Saturn Returns

Adjust Your Sails
10 min readJan 12, 2021

That quote above is the perfect quote for this piece. If our South Node really is connected to our past lives my Saturn return proves this quote true. Today I was going through all my charts trying to discover what this New Moon in Capricorn, and what the coming Full Moon in Leo will bring me.

I had never pulled up the Saturn return chart prior to today. What I found was amazing. Keep in mind, I didn’t even so much as delve into the edges of astrology until 2017, so this is not stuff I knew at the time. My Saturn return happened at age 29, on September 2, 2008.

The first thing I noticed is my Ascendant is Pisces. Normally Pisces is the 8th house of my natal chart, and my South Node is there. I also considered how the axis between Virgo and Pisces is very much the ethereal versus material. Next I noticed that Uranus is right on the Ascendant. What was to come was this wild need for me to be independent and experiment with life.

People at the time definitely saw changes in me, and some worried about my mental health. See how Virgo is the 7th house here? In my natal chart Virgo is the 2nd house and I have Saturn, Moon, and North Node conjunct. My mission in this life is to learn interdependence over codependence. It’s to take responsibility for myself and learn about power struggles.

Very 8th house stuff when we are talking about power struggles. Do you see the Sun and Saturn conjunct in my 7th house? I was being pushed to dissect the relationships in my life and find myself through them. With Saturn and the Moon conjunct in my natal and Saturn and Sun here it’s a wonder I didn’t actually lose my mind honestly.

Take a look at the 12th house of Aquarius. Normally this would be my 7th house in the natal chart, and I always refer every chart back to that. See, the year prior to me having my Saturn return I married a toxic, abusive man thinking that would please an angry God and save our family. I became incredibly religious, to the point of removing holidays from our life.

This Saturn return put Chiron, Part of Fortune, Neptune, and the North Node all in that 12th house to line up with my 7th. When I released…

Adjust Your Sails

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