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Hey tribe!

This post is regarding the Full Moon in Aries and other astrology that can help you through the energy coming our way. Knowing the astrology ahead of time can’t prevent the energy from coming, but it can help you prepare. Similar to how knowing it’s going to rain when you’re leaving home prepares you to take your umbrella. I’ll include a collective reading at the end.

Tomorrow, October 1, 2020 at 5:05 p.m. EST we will have the Moon nice and full in Aries at 9 degrees. Take a look at the ways in which you feel superior, experienced, and sophisticated. This is about us leaving an old identity behind and embracing the unknown as we create a new identity.

Don’t be disdainful and haughty. This energy can offer us a fresh perception and way of being. Are you going to fight the internal battle for who you really are at the core, so you can grow and evolve? Or, do you plan to fight others externally and waste your time and energy?

For some time now the astrology has been pushing us to create a new identity and leave behind the identity and structures in our lives that aren’t working. Full Moons in general are about completing and releasing. Aries is about our identity, how we act, where we show up as the warrior in our own lives.

With Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn we’ve been pushed to change direction, to structure our lives and identity differently. To transform what is no longer working for us. However, even as we do this we can often maintain this subconscious attachment to who we used to be. As if a ghost from the past is clinging to us, holding us back.

Often this can even be other people holding us back. Family, friends, partners who insist we are or remain the same person we’ve always been. This is especially true if the old you had no boundaries and you’re trying something new. Your newfound confidence can be called arrogance by those who choose to remain insecure. It’s important to be sure of yourself.

I always say this, but I never know when someone new may read what I write, and I do feel it’s important. If I came up to you 55 minutes of every hour of every day and told you how amazing you were you would feel great for those 55 minutes. But at the end of the day you’re going to focus on what you told yourself the other 5 minutes of those hours.

So, if the people in your life are judging you constantly, giving you hell, telling you they disagree with your new direction and identity it doesn’t matter. They could tell you that 55 minutes of every hour of every day, and as long as the other 5 minutes you reminded yourself who you are and how much you believe in the direction you’re going it wouldn’t matter what they said.

The Full Moon is going to be conjunct Chiron. This is about you finally healing those old wounds that keep you stuck. It’s about understanding that if you’re triggered it’s okay to feel it. To understand that this, too, shall pass. That whatever caused the wound wasn’t personal, and it’s okay to forgive and allow yourself space to grow now.

It’s time to be vulnerable, authentic, and true to yourself. Not the wounded inner child version of you, but the real, authentic you at the core. It’s time to embrace the unknown for us all. Right now the collective is shifting the same way we are as individuals. You cannot allow yourself to be caught up in that.

The only control you have is over yourself, your emotions, your energy, and your direction. The more we each focus on raising ourselves individually the more the more the collective automatically benefits. You don’t have to have all the answers, so release the need for that control.

This is an in between time and that’s what makes it hard. Mars Rx (retrograde) is asking us to take time to plan first. With the three planets in Capricorn moving direct we should feel a bit more free to do so. Planning and mapping out who you want to be and where you want to go is an important step of moving forward. The most important I’d argue.

Your true new beginning might not show up until the New Moon in Aries six months from now, but what are you going to do with that six months? Plan, strategize, and grow is my suggestion. I can’t promise 2021 will be difficulty free when we know Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will be squaring Uranus, but I can tell you that what all of this means is change. It’s not time to remain stuck to the past. Past jobs, people, places, things, or versions of yourself.

Venus is still in Leo until the 2nd of October. Take advantage of that because when it moves into Virgo it’s in fall. Venus in Leo will be trine Mars in Aries tomorrow for this Full Moon. It’s helping us find beauty in the way forward. A lot of this is about relationships, too. The Sun is still in Libra.

I’m going to include a great thread my astrologer friend, Bryan, posted earlier:

Mercury in Scorpio is going to be opposite Uranus in Taurus. There may be unexpected news, insight, or a conversation that leads you to truly recognize what isn’t working for you any longer. It’s time to be completely honest with yourself now. To release yourself from the bondage of the past.

As I stated, you can choose to turn that warrior energy within, and actually see some growth and progress, or you can choose to aim it externally and end up more frustrated and in the weeds. We can fight for ourselves or against others, and only one of those leads to victory.

With the North Node in Gemini right now you’re encouraged to keep your mind open and be curious. However, the South Node in Sagittarius can have you stuck shoving your ideas down throats. It is a choice and you’re now armed with the knowledge you need. No, it isn’t easy, but if you want something great you have to believe you are great.

Yes, there is likely going to be a spotlight on the wounds and things that hurt you. Things that make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. You cannot change what has wounded you, but you can remember none of it was personal. People who hurt you only did so because all they had inside was pain to offer. They would have hurt anyone in your place.

Aries is telling you to go it alone if you have to until you find your tribe. To forgive, but to set healthy boundaries. To cut people off without malice if they are hurting you. Authenticity is aching to be heard. If you keep wearing a mask to please everyone else, hoping one day it makes them love you correctly, you’re wasting your entire life.

Because even if the day comes where they do claim to love you the real you is beneath the mask, unseen, unheard, unloved. All this cardinal energy wants us to move forward, but how are you going to that? It wants you to do that by freeing yourself from the chains you allow to bind you.

We all want healthy and balanced relationships, but that starts by creating a healthy and balanced relationship with the self. If you cannot accept your own shadow, your own darkness, your own flaws how can anyone else? How will you truly be able to accept that others are flawed, too? With their own darkness and shadows. It all starts with you.

Keep in mind that a Full Moon always means the Sun is opposite the Moon. So, there is the potential with this energy for people around you to want to argue out of nowhere. Remember it’s not personal. Remove yourself if possible by taking a walk or going to visit a friend or family member. Refuse to cave to that lower vibration. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked in.

Don’t shy away from explaining how you feel and why you feel the way you do. Just know that others may be more confrontational, especially if they feel any shame over how they have made you feel. The natural reaction for people who aren’t self-aware is to project the shame. So, they may react aggressively.

Know that if any storms do come up in a relationship they are meant to. A way forward has to be found because you can’t keep how you feel locked away in fear someone else will leave you. You will grow resentful and drive yourself mad. So, use the positive aspects we have to your advantage.

We do have positive aspects between Mars and Venus, and even the Nodes. These can truly help us evolve. To work toward something better and have good emerge from any conflict we find ourselves in. If harmony can be found great, but if it can’t it’s time to separate yourself.

There is power here to close your wounds and liberate yourself. Will you tap into it or not? Don’t avoid the conflict itself, even if it’s internal. This isn’t about us avoiding anything. It’s about letting the puss seep from the wounds, so you can finally cleanse and heal them.

No other person can do that for you. I know that the wounds you carry are not your fault. I know it seems unfair you have to be the one to face them, to heal them, but unfair or not it’s the only way. Everything else is a waste of time.


The first thing coming through the cards heavily is don’t rush. Part of you may feel like with everything going on in the world you have to hurry up and get there. Where is there exactly? Know that your niche, your treasure, your lane is absolutely protected. You do not have to move quickly.

Find time to be playful and have fun while you’re being honest with yourself and healing. Find ways to satisfy yourself emotionally that are healthy. Right now you’re not going to be able to move forward easily. The universe wants you dotting the i’s and crossing your t’s. Stop and smell the roses, too.

Leave no stone un-turned as you lay your foundation. Emotional fulfillment is found in the journey, not the destination. Defend your healing and hope in the future against all odds. Be absolutely committed to your new way of life. To a new identity that supersedes the old one.

Bring yourself justice by overcoming the fear and anxiety. By leaving relationships no longer bring you harmony and joy. Find the inner strength to release and make room for the new. Remain committed to your growth and evolution and you will achieve victory.

Listen, tower moments are going to come. That’s true for all of us. It will pay you to have a strategy in place for those moments. To understand that sometimes the destruction is divine because it’s time for something more reciprocal and aligned with your heart and path.

Release envy, too, while you’re at it. What is meant for you isn’t missing you, and if you want what someone has work for it. Don’t hold on to the anxiety and pain of the past. This is you creating your own chains and preventing the new beginning you’re so hungry for. Release thyself.

Tap into your intuition fully. Meditate and reflect on your emotions. You are not those emotions. You are not your thoughts. The real you is the awareness above all of that. You’re here to build a dynasty of wealth and a legacy of love and spiritual abundance. Lay the foundation for that now.

Stop living in the past, and stop being afraid of the future. Do your best to be present in the moment. Otherwise, you will feel bored and miss opportunities that are presented to you. Release the regret and sadness. Turn your pain into a purpose. There is potential for great clarity on how to do that in the air.

A lot of regeneration is possible here. People may fight you, they may goad you into hollow victories, but you’re meant to stand your ground. To defend your transformation at all costs. The path is truly being illuminated for you. Follow the breadcrumbs.


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