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4 min readAug 2, 2020


I am going to do a series on each Rising or Ascendant Sign and the soul purpose of that sign. Your Rising Sign is your soul, and it’s what you’re meant to evolve into this lifetime. The rest of your chart can tell us more about how you’re meant to evolve it, the challenges and triumphs you may face along the way, but as a general rule the mission itself is the same.

We’ve made it through Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Libra, and Aries Rising signs. This is for the Taurus Rising. In short, your mission is to realize the freedom that is found when you release your personal desire and attachment to people, things, and situations.

Taurus is a sacred sign and your third eye is quite powerful. There is a strong link between your sign and enlightenment. Taurus loves sensual pleasures, but in this life you cannot be attached to them. It’s fine if you want to enjoy a piece of that delicious pie. It’s not the pie that causes you any suffering. It’s your attachment to the pie when it’s not there which causes suffering.

I need you in my life Taurus Rising because I’m working hard this year on releasing outcomes and non-attachment. Your soul purpose is to get to a place where you can enjoy the pleasure without any pain. Without the pie you would never over-indulge in it, and there’d be no upset that it didn’t exist.

Your mission is to not let people, things, and situations have power over you. With Sagittarius in the 8th house you will mostly learn how to do this through powerful transformations and intense encounters. With Scorpio in the 7th house this could be tumultuous relationships.

In a past life you loved transformation. You craved those intense experiences, but in this life they’re meant to tame you a bit. It’s also possible with Libra in your sixth house that it will take a huge transformation in your health or work to tame you, rather than relationships.

See, when you live in ego you live in fear. This creates the attachment and resistance to change. You hold onto things too tightly. You bring the capacity and predisposition to experience our physical world simply through the senses. One of our senses is our innate intuition. Sensuality is a great way to experience life, but not once it becomes tainted.

You’re meant with Gemini in the second house to become someone skilled at business. As you age you become a great salesperson. You have tons of charisma. This life is about learning street smarts, and you’re great at finding creative ways to make money.

Wherever Capricorn is we experience delays and karma, but it’s also what ends up being our legacy. For you this is the ninth house. In early life you probably had issues with people in authority. You don’t place high value on college or higher learning either. You’re not meant to this in this life. However, you do need spirituality and may have the tendency to shut that, too.

You are meant to release the self-critical, perfectionist tendencies you have against your own creative self-expression. You have Virgo in the fifth house and criticize yourself over your creativity, parenting, pleasure, the ways you have fun, the romances you have. There is a need to overcome this.

When you experience fear or a negative emotion you become quite possessive. It’s as if you feel like having more things can make the fear go away, but it never does. It becomes this endless loop. It’s once you release the fear and live from a place of love that you are then able to enjoy all the sensual pleasures life has to offer without the pain of being attached to them.

With Cancer in the third house you likely communicate beautifully. Writing and community are how you nurture your softer side. You may enjoy local travel that doesn’t take you too far from home. You do not handle change well, and that is what has to change.

Release attachments and develop your senses toward a higher purpose. This is where you will find freedom, liberation, illumination, and enlightenment. Find sensual pleasure in your spirituality. You are meant to teach and inspire others how to do the same.


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Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd