Soul Purpose of an Aquarius Rising

I am going to do a series on each Rising or Ascendant Sign and the soul purpose of that sign. Your Rising Sign is your soul, and it’s what you’re meant to evolve into this lifetime. The rest of your chart can tell us more about how you’re meant to evolve it, the challenges and triumphs you may face along the way, but as a general rule the mission itself is the same.

We’ve gone through Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Aries, and Taurus Rising signs. This is all about the soul purpose of the Aquarius Rising sign. You are meant in this life to care about the collective. You have Sagittarius in your 11th house, so you’re here to make friends, network, join groups, and fight for progressive, humanitarian causes, but it may not feel so great.

You have Leo in the 7th house and so in a past life you were all about the individual, yourself, and took center stage. You spent a lot of time figuring out who you are and didn’t concern yourself much with the collective at all. This is likely why you don’t mind expressing yourself uniquely in this life, at least when it comes to your style and appearance.

You may wish your partners would put you on a pedestal and adore you, but in this life you’re meant to adore others. You’re meant to be partnered with people who want to change the world. To express yourself authentically. You will likely how to do this through your friendships and partnerships.

This comes as a great burden for you and you may often feel depressed. It’s important for you with Pisces in the second house to value spirituality. To take time alone to connect with Spirit. You are likely a medium to some degree and can channel Spirit through writing or speaking. When you become depressed spend some time around the water.

One of the ways you tend to nurture yourself is through your work and health. This is because Cancer is in your sixth house. So, have a routine and schedule that spirituality within it. Yes, you are here to learn how to make friends, and it won’t always be easy, but you do still need that me time. Just don’t give up on making friends altogether and spend all your time alone.

I have an Aquarius stellium in my 7th house, and I get incredibly tired of people saying we do not have emotions. You are a fixed sign. You can’t change anything until you first change how you feel about it. The way you change how you feel about it is using logical thought.

If you were unfeeling how could you care for the whole of humanity? It does make logical sense to care, too, though. Do not let people question our integrity regardless. Whether it comes from the head or the heart you care. You may use cold reason and logic to get there, but that doesn’t mean the feeling is missing once you get there.

Your mission is to care about people and be concerned for the welfare of the collective, and to inspire others to care and be concerned, too. As a fixed sign for you it’s all about mastering the mind and intellect. This does mean you have the biggest challenge of all signs when it comes to spiritual quests. I remember when I was an atheist for years.

You don’t change course until you change your mind and then convince your heart to come along. You may have a reputation for being stubborn. Your intellect is not an obstacle on your journey. You do need both the head and the heart, but you have to learn to balance them out.

In life you will evolve from instinct, to intellect, to intuition. Intellect is a stage you’re simply passing through, Aquarius. You just tend to get stuck there a lot longer than most people. One of the most negative traits you have is playing devil’s advocate just for fun. This isn’t a way to make good friends, and making good friends is part of your purpose.

You are the water bearer and as such you have to let the water flow. You have to learn to join your 7th house Leo, who is your past life polar opposite. They are the heart-centered side of you. This is when the energy of love and life will flow from a pure and open heart.

There is a polarity to balance between your Leo and Aquarius traits. This allows you to be centered in your heart, still use your head, and remain connected to the collective consciousness of humanity all at the same time. Yes, Aquarius can be cool, detached, aloof, and Leo can be warm, overly affectionate, and loving. There is a lesson there for you.

You are paving the way for the hardest mission of all, which I wrote about in the Pisces Rising post. Pisces Risings deserve a halo quite honestly. Your highest mission is to flow the dual waters of love and life for the benefit of a thirsty collective. Are you up for it?

Will you keep your attention fixed on the lower vibrations by getting caught up in your own head, or can you reach beyond your own thoughts to focus on the peace and stillness of your heart?


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