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I am going to do a series on each Rising or Ascendant Sign and the soul purpose of that sign. Your Rising Sign is your soul, and it’s what you’re meant to evolve into this lifetime. The rest of your chart can tell us more about how you’re meant to evolve it, the challenges and triumphs you may face along the way, but as a general rule the mission itself is the same.

I’ve decided to start with Leo since it’s Leo Season and I am Leo Rising. If you are a Leo Ascendant your opposite Descendant in the 7th house is Aquarius. This is likely where you are the most comfortable. We all know Leo’s are meant to express themselves creatively in the spotlight, but as a Leo Rising you are more comfortable letting others shine or working in groups.

Leo is the soul of the zodiac, so you literally have your soul in the first house. A good motto for you is, “I am that, that I am. That thou art.” The goal for you is absolute authenticity. You are ruled by the Sun, which gives you the willpower and sustenance you need to push forward and be a leader.

Your mission in this life is to overcome your ego, your need for a thrill, the begging of external validation from others. To open your heart space wide and feel all the intense emotions you try so hard not to feel. Your mission is unconditional love. Learning how to love yourself this way first and then others. To then step into the spotlight and teach how it’s done.

You have to stop seeking an external throne and recognize your heart is your throne. Then you must find a way to creatively express who you are in the most genuine way you can. To discover magic and alchemy, to be individual, and to own your self-worth even when no one else seems to see it.

This isn’t always easy for you because as a Leo Ascendant your Aquarius descendant gets in the way. This is far more comfortable for you. It’s likely you were more Aquarian in nature in your past life. So, working in groups, staying in the shadows, detaching from your feelings all comes much easier for you. It seems at the time like a great way to protect yourself.

However, you have Scorpio in the fourth house of emotional stability, home, family, and roots. Scorpio is the most intense sign there is. This means you feel your feelings extremely intensely. Your heart is on steroids. You likely spend a good portion of your life going wherever the wind blows.

In anyone’s chart we only have to look to where Sagittarius is in order to discover what it is they are meant to learn in this life. For you it’s in your fifth house of love, romance, children, creative self-expression, and pleasure. This is what you’re meant to learn in this life. Your mission is to become absolutely heart-centered and teach others how it is done.

It is probable that a lot of your karma has to do with romantic relationships. Much of your life your heart is blocked off, as you try your best to control getting hurt. It is through these relationships that you eventually learn who you are, and how to become authentic. Many of your partners have likely been emotionally controlling or manipulative, or you have been those things.

What we can tell by Pisces being in your 8th house is that you will not reach divinity without learning vulnerability and intimacy. One of the best things I have ever learned is that nothing is as personal as it feels. This has helped me so much with opening my own heart and allowing myself to feel what I feel.

When you’re around others they sense you are a warm, loving, and regal. This only increases over time. The wider you open your heart the more healing and loving people will sense you are. The path of a Leo Rising is self-realization that leads us to self-consciousnesses, and ultimately to the self-awareness we need to actualize exactly who we are authentically.

There are times you will be judged as self-important, but if you understand the journey of the Leo Rising this makes sense. You are meant to learn you are important, you are worthy, and you are lovable without anyone else ever having to tell you. So self-importance is part of the journey.

You and any other Leo Risings alive right now are here to usher in an era of heart-centered leadership through your creative self-expression of divine will. First you must overcome the fear-based expression of Leo. This means fully understanding your ego and learning to rise above it.

We all have a false self and a real self. As a Leo Rising it is your mission to discover which is which and walk accordingly. The ego is what gives us self-importance along the way. It is after we continue evolving we recognize the difference between self-worth and self-importance.

It’s so important we stand up for the collective, and your Aquarius descendant loves nothing more than that, but your mission in this life is to stand up and say, “What about me?” While we are all one it does take us all as individuals to make up the whole, and that matters.

I can’t speak for other Leo Risings, but the way I finally became at home in my own skin was following the pathway to my soul. I kept asking over and over “Who am I?” I didn’t stop until I had answers. It was only in discovering who I was that I was able to understand others.

Self-awareness is a superpower and it’s part of your soul purpose and mission. It’s releasing the need for labels and belonging to other people and groups. It’s recognizing you exist therefore you have worth. It’s learning to love your duality as you evolve and integrate it.

Leo Rising, you are here to awaken. To go back to the pure state of being that is beyond all labels and concepts. It is when you return to this childlike position that you begin to have awareness of self. It is then you will be able to experience true intimacy and vulnerability with others that takes you right back to your divinity.

Because while your goal is to love yourself unconditionally and know your own worth, it’s equally important to discover ourselves in each other. Along the way may you learn to set healthy boundaries. Compassion and love are fantastic, but without boundaries there is deep regret and pain.

The goal is not to wall off and refuse to feel. It is to gain emotional intelligence, so that when you feel you can process your emotions in a healthy way. Scorpio in that fourth house transforms your emotional foundation over time. It teaches you that boundaries are far more effective than walls.

Loving people unconditionally doesn’t mean you put up with their behavior. It simply means you understand it isn’t personal and doesn’t say anything about your worth and what you deserve. It says far more about how they likely feel about themselves, but you can’t fix that for them.

You love to entertain and be entertained. You want a love connection that is alive and strong. You want to love openly and unconditionally, and no matter how long you spend trying to protect your heart that day will come. The “Who am I” will keep coming back up until you find the answers.

You’re here to be seen, to be heard, and to lead with your heart. To love and to be loved. To express yourself as the most genuine, authentic soul anyone around you will ever know. Start with loving you.


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