Weekend Energy: All Signs

Happy Friday, Tribe! I’ve decided to post some weekend energy for all signs. Feel free to check your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars, or any other placement that resonates. Keep in mind this is general energy I’m picking up on, so don’t force anything to fit. Take what does and leave the rest.

Above all my advice is always to follow your own inner guidance and intuition. We all have the same ability and worthiness to tap into the collective and pull from it what we will. Trust your abilities.

Keep in mind Mars is retrograde, so you could find yourself more frustrated than normal, or dealing with others who are angrier than usual. Do not take any of it personal. Meditate and find your inner zen. You do not have to attend every battle you’re invited to. Let’s skip the war and call that winning.

Aries Placements:

The advice is for you to be surrounded by your tribe this weekend. There is this need for you to truly feel a sense of belonging. Don’t worry about being so by the book the next few days. Sometimes we need to shake our routine up a bit and let loose. This is one of those times for you.

I do see that people are entering your life right now who are essential to your personal and spiritual growth. They are bringing with them fulfillment in every area. These people are going to benefit your life emotionally, financially, and in an overall positive way. A long held dream is starting to show signs of life for you and it’s quite beautiful.

There is a spark of passion and inspiration coming in for you this weekend. Where there was once pain or failure I see a prosperous, stable new venture coming in for you. This may be an offer made from someone who is self-sufficient, stable, warm, nurturing, and kind. I sense no malice in anyone trying to collaborate with you right now.

There is some sort of truth that you’re going to speak this weekend. It will be a great display of your inner strength, and lead to fertile ground opening up for you to truly start building your empire. This may be a message of truth coming in to be spoken to you as well.

Whatever it is I see it increasing your confidence and willpower. I see you moving forward creating a harmonious home, laying down burdens you never should have been carrying, delegating as needed. I get a deep sense of more healing coming in for you.

It’s like the completion of this transformation that has taken you from someone cut off, bitter, and cold to this beautiful, grounded, and balanced individual. Even if you feel you can’t move forward with this plan right now I do see the hearts around you loyal and ready to map it out at least.

Once Mars Rx is over in November you should have a great head start on this.


Taurus Placements:

Taurus, this weekend for you has phenomenal potential for deep healing and transformation. Take some time this weekend to really consider how much you give versus how often you let yourself receive. You may be spending a lot of time in the yang energy lately and it could have you feeling depleted. You have to tap into the fact that you’re worthy enough to receive in return.

You have worked incredibly hard and are incredibly stubborn. All manner of goodness and opportunity are here for you now, but you have to be open to allowing them in. I see a huge transformation you’ve been going through. It hasn’t been easy, as change never really is, even when it’s good change.

You may have felt for a long time as if you’re at rock bottom, but there is good news at rock bottom. The only way left to go is up. If you’re struggling and there are people who have offered to help you stop making them feel like they aren’t good enough to help you.

In reality you feel like you don’t deserve to receive the help, but it prevents them from experiencing good karma and the feeling of giving, too. Anyone trying to help you right now is being genuine and authentic in wanting to do so. I would allow them in and take the assistance. It will relieve so much weight off from you and give you a fresh start.

There is this sense of you wanting to feel safe and secure. You may be over-working right now, too. This could have you feeling stressed out, anxious, fearful you can’t get it all done. Mars is Rx for Taurus Rising in the 12th house, so if this is your placement you could be having nightmares, too.

Take some time this weekend to think about what home is for you. It’s a feeling you can cultivate within. Home is being comfortable in your own skin. It’s love and that love is all around you, but sometimes you refuse to let it in.

I do see some brilliant aha moments this weekend. Take some time to get clear on the burdens you’re carrying and release what isn’t serving you any longer. Delegate what responsibilities you can safely delegate. Honestly, you can’t do it all and you have to start taking care of yourself and your health. If you don’t make time for that now life will force it at some point. Don’t let it be too late.

There is confidence and willpower available for you to tap into this weekend. I see forward movement. You’re still holding back, though. Hanging on to all your swords afraid to let anyone in for fear they may take one. Let them in and let this deep healing that is trying to come in wash over you. Recognize the people in your life you’re keeping at arm’s length and pull them in.

Stop cycling through this never-ending story of what a victim you are, how alone you are, how no one understands you. Start listening with your heart and not just your ears. What are you doing to keep them at bay? Are you allowing them to help you? To be with you? To understand you?


Gemini Placements:

There is the mending and healing of relationships available to you this weekend. This could be physical mending of relationships, or it could be you choosing to bring yourself closure and move on from relationships that hurt you in the past. You are now poised to move forward with a clear heart.

By the end of this weekend you’re feeling ready for anything. I see you learning to go with the flow, rather than fighting against the tide. Whatever this relationship is that is healing I see you both choosing to release control and allow a higher purpose to steer the ship.

Whether you’re parting ways or coming back together there is immense healing in whatever the decision is you make. There is a real sense of inner peace and letting bygones be bygones. I do see you may be dealing with something unexpected this weekend. Try to remember that often enough our detours are divine, and do not let it frustrate you.

It could be whoever this healing and mending is happening with contacts you out of the blue. Expect the unexpected this weekend. Even unpleasant news is news you need if it’s the truth. The only way it remains unpleasant is when you refuse to accept it as truth. Be thankful to be shown the truth always.

I do see sadness and grief being transmuted to a spark of inspiration and passion. There is a transformation of someone’s ego. It could have been your ego or theirs that caused the problem, but someone is seeing the truth of how they messed up and wants to talk about it with honest intentions.

I do see a cycle ending and new one beginning. This is going to fill you with confidence and allow you to move forward uninhibited by blockages. I see it making you feel so full inside. Emotionally fulfilled and loving is the energy coming across. Ready to build your future with those who reciprocate your energy. I feel you’ve been given intuitive hits about this already.

There is a surrender to the truth of the message this weekend. You’ve been given so many signs. You’re realizing you can’t control the rate of growth in other people, and in releasing control healing comes in spades.


Cancer Placements:

There may be some chaos and conflict this weekend. Try to remember that Mars is retrograde and this is increasing everyone’s frustration and impatience. You do not have to attend any argument you’re invited to. I would learn what you can from any chaos that comes up and move on.

I say this because I’m being shown the land of milk and honey. You’re aware that every manner of possibility is open to you now. There is nourishment for your soul everywhere you look. My advice is to truly practice being mindful and observant this weekend. Try to achieve some balance.

There is an unexpected visitor or some unexpected news coming in this weekend. Perhaps it isn’t anger at all, but a disruption in your plans that I’m picking up on at the start of the reading. Sometimes the plan we create for our life doesn’t match our soul’s agenda and Spirit has to step in. Trust whatever goes down is for your highest good and work with it.

There is someone offering you love and emotional fulfillment, but you’re fighting against it. This could be you choosing to end a love relationship, and focus on a material new beginning for yourself. One where you’re the foundation. You want to create long lasting stability, but it appears whoever you’ve been trying to build with only causes you sadness and pain.

You’re seeking a more reciprocal exchange that is effortless and easy. I do see many of you have ended or will be ending a long-term relationship. Choosing to stand on your own. To lead your own life, increase your own finances, and not allowing this ending to make you bitter. You are going to maintain unconditional love and your warm, nurturing nature.

There is this surrender to the fact that your divine partner is elsewhere. They are someone who knows how to blend the spiritual and material worlds into one. You’re ready to defend that which makes you feel safe and secure. You’re achieving a good balance in life this weekend. Displaying the inner strength to follow your passion and let it transform you.

I do see friends and loved ones available to help you through this process. It is your soul tribe who will help you heal and overcome. My suggestion is to reach out to them and allow their love to wash over you and make it all better.


Leo Placements:

This weekend you’re going to be surrounded by some of your tribe. Make sure you’re not compromising your values and integrity just to feel like you belong. It’s important for you this weekend not to get caught up in analysis paralysis. Sometimes there is no deeper meaning than what you see.

I do sense there is a situation you were involved in previously that you thought was over, but it will be resurfacing. Now is a good time to take stock of your past lessons, so you won’t have to relearn them. It’s a good time to invest in learning more about a dream you’ve had, too. I sense a coming to life this weekend regarding something you’ve been wishing for.

There is emotional fulfillment being offered to you. It feels incredibly fated and destined. Do some soul searching if you have to, but I feel someone coming in with an apology and an offer to make things right. Again, it feels very soul bonding and fated. The apology may be a little immature in nature, but it is sincere and heartfelt.

You’re going to have to make a choice and the advice is to blend what you know from the spiritual and material worlds to make it. I see you transmuting sadness with the truth. The scales of Justice are coming in to make things right for you and another person. I sense a lot of anxiety in one or both of you, but you are a feeling of home for each other.

I do see the co-creation of healing taking place. Perhaps this is the person you’re supposed to spend time with in your integrity this weekend. I get a sense that whatever type of relationship this is there is a lot of love to be had. There is this acceptance that we all have flaws, and learning the proper dance between you and another person.

Just make sure you have healthy boundaries. These are not the same as walls. Don’t go into this with your ego. I get a sense you’ll end the weekend feeling incredibly peaceful and happy.


Virgo Placements:

Virgos this weekend is all about you taking a risk and leaving someone behind. The cards are showing me that facing the unknown with courage is the only choice you really have left now. It’s okay to feel afraid. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s you facing the fear and pushing forward in spite of it. It’s time to release the ego and listen to what you know deep in your soul.

A new life is waiting for you that has so much more to offer you than the one you’re currently struggling in. I see you really digging into the flow this weekend. No longer struggling against the tide, but accepting what is as it is. Not trying to force it to be different anymore. You are making peace with whatever this situation is internally at the very least.

This is about you learning independence. You are absolutely capable and competent. There is a need for you to discover that you can absolutely rely on yourself. There is a need for clear boundaries between yourself and another person. You will start to get a better sense of where you end and this other person begins. There is a coming part taking place before you eyes.

Sometimes we have to break promises we made. It’s okay to admit that you took on more than you could handle, or made the promise when you weren’t feeling your best. Reassess goals and values this weekend. This separation will bring you good fortune and ultimate peace.

I do see you confidently defending moving forward in your life. Away from this hit or miss, having to walk on egg shells energy. You’re ready for more balance and stability. I see you displaying great inner strength to face the pain of this and move on from the past. Seek help from friends and family as you transition into a new life. You’re not alone.

Love only grows when it’s reciprocated and not taken for granted. This weekend is going to show you that fully. This decision is going to lead to your highest good. It puts you on the path to following your destiny, and this benefits not only you, but the collective.

Your situation isn’t yours alone, as much as it can feel like it. Our experiences are interwoven into one larger consciousness. We are all bits of that consciousness experiencing itself in different forms. Try to detach a bit and view your situation from a higher, more spiritual, psychological perspective.


Libra Placements:

Your reading feels very mixed to be honest. You’ve entered something new recently in life. It could be a home, relationship, career, but it feels so good. On one hand you’re truly inspired and all feels right with your world. You’re poised to begin this new phase of your life with full confidence.

You’re in a very receptive yin energy, which is great. However, there is a warning here for you to remain in the present moment. Do not get caught up in nostalgia from the past. It’s never as good as we claim it was. Do not worry so much about the future. Create it by focusing on this moment.

I sense a need for some solitude this weekend, Libra. Some head over heart decisions need to be made. There is emotional fulfillment being offered to you as well, perhaps by a spouse or mentor of some sort. However, you’re stuck in this past nostalgia quite heavily. It has you indecisive about something. Only you can make this decision.

There is a need to balance your head and heart this weekend. You’re holding the past in one hand and this beautiful new future in the other. Surrender to the calling of your soul. Don’t allow old mindsets to keep you stuck. You really do need to find some inner balance because there is something being offered to you in the material world that promises future abundance.

First I see a need for deep healing to take place between you and someone you love deeply. This person loves you just as deeply. Someone has been holding back a bit. Allow this weekend to mull over things and find perspective. Don’t go into any conversation holding a sword. There is a need to be vulnerable and real. You can’t blame people for wounds they never caused.

This weekend chop wood and carry water. Just do the mundane tasks you need to do. Let go of any big plans or ideas for now. Your aha moments will come during dishes, sweeping, or picking up. There is a need to clean it up. Not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, too.


Scorpio Placements:

Scorpio, this weekend may be a little difficult for you. I get the sense you’ve been over-thinking, suffering from over-analyzing everything in your life right now. It’s as if you feel time is running out, so you have to control everyone and everything, or tighten your grip on them, but this is backfiring hugely.

I sense someone you care about is about to end things with you, Scorpio. If this is for you it isn’t something you haven’t seen coming. This person was sent to your life to teach you, to help you achieve personal and spiritual evolution and growth. However, it’s become a burden for the both of you.

This person wants to initiate you into a better version of yourself, so I’d spend some time alone this weekend contemplating why that scares you so much. There is always enough, whether it’s emotional fulfillment, money, resources of some sort, but if you walk around acting like there isn’t, or you could lose it at anytime guess what happens? You lose it.

Your world is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. When you look in the mirror do you like what you see? Do you like how you’re treating this other person and those around you? There is a need to focus on self-love and self-respect. Until you have those in place you will never properly love and respect others. Reflect on that this weekend.

This relationship is eluding you because you’re holding on too tight to control. You’re wanting to feel powerful, but you’re abusing this person’s power. They are going to take their power back. There is a truth that is going to be spoken soon. This person holds no secrets, and yet you keep looking for them to surface because of past pain you refuse to heal that they didn’t cause you.

It’s time for some serious soul searching and a recognition of your own faults and failures. You will find peace by flying above your issues. Detaching from them and viewing them with an outsider perspective can help you put it all into perspective. Is it too late? I don’t know. It’s my best advice, though.


Sagittarius Placements:

Sag, I feel like this is the same energy as your previous readings I’ve done, only it’s coming in stronger. Whatever environment you’re in right now isn’t for you. This isn’t a surprise to you if this reading is for you. It’s something you clearly know and have been avoiding.

You are choosing to go round and round leading nowhere but to a dead end. You’re going to repeat the same story until you learn the lesson. You could leave this situation and the next will be a repeat if you haven’t taken the lessons with you. You’re trying to prove you can go the distance.

Maybe you’ve already invested many years into this situation, but sometimes you’re just adding more wasted years. They’ll never be made up for. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are creating your reality. It’s time to understand that nothing is as personal as it feels and release resentment. Honestly, much of the time we teach people how to treat us, and then complain about it.

There is a strong need for you to trust your intuition and the unknown going forward. You’re needing to leave a toxic situation that maybe once brought you emotional fulfillment, or maybe it never did, and you’ve just been waiting forever to no avail for that fulfillment to come.

You have what it takes to become self-sufficient and nurture yourself. To stand in your power and create the life you want. There is a need to build the confidence and willpower to move forward. Seek a higher perspective via meditation. Your soul is always calling to you. You must make time to listen.

It’s been clearly illuminated for you that leaving this current situation is for the best. That there is help available to you as you transition. I do see a tower moment coming if you don’t make the move. The divine is only going to wait so long for you to come to your senses before it slaps sense into you.

You want peace? Move way from this toxic situation and it will come.


Capricorn Placements:

What a beautiful reading this is. So much about being authentic and loved just as you are. This weekend is a good reminder that home isn’t a place. It’s a feeling of security and safety that comes from within. It’s learning to be comfortable in your own skin and share your authentic self with others.

The more authentic you are the more loyalty you’re attracting to your life. In fact, this weekend someone incredibly loyal and in love with you is going to reach out and message you. This is someone Spirit has been sending you signs about already most likely.

It’s okay for you to take the risk. Without it you cannot ever achieve the reward. I know it’s scary to be truly intimate with someone, but this is what you’re being asked to do this weekend. Let yourself be seen as you are. This isn’t a time for fake appearances, impostor syndrome, or masks.

This path is one that is going to challenge you to the core, but it’s also exciting and exhilarating, so don’t miss out. It’s a great time to truly trust the unknown and venture in ready for whatever is in store for you. Trusting you can simply be yourself and be worthy of love and loyalty.

There is transformation coming to a connection in your life. This could be someone you met through work, or someone you’re meant to collaborate with in some way. They are going to bring you absolute emotional fulfillment. It feels like a spiritual connection. Don’t put up your defenses. Let the path be illuminated and trust it fully.

I see communication coming in and a choice has to be made. You want this new beginning with this person as badly as they want it with you. You can move forward confidently and trust it is fated and destined. You may have been waiting for this offer for some time.

When you start to grow afraid to be yourself remember why you’re being asked to be authentic. The home card is here twice, Cap. Be you, your lovely, authentic, unbelievable self is enough. Remember that if you want to be truly loved you must let yourself be truly seen. Otherwise people fall in love with a masked, fake version of you. The real you doesn’t feel that love.


Aquarius Placements:

I am sensing a divine connection you’re waiting on, Aqua. There may be a need for you to speak your truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth this weekend. This may be the person you’ve been waiting on reaching out to speak their truth, too. Your hearts are loyal to each other regardless of what you’ve been seeing and experiencing in the 3D.

Now, I make it a point to tell everyone if you’re experiencing abuse of any sort that is not a divine connection. It’s karmic and you need to end it. If you’re waiting on someone who has harmed you physically, emotionally, mentally, then this reading is not for you.

This weekend you’re going to get a glimpse of who is loyal in your life. It’s a good idea to not rush anything. To take time to breathe and connect to a higher power. If this isn’t a person you’re waiting on it could be another sort of commitment, such as a project or job. In either case I do see transformation happening with this going forward.

This transformation hasn’t been easy, as change is hard. True commitment is a responsibility of the heart, spirit, and mind. It can take time for people to truly be ready for that. I do see an emotionally fulfilling offer coming in for you. One that has a higher purpose and intention.

This is something that has been being blended together behind the scenes and gathering momentum for a while now. Seek to balance yourself. To stay in your power. Remain nurturing, warm, and kind. This person has had a hard time balancing their head and heart, but they are sure now they want you.

This may come in as a tower moment this weekend. Completely unexpected and make you feel conflicted. But there is this part of you that knows deep down you and this person are fated, have lived past lives, and knew this passionate new beginning was coming. This connection is one that is effortless and easy. In fact, that’s why it was so scary for you both.

You’re ready for this new life and it’s okay to reach out and ask for help if you need it. It’s also okay to help others. Just make sure you have healthy boundaries and they are maintained.


Pisces Placements:

Well, Pisces, there is a deep, deep knowing in you that you’re meant to be part of a community. I want you to check in with yourself this weekend. Make sure you’re not on empathy overload. We all need to listen to our intuition and follow what we hear, see, pick up from there, but sometimes it’s not our intuition. It’s our programming. Learn the difference between the two.

I do see people stepping up and into your life to give you a leg up and help you. It’s incredibly important to remember to remove any codependent traits you have because relationships coming in will only thrive on interdependence. Now isn’t the time to be afraid.

This new course coming in is going require you open up and be brave. It may challenge you to the very core, but it will also excite you. Get absolutely clear about YOUR thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You’re not meant to take on everyone else’s. Pay attention to the details this weekend, too. There is a strategy needed wherever you’re planning to go next.

I see you feeling quite emotionally stable. You and your partner, if you have one, are celebrating a milestone and recognizing one another for accomplishments. This could also be recognition at work with a partner you’ve been collaborating with. Do NOT allow toxic mindsets and fear of abandonment to ruin this for you. You deserve the recognition.

I would take time to celebrate with your partner. Even if that is the only person in your community right now they are enough. Try to do something for them just to say I love you. Set up a romantic dinner, ask them to go on a walk, just spend time being grateful for the people already in your life, and I assure you more will gravitate to you from that vibration of gratitude.

Do some soul searching before you communicate anything this weekend. Make sure you’re standing in your power and then open your mouth. Humility is one thing, but downplaying your achievements is another. Do not wing it this weekend. Play things by the book and keep your mind ope to the vast possibilities that exist all around you.



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