Soul Purpose of an Aries Rising

I am going to do a series on each Rising or Ascendant Sign and the soul purpose of that sign. Your Rising Sign is your soul, and it’s what you’re meant to evolve into this lifetime. The rest of your chart can tell us more about how you’re meant to evolve it, the challenges and triumphs you may face along the way, but as a general rule the mission itself is the same.

We’ve been through Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, and Libra Rising. Last one for tonight is the soul purpose of an Aries Rising. Tomorrow we’ll do Taurus, Aquarius, and Capricorn. Sunday Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini Rising.

Short and to the point, if you’re an Aries Rising you’re here to express a higher purpose. Your mission is to learn your individuality. To set boundaries and go after what you want. This doesn’t come easy because your descendant in the 7th house is Libra, and you’re far more comfortable sacrificing your own dreams and visions for others to shine.

With Sagittarius in the 9th house you’re meant to learn about religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and higher minded wisdom. To chase after what you want and learn to speak, publish, write, and offer the world a new, innovative perspective.

There is a need for you to discover what it is you value as a person. It’s likely in past lives you cast aside your own dreams for the sake of others. With Capricorn in the tenth house you’ve experienced plenty of delays in this life with your career and public image, but you’re meant to succeed professionally and create a legacy. It’s just you have to learn some lessons first.

You may have experienced a lot of pressure from a father figure or someone in authority to succeed from an early age in life. Perhaps you’ve felt the expectations of others heavily your entire life. This year the astrology in your chart is such that you’re going through a spiritual awakening, so get ready. It’s time to shed the expectations of others and embrace your own.

Aries is the baby of the zodiac, so whether or not you reach full spiritual potential will depend on the level of consciousness you achieve. Those who remain spiritually asleep will simply experience Aries traits as part of their personality. As you wake up to your purpose, though, you feel a quickening.

It’s likely this year you’ve felt a pull on your soul to follow a calling. Your sign is one of the higher mind. Have you ever heard of the rainbow bridge that connects our higher and lower minds? You play a vital role in this bridge.

You’re highly intuitive, but it’s not subtle. The intuition of an Aries Rising is a direct knowing. There is no stopping you once you decide to tune into the spiritual realm and tap into the energy available to you. It is then wisdom reveals itself completely. All without having to use your lower mind.

In order for you to obtain this direct level that bypasses human thought you have to live with self-awareness. You have to learn to slow down and tap into the subtle energies at play. See, you are anything but subtle. While you do tend to sacrifice yourself for others you’re also sometimes blunt to the point of rudeness. You can be very self-absorbed.

A lot of times what happens is you have a great idea, but you lack the next step. You get impatient and upset when results aren’t immediate. This is often because you feel like the expectations of others is important, and you’re seeking their validation and approval. This will only breed resentment.

You, dear Aries Rising, are not a loner. You are a leader and thus you need a flock. The problem is you often choose people who make you feel small and overpower you. This life is a valuable lesson in taking responsibility for your life and setting boundaries. Review your motives always. Are you doing what you’re about to do for you, or because someone else expects you to?

Once you awaken spiritually and follow your call you’re an inspiring, spiritual leader. You can guide others with your vision towards the highest goal of all, which is self-realization, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. When you’re going through life asleep you mislead others, you act from your ego, you can lead from ignorance or impulsiveness.

So, cultivate self-awareness of both your own and the collective energy fields. Tame your mind. Stick with your creative ideas and projects. Expand your mind with wisdom in all matters. Meditation would be highly beneficial for you. It helps you become acquainted with that rainbow bridge.

You are here to inspire others, to ignite them with an infusion of divine ideas. You must cultivate self-awareness above all, as this is what allows you to navigate skillfully through the rainbow bridge at your will. It gives you access to the higher realms of consciousness. Consider yourself a rainbow warrior.

You may have struggled with relationships and careers all your life up till now. They were meant to transform you. To teach you the lessons you needed, so that when you finally woke up to the truth of who you are you can go in armed and ready to become the next, best version of you.


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