Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Adjust Your Sails
9 min readDec 15, 2020

I am aware the the eclipse has already happened earlier today, but I have been dealing with personal issues, and wasn’t able to get this post out before now. The energy of the eclipse will last six months, and I feel this post is still worth putting out there. I hope you feel inspired and seen.

This is the most powerful total solar eclipse we’ve had in about 18 months. It happened in the sign of Sagittarius. Typically lunar eclipses are the ones meant for letting go, and solar eclipses are meant for new beginnings. In neither case should you perform any rituals, magic, or manifestation techniques. This is six months of it all just aligning for you.

That all being said, this eclipse is happening in conjunction to the South Node and Mercury. Pushing us to drain anything that is no longer serving us. Especially in terms of our thoughts, communication, and higher beliefs. This one is saying before you get the new you must release the old.

When you want a new beginning in life you have to make space for it. You have to believe you’re worth it. A vacuum must be created. Think of eclipses as something that brings us to the edge of growth. Solar eclipses bring us a loss of light. The universe doesn’t want us afraid of the dark, but learning how to thrive in it. How to prove we can adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Sagittarius speaks to our higher beliefs, and the meaning we assign to our lives. No eclipse is good for manifesting, but this one in particular. The South Node and Mercury are asking you to release (South Node) any thoughts, beliefs, or manner of communication (Mercury) that aren’t serving you. Until you do this nothing new has space to come in.

A weakened Jupiter in Capricorn is ruling this eclipse, so the initial release could feel heavy and difficult, but in just days Jupiter moves to Aquarius. This will likely be a turning point where the release feels worth it. Where the gifts of what you’ve released are starting to manifest themselves. You may feel them in the undercurrent of energy.

Jupiter is wrapping up in Capricorn now, and it’s pushing you to wrap up something, too. I firmly believe all this Capricorn energy was necessary. Yes, it brought us Covid, and exposed major corruption, but how else were we going to get back to…



Adjust Your Sails

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