Ever since I was a young girl I felt different, but I hear that same story from a lot of people. I always felt everyone’s pain like it was my own, and wanted desperately to take it away. I have learned we are far more alike than we are different. I alone cannot save anything, but we together can save the world.

It comes down to us truly honoring our differences. We must recognize the bigger war is classicism, but there are disparities within those disparities that we must contend with, too. Acknowledging that people struggle for reasons you do not, such as the color of their skin or sexuality, isn’t invalidating your own struggle. It’s just an honest observation.

The elite understand that if they can get us to blame one another we aren’t coming after them. No one needs $106 billion. It allowed Bill Gates to buy his way into our education system and screw it up even more. The problem wasn’t the way teachers were teaching. It was a failed no child left behind program, that ensured all the resources went to rich zip codes. We’ve had so many school closings in my city.

That failed policy is Warren’s plan to reduce Black maternal death rates, which are currently almost three to four times the rate of white women. It won’t work. It will send the money to bigger, rich hospitals, and poorer areas will suffer. Now she has walked back healthcare, too.

Bernie’s response?

Bernie has already been speaking out for a long time about this issue. Not only does he want everyone to have healthcare, and bias training, but he wants to stop allowing billionaires to buy hospitals for profit and close them in low income areas, so that hospitals are fewer and far between.

Bernie does not pull punches with billionaires. He debates them and always has the facts and evidence to back up his claims. Meanwhile, Warren said they should absolutely exist, she is just a “player in the game”, and offered to meet with Bill Gates to ease his anxiety over a wealth tax.

If you are tired of hearing about politics I’m sorry, but it’s literally life and death for so many people from all walks of life. If you aren’t involved, or at the very least voting for the right candidates what are you going to tell your children when the planet they are left with is uninhabitable for their children? We do not have a choice in this election to screw it up like we did the last one.

If you choose a centrist as our nominee Trump wins re-election. It’s really that simple. Nothing will change even if the centrist wins. Like Obama, they will do the bankers bidding. They will keep us in profitable wars their children do not have to fight. They will side with fascists over principal and the poor that are made that way on purpose.

We bailed out the criminals and all Bernie wants to do is have them pay us back now. The time is come. Let’s stand up for ourselves and each other. Obama showed us where he stood, and I admit I was blind to it too long.

“I stand between you and the pitchforks. I am on your side and I will protect you, he promised them. And not one Wall Street criminal executive went to jail.” ~Obama to Wall Street after they committed their crimes.

Obama and the republicans agree:

They will ban together to protect the rich and powerful. They want you to believe one day you may be rich and powerful, too. Just keep working three jobs, breaking down your body, and letting your boss pay you pennies, while they wouldn’t profit at all without you. That’s the winning message that they expect to get us to the polls in their favor? No thank you.

I have searched for and gathered knowledge like it was my purpose in life. I’ve made so many mistakes along the way, but my motive remained unchanged. I wanted to give my children a better future. They have always been and remain my priority; even if at times they didn’t feel they were.

They know now that they were and I remain so grateful I didn’t allow shame to prevent me from being vulnerable and authentic with my children. This is how we must be with each other, too. They would prefer us fighting over trivial things, or the disparities in the disparities that aren’t trivial at all, so they can continue their profit over people agenda. If we can’t be real about our united struggle we cannot ever solve anything else.

To this day my relationships with my children are the ones I am most grateful for, but on this day we face some devastating facts. Our climate is dying and for decades the “tree huggers” have been laughed at because corporations wanted to make a profit at the expense of people. Those “tree huggers” were and are fighting for you and your future generations.

If we do not massively shift away from fossil fuels we are going to have an uninhabitable planet. So while you’re busy wondering about your next dollar, Jeff Bezos and his billionaire buddies, are trying to figure out how to live on other planets permanently because they’ve ruined ours and they know it. They are doing this paying zero in taxes. What a crazy world we live in.

He even admits why he does it, knowing he has more than enough money to pay his taxes and fund actual climate change legislation. Instead, he blew over a million dollars trying to defeat a real climate change candidate in Seattle because he doesn’t want to abide by the rules. He lost anyway. People Power.

The fossil fuel company knew all these years that climate change was going to be an issue, and yet they are in court saying they are the victims. They kept important information from us for decades. Out of all the candidates you could vote for there is only one who was talking about this way back then.

Bernie knows he is not our savior. He cannot take on the system alone. We must stand united, as a movement, with him as our organizer in chief. I am forty and back when I was ten Bernie was trying to bring attention to this issue and all others. I have grown children now. We are running out of time.

I don’t promote the idea that Bernie is some Messiah sent to save us. He is a man who asked Warren to run in 2016, and when she refused because she was holding out for Hillary’s VP, he did what he had to do. After Warren backpedaling today on Medicare For All, and the way she waters downs and means tests everything I’m done. It’s Bernie and it’s always been Bernie.

He has the best plan for everything, and I will write future posts about each of them and why they are important. If you want to read them yourself I’ll include a link to all the issues on his website and his plans for them. This one is for the Green New Deal and fighting climate change:

He has some great bills already in congress, and is consistently working to come out with more. Here is the latest:

Check out all the issues and where he stands here:

There is a great list of people who do not and will never support him, and they are the reason you absolutely should. If you want to fix the climate we have to take on the corruption and money in politics, and no one is better at that than Bernie. He has been unbought and uncorrupt for forty years.

Listen to the reasons Alexandria endorsed him:

“Now that I’m on the other side, in the halls of congress, it astounds me that he has been able to withstand the intense amount of pressure there is here to conform, to stay quiet, and to compromise the lives of working people, so that we can accommodate corporations, and not the other way around.”

If we don’t get money out of politics and stop allowing our politicians to be bought we will never save the planet. If we never save the planet nothing else matters. Not healthcare. Not the minimum wage. Not immigration.

We do not have a choice but to pay attention to politics. This includes you. If you aren’t used to fighting for yourself do what Bernie says and “Fight for someone you don’t know.” This is how we will win.

He’s got some pretty great endorsements, too:

People will ask you what has Bernie done? This is because our media is corporate owned as well. They manufacture consent. We learned this with Iraq. Again with the truth that they covered up Weinstein, and that a few years ago they covered up Epstein to keep access to Kate and William.

A whole thread of accomplishments from Warren Gunnels, who has worked for Bernie, proudly, for twenty years:

Do yourself a favor, no matter how you feel about Michael Moore, and watch his documentary titled Fahrenheit 11/9. You will learn that when Flint was experiencing an ethnic cleansing and protesting, Obama visited and pretended to drink the water. He pandered and instead of sending in Fema, which is what they needed, he terrorized them by sending in the army to do unannounced urban bombing. He wanted them to shut up.

Every child in Flint was poisoned irreversibly for the rich to profit. They were being ethnically cleansed in the United States of America. Unacceptable. Don’t tell me Bernie is too radical when compared to the status quo.

When they say Bernie yells too much tell them if they’re not yelling they’re not paying attention. It’s not just Flint. This is going on everywhere. Socialism is not a boogeyman. It’s what you’ve been taught, so that predatory capital can keep their boot on your neck and make another buck.

They will ask you if you really think Bernie can beat Trump?

“ Sanders “continues to be the only Democratic candidate with more individual contributions than Donald Trump.”

Bernie Sanders won the state of the Michigan in 2016, but super delegates gave it to Hillary. Bernie Sanders won all 55 counties in West Virginia. In fact, Hillary came in third behind Bernie and a man in second you’ve likely never heard of. He won all 55 counties and they gave it to Hillary.

This time they don’t get to use super delegates in the first convention. So, if we mobilize and turnout in mass numbers we can legitimately win this thing. We need all hands on deck. He is the only campaign to have over a million volunteers and counting. More than three times the individual support as the next three candidates combined, and more individual support than Trump.

Yes, he can beat Trump. WE can beat Trump and that’s what Bernie means by #NotMeUs. He can’t do it alone. It will take a movement of the people to actually have our government by and for us. He’s just rallying us up. You have to talk about these issues. Someone you know is affected I promise you. You have to vote and encourage other people to vote.

Many are rightly disenfranchised and feel like it doesn’t make a difference, but it does. At least with Obama we got gay marriage legalized, and while we should have had a public option with a majority Democratic body, they did expand medicaid, and thanks to Bernie Sanders, community health centers.

Even with the lesser of two evils there is lesser evil, but why settle for that? We’ve settled long enough. Every other industrialized nation on earth has had most of the programs he speaks of for decades, and we’re far richer than they are. Don’t fall for that “how are you going to pay for it” bullshit. How did we pay for Wall Street’s criminal bailout? Oh our taxes. God forbid they pay any.

They will tell you women do not support Bernie. When they do show them this:

They will say he struggles with the Black vote. Show them this:

“I was blown away by this poll that just came out yesterday showing that, of all the candidates, Bernie was the only candidate who had a majority of his supporters were people of color. No other candidate. Not Joe Biden, not Kamala Harris, or any other candidate, but that’s not the story that gets told.

So, we have this lived reality of in our movement beyond Bernie, but even within the campaign, it’s beautiful. It’s colorful. It’s uniquely diverse, but then somehow the talking heads don’t tell that story.”

“An analysis of recent polls from November of 2018 to March 2019 shows Sanders is more popular with people of color than white people, and women like Sanders as much as men do, if not more. He leads every other possible 2020 contender with Latino voters and lags behind only Joe Biden — who hasn’t announced a bid yet — with African-American voters. Sanders’ polling numbers with black voters are double that of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), according to a March Morning Consult poll.

Look, I’m never going to stop talking about politics. I do my best to grow more patient and respectful, but when it comes to ideologies that harm people I love, or even people I don’t know, I’m going to speak out. I’m not afraid of Bernie yelling because I know why the hell he is yelling. He’s been saying the same shit for forty years, and in a place where it’s easy to become corrupted.

He remained principled and you can’t say that about many politicians. He is our once in a lifetime shot to save this planet. He has the mass movement behind him and will rally it every time it’s needed to get the job done. That’s why he says “When WE are in the white house.” He is so humble and he isn’t running to save his money or for the power. That has never been him.

How do you know you can trust him? I mean he’s the only one who doesn't run away from or excuse his record. He runs on it.

This is all I have for now. There will be more to come. If you’re not currently involved with Bernie’s campaign I encourage you to learn more and decide if it’s for you. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what your background is, how you came to the decision our movement welcomes you.

Look up the Democratic Socialists of America and see if there is a group in your area. Look up local Bernie meetups and meet new people fighting for you, and join that fight. Together we really can change the world.

If you ignore this it doesn’t go away. What you ignore grows and festers and bubbles up with time. Better for us to acknowledge the problems and offer real solutions, than to sit out and let it all die and kill off our entire species and the entire planet. That alternative isn’t the answer.

Please take care of yourself and open your heart to care about others.

Thank you.

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd