The Importance of the Node Shift for each Sign

Collective Information:

The North and South Nodes are shifting. This will mean the same thing generally for the collective, but knowing your Rising/Ascendant sign will help you understand where in life the energy is affecting you personally. You can check your Sun and Moon signs as well, but the Rising is most accurate.

The North Node shifts into Gemini and the South Node Sagittarius on May 6, 2020 and they will remain there until January 18, 2022. This energy is going to be around for the next year and a half. The South Node will feel more familiar, but you’re being asked to leave your comfort zones and step into the Gemini energy, to take a risk, and to make a practical plan.

This works the same way your personal North Node and South Node work in your chart. The South Node is what you’ve already done and are quite good at, so it’s very comfortable. You’re not being asked to leave it behind, but to set it on the back burner, and be willing to trust the unknown, so you can stretch yourself and grow. Eventually we integrate the two opposing energies.

The North Node is what you are supposed to follow for the next 1.5 years. The South Node, while it will feel more comfortable, is where you are letting go. On the global scale we’ll likely see new media, especially websites to counter YouTube and all the rules that surround our communication.

This energy is asking us to push against the grain. To be a bit rebellious and break the rules. We’ll likely see new developments in technology and even in transportation. Innovation will be seen in terms of careers, marketing, etc. Sagittarius has to do with the higher mind and education, foreign travel, and that is all likely to be replaced and upgraded.

This is a time to stop thinking so high-minded about your long-term goals and what they are. You should have a good idea of that by now. This is a time to put in the work, to learn the skills you need to bring those ideas to life in a grounded, practical way.

You may be forced to learn skills you feel are beneath you. Be self-aware and humble, learn them anyway. It’s a time to swallow your pride. Sagittarius can’t be told anything, as they think they know it all, but Gemini is here to show us diversity is lovely, and there are different ways.

You may have a great idea, but do you know how to market it? Have you learned anything about networking to make it happen? What about how to promote yourself or the idea? This involves learning from other people and getting feedback along the way. The ability to communicate and accept constructive criticism will be necessary.

We are collectively learning over the next 1.5 years. Sagittarius already thinks it knows it all. So you will have to purposely keep an open mind. Share your ideas with others and brainstorm. You will feel you know best, but the universe is pushing you to admit you don’t know it all. Your focus will shift from high-minded ideas to an everyday reality that can bring them to life.

It’s a one day at a time mindset. You can’t build something largely successful overnight. It takes putting in the work. It’s a time where you will sacrifice and learn, so that you can later reap those rewards. If you stay stuck in the easier Sagittarius energy you won’t learn what you need to grow and implement your ideas. They will remain simply ideas until you ground them to your everyday practical reality.

You will likely have random encounters over the next 1.5 years that help you on your journey. They may not seem relevant at first, but these people are meant to teach you something useful. If you’re invited somewhere you normally would not go it’s a good idea to go anyway. You never know who you will meet that can change your life through one conversation.

How this affects your sign:

As stated, your Rising/Ascendant is the most important. My Rising/Ascendant is Leo, my Sun is Aquarius, and my Moon is Virgo. So, I listen to all three, but I am aware the Leo plays the most important role.

In fact, the Aquarius houses are exactly opposite the Leo houses, and do not resonate with me at all. I feel like the Aquarius message is what I have already done, and now it’s time to network and get out there to learn more about how to make my ideas work in a practical way.

If you don’t know your rising sign find it here:


The North Node is going to be in your 11th house and the South node in your 5th. The 11th house is all about your goals, dreams, friendships, groups of like-minded people, and networking. The 5th is all about fun, creativity, brainstorming, children, pleasures, romance, and the lighter side of life.

You’re being asked to create bridges and build networks over the next 1.5 years. Making friendships a focus. You have a potential over this duration to reach a larger audience for your ideas through these new friends. You will learn new skills and create new contacts. It’s important to recognize your success won’t come from you alone.

You will have to collaborate with others. You will have to learn to take the ideas and creative pursuits you’ve been building and chasing and compromise with others to bring them to life in a fruitful and meaningful way. Listen to advice from others. This is where your increase in rewards and gains is, which is also associated with the 11th house.

Use alternative methods and different people than you’re used to for assistance. Your entire social circle might change, or if you don’t have one you will. You will start meeting people at random places you travel in your everyday life. They are meant to be on your path. Take risks and open your heart to other people; even those different than you’re used to.

This is a time where you will be less focused on fun, creativity, romance, your children, and basic pleasures. You’ll be setting all of that on the back burner for now. The sacrifice is ultimately for the greater good. You will not likely enter any relationships during this time. Not unless it’s with someone meant to teach you something you need on this path.

If you already have a partner you may not be paying them as much attention, or come to feel you’ve outgrown them. There can be some more purging and letting go as you communicate more and figure out who you are and how you want to build your legacy through the eyes of others.

Your Oracle Advice:

This is a powerful time to get clear on how you want to create your prosperity and what prosperity means to you. Your imagination is your magic wand to create the ideas, and your involvement with others helps bring those ideas to life. Act as if everything you want is already here. Don’t forget to make some time for daydreaming. The goal isn’t to get rid of it completely. It’s just to have it secondary to something else for now, so the two can be integrated later.



For you the North Node is entering your 3rd house and the South Node your 9th. The 3rd house is all about basic education, siblings, short distance travel, communication, local community. The 9th is all about higher education and thought. It is about viewing the world through an abstract lens, more globally than locally. It looks for meanings and messages.

Perhaps you’ve been more globally focused for some time, trying to learn everything you can about the meaning of life. Maybe seeking or receiving messages and signs from the universe. It’s time to put this on the back burner. Don’t lose your spiritual practice, but just focus more on the everyday reality in front of you to bring what you’ve learned to life.

Learn to collaborate with others and expand, You have to reach out and connect with other people who are like-minded. If you have an idea or business create small groups of people who specialize in one area, and learn from them all. Be willing to experiment with your pioneering spirit. You may even work together on a project with your sibling or someone like a sibling.

Right now your focus will more local. You will do well to work and collaborate with neighbors, siblings, friends, co-workers, and those you interact with in everyday life. You must let go of your need to control and lead, and let others lead you and teach you for once.

It’s time to explore new opinions and perspectives that will broaden your ideas and goals. You are being asked to let go of things you once swore were objective truths. Other people are likely going to shake up your belief system, and it won’t always be comfortable, but it’s necessary for expansion.

Your Oracle Advice:

Be mindful of any expectations you have. This is not a time for guarantees. Things may not go exactly as you planned, but that’s because you have a pioneering spirit and seldom slow down to listen to the plans of others. Now is a time for you to do that. Step back and allow others to have some input, and the rewards that come from that will surprise and thrill you.



North Node is moving into your 2nd house of income, possessions, self-worth, and values. South Node is moving into your 8th house of birth, death, sex, transformation, mysteries, merged energies, and deep bonding. It also rules other people’s possessions, money, real estate, inheritance, etc.

The next 1.5 years is meant to teach you everything you need to know about money. Where and how to invest it. It will teach you a lot about your self-worth and value, the possessions you have, and anything related to the 2nd house. Take courses, watch webinars about practical ways to handle money. Dive into ways to increase your self-worth and the value you see in yourself.

Stay grounded. You may be more experimental where food is concerned. Your mind will become increasingly progressive. Wherever you have relied on other people for resources may be taken away suddenly. You’re being pushed to learn, grow, and create your own resources. Do not lose yourself in your possessions. You won’t be allowed to find your validation in other people.

Wherever you’re codependent may be more comfortable, but North Node is here to shake that up. You will be leaving codependent relationships behind, and meeting new people meant to guide you toward self-sufficiency.

Taurus is all about being self-sufficient and grounded, so for the most part I don’t see this transit being particularly difficult for you. The letting go is always hard, but try to view it as a necessary piece of your evolution. Everyone we meet teaches us something, and sometimes once we’ve learned the lesson we are meant to move on.

Your Oracle Advice:

Instead of watching what others do and trying to imitate their success it’s time to actually talk to them. Ask them questions and seek the advice you need instead assuming you know it all from simply observing. Your path to prosperity is always a gamble; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But the more information you’re armed with the better off you will be.



The North Node is in your sign. It’s going to be in your 1st house. The South Node will be in your 7th. The 1st house is all about you, your appearance, and your body. The 7th is about other people, the relationships and partnerships you form personally and in business.

This means you will also be asked to detach from any codependent partnerships. You will be pushed to discover your own strengths and abilities without someone else propping you up. People you’ve put on pedestals will no longer have a place there. You will be focused on you, your body, your appearance, and your overall sense of self.

This has the potential to be a really golden time for you. You are being asked to be resourceful and shine. You will be in high demand; especially in independent careers. This is a time to depend on, believe in, and trust yourself. Yes, you will be in communication and collaborating with others, but you will be the one leading and giving direction.

If you’re in a relationship you will not be focused on it and it may lose its meaning to you. You may suddenly realize you’ve lost yourself in the other person and it’s time to move on. Communicate with people who help you understand your self-worth and strengths.

Don’t let it be a crutch, but a reminder that your value is inherent whenever you decide it is.

Your Oracle Advice:

This card is telling you it’s time to go. You have to release relationships you know are holding you back, and that have snuffed out your shine. Try not to view it as anything being lost. Even when we end relationships there are lessons we have learned we can be grateful for. Endings are hard, but they are also a sign of fresh, new beginnings, and that’s what you need right now.

It’s like the person you’re with, or people in your life were meant for a season. Their personality was meant to clash with yours to help you each learn about yourselves. That is never a waste of time.



For you the North Node is moving into your 12th house and the South Node is moving into the 6th. The 12th house is all about what is unseen and hidden. It governs self-undoing, dreams, secrets, and emotions. The 6th house deals with daily routines, work, health, and practical matters.

You are being taught how to relax, let go, and handle stress better. You will be detaching from the daily grind. You may even leave a job or relationships that are a daily struggle to feel connected to. You’re focused more on your purpose and passion going forward.

You need to develop methods and routines that take care of your soul, as well as your body. Read, take a daily walk, watch fascinating videos, do what makes your soul sing. You will focus more on relaxing and spirituality than work and responsibility. Try joining online groups or local groups that are focused on those same topics.

Your communication with people in these groups will help you grow and expand. Even psychology is good here. It’s a great time to take some psychology courses over the next 1.5 years, or just read and study it online. Learn from the instructor and others in class you can communicate with. If you’re online learning and it’s possible send emails for clarification.

Use your imagination and art to relax. Create in a practical matter that comes to life; paint, draw, or write. You may feel the need for more privacy than you used to. You are working behind the scenes and within right now. The everyday physical reality is taking a back burner.

You may find yourself traveling to a foreign place or creating friendships with foreign people that can bring you huge success. If not foreign they may just be different than people you’ve known in the past in obvious ways.

You will feel more sensual than usual, too. Be careful not to lose interest in bathing and basic grooming because you’re going to be diving deep, and may feel even basic routines are an interruption for you.

Your Oracle Advice:

There is some offer being presented to you that seems grand. This is a good time to remember that all that glitters is not gold. If the offer hasn’t been made it is likely to be made over the course of this transit. Now is not the time to take on new matters related to work and routine.

It is time to relax, rest, and dive deeper into yourself. To create relationships with others who are deep and discovering who they are. That’s your main focus for now. A routine for the soul.



North Node is entering your 10th house of career, reputation, and public image. South Node is going into your 4th house of family, roots, parents, home. You are likely to have a career breakthrough out of nowhere. It may even be something you never saw yourself doing.

There won’t be much time to prepare for it as when the North Node brings us what we say we want we’re almost never ready for it. Do not worry because Gemini being in the North Node helps you learn quickly. Be adaptable and flexible in your career and reputation. Let your home life take a back burner and build yourself up for a while.

Gemini is the most skillful sign there is, so there is no need to fear. Whatever you have to learn you will learn fast, and be skilled at it quickly. Random events and people could come into your life that completely altar your path and change how you are seen by others around you.

You are likely to detach some from family and domestic life. You will be sacrificing that for a bigger picture. Your ambitions will require it of you. It’s time to put yourself first because you’re always caring for others. Be willing to learn new skills. Your personal and emotional life may suffer some, but you will find the balance along the way.

Your Oracle Advice:

Virgo, do not allow yourself to overthink these big changes. There is a time and place for strategy and analyzing, but this isn’t it. Trying to figure it all out logically isn’t going to work. Allow the breezy air energy of Gemini to be trusted. It will carry you, help you learn quickly, and create new skills.

When your mind starts to race do something creative like dance, yoga, draw, sing, or paint. Don’t sabotage yourself or allow others to sabotage you.



North Node is entering house 9 and South Node house 3. You will be putting your local community and everyday experiences on the back burner for a bit to focus on higher ideals. Your basic education, local community, and shallow communications will be put on hold. The focus will move to deeper conversations, where you’ll view life through a more vast, abstract lens.

Basically while the rest of us are becoming more locally centered you’re experiencing the exact opposite. Libra is all about balance. You may experience foreign travel or meet unique people you find interesting, who change your life in some way by expanding your knowledge.

Make sure you ask for help if you’re trying to learn something new and abstract and feel lost. Asking for help during this transit creates opportunities for you of luck and abundance. You will run into a higher class of people than you’re used to hanging out with over this time.

Before it’s over you may become a teacher of some sort. You may feel out of your depth for a while, but no matter how unprepared you feel do not pass up the chance to level up in life. Gemini helps you master skills quickly. Watch videos, webinars, read books. Push past the fear and face the unknown. The universe is ready to catch you if you take the leap.

Your entire belief system and structure is subject to change over the next 1.5 years. You will be understanding things more in depth. This period is all about communication and learning from others to expand your consciousness. You may feel disconnected from your every day social circle and friends, and replace it with a new circle of friends who want to expand and grow with you.

Because you will have your head so high in the clouds and your every day reality will be on the back burner it becomes easier to lose things like your phone or forget your passwords. So that’s a heads up for you.

Your Oracle Advice:

Your mind will be in a higher plane over the next 1.5 years and your goals will be lofty. Be careful what you wish for, Libra. You may just get it and then realize the high price tag isn’t one you want to pay. Make sure you’re ready for what you ask for or you’ll find yourself standing in front of it and having to walk away because you’re not prepared to pay the price.

Now isn’t the time to control everything or be out of balance. Practice grounding techniques every day. Now isn’t the time for you to receive the gift. It’s time to practice daily what you need to bring the gift to fruition.



For you the North Node is moving into your 8th house and the South Node is moving into your 2nd. This means your personal income, possessions, self-worth, and values will be put on hold, while you focus more on collective resources, money, worth and value. You’ll also be focused on death, rebirth, transformation, mysteries, and deep bonding.

It’s time for you to let go of the need to feel secure on your own. Whatever you’ve been doing in this area isn’t working and it no longer feels meaningful for you. It’s a purging time for personal possessions and a letting go of the material things you’ve thought made you secure and happy. This purge will be very cleansing for you, even if it’s difficult at first.

You’re leaving the old energy behind, so that new energy can come through. You will meet people who spark something in you, and collaborate with them in the area of material resources and value. Your own income increases when you combine and collaborate with others over the next 1.5 years.

You may sign new contracts, but be careful of tricksters. Read every single thing you sign all the way through, or a hire a lawyer to do it for you. Your doors to self-worth, value, income, and possessions will only open through others when you close the old ones. Your partner’s resources may grow, which is still a transformation for you.

You’ll also be transforming old traumas and wounds. Therapy can be beneficial for you during this time. The release may trigger the pain and trauma. It may make you more interested in talking about the hidden, secret things we normally keep to ourselves. This healing for you may end up being part of your greater calling, Scorpio.

You will feel like unearthing secrets, all the hidden truths, and sharing them with others. Join groups and make friends who enjoy the same. Create a new social circle if you must. Leave the security of the practical world behind and join resources with others willing to take risks and dive deep. It’s been said that Scorpio is still waters that run deep. Now is the time to prove it.

Your Oracle Advice:

Now is not the time to overwork and stress over income and resources. It’s time to trust your gut and the unknown and release the need for security at all costs. It’s not your job to save everyone else. You can only offer them tools. They have to want to use them. Stop drowning in them and save yourself.

Do not allow your ego to have you pushing full speed ahead right now. That isn’t what is being asked or required of you. Now is time to join resources with others and collaborate. Not feed your mistrust and go it alone. Give your one track mind a rest and breathe.



I meant no harm earlier when I said Sagittarius thinks it knows it all. Each sign has something that stands out like that. Yours is currently in the South Node. For you the North Node is entering your 7th house of partnerships, marriage, contracts, and business deals. The South Node will be in your 1st house of self, body, and appearance.

For the next 1.5 years you’re being asked to stop focusing on yourself so much, and shift your focus to the relationships and contracts in your life. It’s important you learn how to listen to others and learn to collaborate. Get out of your own head. You do not know it all.

You will achieve only through learning from others during this time, so don’t think you can go it alone and succeed. You are likely to meet someone unusual and different who may be someone you start a business with. It’s time to be less focused on what you think you know, listen to others, and compromise.

These partnerships coming in for you bring luck. These are going to be driven, ambitious people. They will push you. You won’t be doing so well right now with self-promotion. Better to be humble and let others brag you up because they will. You may feel like hiding, but you’re meant to be seen.

Random encounters give you new ideas, so listen to them. Marriage and divorces are both likely during this time. Be willing to experiment with fated partners and people who propel you to level-up. If you already have a partner it may be them that gets the help, and you will be asked to sacrifice your own material security for your partner to succeed.

Just know unexpected blessings for the next 1.5 years only come through partnerships and your focus on others over self.

Your Oracle Advice:

If there are relationships you want to heal or begin now is the time to stop daydreaming about it and take action. In order to have healthy relationships we have to relate to other people. Take that chance and reach out. If you don’t have anyone in your life you’re interested in start using your imagination to create the kind of person you want without focusing on the outcome of how, when, and where. Then when they show up step up.



For you the North Node is moving into the 6th house of health, daily routine, work. South Node is going to be in the 12th house of the unseen and hidden. It governs self-undoing, dreams, secrets, and emotions. It’s time for you to develop your sixth house and leave the secrets and hidden stuff behind.

You may feel spaced out during this time. When that happens ground yourself by doing dishes, gardening, or anything practical and routine. Develop daily routines, stay grounded, and take care of your health. The South Node in the 12th house removes all boundaries, so what has been hidden may suddenly become known to you.

Unusual fears may pop up, so being grounded in a routine that keeps you focused helps. If you’re not the temptation to become addicted or go back to addictions looms. Instead of allowing that to happen take it one day at a time. Just schedule one day at a time and follow that schedule.

Look into healing methods if things are surfacing rather than numbing them away. They don’t go away anyhow. You will tend to zone out, so be self-aware. Communicate with others in practical ways to stay focused. Watch health videos or webinars. In fact, you may feel led to watch health documentaries and change your diet, take supplements, etc.

Communicate what you learn with others. New skill sets come through those communications. You may end up with health issues that force you to make these changes. Leaving a lot in the past is a theme here. Learning to let go of old habits and people that aren’t healthy for you. Start hanging out with people who are also trying to improve the practical side of their life. Join a gym and meet new friends.

There is the potential for arguments, so be self-aware and practice self-control. If you’re feeling on edge because you’re too spacey and not focused on the daily grind don’t take that out on others. Perhaps making meditation part of your daily routine could help.

Your Oracle Advice:

This time is meant for you to address the cracks in the foundations of your life. You can’t build on something that isn’t solid. If your values have changed it’s time to strengthen your new convictions and put them into place. Write down what your values are and do daily check ins to make sure you’re following them and on track. They are building blocks to the future you desire. Remove what is rotten and restructure.



For you the North Node will be in your 5th house of children, fun, pleasure, ideas, romance. The South Node will be in the 11th house of goals, dreams, friendships, and networking. Creative talents are likely to increase.

Your ideas will begin to flourish, but you need to learn new skills as you go. Ask others for advice. Use them as a sounding board for your ideas. They will help you learn the skills you need to know to make a concrete plan and bring the ideas to life. You’re going to feel inventive; maybe even start a business.

You will be willing to experiment more over this time just for fun. Your fun and pleasure will increase, as well as your passion for old and new hobbies. You will absorb knowledge easily over the next 1.5 years. Even your sex drive benefits. You are more willing to entertain romance and explore. Neither Gemini or the North Node have morals, so be careful not to overdo it.

You may even date a lot. Particularly people like you’ve never dated before. Be careful to avoid excess. You could have children during this time, or become closer and more communicative with the children you already have. May get in touch a bit with your inner child and do some healing.

Adoption is even possible here, or falling in love with someone and becoming a parent to their children from a previous relationship. You’ll be separating from earning and gains for right now. Your gains may decrease, but it’s so you can take this time to be creative and develop new skills. You won’t be as focused on friendships and networking.

It’s a time to sacrifice long-term goals. You’re not to listen to what others want. Follow your own ideas. However, use the advice others give you to bring your ideas to fruition. Your social network will change. You will no longer find meaning in the goals and people you once did.

Your Oracle Advice:

You are being given time to simply breathe and be. You have already worked long and hard, so you’re in a hurry to bring things to fruition, but they aren’t exactly ready yet. Use this time to create and cultivate patience. Let your authentic nature lead and you cannot go wrong. Slow and steady will win your race, so just relax, meditate, and breathe. You’ve planted the seeds. Now water them with your creativity and fun. The harvest takes time, friend.



For you the North Node is entering the 4th house of family, roots, parents, and home. The South node is entering your 10th house of career, public image,and reputation. So you’re going to put yourself on the back burner to take care of matters of the home.

You may have to let go of a career or cut back on it. Perhaps it will no longer resonate as it once did. Your job may change to something more meaningful because the rat race is no longer appealing. It has taken too much away from the home and family. You’ll feel like correcting that.

This is a time to feed your soul and connect with the people in your environment and home. You may start some new home renovations or decorating. Scheduling family movie and game nights could be a thing. Where you were sacrificing home and family for career you’re now going to switch those roles.

It’s a good time to communicate and learn from others. Perhaps on matters related to improving your home or relationships with those who live in it with you. Sometimes this transit means you’ll buy a new house and move. Or you may take courses in real estate to learn how to buy and flip houses.

Whatever happens the one sure thing is that over the next 1.5 years you’ll be sacrificing your public image to build your emotional life. It will bring you so much more fulfillment. Follow the right path.

Maybe your parents will need you more than they used to. Perhaps you’ve been homeschooling and have decided you enjoy it and want to continue. Listen to that inner voice and get guidance in that direction.

Your Oracle Advice:

I’m here to remind you that you cannot be all things to all people. That will never be your path. Your mission is to be true to yourself. The best way to know if you’re on the right path is to see if you’re disappointing others or yourself. If it’s you it’s time for a reality check.

Your abundance won’t come in the rat race. It will come when you follow the calling of your heart and live an authentic life.