Tune Into Stillness: Pick a Pile Reading

There are six piles to choose from. Top row left to right is piles one, two, and three. Bottom row left to right is piles four, five, and six.

I wrote a message for the collective, and then I did a six pile pick a card Tarot Reading. Please read the collective message no matter which pile or piles you choose. They will all in some way reiterate the collective message on a more personal level. If you’re struggling and need to reach out please do.

Collective Meditation Message:

Listen to the stillness; lean into it. So many of you are so afraid of it, but it has so much to whisper that will change your life. At the very least, how you interact with and react to life. Yes, things are a bit scary right now, but you absolutely have the inner strength and fortitude to come through it stronger. It’s all in our perception.

One of my favorite Tarot Cards is the Hanged Man. It’s a reminder that no matter my circumstance I can choose its interpretation. I can shift my perspective about what I cannot change. None of us can change the current global events alone, but if we each do our part individually it contributes to the whole. It’s not always appreciated immediately when I receive the card.

While we can choose our perspective we have to do so after we process our feelings and emotions. Trying to avoid them, mask them, project them, none of that will work. You have to recognize nothing is as personal as it feels and practice emotional intelligence. Take your personal evolution into your own hands. You know you best and no one else has inner access to your higher wisdom and internal world.

I won’t repeat the numbers here of loss or recovery. The truth is knowing those numbers doesn’t serve us. You do not have to know the number to know those souls are out there suffering, sick, and dying alone. We all know that and can feel that deeply. If you’ve lost someone during this pandemic or know someone who has I am so sorry.

No one knows the real reason the bad exists, but it helps me appreciate the good so much more. I have cried heaping tears of sorrow, grief, devastation, and pain over my life, but I have also cried heaping buckets full of happy, joyful tears. What a privilege that I am alive to experience either.

I like to view life like a school. Each time we come back it’s a new grade. Whether or not we pass depends on what our personal, overall lesson is, and how quickly we’re willing to learn it. At the end of the day all you have is your own mind. What you tell yourself will always be more important than what anyone else tells you because that’s exactly what you’re going to believe at the end of the day.

We are going to enter a new age. The Age of Aquarius. In the next few years that is bringing many big, undeniable shifts. Just like the one we’re going through now. The earth has been abused, there are so many people, there is so much exploitation. I’m not one who believes the universe, or some higher power punishes us. Our own choices and what we allow has natural consequences that feel like punishment. We are all one, so when the most powerful abuse their privilege we all suffer.

Do they not realize that the problems they’ve created affect their future and their children’s future, too? Self-destruction in an individual is never just about the self. When we are self-destructive we tend to destroy those who love us too. They are innocent bystanders of our trauma response. This is true collectively, too.None of it as personal as it feels.

Seek to use this time to know thyself. That is the beginning of real wisdom. Once you understand yourself you’ll easily understand everyone else. You may not fully understand their methods, but you will know it’s not about you, set boundaries, and stop giving away your worth.

The collective affirmation is:

“When I’m connected to my joyful presence, I receive support from the universe.”

What brings you joy? Spend some time doing that. Of course, it will have to be something at home, but right now it’s important to practice self-care. Before you can really work on your mindset your heart must be lighter. Watch a comedy, play a game with whoever you’re quarantined with. Give someone you love some face time. Then, once your heart feels lighter move forward and go within.

The fear is an illusion; false evidence appearing real. Once you go within the light exposes your shadow as nothing to be afraid of at all. The same way when you turn on your bedroom light you realize whatever you thought you saw isn’t what you saw at all. You find healing and peace.

It’s a practice. You never fully arrive I don’t think, but it’s about building momentum and evolving. Since all you can control is you let the rest go for right now. Put it down.

Important numbers going forward are 2, 3, 6, and 11. Two is about partnerships. Your relationship with yourself must be good if you want your external relationships to be good. Three is about kindness, joy, creativity, and imagination. Tap into yours. Six is about your domestic environment and home life. May as well clean that up, too.

Seeing eleven is a sign that you need to work on leaving the negative beyond. Whether it’s people, thoughts, or situations. It is a message from the universe reminding you to bring in more positivity and practice some self-care. It’s a hint that you either need to or are choosing to shift your perspective.

Pile One:

You’ve been feeling stuck or trapped, but on the surface no one would be able to tell. This prison you are stuck in is in your mind. I know we hate to hear that, but it’s true. You’re being asked to open your eyes and see the truth.

You still have so many dreams. You want it all. The happy family, the financial relief, overall peace and contentment. You crave it in fact. Right now is an opportunity to recognize that without a happy, whole relationship with yourself you’ll never have it with anyone else.

It’s fine to have dreams; the bigger the better. Just remember to be practical and realistic with building the foundation to make them a reality. You are someone meant to build a legacy, but you get so caught up in the bigger picture you’re missing all the necessary details.

You’re spending a lot of time yearning for how things were. I think we all are right now, so be patient with yourself. It’s okay to feel sad, angry, and upset. Feeling the full span of emotions is good. They don’t all feel good, but we must feel them and process them.

This may have to do with how hard you are on yourself. It’s time to be self-aware and catch yourself when you begin to criticize yourself for how you used to be or who you are right now. The real you is still developing, and like the rest of us you can only learn as you go.

It’s time for you to meditate. Learn how to be in the flow. Return to source and realize how the pieces fit together. When your external situation seems to be blocking you there isn’t always a hidden message for you to decipher. The tides of life, like the ocean, ebb and flow. We are in a natural cycle and all we can do is roll with it.

We are walking away from the old way that was harming the collective and we need to time to fully embrace the new. What is true on the individual level is always true on the collective level. You are being called to stop being superficial and see beneath the surface.

Now is not the time to disguise reality, but neither is it time to focus on the parts of it you can’t control. The universe will create on the larger scale what we mirror on our end. That’s all it knows to do. All that glitters isn’t gold and you need to build your patience and endurance.

The future is fertile for you and full of potential, but right now we have to dig up the ground and pour the foundation. Things are unpredictable, but nothing that is happening is personal punishment for you or anyone else. It’s time to build your self-assurance.

Take this time to seek balance. Blend your spiritual and material worlds. Live in them both effortlessly. Understand that nothing happening is your fault. It’s a natural consequence of things we’ve collectively allowed and overlooked. They’re big, hard things and we often feel powerless, so it’s understandable.

The best thing you can do is focus inward and seek the answers there for your personal path and direction. You can bet it will often mimic the collective in some form. When you need to unlock peace think about the love, trust, and hope you have around you. Count your blessings for a few.

Recall the affirmation about connecting to your joyful presence. When you do that you open up space for creativity and assistance. It calms you down, which makes you far more resourceful. It quiets anxiety.

Tune into the stillness of your higher self. Seek to view the light and as we continue to be exposed to the corrupt shadows don’t turn away and ignore it. Just recognize the light is stronger and we will all evolve. We can let go or we can be dragged, but change is inevitable.


Pile Two:

You’re feeling bored with the current offers of love in your life. Perhaps in a stage where you’re taking people and things for granted. Maybe you feel you’re the one being taken for granted. Make sure you’re focusing on the richness and fullness of your life with purpose and intention.

You may be feeling isolated and alone, but missing opportunities to form new or closer connections. There are many ways to still communicate without an in person visit. It’s a good time to nurture and love yourself, too. Your creativity and passion are as important as your logic and intelligence.

Focusing on self-care right now will inspire you and bring you new ideas. Don’t sit and scroll your phone. Unplug and take a long, hot, candlelit bath. Read a good, juicy book. Watch a movie that makes you laugh so hard your belly aches. Play a game with people around you. Seek to feel lighter and you will begin freeing yourself. Opening up space.

Remember the affirmation about connecting to your joyful presence? When you do that the resources and ideas flow freely. Just make sure that everything you do is done with integrity. Be thorough with what it is you do take on, but don’t take on the world. Fall in love with yourself.

When you start co-creating with the universe you understand that time is a fake construct we made up. You stop allowing time to control and dictate all you do. You’re able to follow a loose schedule without being anal about it. You’re painting your life every single day. Do it with purpose.

You’re a beautiful work in progress and it’s time to start laying your foundation. For you that will always start with your why. Why do you want a better world? Why do you want to become a better you? Why do you keep repeating patterns? See beneath the surface. Let each revelation be a building block to where you want to be.

You’re being asked to tap into the stillness of Source. Find your inner security and joy. You must be at one with yourself to fully address everyone else. That’s where you fulfillment lives. Even in the darkest failure there is a burning light of hope. We may struggle, but we cannot quit.

There is a Spiritual cauldron awaiting your arrival. It wants to nourish you with knowledge and compassion. It’s easy to forget during easier times our previous toil and struggle, but every new beginning must have a sturdy foundation. Your why should always be rooted in you.

We have to start by planting our seeds. Then there is tending and watering to do. That isn’t always the fun part, but if you shift your perspective and recall the harvest you will reap you’ll feel better. There is a quote by Theodore Rubin which says, “Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.” Be kind to you.

You are a warrior of hope and it’s time to stop wasting time. View death as the rebirth that it is. Take spiritual authority of your own life. Life is a game and it’s time for us to level-up.


Pile Three:

You are someone very in tune with love and abundance. You’re very intuitive. Lately though you’ve been feeling a bit guarded. You’re struggling to view how this time can be productive for you, and maybe even feeling guilty that others are sick and passing away. It’s not your fault.

I feel like you’re someone who carries all the pain in the world on your shoulders, as if you can bear its entire weight. Let that shit go. I don’t feel like you’re someone who lets your past define you, but you do allow the weight of the world to live in your energy field rent free.

It’s time to open up and start trusting yourself to understand that pain isn’t personal. To allow yourself the beauty of connection without worrying if it’s for today, tomorrow, or forever. Let them each be what they are and live in unconditional love with healthy boundaries.

You should spend this time figuring out what it is you desire. The energy surrounding you once you let this go is amazing. It’s dreams come true type of energy. Release the illusion of lack. Sometimes things are not what they seem, so calm down and revisit them.

Remain focused on the present moment only. The here and the now. Do one small thing to water the future you’re building each day. Don’t focus on the past or the future as a whole just yet. Just take the next step you need to take right now. Trust fully that your needs will be met.

Recall the affirmation about connecting to your joyful presence and do that. Dance, sing, laugh. The more you do the more your intuition will open. Use your imagination to create the world within that you want to see come to life without. Plant those seeds and intentions.

Ancient wisdom is awakening and you can tap into the stillness and find it. Learn to keep going with the flow of your emotions and not allowing them to control you. If you’re holding onto something that is heavy and out of your control you’re suppressing yourself.

You are home base for many people, so make sure you are for yourself, too. Allow the concept of family and home to be different than tradition taught us. There are basic notions that can remain unchanged, but for the most part we are one big, family.

Be inspired by your faith in your inner warrior. In the idea that forever does exist. You get to come back and do this again if you want. Spoon others some of your peace because that’s what we need right now. This is about rebirth and fertility. There is a lot of loyalty in your future.


Pile Four:

You’re being encouraged to tap into your creativity and passion. Be confident and express yourself boldly. Use this time to build your self-confidence. You may have to be the center of attention soon, and you need to be prepared for it. It’s time to build your kingdom within.

Do a reset. Figure out who and what in your life keeps you stuck in cycles of negativity and walk away from it all. I know it can feel like you are stuck with the current energy and situation we are in, but you’re being asked to see beneath the surface. Your mind isn’t stuck anywhere. Choose the rebellious act of loving yourself and partaking in joy.

There is a focus for you on your community and circle. You should be building it with intention. Don’t forget the importance of the little things. In fact, there is a focus for you throughout this reading on the little things. Building those connections, even if it’s via technology and not in person.

It’s a great time to heal, rest, and recuperate from the past. Allow peace to come to you through mundane stuff you do to keep up your house, your yard, or other chores. You may not have learned the balance between work and play, and now you’re being given that chance.

This is a time where you larger dreams must remain dormant. The mundane acts of planting the seeds, watering them, pulling weeds, are not fun, but they are necessary to building something worthwhile that will last. You may have big dreams, but to bring them to life you need confidence and endurance.

Disappointment and joy co-mingle with opportunity. You will see what you look for here. Stop viewing life as a sprint you must win. There is a lot to be said for those who cultivate patience, endurance, strength and fortitude.

Search for the loyalty in your life and find out where it lies. Be loyal to what you know serves you. Make sure that you’re not holding onto something or someone that doesn’t serve you and calling that loyalty. That’s a waste of your time and theirs at the end of the day.

Be careful what you ask for because you might get it. There are prices to be paid for what we receive. If you’re not ready to pay the price don’t ask for the reward. Try to find joy in doing the little things and be grateful for those first.

There is a big theme running through this reading of endurance and the need to cultivate inner strength. You can both protect yourself and survive the challenges of life. The spirit and will to endure is the most important.

Like past piles I encourage you to remember the affirmation of tapping into your joyful spirit. Once those mundane chores are done each day set aside time to be creative and joyful. The desire and willpower to simply survive are wonderful, but not enough to create the dreams you’re desiring.

Rich nurturing and protection is available if you meditate and turn within. It’s a time for learning and initiation. If it’s possible where you are take a walk. Even if it’s barefoot in your backyard. Connecting to nature will be good for you. Stand under the sun and feel its warmth on your face.

Keep the faith that you’re protected and believe that miracles exist. The key to your peace is drinking from the cup of rebirth, in playing games with others, in choosing to see the sweetness still left in life.


Pile Five:

You are feeling pretty nostalgic. I feel like all the waiting around isn’t your style, but I have to be honest. The past is never as good as we think it was. Now is a good time to nurture your inner child and do some healing.

This pause is good for you. It encourages you to seek gratitude. It gives you time you don’t normally have to reflect on your inner journey, rather than avoid it. Don’t get impatient and give up. I know that we are a society of instant gratification, but just because you don’t see results right away doesn’t mean that you won’t. Good things take time to grow.

You are a natural born leader. It’s a great time to take this inner journey and discover your entrepreneurial spirit. Underneath it all you’re a very creative visionary. Let your soul be what inspires you going forward. This is where your only real joy will ever be found.

In the end, even the obstacles and failures become part of the victory. Sometimes, those obstacles and failures were nothing more than detours in the right direction. Take control and authority of your life and attitude. Following the rules right now is important, but it’s never a call to ignore and avoid your imagination.

You made a contract with the powers that be to live this life. It was very brave of you to sign up for the lessons you’ve lived through. You are more than just a person trying to get ahead. You’re a soul expressing itself in human form. Connect to that higher sense of power. That’s your happy place.

Do recall the affirmation of tapping into your joyful presence. Get some fun in your life. When your spirit becomes lighter due to joy and laughter you create space for assistance and answers to flow to you. Keep a focus on finding joy in the present moment.

It’s a great time to allow things to consciously flow to you. To tap into your intuition and feminine side. You must take the lead over yourself only. It’s not your job right now to lead others. Let yourself receive.

Consider that sometimes when you feel you’re just going round and round in place you’re not. Stand above your circumstance and see it from a new light. Now isn’t the time to repeat lessons you should have already learned, so if you find yourself in that situation it’s time to reflect outside of shame.

This is a time of inner transformation, initiation, and awareness. Your inner voice has been calling out for some time for this. Your soul brings into your physical world the keys to the collective subconscious. Follow that call.

Consider your intentions going forward. Take some time to write out and define your destiny. Embark on a quest of personal revelation. Don’t keep feelings bottled up. Be sure to express them fully and healthily.

Remember you’re blessed. You are enough. Focus on your family connections, too. The great wisdom for you is to seek peace through music and creative ventures. Work on releasing a lack mindset in all forms.


Pile Six:

Your creativity has been explosive lately. Ideas for creative, new beginnings are flowing through you. Make sure you’re not limiting your beliefs going forward. Your energy is that of an infectious free spirit. Just remember this current obstacle is nothing more than a detour in the right direction.

Use this time to really get in touch with your emotions. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, and then take it a bit personal when that backfires. It’s a great time to strengthen personal boundaries and remember that nothing is as personal as it feels. Don’t miss your signs being stuck in negative energy.

You are a thought leader. Your decision making is generally unbiased and you communicate well. You’re someone who strives to live with integrity. Just make sure that in your desire to be honest you’re not being cold and blunt. Even in telling your truth you should do so as warmly and kindly as possible.

Allow space to burn away the excess you’ve been carrying. Those endings have created an avenue for a new beginning. The same new beginnings you keep dreaming up out of nowhere. When you forget this remember the hanged man. I told you this is one of my favorite cards.

When you feel like you’ve surrendered and sacrificed it’s time to surrender and sacrifice further. Your perspective on authentic, unconditional love needs a shift. Once this shift happens a decision that’s been weighing on you will be made easier. I see you are currently at a fork in the road.

I have the sense that this decision is in regards to a relationship. You’re being asked if you want to continue seeking an evolution of the relationship, or if it’s time to walk away. Maybe you have two people to choose from even. Allow this time of regeneration to take place before you make the decision.

Second chances are available to you now. Whatever you thought was dead is very much alive. But first, you’re being asked to reflect. Do not take any actions before you reflect and rest. Meditate and go within for assistance. Also, as the affirmation stated connect to your joyful presence.

When we do this we empty out space for assistance and the answers we need to come. Something wonderful is going to come to you. It will feel unearned and unexpected, but embrace it. The only sure thing in life is that if you wait long enough it will change. Become adaptable.

Let this hibernation be a time for you to work on opening yourself up to receiving as well as giving. This time is one of judgement. Let the earth be cleansed and in so doing choose to cleanse yourself.

You have an uncanny ability to see the truth in almost every matter, and others recognize that in you. You truly do have a free spirit that others likely envy. You have a unique and original personality. You’re going to receive some sort of help out of the blue. It may be from a person, or it may be an epiphany you have while doing dishes or walking the dog.

It will do your soul good to imagine you’re blessed, you’re enough, and to be inspired by the good that still exists. The key is to not let everything hang on the terms you’ve set in your own mind. Allow it to look different than you expected it to. Your abundance is going to come. Trust and faith.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd