September Energies: Libra-Pisces

I posted the first six signs here:

Hello tribe! I’ve decided to go ahead and get out the energy readings for September. I do ask for Sun, Moon, Rising, and all other relevant placements to be considered. So, read one or all for a fuller picture of what you may be experiencing come September 2020. This post is Virgo through Scorpio.

As always please don’t take anything that does not fit for you. As I’m connecting to energy for each sign, and there is no possible way it can be accurate for everyone under that specific sign. There may be bits and pieces from each placement that creates a whole for you. Please use your own intuition and discernment.

Remember, your intuition isn’t loud and doesn’t make you fearful. That is anxiety. Thank it for coming to protect you, and then tell it you do not need its protection. Listen to the still, quiet voice within. Sit in the stillness and just observe a while. Let what isn’t meant for you miss you. What is will never.

I will remind you September is going to be more difficult for all of us. Wherever Mars is transiting in your chart it’s going to require three times more effort than normal to get anything done in that area. It will be going Rx on September 9th and squaring a stationary Saturn. So, look to where Saturn is transiting in your chart as well.

Whatever house Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are in now is the time to make a plan to clean that up. They have been there quite a while trying to get your attention. In December Saturn and Jupiter will be moving on into Aquarius, but Pluto will remain where it is until 2023. Now is a good planning and behind the scenes learning and activation time.

The Mars Rx will not be square Saturn the entire Rx. It should ease some after September ends, but the Rx is in effect until mid-November. So, know that no real movement is likely until then. Don’t let the frustration and feeling of being stuck get to you. Look beyond to what it is trying to teach you and cultivate some patience and diplomacy.

The rest of this year is truly some tough astrology to deal with, but the more you learn about your own personal chart, the transits to that chart, what aspects transiting planets are making to your natal planets, the easier it is for you. You will be ahead of the game in at least understanding why there are delays and frustrations for you in certain areas of your life.

If you’re interested here is a link to a transit calculator. If you scroll down past the wheel once you enter your information it will tell you plainly which house each planet is in. Right above that are the aspects those planets are making to your natal planets. Trines and sextiles are better than squares and oppositions, but it’s useful to Google anything you feel relevant.

I do go to extended settings and switch the house system to whole signs, as this is my preference, but do what feels right for you.

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Without further delay…

Libra Placements:

They are showing me this woman going back and forth. One minute she’s in a dress, excited, dancing all around. The next she’s in jeans, pacing the floor, and continuously checking her watch. There is something you’re excited about, but also worried about at the same time.

There is something old closing out. The inevitable end to a cycle. I don’t know if it’s a job, a move, but something is changing. This seems to be a good change. One that is for your highest good, anyway. It’s something you know intuitively is the right move. You’re hoping it will bring a more stable life and end up being something that lasts long-term.

I think the anxiety is natural even when the change is good. You’d do good this September to look back on old patterns, habits, mindsets that are no longer serving you. It’s time to heal and release them. I do see either a new romance coming in, or the deepening of a current relationship. Don’t let old wounds bleed on people who have never cut you.

Whether this person is new or familiar they are genuine in their love for you. It’s time for you to recognize the old wounds you’re carrying around and lay them down. The past is only good for the lessons that live there. I see this new experience, whether a move, a job, a person being extremely reciprocal and healthy for you. I see you successfully overcoming unhealthy attachments.

There is a recognition that comes in for you resolving some sort of conflict. I don’t know if it’s an internal one, something at work, or you successfully mediating external forces, but you’re thinking on your feet quite well in September and it’s noticed.

I do see you needing to surrender to something from the past that has to be let go. I see you standing on the precipice holding the past in one hand, the future in another, and stuck on making a decision. Use your head and your heart for this one. It has to do with a legacy you want to leave and with love. Be it love for self or emotional fulfillment with another.

There is some anxiety either way over a passionate new adventure. In the end, I don’t see the anxiety holding you back. Just remember that anxiety only comes in to protect you. It never does that, but that is the intention. So simply speak to it and validate it. Tell it thank you for coming, but you don’t need any protection. You and your higher self got this.

I feel like for some of you this is over a house you’re buying and for others maybe you’re moving in with someone for the first time. Either way in September your third eye is completely open, so meditate and you will learn where to play defense and where it’s not warranted.

You want balance, but you’re losing sleep and worried over it not being achieved. There may be some envy or jealousy involved. Maybe something happens to prevent or stall this new adventure, but I do see it eventually panning out. Embrace this in between time. Old cycles are closing out and new ones are bound to begin.

I see the universe really pushing you to go within and do some soul searching. That is where your truth and answers are found. If your relationship is harmonious other than when envy comes up perhaps it’s time for a heart-to-heart conversation and game plan. Listen to what isn’t said, too.

Act as if in September. Don’t let small mishaps have you walking around afraid and in a negative mindset. Your ships are on their way in. There is something to celebrate. You’re anxious over the unknown, but if you’re tapping in the path is illuminated for you and there is nothing to be afraid of.

By the end of September I see it all aligning in your favor. Whether this is a home, a relationship, a job doesn’t matter. Whatever this new commitment is justice is yours. You have to trust in divine timing. I see a huge ray of hope coming in and a gift from the universe. You’re going to feel on cloud nine.

Whatever you’re leaving behind is worth it. I see the new offer being incredibly stable. It’s just going to take a bit of time is all. Not only is this going to be successful, but the success of it will benefit people beyond yourself in some way.

All of a sudden things are going to pick up pace and you need this down time to prepare. Fated changes feel overwhelming and they’re going to come in all at once. Great time to meditate and journal. To reflect and heal.

Just know you’re working on the right things. Take this time to perfect it as much as you can. I see whatever this is leading to long-term, stable, abundance. Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged. Mars is Rx after all.


Scorpio Placements:

This vision is intense, Scorpio. I am seeing rubble everywhere. It sort of reminds me of the ten of swords card in my Steampunk tarot deck, but instead of laying down on the ground with swords in your back you’re standing on top of this peak victorious. Wounded but feeling like something hard is finally over. It feels like you’re in need of proper rest and healing now.

Scorpio, there is a lot of abundance in the near future headed your way. Whether this is money, love, wishes granted, or all of the above I see great things headed toward you. It may not be here right now. In the present I see you having to end some tough cycles, but the universe wants you expectant that if you do what you know you’re being led to do the reward is great.

I see a passionate, fun new beginning once the inevitable cycles end that you know must end. This could be mindsets, relationships, jobs, habits. Only you will know what it applies to. For some of you I see you standing firm and strong in the face of insurmountable opposition. It may feel like everyone you know is against you, but you’re not backing down.

I see you finding determination and strength to fight hard through the anxiety, through the fears, through the sleepless nights. I see you transmuting grief and sadness. Finding a purpose for the pain you’ve endured. In September a lot of the changes may be mostly internal at first. I see you tapping into your intuition and weighing the past against the future.

You’re ready to begin this new cycle that will lead you to abundance and material safety. Many of you are learning how to bring spiritual visions into the material world for all to see. I don’t see you leaving a single stone un-turned. Wouldn’t you know that card I saw in the vision showed up. Your higher self is pushing you to end something once and for all.

There is a life ahead that is far more balanced and offers you a lot more emotional depth and fulfillment. Even if all you’re ending is an old way of viewing the world. I feel like with love you feel boxed in somehow. This may be because you grew up with a distorted view of what love is, and now you’re experiencing something with someone who is showing you what it really is.

Your dreams, visions, and downloads will increase in September. Whether this person is someone you’re currently with or wanting back I see them guiding you with their energy. It’s as if your connection to them is a light inspiring you to fully open your heart and embrace effortless, harmonious love.

I think you’re afraid somewhat of the unknown. You’re being asked to overcome that fear and embrace excitement for it instead. Go within and meditate. Spirit will guide you through the unknown. It’s where all the real miracles reside.

I see you beginning a journey in September. Laying down unnecessary burdens mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You’re ready for some truly reciprocal energy. To build a solid foundation and marry someone you know celebrates you for exactly who you are.

This person is self-sufficient, warm, nurturing, and caring. They don’t need you, but they want you, and that’s how you know it’s real love. Often Scorpio likes the possessiveness, but the most that ever comes from a relationship like that is something toxic or bonded via trauma. It’s not genuine love.

I see you talking to someone about how you finally understand your righteous attitude and anger only ever created additional suffering. I don’t know if this is a friend, the lover I’m seeing, or a therapist. But you’re ready to embrace a new mindset. To surrender to the fact that your dreams can come true. I see you embracing logic and intuition. Lots of transformation happening.

Whoever this person is they came into your life to activate major growth for you. They have a ton of creativity and the potential to birth beautiful things into your life. You have to let down your guard. This connection is quite magical. I see you quite balanced with your transformation by end of month.

Make sure you’re not holding on too tight to outcomes, feeling possessive or jealous. This person is truly sent to inspire you to be a better you. There is a new beginning, or fresh start with someone you’re currently with. I see each of you loving yourselves and each other. Tons of emotional fulfillment.

I also see you both have things to teach the other. You may collaborate on a project or business idea. If so I see that leading to abundance and stability down the road, so go for it.


Sagittarius Placements:

They are giving me this vision of you mostly wandering around aimless. It’s as if you’re not happy where you are, but you’re not sure where you’d rather be. You’re teetering back and forth. I feel as if you’re a bit spaced out even. It’s almost like headed anywhere but here energy, but you’re not in a rush. Just going wherever the wind blows without intention.

I have to add this because Spirit is leading me to. For some of you I get a sense that your mental health won’t be the best in September. If this is the case please do not suffer alone. Reach out for help to people you trust.

There is clearly indecision over a choice needing to be made. I feel like this choice is to stay or go in a current relationship, or it’s between more than one person and you’re not sure which one you want. I sense you feeling impatient and wanting things to hurry. There is a need to set an intention via meditation and seek some inner peace. You’re feeling quite desperate.

I do see you wanting to move on to smoother waters either way. To release yourself from your past or from someone who is toxic. You want someone who is self-sufficient, warm, kind, and treats you well, but you don’t think you deserve that. So you’ve settled for less. Many of us have been there.

If someone is manipulating you it’s time to walk away. If you’re the one bitter and manipulative perhaps it’s time to stop and ask yourself why. There is some cold, bitter communication around you. Set some healthy boundaries and start getting real and honest with yourself.

I do see that someone in the current partnership tries to manipulate the other to get their way and then blames the other person for all the problems in the relationship. This doesn’t have to be love. It could be friends, family, etc.

Whatever this decision I feel you’ve been weighing it for a while. It’s like you don’t trust yourself to make the right choice. There is definitely some cycle that needs to end and it’s making you incredibly anxious. We have the lovers surrounded by the two pentacles and justice. Either the relationship needs to be restored to balance or a divorce or separation is due.

If the choice is between two people choose the one who lives their potential or choose yourself and let them all go. Only let someone into your life if they offer you genuine love. Don’t keep falling in love with potential. Fall in love with who someone actually is. It’s time to learn how to love and value yourself, Sag. Honestly, until you do no one else will either.

Strong message on repeat of you having major anxiety over this indecision. You’re at a fork in the road and you’re getting in your own way. I highly recommend meditation to calm your anxiety and inner world. When the anxiety comes I speak to and validate mine. I repeat until the anxiety subsides, and in between I do breathing.

“Thank you for coming to protect me anxiety. I no longer need protection. Me and my higher self got this.” Inhale deeply to the count of five, exhale to the count of 7 slowly. Repeat as needed.

I do see you ultimately finding the strength to stand up for yourself. To choose yourself and start something brand new. Once you do this I see new people coming into your life who want to build something solid with you. Could be coworkers or friends. I see you feeling lighter, freer, as if the universe has handed you this beautiful, incredible gift.

There is a need to fly above your situation and detach a bit. Write down everything you’re considering and then read it pretending a friend sent it to you. What advice would give that friend? Take that advice. You have way too much potential to keep settling for less than you deserve from yourself and from other people. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past.

If you feel shame talk to that, too. “Thank you for coming to remind me that I have an internal value system I haven’t always lived up to. I do not need the reminder. I’ve forgiven myself for the past and I do better now.” Breath in five, exhale 7. Repeat as needed. Don’t hide your authenticity because if you do people fall in love with a mask, and you’ll still feel unloved and unworthy.

Be honest with yourself this month. Tap into your higher power. Trust any dreams, visions, signs, and downloads you receive about the ships that are coming in for you. They are on their way. You just have to learn to control that anxiety and trust the unknown.

By the end of the month I see you still sitting there, wishing someone else could make the choice for you, when suddenly you gather the confidence and willpower to just move forward. I see you excited and passionate for a new beginning. Don’t feel like everything has to be perfect before you move ahead. The path is going to be illuminated for you. Just maintain balance.

Stop listening to your head and ego. Listen to your heart. Once you learn to balance your inner energy the people external to you will be attracted by that vibration and your relationships will be more reciprocal, too. Don’t fall for deceit, lies of changed behavior, release addictions.

I see lots of transformation by end of month and you’re done going through the motions and wishing for something better “out there”. You’re going out there. Whatever you’re moving toward brings in stability in the long-term.


Capricorn Placements:

They are showing me you’ve built something you’re incredibly proud of. You’re standing next to it, admiring it, wishing others care about it as much as you do. It feels like a lonely success. As if you worked so hard and there is zero appreciation for your efforts, but I do feel you did this for yourself mostly, so if no one appreciates it then appreciate yourself, Cap.

You are feeling impatient and defensive going into September. I feel like you worked quite hard on whatever this is and brought an ethereal vision to life in the material world. However, you’re sitting in this unknown space not knowing what to do next, and wanting to be recognized for your accomplishments. You may acting rather demanding and authoritative.

If you want the troubles with those around you to end, and for them to respect and appreciate you I see a need to surrender to your higher self. To go within and reflect on where you may have caused the tension, or perhaps neglected your relationships for your work. There may be a resentment from those you love because of you neglecting them while you built whatever this is.

If you have an honest conversation I see the foundations growing solid again. You just need to do some soul searching and trust the guidance that comes. Once you have some of heart-to-heart conversations, perhaps apologize and make it right, I see any hostilities ending. I see some exciting offers coming your way and the recognition you’re craving with some celebration.

You have truly accomplished something great. These resets on your relationships bring a lot of emotional fulfillment, too. So overall I see you feeling professionally and emotionally content. Then suddenly you feel like the universe isn’t letting you move forward. As if you’re stuck.

Take this time to observe. Maybe you’re unsure and overwhelmed by the possibilities of what you will tackle next. Do some reassessment, spend some more time with family, loved ones, and friends. I see a potential new project coming in, but you’re going to have to surrender to Spirit and set up a daily meditation practice. Make sure you can balance work and home.

You are being called to step and lead. To lead with your heart and not neglect the people you love, and then cause imbalance when they rightfully feel neglected. I do see you being able to achieve this balance and your home life is transformed. I see anxiety, sleepless nights ending. You’re going to feel quite powerful toward the end of the month, maybe the middle.

There is someone in your life, an independent, self-sufficient person who was brought to you to motivate and produce personal growth in you. This person demands reciprocal energy. I feel like you intuitively know this person has potential to birth abundance with you. They offer you confidence and willpower when you seem to be running low.

There is this reminder you need that you must ask for what you want, listen for the answers, and then act in faith. I see you feeling on cloud nine toward the end of September. Completely different energy than when you start the month for sure. There is a sense of you heeding the call of your soul here.

Ending imbalance and toxic behaviors, transmuting sadness and pain, and being inspired to be the best version of you that you can be. Toward the end of the month I see you choosing a new passion project and co-creating this time with others and with the divine.

You can’t simply shout demands. Whether it’s at the universe or the people around you. This is your ego pushing you to chase false sense of power and control. Since you’re being called to step up and lead it’s a good thing to remember that your followers don’t serve you. You serve them.


Aquarius Placements:

I am being shown a camping scene. There is this bohemian looking tent and you and a few close friends are sitting around a fire. You’re up walking around, taking care of everyone else, making sure everyone has what they need to be comfortable. There is one person who keeps watching you. There eyes are all on you and you take notice. It feels intense in a good way.

They admire the love and care you offer to others. I see you and this person stealing away together somewhere to be alone. Cuddling and conversation underneath the stars. I feel very soul connected energy here.

There is a lot of reconciliation and healing energy. I also see something new going on with career or business. It looks like whatever financial constraints you’ve been having are going to clear up. You may get an offer to use your psychic abilities or some type of mystical talent for a paycheck. Someone could come in and offer to collaborate with you perhaps.

I get a sense for many of you that you sense this person coming back with the Moon card here. You’re just unsure of their motives. However, I’m showing a lot of healing happening here. There is going to be an honest message coming through about this person wanting to build something solid with you and you’re going to have an offer to weigh.

This could be a past lover, friend, or family member. Whoever it is I see them bringing a happy sense of home and family back into your life. They have incredibly deep feelings for you and want to begin something new and rooted in inspiration. I see them apologizing for the past and explaining that they left because they felt unworthy of the love and care you offer.

Now they are ready to learn from you, to build with you. They are more united body, mind, and spirit than in the past. I would go within. Let the divine illuminate your way forward. In any case, you make this person absolutely happy. They feel you’re the Sunshine lighting up their darkness. Almost view you as a guide. Nurturing, warm, unconditionally loving.

I want you to remember not to fall into the habit of giving your power away, though. Don’t fear abandonment so much that you shake up all the progress you’ve made so far. Surrender to healthy, practical reassessment and trust divine timing and guidance. I do see this other person has already surrendered. They aren’t here to cause any issues or hostilities.

Maintain healthy boundaries, not walls. I see you struggling with whether or not you want to go it alone, or let this person back into your home and heart, and possibly be left out in the cold again. Maybe just take it slow, Aqua. I do see this is the start of a brand new cycle that is positive and good, but trusting the unknown on this is going to be difficult for you. You don’t want to end up alone in the end if you can just stay alone now.

You are being called to step up and lead this connection. I do believe whether this is love for some of you, a friend, a family member, you’ve lived past lives together and already worked through your karma. You have already been given clarity on who this person is to you, and it’s time to make a choice.

You and this person gather momentum mid-month to discuss working on a soul project together. I see you learning more about a craft or skill. You’re putting in the effort to achieve success. However, there is anxiety. I feel like either this person left you for someone else in the past, or just made you feel cut off and bitter. Don’t let the anxiety win. I see incredible healing here.

This person views you as a gift. A catalyst to their own healing. If you’re overwhelmed at any point, unsure, feeling heartbroken or afraid, go within. Take a break from this person, from work, and don’t push through. Really sit with how you feel and allow the triggers to come up to be healed.

This person’s energy is reciprocal. They give as much energetically as they take. I see you being publicly recognized by the end of the month of something you’ve communicated. I don’t know if you write, do public speaking, but I see those around you celebrating an achievement of some sort.

When you have sadness or concern over the past do your soul searching. I feel this person is meant to be in your life. Strive to find balance and stay in your power. By end of the month you’re feeling rather incredible. You and this person will have worked on forgiveness and healed the ouch. You’re focused on your coin and feeling rather loved and loving.

There is a sense of pure, spiritual, unconditional love surrounding you. You have the potential to create a heaven on Earth with this person. To dream something up in your spiritual mind and make it tangible enough for material abundance to come from it. I see you feeling confident and having the willpower to move forward with this person. Lots of celebration is here.


Pisces Placements:

They are showing you standing in this open space and there is a narrow tornado coming right at you. You are standing there frozen, as if you didn’t know it was coming and it showed up out of nowhere. It brushes past your left side in a near miss catastrophe. You’re shaken up and in awe, but safe. I think part of you did see this coming, but tried to avoid or ignore it.

You may enter the month feeling quite good. Feeling as if things in your life are at least working out. Maybe as if abundance is blossoming in some area of your life. You’re feeling in your power and in control. I see you balancing your logic and intuition quite well, and then boom. Here comes that tower and it’s ushering in an inevitable, painful ending of some sort.

You are going to feel incredibly frustrated or blocked. Try to remember when obstacles and towers appear there is something we are meant to learn from them. This could be a loved one choosing to leave you on your own, or leave you hanging in some way. A solid foundation that is suddenly ripped away from you. For many of you I don’t think it’s much of a surprise if I’m honest. It doesn’t hurt the way it would if it were.

In fact, this ending as unexpected as it was ends up bringing in renewal and hope. It’s as if you feel it frees you up for the ships you really wanted to come in. I see you reassessing things. Just make sure you’re not putting up walls and avoiding dealing with any pain that does come up. You don’t want pain to be the only thing you have to offer others. Don’t be guarded over this.

Trust whatever signs, downloads, endings, dreams that are happening to you this month. It’s all meant to make you more resourceful and creative. I do see some clarity coming about where you want to go next or what you want to do. I do see a caring connection coming back in from the past. I feel this is more work related and you and this person will start some sort of project. A pull and call from your soul. They will be confirmation of your earlier clarity.

This ending you’re dealing with could be a divorce. I have the contract card reversed and clarified by justice and the death card. If a relationship has outlived it’s usefulness in your life I say make space for the new. I do feel you are stuck on this new project and unable to completely move forward.

You may feel overwhelmed or spending more time daydreaming than actually bringing it to life. I feel some of you are partying or practicing some form of escapism to try and keep from having to deal the pain of the loss.

I do feel celebration and fun is fine, but make sure you’re actually putting in the work. Don’t escape to avoid the pain and inevitable grief of change. Even good change is a process we have to accept with purpose and intention. Whatever falls away let it. Whatever this project is trust it.

One of the reasons the universe isn’t letting you move forward just yet is there is more for you to learn. Make time to study and perfect whatever this is. You will know when the time is right to move forward. The universe will send you an unmistakable sign. You have all the tools you need within. By the end of the month I see a stable offer made, but it will be at the beginning stages.

Namaste to all!

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