This Week in the Stars: Sacrificing Supernovas

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6 min readFeb 4, 2024


When a star reaches the end of its incarnation it explodes into a brilliant burst of light called a supernova. We are created from the dust of those stars. Your name is literally written in them. They have formed the blueprint for your soul called the birth chart. You have a destiny.

We are in this collective 8 year, where the idea is to write your own story. To step up and become the main character in our own lives. We cannot change world events, or escape them. So, the focus must become how do we collaborate to live within the matrix with awareness of what it is?

So much of Saturn in Pisces is about emotional maturity and boundaries. It’s sitting with the sadness of war, while making peace with your personal limitations to stop it. Whether that is world war or the internal war that you battle with everyday. How do we work within our limitations?

It’s time to shine bright in your own life. To stop pretending all you’re here to do is play a supporting role. To stop choosing the resentment you feel by settling for less than you deserve. You could stop settling. ❤

Monday, February 5th:

Today is a collective 6 day, so we want balance, recprocity, harmony. And the lesson may be that only you can bring that to yourself. Or the lesson could be that you already have that in your life, and a focus on how you maintain that level of connectedness.

Today Mercury and Pluto conjoin in Aquarius, and the Moon in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. It’s a great day to have some powerful conversations, and not allow emotional triggers to lead you into sabotage. We could be a bit obsessive with our thoughts and possessive with our words, so there is some caution here.

Your ideal may be lacking, or others may simply react to your ideals in a way that doesn’t feel good. You could be left confused. There is a superpower energy today in allowing your mind to be transformed by what comes through, rather than caving to any overwhelm.

Some will be lost in the emotional abyss, while others realize they have the power to change their entire lives, but aren’t sure where to start. Mercury and Pluto in Aquarius is us understanding we have to transform society, and the Moon in Sagittarius is led by this ideal it can do it all.

But that square to Neptune in Pisces can be a trigger to self-regulate, because you cannot, in fact, do it ALL. If you feel guilt and shame over that fact then work on healing guilt and shame. That is time better spent than the time you spend doing the same thing, getting the same results.

Tuesday, February 6th:

Today is a collective 7 day, so be a bit introspective. Less reactive and more curious. Works perfect with the astrology.

The Moon moves into Capricorn, where it’s said to be in detriment, but it’s a great day to detach from the emotional pull, and get stuff done. Especially because the Moon will sextile Saturn and trine Jupiter. I love Tuesday!

There is this level of reserve that shows up today. The opportunity to express emotional intelligence and control. An ease in remaining disciplined and stoic. Saturn in Pisces is all about the stoicism. You should check out the episode we did on that:

Tuesday offers this opportunity to create abundance in your own life. There is this ease in divine channeling and manifesting. It’s a very determined focus, and if you have a to-do list today is a great day to check off the bigger things on that list.

Wednesday, February 7th:

Today we are in a collective 8 day, in a collective 8 year. Own your power. We are in the zone today! The Moon is still in Capricorn and will conjunct Venus, trine Uranus, and conjunct Mars. This is creative problem solving at its absolute finest. Be filled with the power within your own divinity.

Rather than complain and brood about the matrix, realize you cannot escape it. There is this drive today that comes from a supernatural place. We are seeing the joy and excitement in building a firm foundation. You don’t want to skip the foundational details and work backward later.

The Moon conjunct Venus in Capricorn is feeling sensual and powerful. We are meant to delegate the parts we don’t like to others willing to assist. And we cannot delegate or lead anything if we are not doing it from a place of self-respect and emotional control.

Today feels like you can quite literally be a vessel directly to the divine. It’s a beautiful day to be zoned in on your destiny and legacy. To recognize the power in patience, in slowness, in consistency.

Thursday, February 8th:

Now we are at the collective 9 day, which is completion and letting go. The Moon in Aquarius will conjunct Pluto, conjunct Mercury, and then square off with Jupiter in Taurus. And if Saturn is the physical structures of society, then Jupiter is the moral structure.

Thursday brings with it this feeling of exposure or questionable ethics. Aquarius is about the network and tribe, so perhaps something about yours is illuminated that no one knew before. But it doesn’t feel awful. It’s like recognizing that being among the tribe is nice, even if the reason you had to come together wasn’t so pleasant.

It’s also a good day to consider your tribe, and whether or not they’re empowering or draining. Clearly we are communicating our ideas and feelings today, but this could be because we are speaking up for ethics, or because we are afraid to fall from some imagined pedestal or place in someone’s life. Soon Mars will reach his exalted degree. Cut them off.

Sometimes ethics requires you to take a risk, and that risk you end up taking could cost you something tangible in terms of wealth. It’s almost like you have to choose your tribe or an opportunity you really want. Do you want peace or an exalted space that will never come if you keep begging for it from where you are? You have to step into the role inside first.

Friday, February 9th:

Today is a collective one day, so now we are ready to begin again. And the Moon is still in Aquarius, where it can be a bit cold and detached. It’s going to square Uranus in Taurus, as it does every month. This feels like ethics colliding with a bottom line. What is your why?

This is also a New Moon in Aquarius, that is a degree away from that square to Uranus in Taurus. So you really want to network and work together to achieve a material increase, but the tribe may not agree on how that looks. There is a breakthrough that comes after tension.

See, you have to be the root of the foundation from which you build. You have to convince yourself you’re going to be okay no matter what. The next layer of your foundation is the support around you. So you need boundaries enforced to create basic respect you should never ever beg for.

Now you are ready to build. But there is tension surrounding groups and the material resources and wealth at stake. You cannot sacrifice authenticity for a bottom line. ❤

Saturday, February 10th:

The Moon moves into Pisces, so we’re feeling dreamy, nostalgic, creative. She will conjunct Saturn, where I think we are making peace with this idea of inner discipline and emotional containment. There is also a sextile to Jupiter in Taurus, which speaks to yesterday’s tension having resolved.

Let yourself flow Saturday. Tap into your sensitivity and divinity. You cannot solve everyone’s problems, and you have to learn that’s okay. It’s time to stop blaming everything on your big heart, and invest your heart more wisely. To give yourself credit for that good heart, but also know that boundaries and self-respect are required in order to access it.

There is a logic versus faith crisis when Mercury forms a tense aspect to Jupiter. One wants to control, the other to expand. This could also be criticism from the group over ethics and values. Over how to manage resources. One person with this scarcity mindset, another in abundance.


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