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5 min readFeb 28, 2024

When I tell you that integrity is what is on the line right now please believe me. Liz and I told you on The Grand Rising Podcast, when Venus went Rx in Leo she was forcing us to ask what and who we want to be authentically devoted to moving forward. Now Venus and Mars are finally together. What does that mean in our current cycle?

The thought of not taking accountability terrifies me more than anything. To know that there is pride in me that can take things so personal, and react from a wounded space. That option pales in comparison to taking accountability, learning from the past, and being intentional in the present moment. Most people do not get that deep.

However, most people will forgive you for anything, as long as you really take accountability. You can’t just say you’re sorry and continue the behavior that hurt them. That just shows everyone around you that you’re inconsistent and untrustworthy, not that the other person has no worth.

It’s important to apologize genuinely, take full accountability, be vulnerable, and then change your behavior moving forward. You have no right to expect people to keep you around if you’re not willing to offer them basic human decency and respect. And you don’t owe it to keep disrespectful and abusive people in your life. Get rid of ride or die.

Right now, Saturn in Pisces is demanding we mature and release codependency. That we take responsibilities for our own triggers and shadows. Bye, bye trauma bonding. Hello, sweet stoicism.

Venus and Mars coming together in Aquarius shows us ready to liberate ourselves and each other. However, the square to Jupiter in Taurus shows us where greed could overpower our core values and ethics. This is why I am here talking to you tonight.

How do you view “power”? To me, real power is the ability to control yourself in every flow or state of emotion. Choosing to allow the discomfort to exist a while, rather than rush it off projecting it onto someone else. Real power is emotional intelligence. And Mercury is in Pisces right now, too.

This can be some grown up, vulnerable, beautiful conversations we are having if we choose that route. As Mercury and Saturn come together in the heart of the Sun in Pisces our collective vibration matures, develops, and blooms into a sacred uprising. An opportunity to mature in a big way.

We are being called to higher standards. To align with a different version of ourselves that is authentic and pure. To provide service to the world in the unique way only you can. No niche is too saturated. You go where you’re called and your tribe will come.

Pisces is associated with God, the divine, morals and ethics. And so when I tell you that right now ethics are the most important I tell you zero lies. If you’re not walking in it that will be exposed. If others aren’t it will be exposed. And if you cave to the fear and instability, rather than faith and flow, your ethics will be the first thing you throw out the window.

I subscribe to receive access to forecasts by Ang Stoic and he was mentioning how Jupiter in Taurus can show us our greed. In Taurus it’s all about expanding resources, safety, and security. But no amount of material security is worth an internal war with your core values.

If they can keep us competing as if scarcity is a thing, keep us separating ourselves based on superficial shit we didn’t choose, blaming each other for the state of the world, as if any of us have real power, well…they get to keep eating fat. They get to keep playing the game of fast versus slow genocide with our lives.

You have to leave behind people who aren’t ready to build and grow in spite of some awfully hard times. This astrology is not easy collectively and it’s going to get so much worse before it gets better. I wish I didn’t have to say that. But that’s the secret to life, you know?

Convincing yourself no matter how bad it gets you’re going to be okay. Because honestly, safety and stability in the material world are a fucking illusion, and the ethereal world creates that illusion. So be a little delulu right now and trust in something magical and higher.

Hell, for all I know we’re all aliens on other planets hooked into some sort of game called life. But I feel a conviction inside my soul that calls me to integrity, to taking ownership of when I’ve been reacting from wounded spaces, and to work on doing better with awareness.

See, every day I wake up and know my children are watching me. Therefore, I’ve strived to learn the difference between fear and danger. Between when it’s appropriate to back off, and when we should forge ahead into the unknown depths. I am determined to conquer them all.

So no matter how fearful the state of the world is, I am going to live my life unafraid. Just confident that no matter what happens I will cry, and I will pull myself together, and the beautiful tribe of support around us, and we will get through it. I am going to be okay. Even if all I have is my own voice in the middle of the night it’s enough. It’s my own I need anyway.

No one in the world can convince me of anything better than I can.

From this point forward don’t tell people anything. Keep your emotions close to the chest. Quiet power. Steady observation. Practical steps rooted in your intuition. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Listen, don’t judge, learn about the people around you. We all tell on ourselves.

But the more aware you are of your own quirks the easier they become to manage. Networking with my higher self is the best collaboration I’ve ever taken part in. It’s time to stop trying to convince others you have worth. Who gave them the power to tell you that you do not?

Deception is everywhere. Don’t keep deceiving yourself.

I’m telling you that sometimes humbling clarity can only come after devastating grief. Oh, sweet New Moon in Pisces on March 10th. Ushering in understanding of the ethereal blueprints of our material lives. If you’d like a deeper understanding of your life I’m open for readings.

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Namaste ❤

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Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd