caught up giving our power away, as we try to control externals.

We will never be able to control what is outside of the self. Inner peace and balance is all you have control over. So, study that and cultivate that. Leave the rest up to the others. They have to choose it, too.

Venus still square Uranus. Is all fair in love and war? Are you tired of going to war for love? Good questions to ponder today.

Saturday, September 19, 2020:

While the Sun is trine the big three the Moon is square them. So, on one hand you’ll want to take positive action toward relationships, but on the other you may end up depressed over the status of your relationship. Make sure you’re thinking about what you studied yesterday regarding emotional intelligence. You don’t want emotional immaturity to cause issues.

Please do not lower your standards today. There is a possibility with the Moon squaring Jupiter you will. So, take heed of the lessons this week regarding standing up for yourself. In terms of having self-respect. If you don’t respect you first no one else ever will.

The square to Pluto could lead to destructive behavior. Your deeply buried emotions could come to surface and be exposed. This is why I’m encouraging you before today to learn about emotional intelligence. It’s not easy to control the intensity of emotions you may experience today. In fact, there is a possibility you could embarrass yourself over this if not prepared.

Power struggles in relationships could arise. Again, I want you standing up for yourself, maintaining your power, not taking it personal, and setting healthy boundaries. We teach people how to treat us by what we allow and put up with. So teach them to respect you by respecting yourself.

Venus is still square Uranus. If you have been having relationship problems lately this week those will likely increase. The universe isn’t punishing you. It wants you to choose healthier relationships. Starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

Sunday, September 20, 2020:

Today the Moon shifts to Scorpio. Scorpio is all about diving deep into discovery. You won’t be happy anymore with anything superficial or insincere. You’re done with mediocre living.

You may feel more provocative, passionate, strong-willed, and intense in the area of your chart where Scorpio resides especially.

The Moon in Scorpio means you may be feeling things intensely, so go into this day with healthy coping mechanisms in place. No emotion is bad. They are all equally valid and we have to feel through them in order to release them. Remember that your current emotions are often colored by your past experiences, and try to detach a bit and fly above them.

Today is a great day for self-reflection and introspection honestly. Where are you lacking self-respect? How can you make small moves to start implementing it into your life more? The shadow of Scorpio is jealousy, possessiveness, and the like. That is all ego living. Where can you do better? Where can you can grow self-respect and self-worth?

The rest of the astrology remains the same as far as planets, signs, and aspects. So, do with this information what you will. Fighting against the tide doesn’t stop the tide from coming. It only makes you weary.


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