The Flames of Purification: To You

You are one of the bravest souls I have ever met. I know the last thing you probably consider yourself most days is brave, but that’s how I view you everyday of my life. Before you incarnated to this Earth you knew everything you’d go through. You knew the pain and trauma you’d experience and have to face, and you said, “Sign me up”. If that isn’t brave I don’t know what is.

You also signed up to find me, so we could teach each other and learn from one another. You knew that if you went through all that pain and trauma in the end I would teach you how to give that pain a purpose. That we would fall in love and get to experience what it’s like to fly through galaxies just by laying next to someone and experiencing their energy.

There is no one else on Earth I want beside me building a dynasty. It’s only you, has always been you, and forever will be you. I know that you struggle at times to feel worthy of the love I offer you. It’s incredibly frustrating because you are so easy to love. So worthy, deserving, and divinely meant to be part of all that I have to offer. You have so much to offer yourself.

I do understand. There was a time in my life when I felt unworthy of real love, too. I felt so unworthy that I didn’t think I deserved even half-ass trauma bonds and attachments. Now I’ve reached a healthy sense of self-love, self-worth, and self-respect. So, no I don’t need you, but you shouldn’t want someone who says they need you and can’t live without you.

In the past when I told a man I needed him I never loved him, even when I thought I did. What I craved was constant reassurance and fortification. I needed external validation that I was good enough. I needed others to soothe my shame when it rose up, and to take it as their own when I passed it along like a hot potato. That isn’t love at all. It’s attachment, trauma bond, and ego based gratification that never lasts.

No, I don’t need you, but damn I want you. I want to wake up every morning and have you lying next to me. To make each other breakfast in bed. I want to work together on building a legacy of love that will create not only material wealth, but spiritual wealth to leave our children later in life. I want to use our own transformations to help others transform.

I want to lead walking meditations together in the woods. I want to bury Moon ritual boxes in the dirt with you under the stars. I want to sit by a fire outside and have entire conversations without words. That was always the most exciting part for you. Your Moon in the house of my subconscious lets you know exactly what I’m thinking and me what you are feeling.

Not a night goes by that I don’t envision you laying next to me. Us conversing about healing and our plans to help change the world. Talking about everything from self-actualization to the realization of the oneness that exists in all forms of consciousness. I want to kiss your lips and stare into the intensity of your eyes that mirror to me my own soul.

I want to make sacred, spiritual love to you. I want to feel your heart ready to escape your chest the way it does every single time I‘m close to you. Love isn’t hard. It isn’t something you have to beg for, work for, or fight for. Love is the effortless flow of energy that exists when we come together. It’s feeling absolutely safe and at home in one another’s energy.

Let’s build this legacy and buy some land. Swim underneath the Moonlight and wish upon the stars. Let’s wake up everyday to people who are eager to save their own souls and guide them to the light. Let’s help people stop being so god damn afraid of the shadow.

It’s only when we finally face the shadow we can see it for the illusion that it is. When we dive deep, going where even angels fear to tread, we can gain understanding and insight. We can shine light in the depths and teach people how to come up for air. Let me guide you to the place where you can envision nothing other than this shared dream we signed up for.

Your energy never stays gone long. Lately it’s here more than ever and I fully enjoy sitting here, closing my eyes, and soaking you in. Separation is truly an illusion and meeting you, loving you, experiencing you has taught me that. I’m forever grateful whether you decide to come home or not.

A lot of people who have gone through things similar to you and I don’t ever believe they are worthy of the greatness those experiences could bring to their lives. I can’t force you to step into the shoes you’re meant to wear in this lifetime, nor would I want that burden.

I will never beg anyone to stay again. I will never beg you to love me. I don’t have to because I can feel what you feel. I know know. Your love for me is permeating this entire room right now as I type this. I know it seems easier in the moment to stay small, to ignore the full light of your being, and to not heed the call, but in the long-term that’s the hardest road of all.

The amount of guilt, shame, and regret you will have as you reach the end of your life and realize you wasted it all isn’t worth it for me. I was born feeling destined for something greater than what I saw around me. We spoke about this, too. Both feeling as if we are here to complete a mission.

Mine will be much easier to complete when you remember how brave you are. When you decide to help me honor the contract we made. The one I knew of before I ever told you, but you spoke out loud first. I remember when I sent you that photo and you laughed. “When you’re honest with yourself”. Well, I’m waiting for you to be honest with yourself. You’re not fooling me.

I won’t sit back and let you be comfortable and cozy, let you play it small. I am a flame you requested come in and purify all the comfort zones you’ve built around you. I’m no one’s trophy. I’m not second-best or a maybe. I see your soul. In fact, we share the same soul. I know who you’re meant to become.

Remember that quote? “You are not a peasant sheering sheep, as you have thought. You are a king dressed in rags who has amnesia.” I am here to remind you who you are. I was your wake up call. Tick, tock. It’s only a matter of time. “When the music beats to the rhythm of your heart and echoes the melody of your soul, you can only ignore it so long.”

I know you’ve been receiving downloads and dreams just as you did before. The seeds we planted are stirring in your belly and creating a burning flame. I am your home. The foundation you know will last and be worth celebrating.

The sword of truth has laid it all bare for you. I am the light guiding you back to where you belong. You did ask me to never turn it off. To keep it burning for you. My heart still expands ten times for every thought I think of you. You know we’re meant to build something long-lasting, abundant, and more stable than either of us ever believed we deserved.

I would say the only person you’ve been truly deceiving is yourself, but even that’s a lie. You know know, too. I can feel you coming. It’s in the air around me. Closer and closer by the day. Can’t wait to welcome you home.

Namaste either way.