Pisces Full Moon Pick a Card

If you didn’t see the photos to choose from for your reading scroll down. I’ll link the four photos involved, so you can choose one or more that speaks to you. ❤

I always start with an explanation and a meditation, and this won’t be any different. The context really does help, but if you prefer to skip it feel free to scroll down to the readings themselves. New Moons are when we should set intentions of manifestation, but Full Moons are all about releasing. So, these readings will be focus on what needs to be released.

This Full Moon in Pisces is going to bring emotions to the surface that need to be released. I know people, myself included, joke about the Moon phases and what they do to us. However, it’s not doing it to us, but for us. If you’re extra emotional there is a reason for that. This is why I started doing rituals. It helps me tap into and have some control over the energy.

You shouldn’t avoid those emotions. Remember that you’re the awareness above them, so feel them, cry if you feel the need, then detach and release. If you are someone into creative self-expression and art I highly suggest making that part of your ritual if you are someone who does rituals.

I know Pisces is typically said to be the escapist placement, and it’s true. However, there is something to be said for healing through artistic self-expression. This is about us finding a balance between being grounded in Earth and allowing ourselves to dabble in the ethereal realm. When we fail to dream it we cannot build it.

If you go through life constantly avoiding self-expression, creativity, imagination, and dreaming you are in constant survival mode. There is something to be said about balance here. Do know that the universe is asking you to have no boundaries when it comes to exploring your inner world and making the unseen seen.

If you refuse to see your shadow how can you ever integrate it into the light? Your pain is your purpose. I’ve written about that previously. See here:

The Full Moon in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, and the Sun in Virgo are all going to be at ten degrees. The Moon will be sextile Uranus, and Uranus will be trine the Sun. These are wonderful aspects. This triple ten is all about divinity. Awakening to love and light. It’s ones and zeroes that make up the computer codes, and it’s part of sacred geometry. There is so much potential here.

Ten is the number of karmic completion, too. So, release the old and embrace the new. It’s the number of manifestation. If you’re holding on to the old you’re not making space for the new things you’re trying to manifest. Confront what you’ve suppressed as the illusion it is and heal.

Knowing which house the planets are currently transiting can help. For me the Full Moon is in my 8th house. Uranus is transiting my 10th house. The Sun will be in my second house. I will consider the aspects of not only these planets, but aspects these transit planets are making to my natal ones. This can hone in your focus. I’ll include a calculator at the end of this post.

With the houses I have activated this is about me learning to be more intimate and open to receiving from others, especially in terms of my income and career. I need to release my independent, go it alone, I don’t need anyone else attitude. That served me when I was learning to live my North Node of self-sufficiency, but I have a healthy relationship with self now and am now capable of setting healthy boundaries. This is called evolution, not hypocrisy.

With this Full Moon being sextile Uranus it could bring a stimulating person your way. That or some exciting event you didn’t foresee. It wants us to be more open to change and to actively seek that change. This is one reason some emotions may be resurfacing now. There may be a healing needed to remove a blockage.

Our intuition is likely going to be heightened. This will allow us to move through things quickly. Be open to following your instincts more. There is likely to be a flash of insight that you need. So I highly recommend some sort of meditation or automatic writing. This is a great aspect if you have old habits to release as well, so it isn’t just about emotions.

What is so great about this is you are going to have an easier time finding your way to feeling at ease physically, mentally, and emotionally. It brings a comfortable confidence with yourself. You are going to want to release any form of impostor syndrome. No time for pretense and pretending.

If you create a ritual you can tap into this inner peace that will bring you harmony, as well as emit it to those around you. You will have a calming influence on others. Great time to promote yourself or your ideas.

Pisces and Virgo are opposites. For me I have my North Node in Virgo and my South Node in Pisces. So, I’ve pretty much mastered creative expression. It’s my Earth grounding that needs the work. So, rather than be head in the clouds, meditative to higher frequencies, and creatively expressing myself in out there ways I will be focused on a grounding ritual. I will likely include time out in nature or walking meditation.

This is why it’s important to know your placements in your chart and what they mean. That doesn’t mean I won’t include some sort of healthy self-expression in my ritual. It just means I will make a concentrated effort to have roots and wings. We must ground our visions in reality or they won’t ever become reality. Both are equally important and necessary.

This is about love, freedom, and liberation. The Sun is in Virgo and Uranus Taurus. This brings us a sense of grounding the ethereal world of Pisces into our Earthly experience. Virgo is all about healing and taking responsibility. As an example my Pisces South Node in the 8th is constantly envisioning ethereal dreams. My Virgo North Node wants to take those dreams, and be responsible for integrating them into my 3D material existence.

This is an example of how we take polarizing or opposite energies and merge them together to create something beautiful. The truth shall set you free, and it’s the only thing that ever will. And, the truth is nothing you’ve ever been through was personal. Every bit of it was another person projecting their reality onto you, consciously or unconsciously. It’s time to release it all.

This is about aligning with the flow of the universe. We aren’t going to be allowed to move forward in linear energy. We have to take a holistic approach, using our practicality, our higher wisdom, and our intuition. We can’t cancel one out for the other. Release what society, your parents, anyone else has ever told you. There is no competition that matters other than within yourself. Settle that and learn to create and follow your own path.

We were not often raised being asked if something felt good for us, if it resonated with us. Even in schools the first thing always cut is arts and self-expression. We were taught to assimilate, to conform, and to please those in authority over us. That system is done. It’s leaving and not coming back.

Yes, we need to consider how what we do and say affects other people, but not at the cost of silencing our own desires and needs. Pisces is showing us the vision, Virgo can help us practically bring that vision to life, and Uranus brings us the freedom and courage to do it.

None of us are better or less than the other, and when we live with the idea that separation is reality we tend to make ourselves better or worse than. We are all one universe experiencing itself in different forms. Separation is an illusion and the sooner you recognize this the sooner real power becomes the dominant force on Earth.

Right now the powers that be are holding an illusion of power over our heads. Think what you want about Bernie Sanders, but when he said Not me, Us, he was exactly right. Let us learn to appreciate one another’s visions without feeling like it’s taking from our own. They all matter and can all be brought to life without lessening the importance of any one in particular.

This is about cooperation between the different parts of you and your inner world, as well as cooperation among us externally. When I was focused on getting everyone to cooperate externally it took my attention away from my inner cooperation and caused more problems than it solved.

So, if we could each just focus on our inner cooperation and follow our intuition we automatically boost the collective cooperation and vibration. Now, I refuse to follow the news. I don’t dabble in politics. I refuse to lower my vibration to get nowhere. I focus on following my path, on my own healing, on my evolution. This is the only thing I can control. You, too.

This is all about balancing energetic realms within us. Often we hear this expressed as us having both masculine and feminine traits within us. I don’t like using those terms because some people don’t identify as either and that’s perfectly okay. I prefer yin and yang as terms going forward. Yin typically is associated with the “feminine” and yang the “masculine”.

We each have yin and yang in us. Yang represents our intelligence, while yin is about our intuition. Yang represents our mind, while yin is about the heart. Yang represents taking action, while yin is more receptive. To truly become liberated means to take full responsibility for your inner balance, period.

Freedom is not found in acting any kind of way and not having repercussions, triggers, or judgment. Freedom is the ability to take responsibility for your emotions when you are triggered or judged. It’s in understanding when to act and when to hold back. When to use your heart and when to use your head. This is true freedom because it means you’ve stopped allowing other people to control you as if you’re a puppet and they your master.

So, Pisces wants you to dream it up in the yin energy, but Virgo wants you to build it with your yang energy. Uranus is shaking things up to show you where balance is needed. Your foundation should be freedom. Freedom is taking responsibility for your own energy. It’s that complicated and that simple.

This year we have 2020 vision. Let us be intentional about it. Now isn’t the time for us to build anything new. The energy is going to feel a bit restricted with Venus square Saturn and them forming a T square to Mars. Don’t cave to the frustration. Again, this is about being intentional in integrating opposite energies and knowing when to fall back and when to move forward.

Focus on creating something you’ve already been working on, and on ensuring you’ve mastered taking care of your current responsibilities before you go adding more. It’s time to stop starting a million projects we never finish and be actively engaged with the ones we still have waiting.

Here is the link to the four photo choices you have to pick from:

Meditation Message:

They are showing me a person laying on the ground, and their spirit is rising up out of their lifeless body. Who you used to be is no longer relevant going forward. We are giving death to the old and raising ourselves from the dead. Conscious co-creation of life is necessary going forward.

You will not win alone. The old world was about competition and rising to the top. It’s what got us to this space where there is more inequality than there has ever been. Now is a time of us working together, of collaboration, and of cooperation. Uniting together is what will set us free. It is what will rebalance the scales of power and put it back into our hands where it belonged.

I am suddenly reminded of a post I wrote months ago about the astrology of 2020. In particular, what it means to have Uranus transiting Taurus right now. In the real world, collectively, this is about restoring wealth and power to the many. To redistribute it from the hands of the few.

Release your lack mindset. Release the feeling that you’re not worthy of more. Recognize the programming and it’s purpose. You are a high vibrational being inside a human body. You didn’t come here to transcend the human form. You’re already transcendent. You came here to integrate the experiences.

Let’s do this.

Photo One:

If you chose this pile I feel like the main message is you need to release any relationship that isn’t part of your spiritual purpose. You need to remove the unworthiness you feel toward a particular connection that lights you up, too. There is a focus needed on releasing feelings of not being good enough. What lights you up the most on a spiritual level?

Follow that spark and don’t apologize for it. We are all here to fulfill a purpose and destiny. Never ever apologize for choosing to follow yours.

There is a spiritual partnership in your life that you’re currently not choosing to be part of. A temporary time-out. The spiritual partnership is number 72, which breaks down to a nine. It came into your life by divine design to get you to take this time-out, which is the number 73 or 10. This person woke you up to karmic patterns in your life that you now have to complete and release.

Your affirmation is “I choose to learn through love”. This person may have woken you up to what real love is. You’re being guided to ask yourself this Full Moon what it is that truly lights you up, without wondering how following that light will affect everyone else around you. Let go of that limiting worldview that says you have to sacrifice your own dreams to please others.

There is a need to shift your perspective to a higher place that allows a more open-minded, broader view to come into play. This person has broadened your views already. I feel like the time you’ve spent together doesn’t leave your mind. This person is self-sufficient, doesn’t need you, but does want you in their life. This may be a new experience for you.

Whoever this person is they are in their yin energy often. They are open, receptive, and listen to their intuition. They are a guide for you. This person makes you feel safe and secure. They are like home to you. When you are in their presence there is nothing but peace. It is rest, rejuvenation, and celebration. You are meant to reconcile with this person.

I feel like you need to reach out to this person, offer any necessary apologies, and a genuine attempt at reconciliation. Staying where you are, refusing to release people not meant for you, or clinging to old mindsets is only going to lead to more fighting, more drama, and more hollow victories. Every night you will lie awake thinking of this other person being miserable where you are. Why would you choose that life?

This person illuminated a path of individuality and self-reliance for you. The reconciliation card has come out twice now. So has the home card. I feel like this person is calling you home in a sense. As if you two have lived many lives together, and agreed to find each other again in this one. There is a lot of love and a lot of peace to be found in being with this person. You bring that in to each other, so you have just as much to offer them. Believe that.

They will teach you how to balance your life. How to use your head and heart in a balanced way. If you read the introduction know that I wrote that before I even chose which decks I was using. It’s coming through heavy in this pile that you need to balance your yin and yang, and that there is someone in particular who can help you do that.

However, you must first choose yourself. Choose to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer resonates with you on a spiritual level. There is an incredibly passionate, inspiring new beginning waiting for you, but you first have to release the fear, the lack mindset, the “I’m not good enough”. I’m telling you that you are because this person and you are meant to do something huge together that benefits many others.

There is a need for you to surrender and accept the dreams and wishes you have inside. To release the old and heal from it. Reach out and communicate with this person if possible. I feel as if their presence alone heals you. They can guide you, help you tie up loose ends, and let down your guard.


Photo Two:

There is fear coming through that you need to release. This can be solved if you spend some time balancing your root chakra. Focus on self-love and making sure there are not grudges or unforgiveness in your heart.

I feel like someone rejected your offer of love in the past. This person may have felt divinely meant to be in your life and they are. They were afraid of the intensity. I feel like you fear the intensity, too. That fear must be absolved.

This could be romantic, but also platonic. There is this sense of soul tribe either way. I would spend time in nature as part of your ritual. That card has come out and is the number 74, which breaks down to master number 11. I get a sense you should really be focused on grounding yourself good. Some fated changes are coming in to change your life for the better.

There is some type of communication on its way to you. This card is the number 33 and breaks down to six. Six is the number of home, family, domestic life. So, this communication could be from a past lover who is meant to be. Remember to love yourself and that energy goes where intention flows.

Your intuition is going to be quite high. So, if this person comes back you will intuitively know what to say or do. Trust the niggling feelings you get. Your heart chakra and theirs is completely open, but your root chakra needs work. Make sure you’re rooted in your truth. You can’t fear the pain of a broken heart and expect to build an intimate, close community. Release past pain.

This Full Moon is bringing you incredible healing to relationships in your life. I feel like you’ve spent quite some time alone, wading through the shadows and dark to find this healing. Now your soul tribe is going to come pouring in to you. I see you building strong foundations with reciprocity and effortless exchanges.

Whatever comes forward is going to be stable and long-term. I see you standing in your power, self-sufficient, and being offered real love. Like I said, this person rejected you in the past because the relationship felt so big and so fated it terrified them. However, now they are more tapped into their own intuition and higher self. They’re ready to build this community with you.

I see them coming in being genuine and offering something emotionally fulfilling, so listen to your intuition. If this is for you I feel like you know exactly who I’m speaking of. Like you’ve already been given the knowledge this person is coming back. Dreams, visions, downloads, signs.

Trust those niggles and practice that root chakra balance. Nature, nature, nature. Be of the Earth more now than ever.


Photo Three:

There is a huge need for self-discipline if you chose this pile. You’re being called to leadership with two different cards saying so. The leadership card is the number 41 or five, so changes are coming in. Leadership is the number 81 or nine, so this is divinely meant for you.

Be unapologetic about what you desire and know that what you focus on is what will grow. You may have to release people who keep you stuck in addictive mindsets and habits. There is a healing coming in that is at the cellular level for you. This healing is so that you can step up and lead. You have all the tools you need.

Release hostilities that you’re holding onto. Release the inability to make a choice and becoming easily overwhelmed. Pause the mind and you will pause the panic. I would develop a healthy self-awareness and lose excuses. The angel of strength is there if you simply call out and ask for strength. Nothing you face is bigger than your purpose. You can overcome it all.

There is an emotionally fulfilling offer on its way that will be reciprocal in nature. This could be a work project collaboration. In any case, I see you passionate about it and you’re going to be recognized as the one to tackle the job. Remember to discipline yourself and balance your yin and yang.

I do see this other person around you or coming in soon who inspires you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. I see a lot of back and forth communication about resources being sent your way, too, that will help you with this new beginning.

Follow your intuition and the energy that feels right for you. This ability to step up and lead is coming in quickly. You may not even expect it. So, I advise you to plan accordingly. Release the need to be right. A good leader remembers they are a servant to the followers, not the other way around.

I do see some sort of bondage you have to release. I get a sense it’s a mindset, or the thought that you aren’t strong enough to lead. But I can assure you that you are meant to. You absolutely have what it takes.


Photo Four:

There is a defense you have against working with other people that needs to be released. You have a go in alone attitude. This isn’t good for your health and your health may already be suffering from it. I do see a happy ending to whatever health issue you’re facing.

The happy ending card is number 93 or three, and the health card is 71 or eight. So get creative and practical about your health. Stop holding on to mindsets that aren’t laced in self-care and healthy self-protection. There may be far you have to release, as two affirmations cards flew out.

One says, “The presence of love will always cast out fear”, and the other says, “The more energy and intention I bring to my faith the more fearless and free I am”. So, I would definitely make your faith a priority going forward. You are meant to have a soul tribe and not go it alone. The card came out and you’re being asked to release the loner image and call them in.

Open your heart. I see whatever had you bound previously falling away through meditation and rest. Seek to balance yourself within by going within. There is something on its way to you that you can sense and feel, but it’s unknown and that may frighten you some. Don’t be worried, as whatever this is I see it alleviating sadness and ending in victory.

I feel like you want to communicate with someone or they you, but ego conflicts and anxiety is getting in the way. One of you ended the relationship, whatever kind it was, in the past. I feel like you may have felt burdened, as if you were carrying all the weight, but this person wants to defend a new start, and is willing to put in the effort this time.

If you allow fear to hold you back your ships will never come in. You have to root your dreams into the material plane. There is a potential for a strong, solid foundation and a soul tribe to celebrate milestones with you. I know it can be heavy and scary, but it’s time to release that mindset and embrace those coming into to help you build your empire. Let your intuition lead you.

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Transit calculator: I go to extended settings and swicth the house system to whole signs, but do whatever resonates for you.

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd