We have six planets and Chiron all retrograde as of today. I’d like to explain what each planet means in retrograde to give you an idea of how to use the energy to your benefit and highest good. A lot will depend on where the planet is transiting in your chart, too. There’s a calculator at the end.


Today, Mars goes Rx in Aries and it will remain that way through November 13, 2020. It is asking you to reflect on where you need to apologize. It wants you paying attention to the red flags in your relationships and how you feel. It’s a great time to work on healing and ridding yourself of anger or thoughts of revenge. Get in touch with yourself.

This is going to bring frustration for us all. Mars wants us to push forward and act. Our desires to act may increase, but we will be stopped and hindered. It’s time to uncover who you really are first. To get a better sense of self and clearer guidance on where you’re headed. Dig out your hidden strengths.

Try to view the planning stage of any endeavor as part of the action. If your foundation isn’t solid whatever you build isn’t going to last. Many people dislike the planning stage. It’s boring and you have to pay attention to the details, but without that good luck getting anywhere long-term.

If you feel pushed to act sit down and write out a plan. That is taking action. Look up something about the topic you’re wanting to push forward and learn more about it first. That is taking action. Heal thyself as that, too, is action.

I wrote more about Mars Rx here:


Saturn has been Rx in Capricorn since July 1, 2020. It will go direct the 29th of this month. It wants you focused on your foundation, on structure, on the details of your life purpose and career. Look for a new job, start a business, seek a promotion. Not a great time to debate or have political discourse.

This, like Mars, is about planning. Where can you improve yourself, your life, your health? What fears are restricting you from reaching your full potential and how can you face and overcome them?

While Saturn is in Rx it offers us a more mature perspective on our life and future. The insecurities and fears you have slowly start to dissipate. It gives an essence of clarity. Anything you’ve been working on should now start to fall into place and make more sense to you.

Once Saturn goes direct again you won’t be second-guessing everything so much. You will feel like you have greater clarity. It will bring in some structure and self-discipline for you. Use the energy to your advantage.


Pluto has been Rx since April of this year and will remain Rx through October 4, 2020. This is asking you to reflect on the inner, hidden, secret parts of you. It’s time to face your shadow and expose it to the warmth of your light. Pluto spends half of its time in Rx, so this is something we should do often. The more self-aware we are of our shadow the better able we are to transform it.

We are not here to avoid the shadow, the shame, the darkness. The goal is not to transcend the human experience as if it’s this awful thing. Being human is not awful at all. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s as rewarding as it is challenging. The goal is to integrate our experience fully.


Neptune went Rx in Pisces in June and will be Rx until November 29th of this year. It is time for you to get creative, to take a spiritual hiatus, and to seek your heart and soul for the answers to trusting the unknown. Typically, Neptune in direct motion can have us wearing rose-colored glasses. It’s time now to remove those and get serious.

It can often feel when Neptune goes Rx that something is slowly coming at you. It’s like a premonition or intuitive knowing. You may feel this is a good or bad. So, you can tend to feel off at times during this transit. It will bring some changes in the end for better or worse.


Jupiter won’t be Rx much longer. It went Rx in Capricorn on May 14, 2020 and will be direct again on the 13th of this month, so just a few more days. This should have pushed you to study and expand something that will improve whatever area of your chart it is transiting.

It’s definitely trying to get you to reflect on the things you’ve learned and the wisdom you’ve obtained. It helps you look for and find the truth. While in Rx this growth and expansion is mostly internal in nature. Wanting you to love all the things about yourself that you’ve repressed in the past. Reflect on faith, wisdom, and where you need to forgive self and others.


Uranus went Rx in Taurus on August 15, 2020 and it’s staying that way through January 1, 2021. You have the rest of this year to figure out what you need to change. To release whatever you’ve allowed to hold you back. Do the soul searching work and get ready for the transformation.

It’s asking you to make a difficult choice. Knowing where it is transiting in your chart can explain more about what area of life this choice is to be made in. If you do not make the choice you know you need to make there are going to be natural consequences. No God or the universe isn’t punishing you. Our choices or lack of them just have consequences plain and simple.

You are being pushed to take drastic measures in your relationships, work, inner self. Check the transits to learn more about how it’s pushing you to personally make changes. This one isn’t playing around with you.


Chiron went Rx in Aries July 11, 2020 and won’t be direct until December 15, 2020. This is not a fun transit. Chiron is the wounded healer and it’s going to bring up wounds that have been buried deep inside you because it’s time to heal now. This is an opportunity for you to see your soul’s past journey. Your gold is found digging through the darkness.

Pay close attention to any signs or synchronicities. These are leading you to self-empowerment, which we spoke of during the Lions Gate Portal. Notice the people around you who bring out your uncomfortable truths. They aren’t triggering you on purpose, but they are triggering you to heal. The fuller you embrace this healing the bigger your enlightenment and growth will be.

Now is a time to get busy with self-care and learning to love yourself. If you need therapy go. You will only reconcile things in your life by truly taking back your power. There is no way around this.

I wasn’t thinking Chiron being Rx when I wrote this next passage on Monday, but it’s applicable:

We cannot ever go back and do something over. It’s never going to be possible. If you allow shame, guilt, and other negative emotions to overtake you the result will only ever be more of the same. You won’t nurture and heal relationships.

You will force others to be responsible for validating your worth, which is too much pressure on them. It only adds to the rift. It means your connections will likely never be anything beyond surface level even if they do stay in your life.

The truth is the only way to fix anything, to heal relationships, to have healthy ones now…is to love yourself. There is no way around this. You have to love yourself, forgive yourself for the times you didn’t know better, find yourself worthy of those relationships and the healing of them.

Sometimes you have to love yourself enough to walk away from relationships, too. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about the other person. It simply means you understand that while nothing is as personal as it feels, you don’t deserve to be a dumping ground for someone else’s refusal to heal.

All else is noise and lies. Know your worth. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. There is no other way. There are no shortcuts.

I wrote about Chiron Rx here:

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You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd