Hey tribe! This is my take on the Super New Moon in Virgo. It’s one of three Super New Moons leading up to an eclipse in December that could bring in all your manifestations. As always I just want to give my intuitive take on the astrology and what it could mean for you.

I am going to base this post on your Rising sign or Ascendant (ASC). The Rising sign can tell us which house the Virgo New Moon is transiting in your chart. This doesn’t take into account any personal aspects or planets in the chart, of course, but can guide you generally on where you should focus your manifesting abilities for this New Moon.

I am going to give you some general information first and then break it down by sign and house. You know I usually do a pick a pile reading for each New and Full Moon, but I may not be able to fit that in today. If not I will be sure to post it for you tomorrow. As always, for those who ask the tip jars are at the end of the post, and I appreciate so much your support and love. ❤

General Information:

I believe that New Moons are for new intentions, new beginnings, almost like a fresh start. It’s a time to take stock of where we are, where we want to be, and set some good intentions with a plan to follow through on them. Right now the world is full of stress and chaos, and if we’re not careful we can bring this same energy into our individual lives and makes ourselves sick.

Virgo rules work, health, service to others, and your mission. The negative traits are being overly critical of self and others, doubt, anxiety, and perfectionism. These are traits we’re trying to remove from our lives. They prevent us from the real work, from being of genuine service to others, from a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and from living out our mission fully.

Overall, this is a great time to dig into the details of your health regime. How are you taking care of your body, mind, and spirit? What are you feeding yourself daily in terms of food, news, and other things? Formulate a plan that is doable to start ensuring you’re healthier moving forward.

What parts of you are in need of healing still? What have you already healed that you could potentially use to help others still in need of healing in those areas? How can your pain become your purpose in this life? How can you be of service to others, but also have healthy boundaries? How healthy are the relationships in your life?

On the 17th of September we will have the Moon trine Pluto. It’s also forming a T-square with the nodes. The Moon is also going to be trine Saturn, which is quite rare. Eventually the Moon ingresses into Libra.

Mercury rules Virgo and is in the sign of Libra right now. Libra is all about relationships. This is heavy emphasis on you thinking about your relationships and communicating your needs and desires. It’s about balance and reciprocity, and whatever isn’t balanced and reciprocal has to go now.

Depending on where these aspects are taking place in your chart it could affect you slightly differently. Overall the Moon trine Pluto is increasing our emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. This means you’re going to feel things more powerfully, and there is a chance you will be transformed by your own intense, emotional reactions.

Take any new relationships into account. There could be a strong, destined encounter in your life that is meant to transform you. Be cautious of the desire to experience things in the extreme and how far you’re pushing boundaries.

This is a great time to express yourself freely and not feel restricted. There is potential to get in touch with your true power and not play around and dabble in power dynamics of the ego. Most of the astrology this year is about transforming the relationship you have with yourself and with others. Connect to your heart space and let that lead you.

I did tell you that much of the astrology wants us focused on healthier relationships with ourselves and others. Well, the Moon trine Saturn is offering us the patience and emotional courage to handle potentially difficult relationship issues. It’s time we become more discerning.

It can increase our patience and focus. Allow us to make a plan and strategize how we’re going to move forward or leave behind certain people who no longer serve our highest vision. If there is petty drama in your relationship it’s serving as a distraction from your higher purpose and mission. Chances are you already know this, and now it’s time to detail how you get out of it.

This T-square the Moon is forming with the Nodes is critical. You’re at a crossroads now and there are big decisions that have to be made. Whether you make them or the universe forces them it’s setting you out on a course of change. Change that will have long-term effects on your future.

Whatever you’ve been dealing with since Saturn entered Capricorn now is the time to finalize that. It’s going to be different for everyone. We know Mars is still retrograde, so we aren’t likely going to make huge moves right now, but Virgo isn’t about huge moves. It’s about strategy and planning. It’s about you putting the mission on paper and then figuring out the steps you need to take.

Virgo Rising:

As a Virgo Rising this Super New Moon is happening in your first house. It’s about you choosing to reinvent yourself in some way. This could be as simple as changing your appearance, or as complicated as how you express yourself to others. What are the personal habits you know need to change?

There is something here for you to consider in regard to authenticity. You do not have to reveal everything to everyone, of course, but are you constantly hiding behind a mask of perfectionism? Perfectionism is a sign of unhealed shame. If they can’t see you they can’t judge you.

The trine with Pluto and Saturn in your fifth house is great. The fifth house is all about your heart and creative self-expression. You are being given psychic perception and increased sensitivity to what it is your heart wants and how you can authentically express it. As well as the patience and focus to make these changes a reality.

This Moon is square the South Node in your fourth house and the North North Node in your tenth house. This could bring some fated changes between home and career. Some sort of blending of your private versus public image that feels more true to who you are. Manifest authenticity and courage in the face of fear when you express that authenticity from your heart.

Leo Rising:

This is happening in your second house. Your sensitivity to your environment and the five senses is going to increase. What changes can you make to feel more secure and grounded? How can you arrange your life so that you feel a higher sense of worthiness and value within? How are your finances and where can you maybe increase your abundance?

This is about you creating a practical plan that is realistic. Maybe creating a budget you can stick to, plan a project, discover creative ways to increase your money. Find earthy ways to pleasure yourself and indulge in creature comforts. Connect to the Earth as much as possible.

This New Moon is trine Saturn and Pluto in your sixth house. This is offering you new perception and sensitivity to what you’ve already been dealing with in terms of health and routine. You may finally have a breakthrough here. It’s going to increase the patience and focus you’ve maybe lacked for a bit. Where can you manifest better health, discipline and structure?

The T-square is happening to the North Node in your 11th house and the South Node in your fifth house. This could bring fated changes in terms of how you express your goals and dreams. It could bring new groups or people into your life that are meant to help you do that. Are there people you need to cut out before you can truly forge ahead?

Cancer Rising:

This New Moon is happening in your third house. Take into consideration how you communicate, how you learn, what are the daily interactions you have with others. Great time to learn a new skill you’ve been curious about. To develop a mental rapport with others, and remove those who you know you’ll never have that with.

You are becoming more aware of your environment and may have increased alertness. Now is a good time to take care of boring daily tasks you’ve put off. The trine to Pluto and Saturn in your seventh brings a relationship focus. How is the communication in your relationship?

These aspects are bringing you increased perception and sensitivity to any issues that linger within your relationship in terms of daily tasks and communication. If you don’t have a relationship focus on setting intentions to communicate honestly and effectively with yourself.

You’re going to have the patience and focus to deal with these issues now, so take advantage of that before it slips away. The T-square to the North Node in your 12th and the South Node in your 6th is forging change in your material versus spiritual worlds.

Where can you incorporate a spiritual practice in your routine? Your spirituality can help center you and calm you. It can increase your patience and understanding when communicating with others. Manifest a healthier, deeper connection to your intuition.

Gemini Rising:

This is happening in your 4th house. What changes can you manifest in your home and family life? How is your emotional foundation? Where can you focus some energy on personal development? Are there repairs to your home that you’ve been putting off? Even just re-arranging furniture can help.

What is it that you need to manifest to feel safe and secure within yourself? Time to explore and develop an inner security that isn’t dependent on other people to validate it. What are you needs? How are they being met? Are you willing to get rid of people who refuse to meet them?

The trines with Pluto and Saturn are happening with your 8th house. Are there issues with intimacy and shared resources that need to be solved? You’re being given heightened sensitivity to figure this out, as well as the patience and focus you need to do so.

The T-square with the North Node is happening with your 1st house and the South Node your 7th house. This is fated changes that need to happen between your needs and other people’s needs. Are you people pleasing? This is a form of wanting others to validate and accept you. Accept yourself.

Taurus Rising:

This is happening in your fifth house. How can you start creatively expressing yourself from the heart more? Where are your romantic leanings and could they use some improvement? Where can you fit more fun and play into life?

There is a need to consider why you need so much approval and feedback from others regarding your creativity. You may feel quite bold, and I want you to know the only approval that matters is your own. Where can you find more confidence and self-worth?

The trines with Pluto and Saturn are happening in your 9th house. What are the beliefs, higher wisdom, spiritual practices that you express in life? How can you incorporate them in a more creative way going forward? Are you confident in your beliefs?

You’re being given higher wisdom and the patience and focus to reflect on this and figure it out. You’re incredibly earthy and great with the material expression. How can you express more ethereal concepts and bring your visions to life in the 3D?

The T-square to the North Node is in your 2nd house and the South Node your 8th. There is this fated change needed in the way you view where you end and others begin. We are all one, but at the same time there is an individuality in you that is dying to be expressed. Manifest no longer fearing what others think. It’s your own opinion that matters most at the end of the day.

Aries Rising:

This is going down in your sixth house. For you this really is about health and routine. Where can you make progress on diet and exercise? Do you schedule enough down time in your day? How can you improve your work schedule?

Are you delegating work effectively? Do others in your life help share the load? You’re going to be thinking quite critically. You want to sort things out and be useful, but at what expense? Are others in your life as useful to you are you are to them? If not maybe it’s time to release them.

The trines with Pluto and Saturn are happening with your tenth house. Your routine and health become your public image honestly. How do you want to be seen? Manifest the changes you need to make in order to be seen that way. You’re given patience and focus for that now, as well as increased perception that shows you exactly what changes to make.

The T-square with the North Node in your 3rd house and the South Node in your 9th house is about how you communicate what you know. What ways are you communicating daily the wisdom you’ve learned? Where can that be improved or tweaked?

Are what you know and what you practice in alignment? Do you surround yourself with others who are aligned? Do you allow other people to speak on what they know without insisting it’s your way or the highway?

Pisces Rising:

This New Moon is happening in your seventh house. It’s a great time to develop new relationships personally or professionally. If there are any issues in your relationships they are going to be highlighted. Sharing and partnerships are being exposed here.

What are the issues that you need to manifest resolution for? Where do you lack support and are these people capable of supporting you? How supportive are you of those you’re in relationship with? These are all things you should be considering right now.

The trines with Pluto and Saturn are taking place in your 11th house. You’re being given insight to what groups and friendships can help you achieve your dreams and goals. You’re given the focus and patience to see difficult issues through and either make a plan to resolve them or let them go.

The T-square with the North Node in your 4th house and the South Node in your 10th highlights where changes need to be made in terms of your private versus public image. Where can you focus on making them more harmonious and authentic? You can’t wear a mask and expect to feel genuinely loved and respected. Now is the time to consider your own and others authenticity.

Aquarius Rising:

This New Moon is going down in your 8th house. It’s time to manifest some real self-empowerment. Also, a focus on how vulnerable and intimate you are. Self-mastery is a goal here. What makes those around you tick? There is the potential for great intimacy here. Also, issues may be highlighted that have to do with joint or shared resources.

The trines with Pluto and Saturn are happening in your 12th house. There are subconscious motivations that you’re able to pick up on now. You’re being given heightened sensitivity to your own unconscious promptings. The patience and focus to learn them and change them.

The T-square to the North Node in your 5th and the South Node in your 11th is wanting to bring changes to how you express yourself to others, and how you express your goals and dreams. There is something in your subconscious that wants to make itself known to you.

Are the people in your life people you can easily express yourself to? Where can you cut down on or join more like-minded groups? What are the motivations behind why you do what you do?

Capricorn Rising:

This New Moon is happening in your ninth house. Where can you grow and expand your soul? It’s great to be able to work hard and create material success, but that isn’t all there is to life. You’re likely going to feel a bit restless and dissatisfied with routine. Time to initiate something new.

It will have to be something that expands your mind. Where can you feed the need for adventure? Where could your perspective use an upgrade? The trines to Pluto and Saturn happening in your first house are offering you a chance to express yourself in deeper, more meaningful ways.

You’re being granted heightened insight to how you are perceived by others. The patience and focus you need to see any difficult truths about that through. Are you surrounded by surface level relationships? Now is the time to really release them and make room for soul connections.

The T-square to the North Node in your sixth and the South Node in your twelfth is asking you how you can bring a higher awareness to your everyday routine and work. There is a fated change taking place here. Where can you make changes to ensure that you’re viewing your everyday work from a more spiritual, higher perspective?

Sagittarius Rising:

This is happening in your tenth house. Where do you need to make adjustments to your public image or career? What are your goals? Do you have a business plan you can develop? What is the image you’re projecting to the world around you and is it authentic?

Set intentions for your career and life purpose. Discover who in your life holds you back and release them. The trines to Pluto and Saturn are happening in your second house. You are more aware now of what you need to feel secure and it’s easier to build a sense of self-worth.

If there is anyone taking advantage of you right now you’re also given the patience and focus needed to put a stop to that. Are there people you only keep around as yes men? How dependent have you become on external validation for your goals? Are there people around you who belittle your goals and dreams? These are all things to consider.

The T-square to the North Node in your 7th and the South Node in your 1st is further adding to this theme. Fated relationship changes need to be made. If there aren’t people around you supporting your needs and dreams they have to go now. Make room for your real soul tribe.

Scorpio Rising:

This is going down in your 11th house. Are you successfully networking? What group activities are you involved in that are healthy or unhealthy? This is about you reaching out to people who can help bring your goals and dreams to life. Releasing those who hold you back.

You may be feeling this restlessness that can be turned into something productive. You’re given an awareness now of your position in life and whether or not that is where you want to be. You’re questioning friendships and the people you’re around.

With the trines to Pluto and Saturn in the third you’re ready to communicate this higher thought process. You’re being given more awareness of the people you’re around daily and the things you speak about. How that influences you for better or worse. Where can you manifest better people into your life?

The T-square with the North Node in your 8th and the South Node in your 2nd is asking you if you know where you end and others begin? Where can you manifest change in self-sufficiency and self-worth? Are there people you’re around who can’t be truly intimate and deep? Where can you find people who make it make sense for you?

Libra Rising:

This is happening in your 12th house. Call it a review period. Where can you let go and who do you need to let go of? How can you recharge your batteries? Where can you be of service, increase your empathy, and be more aware of others needs? Where are people not aware of your needs?

Time for some serious soul searching. You are wanting emotional peace and peace of mind. You can’t control external events and people to achieve it, though. So, where does that leave you?

The trines with Pluto and Saturn are happening in your fourth house. You are aware fully who around you, in your home and family, are supportive, and who is not. You are given the patience and focus to make the hard changes needed to ensure that the people in your life support you fully.

The T-square to the North Node in your 9th and the South Node in your 3rd is asking you how you communicate what you know. Are you more comfortable keeping the peace by silencing your soul? That will no longer fly. It’s time to manifest self-worth and self-sufficiency. The courage to speak your truth.

Good karma and donation tip jars:

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd