The Wounded Healer Goes Retrograde

This is a very important time for us all to complete some deep, intense healing. Before I get into how it will affect you based on which house it is in within your chart I want to talk about what Chiron is. Whatever area it’s placed at in your chart is the part of life you’re currently able to heal fully if you choose to take advantage of the energy.

Chiron is an asteroid that represents our deepest wounds. The areas of life where we have experienced the most rejection can be turned into a healing balm that can help others. We can turn our pain into purpose. What is your alternative here? To wear it like some badge of honor and let it come between you and any potential success and happiness you have in life?

Chiron goes retrograde today and is traveling through the underworld, a place it’s very familiar with. He was abandoned at birth and left to fend for himself. However, it was through this wound of abandonment that he was able to channel powerful portals of healing.

We all possess those same powers. Inside of you, me, every one of us, is the ability to take our wounds and pain and turn them into a source of power. This asteroid is currently orbiting out there in space between Saturn and Uranus. It’s acting as a bridge between the two states of being.

Saturn is very grounded, rooted energy, while Uranus is about rebellion and change. Chiron acts as the bridge called the rainbow bridge. It signifies the link between one state of consciousness and the next.

This retrograde wants us to reflect on our wounds. To sit with them and feel our feelings. Have a good cry if we need to. The idea is to recognize the trigger, realize it was never as personal as it felt, and release it. Then discover how you can use what you’ve learned from this to help others.

“The pain of our experience becomes our greatest teacher and the lesson we learn is who we truly are beyond our wounds.“– Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Your ego is what takes the wounds personal and you are not your ego. Yes, it’s part of the oneness of all that is, but ultimately you’re the awareness above your ego. So, the real you truly is beyond your wounds. It’s underneath the mask of protection you’ve built that if you’re honest never even protected you.

As Chiron retrogrades it makes a series of alignments with Mars, too. They will be conjunct on July 13th. This energy will likely be felt into August. You’re being guided not to just think of our your wounds and heal them, but to see them as portals of light, courage, strength, and take purposeful action to ensure you have a brighter future.

This process ultimately plays out until December 15, 2020. There is no better time to take time to heal. If you have people in your life you trust, who can help you through the process that’s even better. Confide in them.

Chiron in the houses:

First House or Chiron in Aries

It’s time to ask yourself why you feel you can’t be truly independent. Part of you gets worked up when you feel you can’t be free, but instead of figuring out why you feel that way you tend to lash out at others. This anger you feel can show you where you need more space to be yourself without judgment.

When you get angry write down why you are angry. Discover what you can do to change the situation, instead of expecting others to conform to make you more comfortable. Your goal is to learn to become more authentic and sovereign in the light of your being.

It’s time to trust your own instincts and feelings instead of following everyone else. Only you will know what is best for you. I highly advise meditation and cultivating your intuition. Ironically enough, what you fear is actually your path in life. You’re meant to trust yourself.

Second House or Chiron in Taurus

There is a piece of you that feels you cannot ever be successful because you simply lack the confidence. You tend to spend money on things you don’t need or even want simply out of impulsiveness. You seek temporary validation in people and possessions instead of cultivating inner validation that lasts.

It’s time to get honest about what it is you value. What is worth working for in this life? You can’t wrap your worth up in who comes and goes and what you own. Your job is to learn how to become whole all on your own.

Your path in life is to learn self-worth and self-control.

Third house or Chiron in Gemini

Communication is frustrating for you and it seems you can never do it effectively. Your words are consistently twisted, misunderstood, and don’t come out right. There is a tendency for you to gossip, cause drama, but yet not see your part in it all. You’re extremely intelligent, but others may not notice that about you. So, this causes you to doubt yourself a lot.

The key here is to learn to think before you speak. This allows you to take the time to formulate what you want to say, to be sure it’s worth saying, and to use the power of words wisely. There is opportunity for great healing here.

Your path involves believing in your own intelligence and communicating effectively.

Fourth house or Chiron Cancer

For you there is a disconnect from your emotional foundation. You do not connect at all with your family and roots. As a child you likely weren’t allowed to experience your emotions and were punished for doing so. People have probably called you overly sensitive your entire life. It’s because you feel so deeply, but no one taught you how to connect and process your feelings.

The lesson for you is that it is safe to feel and you don’t need others to validate that. All of our feelings are normal, even the ones that don’t feel good. There is a need to allow yourself a space to release through emotional catharsis. You have a soul tribe waiting to offer you emotional support. Be open to finding them and allowing them to teach you and guide you.

Your path involves learning emotional intelligence.

Fifth house or Chiron in Leo

There is part of your personality that you feel you cannot express as creatively as you would like to. People often tell you that you’re “too much”. This puts you in a position where you hold yourself back in fear of being judged. Everyone deserves to express themselves authentically, including you.

Remind yourself that if someone else cannot handle you they do not deserve you. Especially if you’re simply being yourself. Everyone deserves the best and it’s time you start acting like you do, too. Express yourself without apology and follow what is in your heart as a guide.

Your path involves learning how to creatively express your authentic self.

Sixth house or Chiron in Virgo

No one is perfect and it’s time for you to stop trying to be something you’ll never become. You are very self-critical and believe everyone else is judging you, too. You feel you can’t do anything right and fail to be grateful for the good in your life because you’re so focused on the bad.

In life, we all fail. The road to success is littered with failures. They are not only good, but beneficial. They are how we learn and grow. Your failures, when looked at objectively, can shape who you become. Try to think of your life as aligning perfectly rather you having to create a perfect life.

Your path is to learn to let progress be a marker rather than perfection.

Seventh house or Chiron in Libra

You are constantly being hurt by the people you love because you have no self-love. Your relationships constantly fail and you have deep pain over this. This is because you see your relationships as a way to fill a void, but no relationship will ever complete you. It’s the one with yourself that does that.

Your task is to not harden your heart. You deserve love like everyone else, but until you have it cultivated within you will not attract it correctly into your life. If you love yourself you will know when another person is not good for you, and not take it personal when you have to let them go.

Your task is to learn to love yourself, so you will stop accepting less than you deserve and crave from your partnerships.

Eight house or Chiron in Scorpio

You are extremely afraid of being disappointed and this leads you to mistrust everyone. You worry that other people could never accept the real you and like you as you are. But you have so much love to offer. Yes, you want to have standards, but you tend to kick everyone out so easily.

Vulnerability is hard for you because it makes you feel exposed, but it’s necessary. Your emotions are not weakness and anyone who would judge you over them only does so because they are judging themselves. Its all just projection, honestly. Don’t fall for that.

Your path involves learning to be vulnerable with others.

Ninth house or Chiron in Sagittarius

It seems as if everyone else always wants to invalidate your opinions, control how you think, and tell you what to believe. As if they are constantly trying to reprogram you to act, think, and behave like them. This can cause you to doubt your own thoughts and ideas.

Your task is to develop your own philosophies. Only you get to define the meaning of life for you. The opinions of others only holds as much weight as you allow them to. Figure out the perspective you feel most comfortable viewing life through and adopt it.

Your task involves becoming comfortable with what you believe, and to stop being so easily influenced by others.

Tenth house or Chiron in Capricorn

You are someone who feels you have expectations to live up to outside of your own. You find it difficult to stop learning, doing, and working. Part of you feels that you’re not allowed to rest. It is from a fear of disappointing those around you, namely your family. Take your life back today.

Work is fantastic, learning is great, but play and relaxation are equally important. Sleep, watch something you don’t feel you have to watch, do something that is strictly just for your enjoyment. You are the captain of your ship, so where will you sail next? Adjust the sails.

Your task involves balancing work and play.

Eleventh house or Chiron in Aquarius

You are unique and lovely individual, but you don’t feel you can simply be yourself. If you are the people around you seem to taunt you, but they taunt you for the same qualities that are actually a superpower.

Your task is to learn that no true friend will make you feel bad for simply being who you are organically. You are allowed to be your own person, so set boundaries on those who judge you for that.

Your life path involves creating your circle with intention. Finding a circle of friends who embrace you. Embracing your uniqueness.

Twelfth house or Chiron in Pisces

You are so tired of your heart getting broken. The compassion that lives in you is so huge, but it has no boundaries. This means it’s likely not reciprocated back to you. You tend to martyr yourself for everyone else, and when you need something in return there is nothing left for you.

You have to learn you cannot help everyone. People have to choose to save themselves. You can offer them tools, but they have to use them. You are allowed to say no. To let go of your egoistic savior complex. Who is saving you?

Your life path involves learning how to set boundaries on your compassion.