September Energy: Aries-Virgo Part One

Hello tribe! I’ve decided to go ahead and get out the energy readings for September. I do ask for Sun, Moon, Rising, and all other relevant placements to be considered. So, read one or all for a fuller picture of what you may be experiencing come September 2020. This post is Aries through Virgo only. The other six will be done tomorrow in a second post.

As always please don’t take anything that does not fit for you. As I’m connecting to energy for each sign, and there is no possible way it can be accurate for everyone under that specific sign. There may be bits and pieces from each placement that creates a whole for you. Please use your own intuition and discernment.

Remember, your intuition isn’t loud and doesn’t make you fearful. That is anxiety. Thank it for coming to protect you, and then tell it you do not need its protection. Listen to the still, quiet voice within. Sit in the stillness and just observe a while. Let what isn’t meant for you miss you. What is will never.

I will remind you September is going to be more difficult for all of us. Wherever Mars is transiting in your chart it’s going to require three times more effort than normal to get anything done in that area. It will be going Rx on September 9th and squaring a stationary Saturn. So, look to where Saturn is transiting in your chart as well.

Whatever house Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are in now is the time to make a plan to clean that up. They have been there quite a while trying to get your attention. In December Saturn and Jupiter will be moving on into Aquarius, but Pluto will remain where it is until 2023. Now is a good planning and behind the scenes learning and activation time.

The Mars Rx will not be square Saturn the entire Rx. It should ease some after September ends, but the Rx is in effect until mid-November. So, know that no real movement is likely until then. Don’t let the frustration and feeling of being stuck get to you. Look beyond to what it is trying to teach you and cultivate some patience and diplomacy.

The rest of this year is truly some tough astrology to deal with, but the more you learn about your own personal chart, the transits to that chart, what aspects transiting planets are making to your natal planets, the easier it is for you. You will be ahead of the game in at least understanding why there are delays and frustrations for you in certain areas of your life.

If you’re interested here is a link to a transit calculator. If you scroll down past the wheel once you enter your information it will tell you plainly which house each planet is in. Right above that are the aspects those planets are making to your natal planets. Trines and sextiles are better than squares and oppositions, but it’s useful to Google anything you feel relevant.

I do go to extended settings and switch the house system to whole signs, as this is my preference, but do what feels right for you.

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Without further delay…

Aries Placements:

I sense you have been on the correct path for a while now. You can feel yourself almost there. Much of your pain has been illuminated and healed now. I’m seeing a tunnel and the light is so bright. You’ve reached the end. Don’t give up because you’re about to step through a portal or threshold.

What a great spread for you. This group of Aries have undergone or are about to undergo incredible healing. This healing is literally being poured out upon you by the hands and heart of the divine. It’s bringing in new, emotional fulfillment. The energy of those around you is reciprocal in September. I see no one taking more than they’re willing to give.

You may feel a bit overwhelmed at times still, but throughout September whatever pain is left in your heart, whatever deceit has been sent your way, anything you’ve lost is being restored and made new. I see some dream or wish-fulfillment coming true for you.

You are breaking free from patterns and habits that once kept you stuck. Wherever you have felt bound you’re about to be freed. You’ve been working exceptionally hard on your own healing and this is beautiful to see, Aries! I see you heeding the call of your soul. Ready to communicate your authenticity to the whole world. You’re truly right at this edge, this precipice.

The past is one hand, the future in another, and you’re choosing the future. I see you united heart, mind, and soul in September. Perhaps collaborating with others and teaching them the healing techniques you’ve learned. Just so many cards here about healing the ouch, and I love to see it.

Many of you could feel drawn to studying healing arts and healing techniques. I see if you do this could bring you such amazing emotional fulfillment. You’re transmuting the rest of your sadness and pain, and as someone with experience I know the journey has been long and intentional. I see you feeling incredibly inspired and ready for a new adventure.

However, there may still be some apprehension over the unknown. The advice is to be present with your body and let the anxiety know you appreciate it, but you don’t need its protection. That it can go because you and your higher self got this. This feels incredibly big, Aries.

You may be reflecting a bit too much on the past, so be self-aware and if that’s the case retrain your thoughts over this month. That’s where the anxiety is coming from. You’re going to create wealth and an entire dynasty of love. There is a small part of you still wondering if you’re worthy. You are!

You are being called to step up your leadership game in September. To keep going within and ensuring there aren’t more areas of it that are in need of tender, loving care. To keep working and learning your craft. I do see you releasing burdens and almost at the end of a long, hard cycle. Don’t forget to delegate if you have the chance. You can’t and shouldn’t do it all.

There may be fears throughout September regarding financial resources or the universe leaving you out in the cold. Remember not to hold on so tight to outdated mindsets and fear. The universe truly does have your back.

Set up a self-care routine everyday in September and beyond. If you don’t have a full cup it’s harder to stay balanced. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs must be in alignment. I do see some unworthiness still within you regarding this legacy you’re working so hard to create, but the inspiration is going to win above all else. I see you receiving justice, hope, and an incredible gift.

I do see in the immediate past you ended an incredibly tough situation or relationship. There was manipulation there. However, since then you have been working on this stable new beginning elsewhere. I see you’ve already invested quite a bit into this, and it feels true to you.

In the present you have more stability to offer than you did. You’re still watering seeds you planted and reassessing things. You’re feeling quite confident and independent this month. Make sure you’re working on balance because I see lots of learning and communication regarding this venture taking place right now. So, rest when you can. It is a priority.

I do see something else coming in September. Another stable offer that feels quite magical, but you may grow frustrated with the pace of things. People who are supposed to be communicating with you may not be as responsive as you like. Make sure you’re not allowing yourself to be fooled by 3D circumstances. Meditate and work through the negative feelings.

I see you slowly moving toward your purpose. There is an awakening coming in for you in September. You’re walking right into it with an open heart. You’re are transcending another level of consciousness.

If you are an Aries Rising Mars is transiting your first house. This is all about how the world perceives you and how you react to your immediate environment. There may be some tension here.


Taurus Placements:

I see you standing at this door, ready to walk through and seek help for your personal health and happiness. We know Taurus can be stubborn and it seems you try to do everything alone. It’s time to ask for some help from people who can guide you spiritually in the right direction. There is a lot coming at you all at once it seems.

In September I see healing coming in for your third eye. You have been lacking clarity of thought and personal vision. That is healing for you. There is a purpose you’re meant to learn more about. It will involve releasing worry, fear, and self-doubt. I see a dose of inner strength rising up and you cultivating a more habitual meditation and spiritual practice.

I see you gathering momentum to end destructive patterns and behaviors that never did serve you. It’s time to save yourself. You cannot demand from the universe that it give you what you want. Now is the time to align with what you want. The universe only speaks in vibrations. I do see you overcoming whatever has kept you stuck in the past.

A huge rush of willpower and confidence to move forward is coming in, but for much of this you will remain in solitude. It’s a month where meditation will do you so good. Detach from your ego and emotions and get a feel for who you are beneath all of that. It’s not about what you want anymore honestly. Taurus, what do you need?

There is a family member, maybe more than one, who is quite harmonious and peaceful. They can help you find clarity and passion for the new beginnings you’re seeking. You can only coast so long without making changes before the shoreline smacks you hard. I know you don’t like change, but it’s the only constant in life. Better to choose it than have it forced on you.

It’s like you want to make these changes, but you’re waiting for everything to be perfect first. Letting fear of pain and rejection hold you back. The divine is bringing you in an apology or offer of some sort in September regarding some sort of deception or something that was taken from you. Let this healing occur, so you can release it and move on.

Perfectionism is a way to avoid being seen. If you do everything perfectly no one can judge you. It’s a shame and trauma response. There may be a need for digging deep and healing. This offer coming in or apology may bring you some anxiety, but ultimately this involves you collaborating with someone to bring a legacy to life. Maybe there is healing in the family.

You can’t hold yourself back worried about everyone else’s judgments. If they are focused on you it’s only to not have to face themselves. People who are genuinely content with themselves don’t go around judging the lives of other people. They have compassion, care, and concern.

In the immediate past there has been conflict. I feel mostly internal conflict regarding changes you have to make. You’re holding on too tight to old addictions, patterns, thoughts, and behaviors. You know you have to walk away from them, and you’ve been slowing coming to a place where you admit this truth to yourself. It’s like you’ve made the plan to be successful, but haven’t quite put it all into motion as of yet.

Right now is a time of building strength in the present. I see you doing your best to balance the energies within you. You’re still not quite there yet. You have the past, the old you, in one hand, and the new you in the other. There is a lot of anxiety over the truth that has been communicated to you. It came in like a wrecking ball.

There is a need to have faith in the unknown, and that isn’t easy for Taurus. The truth is you know how powerful you are. You know that the chains you have allowed to bind you are self-imposed. I do see if you go through with these changes there is so much balance being restored to your life.

I see people around you taking notice and recognizing what a success you are. Don’t listen to the voice of anxiety and ego. Tell it that you validate it and appreciate its need to protect you, but you are not in need of protection. Let it know it has over-stayed it’s welcome. Meditate. Listen to your quiet, inner voice. Let that be what leads you forward.

I do see something you’ve been worried around regarding home and family being overcome in September. There is balance and an overall feeling of well-being and being thankful to the universe. You’re ready this month to invest in a new you. In feeling good again. May you absolutely succeed.

Let people in. Let them help you.


Gemini Placements:

They are showing me you holding a crystal ball in your hand, but acting as if you’re not aware of it. It’s as if you know you have the power to completely altar your path, and you’re crushing it on purpose. Taking the fact that you have the power to plan your life how you want it for granted here.

I sense you’re in blame mode for some reason. That or you’re trying to manipulate a situation by sitting in ego, rather than accepting a situation for what it is. There is an ending that may be necessary or coming.

I do think some of you are holding on to a relationship simply because you’re concerned about money and financial stability. This is bringing you a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights. There is a lot of fear and past conditioning coming up in the cards for you.

If I remember correctly the last few readings I’ve done for you have been about love. About you needing to release a connection. One where you always seem to be the one to have to clean up someone else’s mess.

I feel like the person you’re with has told you they want a new beginning with someone else, or maybe had someone else recently and you’re on guard over them possibly leaving you for this other person again. Let them go, Gemini. This is an unhealthy, toxic attachment and the removal of this person from your romantic life is a blessing. It’s orchestrated by the divine. Judgement day is here and it’s time to heed the call.

There is someone else out there who will be such a better match for you. I do see you gaining some confidence and willpower in September. Moving forward believing that, finding some inner strength, and even maybe accepting an offer of love and stability from someone new yourself.

Listen to your intuition, pay attention to your dreams, write down any repeating numbers or things that seem coincidental. I see you being publicly rewarded or recognized regarding an awakening or epiphany you have. You trying to manipulate this situation only prolongs the inevitable, Gem. I don’t think you have a choice. Your person wants to move in a new direction.

Take a look at your situation more closely. Are you reacting to it intuitively or from past ego conditioning? You are not unworthy or without courage. Take a step back this September and heal. Find the magic that lives within you. Every answer, everything you need is inside of you. I do see a passionate spark lighting you on fire for more this coming month. You’re even inspiring others before this is over.

You will be battling yourself. You way is not the only right way, but that’s what you seem to think. Your person may have cheated or been involved with another person while you two were on a break. That doesn’t mean what you and this person shared is for nothing. There are beautiful lessons you can learn from your time together.

I do see your person is being guided to the other soul via a divine connection. They aren’t meant for you. You are each meant for someone else. Think of it as you two being catalysts to propel each other forward. I know it’s tough, but they really do see this other person as unconditionally loving, nurturing, self-made and meant for them. You have someone like that, too.

I do see your person moving away from you no matter how hard you fight against it. You’re deceiving yourself if you think otherwise. Maybe in the past your ego techniques worked, but they’re not going to this time. It’s time to let this cycle end, accept the truth, and trust in the unknown.

I think most of you already know this. In the recent past you partner let you know they wanted to offer their passion to another. Maybe this felt like the rug was pulled out from under your feet. You feel you’ve invested so much love into this person just for them to not appreciate it. I see a lot of anxiety and defensiveness here.

I feel like your person has been growing spiritual as of late and they told you the truth about the offer they want to make someone else. They may have explained that they feel you two are karmically connected or trauma bonded and this has been illuminated for them clearly.

They miss this other person deeply and you’re not buying it. You may view this other person as the problem, but the cards say that isn’t the case. You and your person have never had a healthy relationship if this is for you. It’s been full of heartbreak and pain. It’s time for those karmic ties to be removed, so you can both move on to something more reciprocal.

I do see you using a blend of reason and intuition in September. You’re assessing all of this and agreeing to let this relationship end once and for all. To embrace loving yourself and making a choice to build something with someone who actually cares for you the way you deserve to be cared for.

There is independence and a possible divorce in September. I’m sorry if this is your story, but the sooner you embrace it the sooner your actual divine partner can come in and love you. Heal thyself and love thyself. Then and only then will a partner come along who is both healing and loving in return.


Cancer Placements:

Cancer, normally you have an incredibly hard time letting go, but in September that’s coming easy for you. They are showing you walking around with a pair of scissors, cutting ties to what no longer serves you. You’re doing this with peace in your heart and a smile on your face. I don’t see you being vindictive about any of it. Just ready for a new life, new vibe, new tribe.

Yeah, you’re definitely walking away from emotional offers of the heart that you know are deceitful. If it’s toxic, not reciprocal, in any way an uneven exchange you’re saying goodbye. I do see someone from the past, or maybe someone you’ve lived past lives with coming in next month. Their offer brings you harmony and balance. More like you might seek them out.

This person feels like home to you, and anything or anyone in the way of that is being removed. You’re feeling romantic, nostalgic, and ready for something new in matters of the heart. Even if by new it’s a rekindling of the one that you know got away and shouldn’t have. You’re done with disillusionment, ready to stop holding back how deeply you feel for this person, and cut out the rest.

I see you mapping out a strategy to control your emotions and simply speak how you feel. You feel like this person is everything you could ever want. A dream come true. There may be a fear of rejection, but you’re being advised to trust the signs, dreams, and visions you’re given. To seek guidance from within and listen to your higher self. This person has amazing potential.

I see you surrendering all your wishes and desires to the universe. You desire a home with this person. To build something loving, harmonious, and peaceful together. You’re moving in slow and steady, but so ready to invest and defend passionately what you want. You see this person as a light in the darkness. Someone who inspires you and expands your mind.

I do see this person initially having some reserve or internal conflict about a reconciliation with you, but maybe you understand why. Perhaps whatever happened between you in the past hurt this person and so their hesitation is understandable. I don’t see you relenting, though. It’s as if no matter how long it takes you are in this and willing to pay the price.

This person you’re in love with is harmonious and peaceful. I don’t see them conflicted long. They understand they are responsible for their own inner peace and calm. I see them as meditative and serene. Full of unconditional love and authenticity like you’ve never known. But make no mistake, your return does have them in their head a bit.

I see you being successful in this connection. Both of you walking forward together leveling up in consciousness, and standing in your power. No more of those ego power dynamics at play in your life. This is truly a one of kind connection you have with this person.

This process may have already started with cutting people out. In the recent past I see justice and balance being restored. I see you accepting the truth about cycles that need to end, and about passionate beginnings you want to chase after. There is just this acceptance of what is.

This is a very happy reading, honestly. In the present I see you full of confidence and willpower. It’s as if absolute clarity has set in about who you are and what you want from life. You may be independent right now, but this person is heavy on your mind. Home, home, home is the theme. You’re wanting this new beginning badly.

I feel like divine timing has been at play in this connection. Once September comes I see you two back together and working in unison to build something long-term and stable. The divine timing has come. The inevitable endings have taken place. There is strength for you to move forward now, and to begin a new cycle with a divinely sent soul that aligns perfectly with your own.


Leo Placements:

Leo, something big, major is shifting for you in September. The start of something that is going to lead to a luxurious life for you. I see you walking around this vast backyard and there is a pool. You and someone else are holding hands and scrolling through enjoying the land.

It feels like a reward that has been a long, long time coming. Money, finances, career, love, all seem to come swooping in and up-leveling all at once for you. All the things you’re used to worrying about won’t ever be a thing again soon.

The number eight keeps coming up in my head. Eight, infinity, self-empowerment, the ability to pull from the ethereal realm and make it tangible in the material world. There may be some connection here.

What a phenomenal reading, Leo. You are walking through the door to personal healing and happiness in all areas of your life. If you fall into this group I’m picking up on you’ve done a hell of a lot of work on yourself and it’s all about to come to fruition. Harvest is here.

There are about to be so many new beginnings in your life that there is no way you haven’t felt this bubbling beneath the surface energetically. Keep setting personal intentions and remaining optimistic. There is absolute clarity coming in September. If you’re not clear yet just trust and wait it out. I see the scales of justice balancing. Your karma is cleared and your rewards are here.

I do see a stable love offer coming toward you. I suppose it could be business. It almost appears to be both. This person has done a lot of inner reflection and work on themselves. It’s definitely someone from the past. At one point they may have gone back and forth between you and their past, unsure or unclear of what or who they wanted to build with.

Whoever was in their past isn’t very nice. It was a cold and bitter environment. I feel like this past person they were with holds a lot of resentment and pain they refuse to heal. However, with you they sense this soul purpose. They want to work with you to learn and build something rooted in the material world that can bring abundance.

I see your crown chakra on fire and lit up in September. You are going to have a free and clear, flowing connection with the divine. Wherever there was rejection in the past I see passionate new beginnings opening up. If you’re concerned about this meditate because you’re a vessel for the voice of God in September. But I see you and this person as a power couple honestly.

They held back how they felt in the past and tried to forget you because of the intensity of how they feel. The feelings they have for you are out of this world and it both excites and terrifies them. This isn’t someone who ever intentionally hurt you, called you out of your name, or disrespected you. This person cares way too much about you for that.

They enjoy that you’re confident. That you don’t need them, but that you want them. You can remain single if that’s your choice. Just know that comfort zones never produced anything great. The key is around your neck. Stay where you are or unlock the door.

Leo, you and this person are ten of pentacles energy. If you collaborate with them I see you building mega wealth and a dynasty of love to leave your children or family when the time comes. Find the inner strength to push through the ego, the anxiety, the uncomfortableness of change, and let the wheel turn in your favor. This is all good stuff.

This person is going to communicate out of nowhere and be so full of emotions for you. It’s an unconditional love that is open and pure. Surrender to the release of your inner conflict. There is no need for it. Do not let past mindsets ruin or halt your future. The future is now in September.

There is a need for you to remain present in mind and body. This new beginning is divinely guided. What is not meant for you will be clearly illuminated. Trust that and move forward in the healing this connection is going to bring you both. This is big soulmate, twin flame, once in a lifetime love energy coming through. A contract with a purpose.

Remain mindful and meditative, so you’re not carried away too far, too fast. Maintain some sense of material balance and grounding. You’re ready to blend the spiritual and the material together, and this person is ready to communicate a truth to you. Use reason and intuition both on this. You are going to create and give birth to something divine together.

Don’t put up your walls and listen to the fear and anxiety. You’re meant to collaborate with this person and build something long-term and stable. I feel you have much to teach each other. I feel you already know this. Maybe you do tarot yourself or watch readings online. Leos are meant to open their hearts fully and unconditionally. Do it, Leo.

In the recent past you’ve been feeling this person’s energy coming back ready to build. You feel them wanting to rush in passionately. You know that whatever you’re about to build you will be recognized for publicly. You’re tapped into the primal force of the universe, and sense their ascension.

In the present moment your higher self is helping you sort through the chains that may still bind you. Helping you stand up against the anxiety that comes along. The truth is you know this person is standing in their power and that you’re meant to build this legacy of devotion and abundance as one.

In September I do see you fighting through some inner conflict. Surrender to the fact that fear and anxiety are a part of anyone’s life who dares to do something great. You are confident and have the willpower to push past it and proceed. This person is coming forward heart on sleeves to make you an offer.

It’s going to change your entire world. A new cycle is approaching. You may have to defend this connection to others. Do not listen to outside opinions. Listen to your inner knowing. Your intuition. Go where you are guided period. This person’s past doesn’t define them anymore than yours defines you.


Virgo Placements:

They are showing me the Hermit card, your card. I feel like even in rooms full of people you have been diving deeply inward. It’s as if you can’t stop thinking about something or someone. Your soul is calling out to you constantly. You’re recognizing you keep yourself fenced in, and are ready to remove your self-imposed limitations and seek what makes you feel free.

Right away we get the healer of the ages. September is going to be incredibly therapeutic for you. The divine is pouring health and healing into your life. I also see clarity coming on what will bring you emotional fulfillment going forward in life. I feel like you want to make an offer to someone that is stable, but you don’t feel stable yourself really. I do sense unconditional love here.

You’re afraid to rock the boat too much and get anxiety whenever you think about this offer. I feel like it is either to fix or heal a current relationship, or to clear up a past connection you deceived yourself over. Maybe you thought this person wasn’t for you, but they are. I see you almost peering behind the curtains, inching forward, wanting something tangible.

You are recognizing that you are the magic. That all the tools you ever need live within you. You’re ready to revive something passionate and start over. Where you used to have a lack mindset I see you embracing an abundant mindset going forward. You’re stepping into your full power. You’re done playing ego power dynamics with other people.

You are clearing the clutter. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual you’re cleaning house now. What must go will go. I see you clearly have your sights set on something better. A life full of expecting your ships to come in, and I see they do in September. Existing healthy connections will be even better. A new love may show up and bring abundance and creativity.

I see you making a stable offer that carries a ton of potential. I see you ready to communicate honestly with everyone in your life. No more holding back. No more half truths. No more lies. There is someone you miss deeply, too. You’re thinking about them a lot. You want to communicate with this person.

The advice is to move forward slowly and with a steady heart and mind. I see you wanting to rush forward and defend yourself on why you left this person out in the cold, or ask them why they did that to you. Even if your intentions are good consider other people’s feelings always. This person may be guarded for good reasons, and those will be illuminated to you.

I see your offer as genuine and honest. You’re ready to transcend to another level of consciousness and pour out your heart. Listen, you don’t have to wait to approach this person for conversation. What you do need to do is carefully consider what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. Be yourself and remain absolutely authentic and I see things going smoothly.

There is an element of you having to trust the unknown about this situation, and part of that still frightens you. You’re clinging tight to anxiety over this connection. This person makes you feel peace and harmony in their presence. You get along incredibly well. It’s either you wanting to move forward to someone from the past or you wanting a current partner to step up the game.

There is a level of independence and singleness I see ending for you. So, if it’s a current partner I feel they are stepping up. If this is a new partner I see them as divine and meant to be. Ten of pentacles energy is all about taking a connection from energetic potential to material manifestation. Wealth and a dynasty of love is assured for your future either way.

In the recent past I see you’ve been gathering momentum to speak your truth. You may be spying on this person’s social media. I see that you’ve recently ended some addictions or cycles that you knew needed to end, too. That you’ve decided to listen to your soul’s song.

This has made you hopeful about the future, but there is still this anxiety and holding back from a person who absolutely feels like home to you. There is a need to accept that whenever you’re making a big change in your life anxiety and fear will be part of it. Tell it you appreciate it trying to protect you, but you are not in need of protection. Surrender to the truth and the truth shall set you free, Virgo. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s facing your fears.

You’ve set yourself free from self-sabotage and illusion recently. At present you’re feeling pretty good overall. I see you still going within and reflecting on what would make you happy. You really want to build with this other person and know that you could teach other so much.

I see your higher self leading you toward making an offer to them, but maintain balance. Make sure you’re grounding yourself because these changes and this connection are fated. It’s going to open the door to some big stuff that you can’t even imagine.

September looks incredible. I see you and this person reuniting or growing to another level. There is a lot of healing with the four of swords and the Star card coming out. A wish is fulfilled for you. You are both moving forward confident and emotionally stable. Leaving the past behind and unpacking any leftover baggage as you go.

Namaste to all!

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