Rose Colored Glasses and the New Moon

Where are you deceiving yourself or allowing yourself to be deceived? What intentions should you be setting for the new moon? Left to right is pile one, two, three, four, five, and six. Choose one or more and scroll for the reveal.

Collective message for all piles:

I am being shown a beautiful scene. There is gorgeous weather and I am wandering in a garden with beautiful fountains. I am smiling and running my fingers through the waterfalls as I make my way through the vision.

Everything is peaceful and serene when suddenly I start to feel an energy shift. There is something under the surface that I’m purposely avoiding. I am still walking along, smiling, pretending I don’t feel the shift.

Sometimes we wear rose-colored glasses in life. We tend to overlook the harmful and bad traits in others and in ourselves. When we do this the harm is not reduced. In fact, it likely grows because it’s being unattended to do as it pleases. Being afraid of confrontation can cause us much greater problems than facing it ever could.

So where in life are you avoiding the signs and red flags? This reading is intended to help guide you, but ultimately, you have to choose to open your eyes. To take off those rose-colored glasses and see the truth as it is. It’s the only way to move forward and to receive the blessings that are meant for you.

In some cases, what we are avoiding are the good things. The things we want, but don’t believe deep down we deserve. If we don’t believe we deserve it we will not accept it or acknowledge it once it arrives. The only way you miss what is meant for you is by not believing it’s meant for you, or by holding on too tight to what you know deep down isn’t meant for you at all.

Do yourself a favor and work on ridding yourself of lack mindset. Convince yourself over and over that you’re worthy and deserving of the very best. Don’t stop until you truly, honestly, and authentically believe it with every fiber of your being.

This vision fits with the new moon we have coming up on February 23rd. This new moon will be in Pisces. It will create great sensitivity and perceptiveness of your surroundings. Things you have been avoiding will be surfacing. This could make you feel insecure and lead you to be passive with a wait and see attitude, but you’re being challenged here.

Engage with the new moon and do a small ritual. Seek out what fulfills you spiritually. Pisces have great imagination and your imagination is your magic wand. Coupled with courage and gratitude you’re unstoppable.

Mars is going to be trine Uranus during this new moon. It’s a very fortunate aspect that can increase your sharpest instincts and give you the courage that allows you to take advantage of something new and exciting. It’s a great time to take a calculated risk or start a new project. Even if that project is self-growth and evolution.

The new moon, Mars, and Uranus will form a minor grand trine aspect that will only amplify the positive energy. It’s up to you whether or not you choose to take advantage of this opportunity and get to know thyself. Light some candles that day, meditate, journal, even just write a list of all the things and people you’re grateful for.

We see what we look for. Energy goes where our intention flows. Your words and thoughts are seeds that you’re planting for future harvest. This is what they mean when they say we reap what we sow.

The numbers 1, 2, 10, and 11 may be important clues for you. One is encouraging you to stand independently and be determined and strong. Two is asking you to evaluate your partnerships and the people in your life. Ten is telling you that a cycle needs to come to a close. Eleven is a reminder that you have spiritual gifts and can tap into divine inner wisdom.

Pile One:

If you chose this pile you’re an over-giver. You keep giving, giving, and giving, and you’re hoping that the people around you will some day reciprocate. You’re avoiding conflict using people pleasing, and this has likely built up resentment inside of you. Part of you feels unworthy of the very love and respect that you’re desiring.

Your environment may be hectic. It’s clouding and blocking your intuition. You’re likely acting and reacting based on emotions rather than honest calculations of your situation. The advice for you is to create mindful moments throughout the day on purpose.

You are love, you are a miracle, and everything, the good and bad in you, is natural. We all experience that same spectrum. It doesn’t make you undeserving or some type of monster. Your partnerships and your foundation are being called into question today.

If you see the number four repeating it’s a reminder that you must build a strong, inner foundation before any type of solid partnership can be built externally. The number two came up in the collective and for you. It’s time for you to be honest about some of the people in your life and set boundaries.

Get clear on what your needs and desires are, so that when you do allow people in your life there is reciprocity and equal give and take. Your clarity lives inside of you. Repeat to yourself “I receive brilliant moments of clarity” and then go within to receive them. Be generous with the right people, but the universe wants you to receive as well. Open your heart.

There is a lot of unhealed hurt and trauma within you. This is causing you to potentially miss out on a great opportunity. The time is right, but you’re holding on so tight to the past that the new cycle cannot begin. You don’t believe you have any power because you’re so used to giving it away. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to do that anymore.

Your external life, in many ways, is nothing more than a mirror of your internal life. You DO have the power to change what you see if you don’t like the reflection. This new moon set the intention to dig deep. Ask for your guides to give you the courage and confidence you need to move forward.

You’ve been feeling very out of sorts and upside down lately. Two healing cards have come out for you. There is a deep, deep need for you to face your soul and heal your inner child. I encourage you to meditate, to journal, to give yourself pep talks in the mirror. Take charge of your own growth.

You have all the charisma and passion you need to fulfill your dreams, but you hold yourself back to cater to those who will never appreciate you. It’s time to take inspired action and not care what they are going to think. Stop allowing all that energy to remain unfocused and sabotaging yourself. You are standing in your own way. Be more self-aware and far less cocky.

Don’t be arrogant and participate in gossip. The sort of validation that behavior brings is a temporary illusion. You talk a lot, but now is the time for action. Pursue your intellectual pursuits, learn and expand your consciousness, and be open to new opportunities in your life.

You’ve allowed yourself to be blocked by indecision. You know your current partnerships and environment aren’t meant for you, but you’re terrified of what others will say or think. You may fear making the wrong choice, but everything in you is telling you that staying put is the wrong choice. Sometimes you have to take the next step not seeing the whole staircase.

If you don’t make a change you are literally banishing what is yours from manifesting into your life. Instead, banish negativity, hurtful self-talk, and people who put you down, or take way more than they give. Put yourself first for once, and do so knowing nothing was ever as personal as it felt, so you can release and forgive along the way.

Stop deceiving yourself that life will magically fall into place just the way you want it. You have to do the inner, healing work. Schedule fun and breaks in, so you don’t get stuck in a healing loop, but do the work.


Pile Two:

Just like pile one you give a lot. Unlike pile one you’re not necessarily resentful or angry about it, and whereas they are supposed to heal and start something new, you are in need of major self-care and rest. This isn’t time to heal for you necessarily, as you’ve likely already done a lot of that. Just a time for relaxing.

The universe has a lot of big things in store for you, and now is the time to rest up and prepare for what is coming. There is some more forgiving that you have to do before your ships can truly come in. Figure out who you’re still holding accountable, so you can release them and move forward into your absolute abundance. It was never as personal as it felt.

This new moon I would journal a conversation with the higher self of anyone you’re still angry or upset with. You don’t need to have conversations in the 3D for closure. In fact, their 3D self won’t be able to give you what you need. You need to view it from a higher perspective.

The number five is coming up for you and this means change is coming. It’s time to relax and study how to adapt. Sometimes we have to prepare for the good changes more because we have to understand we deserve them. The number seven is also coming up. This means it’s time to evolve to the next level spiritually. Are you meditating? Journaling? Going within?

Whenever you start to feel afraid of the next step and leveling up remind yourself “My fearless freedom lights up the world”. You have such a gift to offer others, but it has to come from an authentic and genuine space. Don’t do it just to keep people happy and not upset the apple cart. Say no when you need to and make time to do what you enjoy.

Something ended in your life in the recent past and now life feels a bit stale. Whatever ended you avoided a potential disaster. Even if it feels like the ending itself was one. The tower coming in reverse means that the change and drama isn’t happening externally. You’re going through an internal shift.

You’re used to avoiding the inner work by escaping in others. The universe is telling you now is not the time for that. Finish the work you started.

You know this change needed to happen, but you’re a bit afraid of what is next. I have a secret for you. It’s not the physically strong who survive. It’s those who become most adaptable to change. The internal shift is you learning the lessons from the ending, so you don’t repeat the past.

It’s time to focus on what makes you feel good and brings you joy. To allow your passions to light up and spiral into something creative and fun. It’s time to be totally honest with yourself and build your self-confidence. I see big things coming for you, and you must believe you deserve them.

Something has been out of balance for a long time and now is the time to rest and allow it to harmonize. Don’t commit to too many things right now but yourself and those you know will give as much as they take. There is a need to prioritize yourself and your creativity right now.

Stop seeking shortcuts. This comes at your detriment. Put in the work on yourself and for yourself. What you need isn’t found in other people or relationships. It’s found within you. Your relationship with yourself teaches other people how to treat you. Be determined to persevere no matter how many times you fall. Get back up.

Stop avoiding conflict. You’re so afraid to say no because other people may be upset with you. So what? Let them be mad. Do you think they care how you feel when they are using you or taking you for granted? You matter. Put yourself first and listen to your intuition. Let it guide you right now.

When you meditate ask for clarity of thought and your personal vision. An expanded perspective is on its way to you now and it’s up to you to receive it. Stop wearing those rose-colored glasses. It’s not your job to save others. It’s time to finish saving yourself.

Absolutely show respect to yourself and others, but stop apologizing for wanting to follow your own path and dreams. Seek an inner balance and the outer world will become more balanced around you. Reflect on the past and remove anyone or anything that upsets the equilibrium in your life.

You are only responsible for your own choices. Stop deceiving yourself that it’s your responsibility to take care of other grown people. Take care of you.


Pile Three:

You are deceiving yourself that your current situation is meant for you. I don’t know how to put that any nicer. You’re far too attached to life looking a certain way, and you frustrate yourself because it never really does. It’s time to stop holding on so tight to what you think you want, and allow Spirit to bring you what you actually deserve.

This likely has to do with a love partnership. Love is supposed to be a fun and great adventure. That isn’t to say that it won’t take work from time-to-time, but it shouldn’t be toxic and full of unnecessary drama. Are you staying out of fear and trauma bonding? That isn’t love. It is an illusion.

The number eight is coming up for you, as well and five and ten. When you see 8 on repeat it’s reminding you a balance is needed between your material and spiritual worlds. You’re giving too much time to one at the expense of the other. Five is all about allowing change to happen. Ten is a reminder that a current cycle really does need to end.

The moment you embrace your own inner peace and surrender the outcome is the moment the universe can get to work on your behalf. Allow your life to look differently than you planned. Nothing has been a waste of time if you’ve learned from it. Half your life isn’t over. You have half of it left to fill in whatever way you desire.

Right now is a period of realignment for you. Where you are currently the waters feel turbulent and choppy, but you’re on your way to calmer waters. You just have to work on removing the swords and daggers you’ve accumulated along the way and leaving the victim mindset behind.

This new moon spend some time alone. Go into hermit mode and seek your answers within. You are your own inner sage, guru, and guide. Your guides are waiting to offer you help and assistance. Take some time to meditate on what you really want and set intentions to release the need to control it.

There is so much jealousy in your current situation and too much history to ever really make it work. This is an optimal time to really work on building your self-confidence and self-worth. It’s also a great time to let go of what others want and expect from you, so you can follow your soul’s mission.

The person you’re currently with doesn’t allow you to truly be yourself. You’re wearing so many masks. This is a sign that you’re still denying your shadow and darkness. Stop being afraid to own it. Yes, you built up protection mechanisms that harmed others, but you did that because you were afraid of being harmed. Not because harming others was your intention.

See your shadow for what it is. That, too, is an illusion. Expose it to your light and live in the awareness of them both. Part of you knows that you’re denying yourself the experience of your true nature and essence, but like when I was walking through the garden you’re avoiding it on purpose.

Every day wake up determined to surrender to the cosmos. Take an intentional pause and go within to see a different perspective. Embrace the new and realign with your own heart and the blueprint of your soul. You have to sacrifice the old and what isn’t working to make space for the new. Big things are meant for you, but you have to believe them to receive them.

You feel stuck. You want to master yourself and achieve self-discipline, but it seems almost impossible at times. It’s a good time to remember that you don’t have to be perfect. You just have to keep getting up and keep trying. The intentions you set have to be clear or things get muddied. The door to your personal healing and happiness is a choice away. It’s not locked.

Call on the angel of balance when you’re feeling low. Allow her to come in and help you obtain the next goal. Your guides are always waiting to guide you. In fact, right now you’re going through a spiritual awakening. Don’t get so serious about your healing and growth that you forget to have fun. The universe works much faster when we are enjoying ourselves.

Remember that it’s never enough to seek power for power’s sake. Those victories will always be hollow. Seek the wisdom of your own higher self and respect the process. There are no strict rules or dogma, but you must respect the process and have good intentions.


Pile Four:

It’s very important that you take off the rose-colored glasses where cause and effect is concerned. You do not ever need to seek revenge or control what happens next. There are good things coming that are in your favor and you don’t want to miss them. Making good choices will pay off.

Maybe you’ve been making what you think are good choices, and you’re tired of waiting for reward. In this case, stop doing it for the reward and just do it so you can feel authentic and good at the end of the day. Make sure your intentions are pure and honest. It is time to follow your dreams.

You are here to teach others from the experiences you’ve had. Your job is to learn and teach. If you chose this pile it’s likely that your dream is to help others in some way. The numbers 3 and 4 are coming up for you. Three is about allowing creativity to flow and four is about foundations. There is a need for you to balance the world of the practical and the creative.

When you grow anxious or fearful repeat “When I lean on the faith of the universe, my peace becomes real.” Just remind yourself that everything happens in divine timing, and all you have to do is follow the calling. It’s time to release all doubt now. If you put in the work the reward will come.

You are a natural leader who knows when to take action. It’s time to stand in your power and stop giving it away. It’s likely you’re giving that power over to someone who claims to love you and that you claim to love. Real love won’t allow you to hand over your power. It inspires you to stand even taller in it.

New connections and relationships want to come in for you. Your heart isn’t fully awakened yet, but it’s in process. I would spend some time this new moon setting intentions to fully open your heart. Back off from any drama. Get in touch with your emotions, good and bad. Consider your triggers and how you can stop allowing them to have you react in a negative way.

Your heart holds deep wisdom and love. Let it lead the way. There are many soul tribe connections that are on their way to you, but if you don’t open your heart, or you’re holding on too tight to the past, they can’t come in. It’s time to let the past go fully and for good. Recognize you deserve real love.

You know this is the right path for you. You’ve had it with the drama and the bullshit. It’s just not inspiring you anymore. There is someone else on your mind that does fulfill your expectations whether in love or friendship. Start expecting miracles. Start being grateful for the small, every day miracle that you’re alive at all.

Now is the time for more forward and aggressive movement. Be patient, strategic, and plan the movement, but make a move. When things go wrong or seem delayed understand that sometimes obstacles are detours in the right direction. Go within and ask your guides for assistance and help.

You are so intelligent. The knowledge you possess runs so much deeper than you give yourself credit for. You have all the information you need to move forward. You just have to face the fear, and take the next step without knowing for sure what the outcome will be. You should be writing a book or keeping journals of your experiences, as they will be good to reflect on later.

Play your cards close to your chest and don’t share too much with others. There may be someone in your life that is deceptive. They may want to steal your ideas and claim them as their own. This is nothing to fear. You just have to be in tune with your intuition and read energy. It will never lie to you.

You are more powerful than you can imagine, yet you allow others to dis-empower you. It’s time to stand in your authority and set some real boundaries. Stop setting boundaries on the people that would benefit your life in order to stay caught up in toxicity and drama. See things as they are, not as you hoped them to be for so long. You’re wasting so much time.


Pile Five:

You have a fear of abandonment and are allowing it to cloud your vision and the truth that you’re never ever alone. Currently you’re going through a spiritual awakening and it’s time to realize your guides have always been with you. Every coincidence, every miracle, every last minute save they were there.

Right now is a good time to focus on communicating with your guides and your spirituality in general. Find a practice that works for you. Communication is important and if the people in your life refuse to do it in a healthy way it’s time to let them go. Sometimes people are too afraid to be vulnerable because it takes great strength and courage.

The numbers five and six are important for you. There are changes coming for you to a domestic situation. When these numbers come up they are reminders that your capacity to tune into the energy of love gives you the words you need when you’re ready to speak up, the compassion when you need to forgive, and the power you need when you feel lost.

This new moon practice believing you’re whole. That you’re enough and worthy of joy and unconditional love. Whatever your dreams are there is a yes coming through for you, but before it can manifest you have to release the past. You’re hoarding all the wrong things. There is a need for you to remove greedy people from your life and for you to be more giving.

Work through any manipulative traits that no longer serve you, and don’t tolerate others manipulating you. Stop showing off your intelligence for temporary validation and seek to use it to elevate yourself spiritually. You’re very smart, but you can often be cold and calculating. It’s time to thaw that beautiful heart of yours that not many have seen.

Yes, this will cause some temporary grieving and heartache. You are going to have to lose people and things in order to grow. Don’t skip the healing and grieving process. Allow the tenderness of your heart to guide you forward. The lessons can help move you ahead if you focus on those.

Now is the time to really strip yourself raw and be honest. Put aside conflict and stop thriving on it. It’s a time for growth and renewal. You have an exciting journey ahead for you, but it can’t begin until you walk through the door of value and believe you’re worthy of it. We are all worthy, my friend.

You want to be prosperous in all areas of life, but the secret to that is realizing you are the magician. You have all the tools you need for that within, but until you use them nothing can really change. Keeping those glasses on means you’re not willing to believe that your guides are there to help.

It means you’re manipulating others to gain a sense of power because you are constantly giving your power away. That or you keep allowing yourself to be manipulated knowingly. Change won’t drop in your lap.


Pile Six:

This pile is pretty specific for a general reading, but I have to speak what I am shown. You’re not wearing rose-colored glasses for the most part. You may still struggle a bit with exactly how to go with the flow or the energy, but you’re very aware of the flow of energy and doing your best.

You are seeking some sort of relationship change in your life, but in order to usher that in it’s important you stand in your unique expression of consciousness. You have to truly and fully be yourself without apology. This is hard for many people, but I feel like you have the power and knowing of this already. This just serves as confirmation for you.

The number 11 has come up twice in your pile and once in the collective. You are someone who possesses very powerful spiritual gifts. My guess is you’re already tapped in and I would use this new moon to focus on those gifts and learning exactly what they are and the extent of them. There is nothing sexier than your authentic truth, and the more you stand in that the sooner the relationship change you’re desiring comes in.

I believe this relationship has been put on hold for someone else. However, since this person left they have realized the value you brought to the relationship and realized they made the wrong choice. There are a lot of disputes and arguments with the person they left you for, and they want to make amends, but you’re very aware if you chose this pile that divine timing is at play and very crucial to this connection.

You taught this person he or she is free to choose their own healing and light. This person was in a lot of mental bondage when they came to you, and you started the process of helping them to unlock their self-imposed cages. Both of you want the same thing and it will happen.

You want community, harmony in your relationships, and you are both aware that your connection is a divine connection. There is expansion and wholeness involved. This person has been hoarding a victim and lack mindset, and didn’t feel worthy of your connection and love.

Once they release this lack mentality and the need to control the outcome your new beginning comes in with them. It’s a tangible, real, long-term commitment coming your way from someone who shares a soul mission. You will plant goals together with intention, dedication, and faith.

Another potential spot you should watch out for is where your money and health are concerned. You may be deceiving yourself about how you’re using your money and taking care of yourself physically. Though, I don’t feel you’re ignoring this. I feel like you are on a roller coaster with it, trying to figure out what is actually going to work.

Your joy and abundance is pretty close. If you’re not someone who does candle magic I would definitely start on this new moon. I would set intentions for patience and faith, for your partner’s healing and spiritual evolution, and for guidance and wisdom in matters of health and money.

There is a need for you to balance the feminine and masculine energies within you and know when to use them both. When you start worrying too much about the connection and stepping out of your faith in it, step into a masculine mindset of independence and determination. When we become overly emotional there is a need for a balance of logic. It’s about head and heart.




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