Sixth House Year in Review

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6 min readJan 5, 2021

If you find your age on the chart above it will tell you what profection year you’re currently in. The sign of the house your focus should be on can tell you more, as can the traditional ruler of that sign. For example, I turned 41 last year in February, and have been in a sixth house profection year.

My sixth house is Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Virgo in my 2nd house, and for much of last year was transiting the sixth house. In fact, it was transiting my sixth house since 2017. A lot of activity there. Jupiter ended up joining at the end of 2019. We had the South Node there, too.

The following chart explains what each house means, so you can relate the house to an area of life that is your current focus. Check it out:

For me, I am still in a sixth house profection until February of this year, when I move on to the 7th. So, my focus has been health, fitness, systems, analytical natures, pets, work habits, organization, usefulness, and giving service. However, the lead up to this profection year had those same themes already.

In 2017, Saturn entered my sixth house. By 2018 it was exactly conjunct my Venus, and I was diagnosed with an illness. Keep in my mind, my Virgo Saturn is ruling the sixth house from the 2nd. I would argue the 2nd house is where we find self-love and self-worth. I believe that conjunction to Venus was telling me if I truly loved myself I’d take care of myself.

Virgo is the sign of health, too. I’ve had a few lessons here honestly. Last July I lost a pregnancy in a very early stage due to an ovarian cyst. Thankfully I never dealt with anything serious this entire time. When I was originally diagnosed back in 2018 I changed my entire lifestyle.

I lost over 50 pounds. I got off all my medication. My chronic pain was much easier to deal with because I was no longer constantly inflamed via my food intake. I wish I could tell you I stuck with it 100% and never faltered, but that would be untrue and if I am anything it’s honest.

What I have been is consistent. So every time I fell off the wagon I kept getting back on. What…

Adjust Your Sails

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