Self-Empowerment: Pick a Pile

Tomorrow is the peak of the Lions Gate Portal. Personally I will be scheduling a ritual focused on self-empowerment. I wrote more about the portal and did a collective meditation and reading here:

For additional inspiration I wrote this piece:

Who do you owe an explanation to? You are here. You matter. Take up all the space. Speak all your truth. Do not let the story own you. Own your story.

Here are the photo options. Choose one or more and then scroll down to see the collective meditation message and reveals of the photo/s you’ve chosen. There will be information at the end for good karma donations and how to follow me on Twitter or join our Soul Tribe group on Facebook.

Collective Meditation:

It’s sunset and I see you on a zip line gliding through the sky. You’re feeling powerful, huge smile on your face, and there is this overwhelming sense of freedom engulfing you. You stay exhilarated for hours when you’re done.

I see you meandering later through a group of people, stopping to speak to all the ones you know, feeling confident and sure of yourself. As if there is nothing to prove to anyone because you are aware of exactly who you are and what you bring to the table, flaws and all.

For some of you I sense people around you trying to start an argument, and you’ve just completely surrendered. You refuse to fight anymore. I see you explaining that you’re not going to do this. I see you letting them know that if they want to communicate like civil adults to get a hold of you and simply walking away. For many of you this will be the first time you’ve stood firm.

There is even power in choosing to spend time alone, reflecting on your life and the journey you’ve traveled thus far. Reassessing, re-inventing, and re-figuring the journey where needed. Without anyone’s external influence or advice. Just you, a comfy sofa, a soft blanket, a journal, a cup of coffee and a genuine smile as you chart your course.

Empowerment comes in so many forms.

Photo/Pile One:

If you chose this pile I strongly recommend reading the post I linked above titled “Empress Energy”. There is a need for you to stop giving other people the power to validate and approve of you because when you do this you also give them to power to invalidate and disprove of you.

Other people’s expectations are often based and rooted in their own insecurities. Now is the time for you to heal yours and stand in your worth and power. The only voice that will ever matter is your own at the end of the day, so seeking other people’s opinion will only serve to confuse you.

On August eighth plan a ritual that allows you to nurture yourself. Journal your negative thoughts of self and go back over them correcting them. Take a long, hot candle-lit bath. Meditate to a soothing frequency or guided meditation about self-love and self-acceptance.

There are two main blockages to your full empowerment right now. You do not trust your own intuition and inner guidance. You’re busy seeking everyone else’s. There is a strong need for you to connect with Source or your Higher Self on an incredibly deep level. You’re in need of healing that other people cannot ever bring you; especially if they caused the pain.

You may miss an opportunity to stand in your power because you’re failing to believe in yourself. You do have the power to transform your life. You have the power to create something new, to start over, to take back the steering wheel and stop trusting others to drive you to your destination.

Your external conditions are more often than not a reflection of your internal condition. If the vibration you’re putting out into the world is one that is in need of approval you will attract others in need of approval. The two of you will clash constantly as you beg each other for what neither of you has to give.

This is a great time for you to truly connect to a Higher path. To dissect your pain, understand it was never as personal as it felt, and figure out how you can transmute it into a purpose that helps others. Examine where you’re investing your energy and consider investing it into yourself for a while.

Listen, your power comes through you, not from you, so you should cherish it for the gift that it is. Not hand it over to the first person who triggers you and pulls your strings like you are a puppet and they your master. Turn away from a false sense of power that only leaves you dueling for hollow victories.

Sometimes we suffer from analysis paralysis. You may be overthinking everything. Now is not the time to let your mind rule the roost. It is time to allow your intuition a say. To listen to your heart. Not the ego that pretends it’s your soul, but your actual soul. Dive deep and learn who you are.

Until you build a solid relationship with yourself, a deeply rooted foundation that ties to your soul, everything will keep falling apart.

What do you value? Because your relationship with other people will only ever be as valuable as your relationship to yourself. They are all underwritten by your morals, your values, and your ethics. Address the cracks that may in your current foundation and why they are there.

You may experience sadness and grief through this process and that’s okay. Lean on your Higher Self for strength. Sit with the emotions, watch them ebb and flow, discover where they are really coming from. You are not the emotions, but rather the awareness above them. If it helps study emotional intelligence a bit and add that to your ritual.

There is a purpose within you that is dying to be noticed. Once you allow this healing, stand in your power, you will be able to employ new skills, learn more about that purpose, and work toward building a much better life. It’s not up to anyone else to conform and change for you. It’s up to you to set healthy boundaries and make changes for yourself.

There is a need for you to practice disciplined self-reliance. It’s time for you to understand that self-control is a superpower. You will never be able to control other people, but you can control which ones you allow into your life.


Photo/Pile Two:

I feel like if you chose this pile you’re already quite self-empowered, but there is a test coming up. Spirit wants to reassure you that justice is coming in whatever situation you’ve been dealing with. I get a sense you’ve been handling it incredibly well, and you’re about to be vindicated in some way.

Make sure that when this justice arrives you deal with it with grace and integrity. Remember even temptation isn’t happening to you. Life is an ever-unfolding rose. It all happens for you, to teach you something about yourself and how you relate to the rest of the world.

Whatever ritual you create make sure you include gratitude and appreciation for all that you’ve experienced, how far you have come, what you already have. I sense a person entering your life soon who is going to help you reach a place of absolute abundance. Be pre-grateful for this. The energy appears more soft and feminine.

There is a strong need for you not to take anything at face value right now. Situations are not what they seem, and it’s all being worked out in your favor. Maintain your power and integrity. Be on the lookout for helpful assistance if you’ve been working on a project or business venture.

There is something or someone that you want in your life, but it continues to elude you. The timing just hasn’t been right. Make sure you’re grateful for that, too. The universe knows better than you do when it’s time for things to come together. Know that rejection is often for your higher protection.

You’re getting ready to embark on a completely new life. One that you’ve been co-creating with Spirit for a while now. I sense you are deeply in tune with who you are. Know that you are just beginning, though, and make sure you don’t climb on a high horse. There is a lot you still have to learn.

Do not leave Spirit out of the equation. Make sure you’re listening to your intuition and meditating daily. Take notes of all your downloads and dreams. You are going to start seeing yourself in a new, unexpected way. I feel as if your journey to self-worth has been hard-fought, but consistent. You’re not done yet. Keep the faith and keep pressing forward.

Everything you have worked for, all the obstacles you’ve overcome, all the tests you have passed, are now leading you straight to absolute victory. This is a lovely reading. You are someone who has taken your pain and transmuted it into purpose. Understanding it is a guru and epiphany if we choose it.

You might highly resonate with the Empress Energy piece I wrote above. You won’t need for inspiration most likely, but I could see you nodding your head and smiling all the way through it. I don’t want to leave this out, though. Something or someone is coming in as a temptation or test for you soon.

This could be the person or situation that keeps eluding you. The advice is to go within when it happens and consult your intuition. Honestly, I clarified and the same message is coming through. This is something you really do want to invest in, but your higher self knows it’s not time. You’re going to have to stand in your power and turn down this person or situation for now.

This doesn’t mean it will never be meant for you. It’s just not time right now. You have something incredible to build on your own first. If this pile is for you then you likely already knew this. Stand firm in whatever boundaries you set on this previously. You teach people how to treat you, and if you backtrack on your boundaries you’re teaching them you have none, or they are flexible.


Photo/Pile Three:

You are someone who seeks salvation in other people. There is a strong need for you to recognize you are your own salvation. You do not need someone else to save you. It is coming through strongly in this pile that you are meant to be a spiritual teacher and guide for others, but in order to do that you have to get yourself to where you need to be. No one else can do it for you.

When you stay in relationships that are codependent you aren’t ever going to maintain any sense of self-worth or empowerment. You’re constantly begging someone else who doesn’t have any worth cultivated within them to give you what they do not have. It shuts your mind and heart to possibilities.

Create a ritual tomorrow centered around self-worth. I have a sense that you’ve already been working on this some, but the door isn’t quite open yet. You’ve been stuck in indecision over two people, places, or situations. One of them is a toxic, codependent energy. The other more spiritual and sure of themselves. If it’s a situation apply it the same.

I can only tell you self-worth is worth cultivating and you can’t force others to agree or follow you there. There is almost a sense of surrender to that truth coming for you with this peak August 8th. Leaving the past behind is going to be sad, but I also sense you’re inspired for the future. This other person or situation offers an effortless reciprocity that you crave.

I see you choosing to open your heart and follow the new path. This portal is bringing you greater clarity in your emotional sphere and your purpose in life. This isn’t new for you at all if you chose this pile. It’s just you’re only now choosing to surrender to it. I don’t want to alarm you, but I get a sense if you make an offer to this other person it may get turned down.

Let me explain. There is a need for you to prove your self-empowerment and self-worth to yourself. This person isn’t turning you down because they don’t want to be with you, but the timing isn’t right. This is a lesson for you in learning to go with the flow. To prove to yourself that you have value no matter who chooses to see it or be at your side.

Know this, when external situations are blocking your every move there is no hidden message. The message is clear. It’s no, not right now, try again later. I sense you’ve been codependent for a while now, and the last thing you need is to jump into another relationship before you fully heal that.

You’re meant to go the distance. This person is a divine connection. The two of cups has come out twice. I get the sense they entered your life like a wrecking ball and things haven’t been the same since. You’ve been struggling to go back to the old life and pretend that’s where you want to be.

This is a relationship that is meant for you and will stand the test of time, but how badly do you want it really? Enough to let it go for now and know that it is worth waiting for? Go within and you will see that the path for you right now is independence and building your own foundation within, and that this is what leads you to that ultimate place of you falling in love forever.

This person you’re in love with has healthy boundaries and they will be using them on you. They already have a strong sense of self-worth. It’s probably one reason you’re so attracted to them. They will be defending their boundaries, but also letting you know they still believe in you. That you are meant to be a spiritual influence in the spotlight with them.

I do see clarity coming in for you in spite of this let down. Your path is being illuminated in front of you. It’s your choice whether or not you walk it. Will you remain stagnant and small? Will you grow and evolve? You really want this person, though, and I do see you making a couple attempts.

There energy is incredibly healing for you. It’s a harmonious match. They will believe your offers are sincere, but they are going to break your heart gently. This, too, will be a lesson if you allow it. Like I told pile two, rejection is often for your protection. There isn’t something aligned just yet for this to work.

This person is building a legacy. Laying the foundation for something. I see them laying brick after brick with laser focus and intention. So, don’t take their rejection personal. It just isn’t. They are in tune with Spirit and busy co-creating something that has to be built before they can focus on you.

Save thyself, my friend. That is your lesson. That’s where your power lies.


Photo/Pile Four:

There are some cords you have to cut and it’s time to retrieve your soul. It feels like you often miss the forest for the trees and lose sight of the big picture. We are all stardust, we are all one, but we are also a bunch of individuals who make up that oneness. There are times we lose ourselves in others or the collective and can’t seem to find our way out.

There is something about financial constraints being illuminated here. Maybe you’re giving too much to others. I get a sense there are some people you give your all to that it’s just time to cut off. I’m sorry to seem so harsh about it, but it’s coming through quite clear. Whether it’s money or time or something else you’re investing it constantly seems wasted.

With your ritual I suggest you practice learning where you end and others begin. There is this blurred line for you. It’s as if you feel you only have worth if you’re available to help other people at all costs. That’s simply untrue. Out of all the piles I strongly suggest you read the Empress Energy link above.

There is a cycle about to complete for you, but in order for that to happen you must tie up loose ends. It’s time to have difficult conversations, to cut off the takers, and to be kinder to yourself. The world won’t end. In fact, it will finally begin. Finish out the symphonies that you know need to come to a close.

I get a sense you’re worried time will run out somehow, but the universe doesn’t know time the way we do. Everything has its season and you’re hanging onto harvests that are overripe and need to be tossed aside now. What are your true motives in these connections? If it’s time you’re concerned with why do you continue to waste it?

Are you really in these relationships because you know your own worth and feel that is where you belong? Or do they provide you with false sense of worth that allows you to live in the shadows and play small? Are you cutting your own resources short to take care of people who don’t even appreciate you?

You are an incredibly kind, nurturing, giving individual, but it’s time to give to yourself now for a time. You are a practical and trustworthy person, who allows themselves to get taken advantage of. You need to stop living in denial about the people you allow into your life and why you allow them there.

When you do this the wheel will turn. You will start seeing signs and synchronicity everywhere. They will be glaring and obvious. In fact, as part of your ritual I would ask for them. Your destiny is not to simply take care of everyone else because you know how to tend to what you plant and they refuse to plant anything at all.

Start holding back what you have. Energy is supposed to be reciprocal. If it’s not it’s time to cut that energy loose. Build a solid foundation within you and stand strong in it. Then you will attract creative collaborations to your life, people who are reciprocal, because you won’t tolerate less than what you deserve the way you have been.

Your empowerment comes in being honest with yourself. In removing the rose colored glasses you are wearing when you view the people in your life. In trusting in yourself and your ability to provide for you. Ask for illumination because it will granted to you freely. Enjoy some time alone taking care of you. Sit on that sofa, coffee nearby, journal in hand, and redraw your life.

You have a tendency to let other people emotionally dump their problems on you as a way to avoid your own. All this does in the end is provide extra stress, and you feeling obligated to solve their problems for them. It’s time for them to grow up and for you to grow a spine.



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