Saturn, Mercury, & the Sun, Oh My!

Adjust Your Sails
9 min readFeb 22, 2024

Are you willing to trust the timing and let the dead things go?

Saturn tasks you with maturing. Mercury with thinking and communication. The Sun is your lifeforce and spirit. So no matter the shadow energy of this Cazimi you can choose the light. To mature in the ways you think and communicate, so you can be true to your spirit.

I come to you in this moment battling anxiety and shame. When I write from a more balanced perspective I sometimes make it seem easy, but it’s not easy at all. It just gets a bit easier with time because consistency builds a tolerance. I can sit here in my shame and anxiety knowing it won’t last forever, understanding why it’s there, and then releasing it.

Hi, my name is Katrina. I’m a chronic over-sharer, whose made tremendous progress, but had the epiphany today that I am still way over-sharing things about me and my life. It is so natural for me to just say what is going on. There is no reason to it. It’s just the truth of my life.

The joys of having to evolve a first house Leo Lilith. Did you know that over-sharing is a trauma response? I don’t just over-share the crazy parts of my life, but the amazing parts, too. I don’t do it to seek validation or victimhood either. So now I’m left to work through why I do it then.

If over-sharing is considered a trauma response because it’s an indication of unresolved emotional pain and turmoil within me then what is that pain? This is what I love about astrology. Because this powerful Cazimi with Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun is going to be deep. My favorite teacher said that this is heavy transit for Leo Risings, and he told no lies.

Without looking at the astrology I can tell you that I am aware of the issue now, and that is half the battle. I am reminding myself that just because I am still oversharing doesn’t mean I’ve lost the progress I’ve made. It doesn’t make me an imposter or mean I should give up.

It’s so hard to be vulnerable at times, but I share because I honestly care. I practice what I preach and like to offer real life examples. Saturn is approaching opposition to himself in my chart, and my Moon is right after. So can astrology help me find the emotional wound that I need to sit in and resolve? It can and I want to talk about that here today.

You are not alone. I am so imperfect still and always learning more. It’s good for us to keep an open mind. This Chiron North Node conjunction is not playing around. I am who I say I am. And that’s good enough. You are who you say you are. And that’s good enough, too.

Who I am is a girl growing self-awareness, and not a perfect pretender. I am a girl who notices where she needs to evolve and takes responsibility for that. Whether I need to apologize or shift or whatever. I don’t want to waste time allowing shame and anxiety to call my shots.

I want to break down in detail the current astrological weather. I’m not going to hold back on any of it. I’m going to give you the duality that exists, and you get to decide which side you want to play around in. There are no wrong answers, but choices have consequences.

Let’s talk about Saturn because he and Mercury are about to dive into the heart of the Sun together and be reborn. Saturn is feeling old in Pisces right now. Everything is heavy. Sometimes humbling clarity only comes through devastating grief. And the grief is heavy and must be burned away.

Saturn represents restrictions and delays because sometimes we aren’t ready when we say we are. He represents structures and legacy. Those are things that tend to take time to build, and we are taught they are built through hustle and hard work. What a lie that is.

Pisces is God, the divine, the oneness of all that is. Saturn in Pisces restricts that feeling of faith, divinity, and oneness. There is a lesson in that for us. Saturn is about discipline and structure, and in Pisces we are meant to discipline and structure our inner world. We need it now more than ever.

Saturn in Pisces restricts compassion and love. It is asking you to mature your inner world regardless. To align energetically with what you want materially. That doesn’t mean you are always high vibe. In true Saturn fashion there are times you have to sit in the thick of uncomfortable emotions. Like me sitting here allowing shame to flow through me.

It will pass.

My nervous system is dysregulated because I have to face a truth about myself once again. And Saturn is in my 8th house, so this is asking me to mature in the dynamics I have with others. Pluto in my 7th house is not fucking with me, as he gets closer to my Pallas and patterns emerge.

I was headed in the right direction with asserting myself, but it has come with so many lessons. Embarrassing lessons that I feel like the whole world all knew except me. Of course that isn’t true, but I am in the throes of trying to let my feelings exist without judging myself for them. That’s the work.

See, others probably were judging me, but what in me were they resonating with and projecting about themselves? I am looking forward to the Virgo Full Moon because maybe it’s the culmination of judgment. It’s the closure to the cycle of chasing perfection.

Saturn is the boundary between two things. In Pisces he is the boundary between escapism and flow. There is a huge difference. What I am doing tonight is flow. What my daughter is doing tonight is flow. The most valuable vibration to the universe is authenticity.

It’s okay to not be okay. You will be again. Found a beautiful quote that represents this energy…

“Most of the time the only things you lose are what was built for a person you no longer are. As you continue to grow things are going to naturally fall away from you. That is a part of life. That is part of being human. And it’s supposed to hurt.

It’s not supposed to be easy to let go of things you love or that you wanted. But it’s also an important thing to make yourself endure and process. If you don’t you become suffocated beneath all the things that you have outgrown, or that are no longer in alignment.

Then the life inside of you that wants to be lived also gets suffocated beneath it. That’s first of all. It’s not supposed to be easy to unwind yourself from the things you love. It’s always going to be painful. It’s not about getting to a place where it’s not painful.

But being willing to endure that pain and have resilience through that. And resilience, by the way, it’s not I don’t feel anything. It’s that I can go to the depths of this feeling, and process it, and I’m gonna come out on the other side. I’m gonna be okay.”

~Brianna Wiest

And the Sun is now in Pisces, too. The Sun is our ego and spirit. The core lifeforce that drives us, and so we want compassion, empathy, and grace. We can’t force others or the world to offer it. In so many ways that is absolutely restricted right now.

Israel and the United States are going to fall together in this mess, and I don’t know long-term what that means. But I do know you cannot depend on governments or fear to see you through. In order to survive whatever happens you have to convince yourself you’re going to be okay no matter what, and that starts in the smaller spaces.

The Sun in Pisces is asking us to burn away all that isn’t faith, that isn’t compassion, and that isn’t empathy. That includes enabling people who consistently hurt our spirit. As the Sun and Saturn come together on February 28th at 9 degrees of Pisces a lot of people are going to become more committed to their ego than to the path of love and light.

Others will discipline themselves to create their own safety and security through networking and tribes. Some will still be doing their best to escape responsibility for it all. You can’t control any of that.

This is the determined spirit eating away the old guard. It’s the sudden removal of blockages and obstacles. It’s renewed vigor and commitment to what you feel you’re called to do. It’s the discipline you need to align with the life of your dreams, even as the world seems to fall apart.

Mercury is also going to enter Pisces on February 23rd. This is said to be the detriment of Mercury because he rules Virgo. I won’t lie to you, Mercury is in not in the best shape right now, but he is going to be answering to Venus in Aquarius.

What could that conversation look like? Well, first Mercury is going to collide with Saturn and the Sun. He is also feeling weary and in need of the excess to be burned away. Mercury in Pisces demands more compassion and empathy in our logical brain, for ourselves, and for each other.

If someone else came to me with the epiphany I had tonight I would hug them close. I would genuinely want them to feel heard and seen. I would remind them that feeling shame and anxiety is normal for most of us, and that learning to sit with that can help reduce self-sabotage and pain.

If I can have genuine empathy for another human being then it’s okay to have that kind of compassion for myself. And that’s the real lesson of all of this, you know? There is no authentic life lived without embracing your dual nature, and intentionally evolving.

Mercury is our thoughts. It’s our communication. And in Pisces it is said that those things are difficult to understand. They are not difficult. They are just uncomfortable, so people prefer we don’t talk about them. With everything going on in the world there is deception everywhere.

And as Saturn and Mercury dive into the heart of the Sun it’s as if we receive this humbling clarity of our mission. It’s just time for emotional growth, and that includes for me. I can’t base my worth on the opinion of those who knew this version of me I have to let go of.

Our worth is inherent.

Things are going to feel shaky for a while. You may as well learn how to self-regulate through it. Be in the world, but not of it comes to mind. We are not in for an easy ride if we are caught up in all the things we have no power to change in the material world.

Our energetic work is so much more powerful. And after I post this blog I plan to meditate and center myself. I will pull some cards and be willing to take a look at myself even further. Of course, I know where this is happening in my chart, too, so that helps.

If anyone else is struggling and would like a reading please reach out. We can set up something that works for both of us in terms of the where, when, and cost. My email is

I am having a Mercury return tomorrow. It rules my 2nd and 11th houses. Its going to be transiting my 8th house when he approaches the Sun and Saturn. This is power dynamics in terms of my long term ambitions and the money I make. And I am eating so much shame that is trying to tell me I have ruined any chance I had.

Something happened recently where after it didn’t go a planned I had to sit through that shame, too. And now I understand why that didn’t pan out the way I hoped it would. Instead of beating myself up about that now I have to learn from it for the next time. And that’s what I’ll do with this, too.

Off to chant “I am not an imposter” for a while. ❤




Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd