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8 min readFeb 24, 2024
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This Full Moon in Virgo has me wanting to dissect and dig into the details of hope. What is hope, where do we find it, and how can we hold onto it during times of despair and trauma? Because my friends, my beautiful tribe, the world seems to be growing in volatility.

From the climate crisis to inflation, to genocide, the onslaught of reasons to be afraid, or feel doom are relentless. They are doing everything they can to stop the rising of our individual vibrations. See, when we compete and view each other as the opposition they all win. We all lose.

This is why Liz and I have chosen to rebrand the podcast to be about the divine feminine rising. See, it’s our yin energy that needs to evolve. We were taught to hustle in the yang, and the imbalance of that is a world-wide epidemic right now. Check out the Grand Rising Podcast.

As Ullie stated, hope is not always soft and lovely. Sometimes it’s the last grasp at a will to survive in spite of tremendous hardship and grief. In fact, sometimes it is only through devastating grief that humbling clarity can come to us. In our darkest moments is when we need hope the most.

This is why I love Jupiter being in Taurus. Taurus is the resources, the safety, the stability we have. And Uranus has been there shocking us in all of those areas. It’s when Jupiter entered that we were given assistance in learning how to keep our faith and manifest our reality.

This Full Moon is opposite Saturn, who is about to collide with Mercury, who rules this Full Moon, and the Sun, which represents our life force. Saturn and Mercury are about to die and be reborn. Our commitment, our communication, our negotiations are all given new life.

Virgo finds hope in being of practical service. Pisces finds hope in emotional empathy and compassion. Virgo is how we serve in the material, and Pisces how we serve in the ethereal. Since this Full Moon is in Virgo we can understand that a culmination is happening in the material world.

Since the ruler of the Full Moon is in Pisces and represents our reasoning it appears the reasoning is either escapism or flow. Wherever you are on that spectrum now there is a surrendering and completion. This release of the old habits that do not serve our higher selves.

We aren’t here to serve gods. We are here to remember we are all god. We are all bits of the universe experiencing itself in different forms. It’s time to take a new form. If you really are the divine it makes it easier to realize that you should take care of the form you’ve been given. To honor yourself.

I was listening to an interview with Richard Tarnas earlier, and he said if we could resolve our social and political differences we could make progress on some of this volatility. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about learning to fill your own cup, so you have something of value to give.

But see, those at the top pretend to be different, so that we can choose a side. And then while you and I argue over which side is right, they are both celebrating their scam behind closed doors. They are doing the most to prevent us from collaborating on important issues that would change things and finally benefit the people.

See, Pluto in Aquarius is about the exposing of where society has been tricked. In Capricorn he exposed the rotting structures of society, and we learned that even in that exposing there was hope to be found. There were people and politicians standing up for what was right.

They were demonized and division was further driven home. There was an insurrection at the capitol in the United States, and still they press on with their evil, diabolical plan. One man stated openly in congress that what Israel is doing is absolutely genocide, and then voted to send them more money anyway. Very Neptune in Pisces; open delusion and lies.

In Aquarius the hope is society banding together. Us recognizing it’s okay that we are different. Starting to truly embrace acceptance over tolerance or suppression. Some of the groundwork has already been done. Pluto is quiet power and in Aquarius it’s the people who have it.

Hope is when I can see the language of what is happening and who I am through astrology, human design, and divination. When I can see so clearly the connection, our relationship to the cosmos, it does cascade hope like a river, have me singing it’s a beautiful day when it’s dark dreary outside.

There is work to be done, but what kind of work? Well, Saturn is the work, the structure, the commitment. He’s in Pisces opposing the Moon. Oppositions speak to the planets each reflecting something back to the other. So here we have the Moon in Virgo making excuses why something cannot be done because it cannot live up to it’s own expectations.

As it reflects that energy back to Saturn in Pisces he has the answer. The answer to stop making excuses and go within. It’s to sit with yourself and convince yourself you are the person you know you can be.

It’s in the routines and habits you’re ready to try because what have you honestly got to lose at this point? If you wait for a practical answer you’re going to dive down a million rabbit holes, and when you come up for air be more confused than before you took that deep dive.

So where the Moon in Virgo is giving you all the reasons that something isn’t practical, Mercury in Pisces is forcing you to answer to the Sun and Saturn. To understand that sometimes there are no practical answers, and all you have is a spiritual knowing or hope to keep you pushing forward.

It’s okay to have self-respect and still be humble. The two can and do co-exist quite nicely. In Pisces society tends to escape the volatility through entertainment, drugs, addiction. But the reflection of Saturn to the Moon is that empathy does have boundaries. Compassion does have limits.

The truth is, if you want to thrive in a volatile world you have to create an inner peace that translates to the peace others bring to your life. Virgo is showing you where you are of service to others, and Pisces is asking you if that service is coming from a space of love or fear of abandonment.

Because your relationship to yourself, to your own shadow and triggers, will determine your relationship to others. It will have a say in what you tolerate or don’t. Whether or not you continue choosing your own resentment and pain over the grief of surrendering and starting over.

Let’s dive into the chart of this Full Moon:

The Moon is in the 7th house and the Sun the first. So this is likely culminations in relationships, contracts, personal and professional relationships. The way we show up and serve, expect to be served. We are being asked to find our faith and hope in ourselves.

Pisces Rising is asking us to invite flow into our lives. Ruled by Jupiter in the third house of mindset. Abundance and hope, faith, it’s all a mindset. And your mindset or “matrix” can make or break you. Mars and Venus are both approaching square to Jupiter from the 12th house.

This is self-sabotage or the hero’s journey; whichever you choose. The Moon is not only opposite Saturn, but more closely opposite the ascendant and Sun. The Sun is shining full light and reflecting back to the Moon, who is conjunct the Part of Fortune. Fortune is found within.

Why is it considered impractical to maintain emotional control? This theme continues to creep up lately for me. Again with the couple I spoke about in a previous blog.

He brings something up that is divisive and demands answers. Tells her she should be obedient because of their faith and religion. And when she says she is obedient to God first he cuts her off. She can be very soft in her refusal to speak about certain things, and it doesn’t matter.

He tells her that she is too emotional if she cannot have those discussions, and it’s not that she isn’t. But to say it’s impractical for her to know herself, to know that about herself, and say she can’t have the discussion at this time is absurd. The most practical thing you can do is know your limits.

It goes so far as him refusing to speak with her if she refuses to have a conversation. And it doesn’t matter how much logical sense she makes, how calmly and sweetly she speaks, he wants the control. Unfinished conversations feel…unfinished. But sometime they’re best left that way.

Chiron and the North Node are still together in Aries. Here we see that is the 2nd house. So in terms of our resources, values, and self-respect we are ready to assert ourselves. Ready to do that from a healed perspective, too. Where we aren’t taking it all personal.

The ruler of the 2nd, Mars, is in the 12th. So in order to do that we have to actually do the healing work. We have to be willing to make difficult decisions in spite of how we feel. To overcome choices we’ve made out of fear of abandonment and rejection. We have to embrace our uniqueness.

With all the energy so heavy with grief I am not looking forward to the Mars Uranus square. That is happening right on top of my Mars in the 7th house. My Mars rules my 4th house of home and family. So, no doubt there is tension and uncomfortable things we’re going to have to work through.

The most practical thing in the world is to work through those things. Virgo wants to serve in tangible ways, and is always chasing perfection, as a way to escape its own divine potential. Pisces is generally of service by being a space to vent and find escapism and enabling.

However, the higher octave of all energy does exist. And so the Virgo can consult with Pisces, and the two can reflect something back to one another, as is happening at this Full Moon. Virgo is saying to Pisces that it feels good to be of service to others. Pisces is saying to Virgo I agree.

However, you have to be coming from an authentic space in your service, and not from a space of fear and people pleasing. Whether we are talking about relationships, jobs, bosses, habits, it doesn’t matter. Who are you serving and why? Where are you complaining about things you’re not working to change in your life?

This is a culmination of all the criticism you’ve invested in yourself, others, and the world. Or it’s a release of it. You get to choose. You get to choose how you move through the volatility and grief. Whether that’s collective grief or personal trauma. Healthier choices are possible for you.

A parting message from my cards:

When you choose to set healthy boundaries for yourself that is when you will attract authentic and unconditional love into your life. You will feel it all around you regardless of the hardships you face. It’s in convincing yourself you’re truly worthy of support that it will come.

You have the capacity to build your own empire. To stop romanticizing a less than ideal past, or some future that isn’t here yet. Claim your spot of abundance in the material world. Follow the spark of passion and divinity that are flowing through you at this time. In the present moment.

Namaste ❤

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