Weekend Energy Update: All Signs


Quick energy update for August 14th through the 16th for all signs. Feel free to check your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, or any placement you feel may resonate. Tip jar and additional information is located at the end of the post. The energy I pick up on today could carry out through next week as well.

Don’t forget Uranus is going retrograde tomorrow until January 14th. Whatever shake ups you’ve already experienced in the area of life it’s transiting are likely to reappear. It won’t be as surprising this time, but you’re going to have to figure it out and deal with it. Where is your stability? Your foundation? Question it all right now with discernment.

Remember not to force any reading to fit your situation. Use your own discernment and intuition. It’s possible parts of a reading will fit and others will not. Tarot is to be used as additional guidance to your own intuition and inner guidance always. It’s not possible for one reading to resonate with every single person under one sign. Know thyself first and then gather information.


There is something you have been dealing with for a while that just seems never-ending. This has to do with a lot of self-criticism and unhealed wounds. Spirit wants you to know that you already have all the answers to your healing within, and that it’s time to practice some deep self-love.

You deserve the success that you’re dreaming of and you must confront the shadow to transmute it into light along the way. I see you starting off feeling quite victorious and confident this weekend. You’re inspired and acting on that inspiration, which is great. You may be feeling content and ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor and success.

There is something you feel you have successfully completed and there is gift or wish attached this, but you’re feeling quite anxious over it before this weekend is over. Perhaps you’re someone who feels that whenever something good happens the other shoe is bound to drop. I sense sleepless nights coming up and a need to go within before it gets out of hand.

You left this old mindset behind in search of one that is more positive and all about manifestation and wish fulfillment. The problem is sometimes we get so caught up in maintaining a high vibration that we avoid acknowledging our lower thoughts and emotions. This can often block the very dreams we are trying to manifest. You’re so close to receiving a gift from the universe.

However, you’re getting in your own way. Yes, mindset is everything, but that doesn’t mean you avoid the negative thoughts and patterns. You confront them, validate how you feel, and then after you have a good cry or journal it out you release the outcome to the universe. You are guarded against the very things you’re trying to manifest into your life.

There is someone around you who you can trust to talk to about this. They support and nurture your ideas deeply. They are like a beacon of hope in the darkness for you. When you’re feeling like defeat is around the corner or everything is stacked against you reach out to this person. They will remind you how far you’re come and just who you are.

You’ve worked so hard to get to this point in your life. It feels almost like a soul purpose. You are pouring everything you are into this. Do not allow the past to ruin it for you. Only look back when you need to remember the lessons you learned and to apply them to the present moment.



The theme for you this weekend is go the distance. There is going to be a need for you to practice emotional intelligence and remain emotionally stable. Something you’ve been working on or thinking about is going to require some resilience on your part. More than that there is a new beginning that you feel guilty about for some reason. This new beginning is clarity in your purpose and in order to go after it you must persevere through turbulence.

Not only do you have to release any guilt you feel and forgive yourself for things in the past, but there is a need for you to forgive others, too. A path is being illuminated for you this weekend to bring some type of closure to ruptures in your relationships and those you’re wishing to collaborate with. I feel like some of you will have to defend your position.

This weekend requires you to stand up for yourself and your dreams and desires. It’s no longer time to set aside your goals for the sake of others. You’re encoding plans to build a future you feel will bring you abundance and you owe no one an explanation for that. There is definitely a confrontation coming, but I see you standing in your power fully.

Maybe there is someone who doesn’t like the people you’re planning with or working with on this project, but you’re not backing down, and you shouldn’t. This is a team of people who are on your side. There is a lot for you to teach them, and much for them to teach you. I see you building something great.

It’s as if you’re holding the past and other people’s expectations in one hand, and a future where you’re self-made and abundant in the other. This new venture holds a lot of promise. You’re incredibly warm-hearted and nurturing, Taurus, but it’s time to nurture yourself and your success. There is a lot of reassessing going on for you this weekend.

Much of it over cycles and relationships you know must come to close. I see a tower moment coming, but not a bad one. This is something as simple as the deep, inner knowing that you’re meant to create a legacy, and choosing to manifest it at all costs, including family or friends who sabotage you.

It feels extremely heavy, but you’re enthusiastic about this new beginning and honestly feel it’s stable. I see you conquering whoever or whatever tries to get in the way. It’s an incredible time for you to give birth to whatever this is. I see you being creative and full of brilliant ideas.

I do have to caution you. People are going to question you and you will feel incredibly defensive and anxious. Do not let them have you second-guessing yourself. Do not hold back from your purpose. I do see you standing right on the edge, so unsure what to do next. Weighing the past and future heavily.

You know the truth deep down. You know the universe is giving you all you need to move forward with this. Communicate your truth and if others can’t accept that perhaps they should be put on the back burner for now. You have nothing to prove to anyone except yourself. Follow your own truth.



I feel like the last several readings I’ve done for Gemini have been about a relationship they know they need to leave. This one seems to be no different. Every time I call in the Gemini energy I feel so much anxiety, too. This must be for a specific set of Geminis. It’s the same every single time.

If you feel this story resonates check some of the other readings out that I’ve done. If this is your story and you’re struggling please feel free to reach out to me for a personal reading. I don’t normally offer that, but this is the same story over and over for me and I truly want to help whoever this is for.

There is a need this weekend to stop doubting your own worth. You are always enough, even when others make you feel otherwise. It’s time, Gemini, let them go already. This person has hurt you and played you for a fool for an incredibly long time now. You’ve been sitting back letting it happen. When you have taken action you’ve allowed them right back in.

It’s past time to release them for good. In matters of the heart the greatest gift you can give yourself is removing this person from your life. If you have children together or you must still remain in one another’s lives fine, but remove them from yourself romantically. Divorce, judgement, the final decree is here. You’ve worked extremely hard on this and gotten nowhere.

I understand you may have invested years into this person, and feel you don’t want to waste those years, but are you going to waste even more? Besides, nothing is ever wasted. There were lessons you two were meant to teach other, but you’ve long ago learned them, and the universe is done with this.

I honestly do not see a lot of love in the cards. I feel as if it’s more you are sad that you invested so much into someone you thought was your soul purpose. This weekend you’re holding this relationship in one hand and a new beginning in the other. Weighing these options has you extremely sad. You do not even love this person anymore. It’s an attachment to a trauma bond.

There is a need for you to look at the potential you have for real love going forward, and to stop seeking to find it where you’ve searched for years and always come up absolutely empty. I feel like you and this person both have cheated on each other, or they have cheated on you at the very least.

There has been drama, turmoil, and addiction riddled in this relationship, and you’ve defended it to the death. No one is buying it anymore. I feel like the two of you have burned so many bridges. This person acts only based on his or her primal instincts. They have caused you so much anxiety and so many sleepless nights and I don’t see that changing.

You deserve someone who is willing to invest in you and give you the stability this person promised and failed to deliver. I do see you heavily ready to turn your back on this connection and transform your life, but this weekend you’re still feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. Willfully blinded at this point if I’m going to be blunt and honest.

What you want is reciprocity. You want this person to give as much as they take. They aren’t going to do that ever. There is some sort of clarity coming in for you regarding that this weekend, and it may make you feel a bit overwhelmed. You have held yourself back from other, genuine offers for this person, and I don’t want you to feel guilty or bad about that. I want you to stop holding yourself back now.

I do see some sort of transformation completing by this weekend. I see you ready to claim and enjoy your independence, while perhaps entertaining a new love interest that has been on your mind. This person you’re with is toxic for you. Whether it’s one of you, both of you, or just when your energy combines there is something extremely volatile about it.

I see you summoning the inner strength to reject this person and move on with your life. I truly hope you do if this is your situation. If your relationship is toxic and volatile I promise it’s not divine. It’s not a twin flame. It’s not a soulmate. It’s a karmic lesson, so learn it already and free yourself.



My dear Cancers, there is a situation you are leaving behind that you’re feeling some sort of guilt about. Spirit wants you to know that you do not need to feel guilty. Even if the reason you’re leaving is because there is a need to simply slow down and celebrate yourself, and not that this other person or situation did anything wrong that is absolutely okay.

Listen, a bird cannot fly if it’s never let out of its cage. Release the self-criticism and self-doubt. If you’re in a bad situation it’s time to let it go. If you’re not, but you know you’re not in the right mindset to entertain a new situation it’s time to let the new one go, too. You don’t need anyone’s permission to fly, my crabbies.

It’s incredibly hard for Cancer placements to be alone because you’re here to love, to nurture others, and to be loved and nurtured in return, but first it’s extremely critical you learn to love and nurture yourself. This weekend it’s time to go and you know it. Do not waste time crying over the cups that have spilled already. There are cups waiting to be filled. It’s time to truly embrace and stand in your power.

The path for you is being illuminated this weekend. Wherever there are fights being had your job is to walk away. This will serve you well. Do not engage and I don’t care how long you’ve invested in the person picking the fight. Listen to your intuition. Cancer, you’re in tune with the vibration of the universe. Tap into that for direction and guidance.

There is an old cycle that must come to an end. This weekend I see you standing on the precipice. You’re viewing the past with one eye, and the future with another. I have to tell you that the anxiety you will feel is of your own creation. You are allowing your thoughts to become your prison.

You’re afraid of abandonment and rejection, and don’t want to make anyone else feel those things, either, but sometimes you care for others at your own expense. You are not your thoughts. You are the awareness above them. Use that self-awareness to direct your thoughts and shift them to a better, higher perspective that benefits all.

You’ve had your back turned to the truth for some time now, but I see you recognizing the cycles that must close this weekend. I see you choosing to take the time you need to heal. Whether it’s from a connection that broke down, a job you left, whatever it is.

I do see that someone has made you an offer or advancement, but the advice is to move incredibly slow here. The offer is genuine, but you have to learn to be independent first and prove you can do it on your own without being dependent on others. You and this person will be together at some point and I do see a very harmonious partnership and home life. A lot of love is here.

Take some time right now to collaborate with like-minded people on projects that interest you. I see a lot of communication happening this weekend regarding how to build up your material worth and assets. These connections should be reciprocal. If you give into love now, before you’ve truly learned to love yourself, I don’t see it ending well. It’s nothing but heartache.



Well, Leos, it looks like someone from the past is creeping back up soon. Please remember to be your own priority above all else. I know that you love to be loved and enjoy being put on a pedestal, but the pedestal you need to sit on is within. It’s your own heart. Make sure that whoever is coming forward is ready to give as much as they take from you.

You’ve earned every stripe you have. This person wants a passionate new beginning because they admire you deeply. You inspire them with all that you’ve been through and how you still manage to love and put yourself out there for others. The theme this weekend is divine help. So make sure you’re meditating on any decisions that come up.

I feel as if in the past your intuition let you know that you and this person were meant to be publicly recognized as an inspiration. That you’d be in the spotlight together. However, one of you held back and needed a shift in perspective. I believe the one holding back was this person coming in now rather than you if I’m honest.

This person has incredibly deep love for you, Leo. They view you as one of the most creative, inspiring people they’ve ever met. They regret turning their back on you. The energy flow between the two of you is effortless. I don’t think it ended badly or in some huge fight at all. It’s as if this person had more lessons to learn and you understood that.

It almost feels like you received some sort of download or vision about wealth and a legacy of love you and this person were supposed to create, but at the time all they had to offer you was sadness and grief because that’s all they had within them to exchange. They didn’t cause you any pain on purpose, but they had addictions, attachments, and other things to release.

This offer has been slow moving. I see they’ve been slowly building stability since they left you last. You both knew from the beginning this was a deeply spiritual connection. You both felt like you had been through lifetimes together after you met in this life.

They’ve been missing you profoundly and it was through that sadness over losing you that clarity seems to have found them. They are coming back with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Leo. I have to warn you that you may be in ego this weekend or when it happens. Timing in tarot is never precise. You’re concerned about whether or not this person really has left behind the addictions and attachments.

You are in this wounded warrior stance, guarding your heart with your life, but my lions, you’re meant to open your hearts full throttle. This person is coming back to you speaking truth and with a spiritual purpose. They really have left behind the past and are seeking smoother waters. Yes, they will still have some baggage to work through, but they are willing to unpack it themselves with a bit of help and guidance from you.

You’re being willfully blind this weekend if you’re not careful. Make sure you’re tuned in via meditation and listen to your own intuition. Especially over the advice of a tarot reading on the internet. But if this is for you then you already know this is a divine connection worth celebrating. There has never been an outright fight or any toxicity between the two of you.

This person is coming back with practical and real plans. They are coming to you with integrity, honesty, and balance seeking a new, fresh start. Don’t get so in your head about it, worried about your heart breaking, that you walk away from something you will later regret deeply. At the very least, let them know you need a little time before making a decision.



This weekend is bringing a need for you to be in the present moment. To focus on the here and now, rather than living the past or the future. Focus on changing your self-doubt and self-criticism into self-compassion and self-love. Scorpios experiences a lot of the dark side because their job is to transmute that darkness into light. You’re all about that transformation.

Whether you’ve been the villain or someone else has now is time to rewrite your story, Scorpio. Leave all the fighting in the past. I see you missing someone deeply who brings you a lot of healing, but your current situation is blocking you from being with this person or giving them your all. It’s time to let anyone go who is causing you more pain than they ever will pleasure.

Many of you already know this. You’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the decision you face and going within a lot. I see you way too focused on the loss, rather than understanding the lessons in the loss. I see you releasing denial this weekend. Finding the inner strength to admit what you know deep down.

There is someone who has captured your attention. This has been being worked on energetically for some time now. It’s divine intervention. This person you want to move toward is emotionally stable and extremely loving. They wear their heart on their sleeve and offer unconditional love, but not unconditional access to that love. They want you to end old cycles that you’ve held on to for too long now. So far you’ve refused.

This weekend I see you gathering the strength to acknowledge everything you need lies within you and defending this legacy you know you’re meant to cultivate with this person. You may have to fight for it. You’re lit on fire for this connection. It gives you the courage to stand your ground and maintain your power and authority over your own life.

You’ve battled so much in your life. Addictions, fears, attachments that were toxic and unhealthy. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit of shame over this and that has held you back. Try to view shame as nothing more than a reminder.

Validate it and thank it for the reminder that you have an internal value system. Let it know that you’re striving to live up to it more than ever before and you don’t need the reminders or any protection. Forgive yourself.

I see you’ve been going within and seeking wisdom from your higher self. This has brought a lot of clarity in for you. Now you’re wanting to move forward to this other person and make an offer, but you’re moving super slow. You want to go forward in your full integrity. I see you wanting this enough to really fight for it. You feel this person has so much to teach you and they feel like home. Their energy is harmonious and pure.

There is still some inner conflict you’re sorting through this weekend. I do see you peeking out of the shadows some ready to offer them an honest go at working together on your soul purpose and relationship. You feel this is going to be the most stable thing you’ve ever invested in, but it does bring you anxiety. Maybe even keeps you up at night.

But that spark between you, the inspiration they offer you, is much stronger than the fear and doubt. An honest, heart-felt, open conversation is needed this weekend. Maybe more than one. You’ll know if this applies.



This story could be a lover for some of you and maybe a long-term friend for others. The first thing I want to say though is that there is a need to focus on your physical health, Libra. To start treating your body like the palace that it is. Maybe move away from bad food, addictions, and other behaviors that are harmful to your health. This is more like a side note. It could somehow be connected to you considering who you’re hanging out with.

Someone has broken your heart or will be, and you’ve made them a villain. The truth is whatever they did to you wasn’t as personal as I know it feels right now. It’s time for you to rewrite this story, so you can remove it and stop it from coming between you and new connections you form. This weekend I see hope rising up in your heart. A light in the darkness.

Maybe this message is more about you making sure you’re not wearing a mask with the people in your life. If you’re not being authentic and they fall in love with you it’s not the real you they love, and that real you exists and will feel the vacuum of emptiness. Soul connections are trying to come through for you. Know that all that glitters isn’t gold, and you don’t have to sprinkle glitter all over yourself and make yourself uncomfortable to attract others to you.

Libras like to keep the peace, so often they will don a mask. They will push aside their own authentic needs and desires trying to please others as a way to achieve balance. Only they’re never balanced within this way. You’ll never control the outside world, Libra. Never.

This heartbreak could involve a lover who cheated or a friend who was gossiping behind your back. Maybe you don’t know about it yet and it will happen over the weekend. It could be as simple as the people you hang out with drink and have addictions that are harming your body when you partake in those behaviors with them.

This manipulation is a blessing in disguise because at least it will bring you clarity on who to trust and who to leave behind. It may feel like the rug is pulled out from under you, and you’ll be reassessing what is worth investing in going forward. The health issues is coming through strongly for some of you, so maybe there is no manipulation. Perhaps it’s just a need to listen to your body because it’s screaming at you.

I do see you quite passionate about something this weekend. I would meditate and be in tune with your intuition because I see Spirit ready to gift you with knowledge and gifts. There is definitely a sword of truth coming down. Addictions and attachments being shows to you that have to be transformed or released. You’re ready to shift something you’ve been thinking of for a while into the real world in a practical way.

Whatever this is, I see you choosing to focus that pain into a purpose that inspires you instead. You are gathering momentum for your healing already before it’s even started. I see you feeling slightly abandoned and left out in the cold by someone, but ultimately it increases your willpower and confidence.

By the end of the this experience I see you emotionally stable and calm. I see you full of the balance you’re known for. Standing in your full power and authenticity. Not as revenge. Just for yourself because being petty means you’re giving them more attention than they deserve.



Virgo, you’re known for being incredibly judgmental of yourself and others. This weekend there is a need to stop with the self-criticism and self-doubt. There is something you want to move toward that will be emotionally fulfilling for you, but you’re allowing your past, your shame, who you once were to stop you from achieving this energy exchange.

Whatever this is, person, job, friendship the energy is very effortless and reciprocal. I feel for most of you this is a love interest, but substitute whatever applies. There is a deep knowing on your part that what or who you’re currently juggling isn’t what you’re meant to juggle. The lessons have been learned where you are and it’s time to move forward slow and steady.

It’s like you want to feel the energy of home and you know exactly where to find it. Wherever or whoever this is the potential for you is huge. I see legacy building energy. However, you’re allowing yourself to remain chained to the past, to attachments, to bonds that were never real and only formed over trauma and your desire to be loved. Only this other situation has taught you what love really is and now you can’t escape it.

You have this thirst for knowledge this weekend that can’t be quenched. I feel like whatever or whoever this is you walked away from it before and are deeply regretting it. This person or situation stimulates your mind in ways nothing or no one else can. There is a lot of fertile energy there, creativity abounds, and you allowed that potential to scare you away.

In typical Virgo fashion, of course. You really want this new beginning because you can feel it in your bones that it is stable and long-lasting. You’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and that won’t change this weekend. You’re stuck between continuing to invest where you are, or leaving it behind for something that fulfills your soul. Something that heals you without any effort at all and promises spiritual and material abundance.

In your current situation I get a cold and bitter vibe. There is someone around you who sucks the energy from you. They have zero tact when they speak to you. The whole time you’ve got this other person or environment on your mind and in your heart. You feel like you’re simply going through the motions and missing out on your real life. The one your soul longs for.

This weekend I do see you making headway with your anxiety. You’re starting to understand that the anxiety is preventing you from ending what you know needs to end, and keeping you away from absolute emotional fulfillment in a space where you can learn and teach with like-minded souls.

I do sense this is a person for most, as I said. A person who has taught you what unconditional love really is, but also how to set boundaries on access to it. This person inspires you like no other. Makes you want to be a better person. You may feel you’ve lived past lives together. Either way, this weekend I see you deeply nostalgic for their presence. Missing them heavily.

You want this new beginning so badly the Fool came out twice. The only thing standing in your way is you, Virgo. You’re wearing a victim mindset like it’s a badge of honor. Let down the walls. Make the decision. The ball has been in your court and you’re standing there, frozen, all eyes on you. Make a move.



Sag, there is some sort of justice coming in for you. Something that broke your heart is ending sooner than you think. If it’s already ended expect this person to get their karma. I don’t want that to be your focus because whatever they did was not personal to you. People hurt you because all they have inside is pain to offer others. They can’t give you what they do not have.

This weekend there is a need for you to stop seeking others approval. I sense someone in your life you love deeply holds back. They are emotionally unavailable to you. Stop giving them your power and take it back. They might love you deeply, too, but I think you’ve waited long enough for it to be shown.

Maybe the justice coming in for some of you is this person finally opens up to you and you create a more intimate, loving bond. For others it’s you leaving this person, seeking a fair and balanced connection to invest in elsewhere. For others, you’ll move forward healing and investing in yourself.

Your creativity is going to heighten this weekend. You’re going to feel incredibly powerful and in your element. There is a new truth you want to explore. Some new perspective about why others are so guarded that allows you to view it with your inner light and act accordingly.

You’re looking at your home environment this weekend with fresh eyes. Whatever had you feeling rejected before you’re sensing success on the horizon. You know that whatever decision you make requires more work, but it feels good to have finally made the decision.

For many of you I see you’ve held on to this person for an extremely long time, even if it’s only energetically. There is major healing coming in. I sense you wanting to become self-made, but never losing your warm, nurturing, beautiful nature. There is magic coming to life in you. I sense new emotional stability and creative projects brewing. A lot of abundance is available.

You’re not settling for the same old shit anymore. You want something reciprocal. there is something being worked on behind the scenes that you can’t see, but you are going to start feeling it. A new emotional fulfillment is coming in. Your dreams, downloads, and visions are going to increase, so make sure you’re taking notes.

There is this newfound courage and bravery coming in for you, Sag. I am loving this energy so very much.



I feel some of you are dealing with a third party situation. Your person may have actually cheated, or maybe they’ve allowed a job, hobby, or family member get in the way of your connection. There is a deep need this weekend for you to work on forgiveness, Cap. This person honestly loves you.

Everything in you may feel like starting a war, but it’s not time for that. This is a time for deep healing. I see a new perspective coming in for you this weekend that offers you a chance at a new beginning. It’s a great time to do an inventory of the relationship. To seek wisdom from your higher self about where you own accountability and where the other person does. Then sit and have a healing and open conversation.

For some of you maybe you already ended this connection, but they are coming back wanting to build again, and it’s given you so much anxiety. There is part of you that is so glad they are wanting to work things out. You’re feeling confident and victorious, wanting to move forward. However, this other part of you is still holding back.

You are afraid that if you give this person another chance the rug will be pulled out from under you again. That you will regret investing in them. If they haven’t come back yet maybe you’re constantly thinking about if and when they do. There is a lot of reassessing happening for you.

I see you focused on the past, reliving the memories, how the cycle ended, and stuck on whether or not you should give them another chance if they come calling. Soon divine justice is showing up for you if it hasn’t already. This person is going to reach out. Likely via social media, text, or email. I sense a lot of back and forth communication that is honest and open.

I do sense not only honesty and integrity in this person, but passion and deep love for you, Cap. They know they have a lot to learn. They are ready to jump back in head first and give it a try. They’ve gained a lot of emotional stability that they were perhaps lacking in the past.



There is going to be a moment of reckoning for you this weekend. There is a need for you to be honest about how you’re sabotaging yourself on a new beginning. Maybe you’re giving your power over to fear, anxiety, or other people and their potential judgment of you.

There is also something coming up about your body and health. There is a need to end behaviors that aren’t healthy for you. Even if this is you starting a good sleeping routine. Many of you lie awake at night with the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s time to release it.

Something coming in this weekend will make you feel extremely blessed and humble. There is an unveiling of some sort regarding your path. I see you becoming suddenly inspire to start something new. I would meditate and pay attention to dreams and epiphanies because this is coming from your higher self as guidance on what to do next.

I feel for many of you there are healing capabilities within you. You’ve maybe even been working on a way to turn this into your soul mission and business. I want you to remember that in order to do this you must stand in your power. You cannot heal others if you cannot first heal thyself. For some of you this business will be created with a divine counterpart.

I do see you achieving some level of success first on your own. Reaching an Empress energy that is abundant and fertile. You will have at least built the foundation for this. Then suddenly this partner, whether romantic or otherwise, shows up with an offer for you. For many I sense this is romantic and you’re going to be a power couple. For others this could be a soul contract business partner who is going to help you create abundance.

Whoever this is you know them already. I feel in the past you had to set boundaries on them because they refused to let go of people, habits, or situations they needed to. They have ended those cycles now or will be soon. You and this person are meant to create wealth together.

If they aren’t your actual romantic partner or family they are soul family for sure. I see wealth and an entire dynasty of love. This person is inspired by you. They are driven by will, passion, and inspiration more so than anything else, but you are incredibly guarded against them.

You may be concerned they are still chained to whatever it was that kept them down in the past. However, I am seeing they’ve successfully overcome that and will have evidence that they’ve walked away from that completely. You still seem to be going back and forth with yourself for a bit here. Feeling like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If I were you I would ask to see the evidence that the past has indeed ended. If you set boundaries in the past make sure you respect them or no one else ever will. However, I do see this person offering you some type of emotional fulfillment. Standing in their power firm and strong.

The two of you have the potential to build something long lasting. Where you can teach and learn from each other. I get the sense this will be a business where you use your talents together to help others heal and get through the most difficult times of their lives. You will have both transformed so much through your own experiences that you will be able to guide others.



Pisces, I know the last few readings I was on you all to do the healing work and it looks like some of you listened. The nine of cups came out FOUR times in this reading. There is a need for you to keep improving your self-worth going forward. Do not doubt your worthiness of what is coming.

I see there has been or will be lots of back and forth communication that has you daydreaming and overwhelmed with emotion. A huge change is in the wind for you, and there is a need for you to stand in your power and practice emotional intelligence and stability as it happens.

The change isn’t here yet. It’s something you definitely sense happening under the surface for you energetically. You’re incredibly tapped in, more so than any of the other signs. I almost feel like you should stand outside barefoot this weekend with your eyes closed and soak up the power of Mother Earth. There is some new, emotionally fulfilling endeavor on its way.

For some of you this is a choice you have to make between two lovers or two paths. This is good karma coming for you, Pisces. Make sure you’re walking in your truth and integrity. Don’t get over emotional. We all know you feel incredibly deeply, but there is an intelligence needed to make this choice. A balance of the head and the heart.

I feel as if some type of news is coming in about the life you’ve settled for. Yes, settled for, as in “well, it’s good enough”. The tower is coming and it’s not anything bad at all. It’s pointing you directly toward wish fulfillment and is a gift from the universe for all you’ve been through. Your journey hasn’t been easy and it’s time for your rewards.

Seriously, the best reading of the bunch. I will say that you may have to walk away from what once looked like your dream life, but if this is for you then you already know that dream has died. It’s time for you to sail some smoother waters and let yourself become inspired by life again.

You’ve been waiting for things to click into place and that day is coming. You’ve had major transformation and the universe is going to show you that it sees and it is proud of you. A brand new beginning is here, one that is going to fulfill you emotionally the way you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t be so afraid to act if things don’t fit just perfect. Let your inspiration lead you for now.

It’s a time to celebrate, not be on guard. Your energy is ripe and fertile. It’s a great time to begin something new. It will absolutely flourish and lead to abundance. You’re going to become creative and dream a whole new world into being with this energy. Today I wish I were you.



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