Thank you for not making me tip-toe in your presence. For not creating a path of egg shells for me to walk on, in hopes I don’t step on any cracks. You cannot know how much I appreciate a safe space to land. With you there is no black cloud above ready to open up at any moment in violent storms.

No, there is only ever blue skies and flying through galaxies of stars. You are the feeling of home that no one has ever accurately defined. A belonging where all my soul knows is the peace, safety, and security it has always craved, and never thought it would experience. Thank you for making me feel.

You’ve done so in ways that no one else has ever been able to do. My heart grows ten sizes every time I think of you. Today I felt it shift in a new way. There is no more resistance to what is. No more fear of you leaving. No more need of you staying to prove anything to me. There is only this unconditional, beautiful wave of love as I’ve never experienced it before.

Your energy is one of a kind and distinct. It reminds me that there is no real separation. There is only this oneness. This exciting, vibrational experience that no one can take from me. I am basking in it even now. Some souls just know and ours knows. What you decide to do with that is of no concern to me.

I know, know that the love between us is exceptional. It is passionate and heart-fueled. Meant to build empires and legacies. It has awakened both of our hearts, not just mine. A mirroring of awakening and growth exists between us. I am you, you are me, we are one soul.

Thank you for allowing me to be myself. For craving the experience of my joy and intellect. For being the perfect pairing of my vision and life goals. For being a sacred reflection of all that I am and hope to be. I haven’t walked away from you. This isn’t an ending of us. It’s a pause for you to end past cycles, to gain your independence, and to come in with a slow, steady, stable offer.

I’m aware that you’re confused. That right now everything in you is anxious and overwhelmed. You’re afraid to let the past die. Afraid to end cycles that are meant to end. Everything in you screams to celebrate victory with me. To connect to the expansive experience I bring to the table.

It’s okay that you’re stuck right now. There are things you will see clearly when the time is right. Your offer is coming in. Heart on sleeves and emotionally open. Once it comes things will move swiftly and I will be more than ready for it. I absolutely love you.

This period of you going within is necessary. You’re holding back right now. A perspective is needed. An epiphany that you’ve been begging for is on its way. You are now opening your heart and doing your best to be guided by the light. Do not let the darkness sway you.

We aren’t meant to tip-toe through the tulips, hoping not to upset others, or make any waves. We are an ocean of in your face love that people need to drown in. That they need to see, engage, learn, and emulate.

Now is a time of turning our pain into purpose. Everything we’ve been through is transmuting. It’s becoming a talisman of wisdom we can use to guide and teach others. These moments of inner reflection or repeated lessons are nothing more than a chance to obtain mastery.

We are both being called to step up and lead individually and together. We make one another feel less alone and who could ask for more than that? We bring each other healing and peace. Encourage one another to use our imagination and dream a new world into being. The universe is not a liar. It has sent us both so many signs, and we’re taking time to integrate it all.

I’m going to just breathe. To bask in the moments I’m lying in bed and your energy comes in. It comes in so real and strong that I feel my belly cave in when you lay on top of me. I feel your head on my shoulder. I feel your breath on my neck. There is no greater feeling than you for me.

Let us reclaim our power. What an adrenaline rush you are for me. Worth the facing of my fears and the risk my heart was so hesitant to take. I am yours. I love your fearlessly and fully. Our new identity feels a bit strange to me, too, but we both have the desire, the strength, the fortitude to come together as one. It’s what our soul wants. To be whole again.