Pick a Pile: Your Authenticity

Your authenticity IS your power. What is being activated in your life right now that is allowing you the chance to be authentic to yourself and your soul’s purpose? What is your mission? Left to right you find piles one through five. Choose one or more and scroll to reveal the answers. Please read the collective message no matter which pile or piles you choose.

Collective Meditation Message for Every Pile:

There is something in you yearning to be free. To be unbridled and authentic in your self-expression. What most people haven’t learned is that real freedom is only found when you take complete responsibility for yourself. This means far more than you being financially stable on your own.

It’s more about self-control. We spend a good portion of our lives reacting rather than responding. This doesn’t make you irredeemable or unworthy. It makes you a human being. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. The present is what matters most, so try living there fully.

When people provoke you and trigger you it is easy to get caught up in the emotions that well up inside of you, but in truth it’s just not that personal. When we lack self-control we lack power. So, we tend to try to grasp control and power through other people. When we feel the power and control we had over them slipping we react as if we’re losing something we never even had.

It’s not even the person we miss when this happens. It’s the sense of control we miss. If you’re honest with yourself you’d still feel incomplete even if they came back to you. We tend to get comfortable in our illusions because our shadow wants to feel safe, but it’s only when fully standing in our light that safety is ever achieved. I know it seems otherwise, but I speak the truth.

Once you fully make peace with and own your past no one can use it against you. If you’re growing, evolving, and changing you no longer live in the past. It only has as much power over you as you allow it to have. That’s the secret. It’s easy to project and blame others, but this life is on you.

Each of us has a divine purpose we came here to fulfill. Life is so much better when you have a mission in mind other than leaving claw marks on everything that isn’t meant for you. I like the movie 8 Mile with Eminem because in the end he spills his own perceived flaws and faults and then says, “Here, tell these mf’ers something they don’t know about me.”

There is real freedom found in just owning your story. The healing can begin then, and one day your story will inspire someone stuck somewhere you once were. Let your pain turn into a purpose. What else are you going to do with it?

When I am feeling off within I like to meditate to frequencies. I listen to them when I sleep, too. They have them for all sorts of issues. I also listen to them when I do these pick a pile readings. Here is the one I have on now:

Pile One:

Personal message from Spirit:

It might be hard to believe you’ll ever get to where you want to go, feel the way you want to feel, and find peace and security, but you can. There’s lots to celebrate in this life, but first you need to let go of attachments to achieving certain results. It is easy to get caught in the endless loop of wanting this or that to feel safe. The only way out is to surrender the attachment.

Empty yourself so you can be filled with something new. The compulsion will be lifted and peace will come. Trust that something better waits, that something new will open up, and you will see new opportunities for fulfillment. The truth is whenever you get into the loop, what you are really looking for is Spirit.

That connection is where the power, the peace, and the purpose lies. Everything else follows after that alignment. Give yourself a hug. We got you.


When I accept the love of the universe as my primary teacher, I will always be guided back to the light.

Whenever you find yourself feeling off repeat this affirmation. If you’re taking something personal you’re not viewing it through the eyes of love. If you’re refusing to set boundaries you’re not loving yourself. Take it back to love always and you will guided in the right direction.

Your Current Mission:

You are being asked to overcome and share your voice. It is time for you to come out of the cave you’ve created. To stop fearing persecution and express what it is your soul came here to express. There is a truth that lives in you meant to be shared with the world. It’s time to tell it.

Embrace the Squirrel Spirit and believe in yourself. There is no amount of external belief in you from others that will propel you forward. It’s time to stop chasing validation outside of self. Everything you’ve been through has been preparation for this time.

Yes, life is unpredictable and this year has shaken us all to our core, but that’s what it was meant to do. Life is too short to not be true to yourself and your mission. To waste it seeking love, validation, and approval from others.

Part of you may be too rigid. There is a need to be more open to avenues that allow you to be authentic. If your current environment and relationships make you feel stifled in any way this is a call to change it up. Be teachable and open-minded. Even if you have an extremely clear vision of what it is you want to manifest in life there is a need to stay open-minded about the outcome.

Meditation would be great for you. Be patient in all things and be patient with yourself as you’re learning to navigate this unknown, exciting, yet terrifying space of becoming your authentic self. Slow and steady will win this race for you. Know your purpose and then work through what is necessary for you to arrive at it fully.

There may be a male influence in your life that is holding you back. Either currently in your life, or still in your heart where you harbor unforgiveness for him. Please remember that if someone hurt you it was never because you deserved it.

It was never because you aren’t worthy of being treated well. They simply lacked love and compassion for themselves, so it was impossible for him to give those things to you. We cannot give away what we do not possess. Your soul longs to serve others and help them heal, but first you must heal yourself.

There are so many options before you that you are refusing to consider because you’re so stuck on it being one certain way with certain people. Every moment is an opportunity to choose a new door and that’s what you’re being asked to do now. Be conscious, aware, and flexible. There is a path you have not considered yet that is absolutely meant for you.

Sometimes we find ourselves being loyal to others in life at our own expense. It’s time to consider where that may be happening for you. If you continue remaining loyal to others and disloyal to your soul’s purpose you will never feel free. You cannot people please your way to success and happiness.

Take some time to heal the ouch. There is a deep need for you to experience a cleansing and healing process for your body, mind, and soul. There are behaviors you hold onto that need to be released, and when you spend time in forgiveness of self and others the releasing becomes easier. We often only take on these behaviors to mask our shame and pain.

The universe is going to be giving you signs if it hasn’t already. This is to encourage you that you’re heading in the right direction. You’re are being called to step into your power. There are new things out there to explore that will enable you to reveal the truths you came here to share with others.

The truth is you’re not living your dream. You’ve allowed someone to make you feel invalidated. Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings create the world in which you live. Are your dreams your own, or have you been casting yours aside for another?

Your dreams and talents are valid. They are gifted to you and if you sell yourself short you are not showing appreciation for the power bestowed upon you. Act in authenticity. If you’re unsure what that means meditate on it.

You have an empire to build and I can sense the passion in you. It’s time to stop being afraid to take a risk. You’ve left people and things behind in the past and you survived. You will not only survive this time, but thrive. Fill your world with your intense light and seek your true soul tribe. Expect miracles.

Once you heal and make your way through the dark night of the soul you will feel so brand new. So refreshed and ready for a new beginning. Ground your dreams in reality and I promise you they will come true. Spirit is inspiring you to take action and control of your own life. Stop living directionless. Your soul is the map. You have access to co-creative power and abilities.

Now is the time to be dedicated to you. Gather all the tools you’ve obtained from your experiences and bring them to the table. You have everything you need to make the magic happen. Stop seeking it outside of yourself.


Pile Two:

Personal Message from Spirit:

Isn’t it amazing how things seem to come around again, full circle, in ways you could not possibly have planned? You wonder how a dream could die, only to be resurrected years later when you’re really ready. You thought it was time back then, but your wisdom knows better than your small self, whose desires are unmet.

Now here you are with a new opportunity to do things from a different, more mature perspective. We want you to trust that in this new opportunity for rebirth, you will be called in two directions, and the one that is unfamiliar will be the right one. In the unknown spaces, the uncharted places of infinite potential, we are waiting to guide you into your fullest life.

Big bounty will come if you remain in the present. You have come full circle and now you can see that everything changes, is made new, and is given new hope. Loving you always.


When I am in alignment with the love of the universe, peace cannot be disrupted.

You know what is meant for you. So, even if it hasn’t manifested exactly as you think it should just yet there is a need to keep the faith, and if you have honest faith you have peace. You know what is meant for you isn’t going to miss you. Repeat this when times get hard and things seem bleak.

Your Current Mission:

Your current mission is to become a council of light for others. There are guides here helping you achieve this new level of consciousness. Believe in this and ask for their guidance when you’re starting to feel lost. You have a huge light in your heart that is meant to help heal the world.

Embrace the Coyote Spirit and understand that even when things do not make sense in the 3D world they are often divine detours. There is a lesson that you’re being tested on before your manifestation can come in.

The universe wants to make sure you’re not going to relive the past. You must walk in alignment with your higher self, not your past self. You cannot get caught up in capturing the prize and allow yourself to become so fixated on one person or situation that you fail to attend to the rest.

The reason that what you want isn’t quite here is yet is because there is a need for more alignment. Let the big dreams lay dormant. Chop wood and carry water for now. Let your heart remember that not everything has to be hard-won. You fought and left claw marks on anyone or anything you ever let go, but that isn’t love, my friend. Love doesn’t chase. It attracts. That’s the lesson.

If you’re feeling separate from someone who makes you feel like home it’s time to remember separation is an illusion. As you walk in your power and authenticity you will automatically feel more at home in your own skin, and this is the most important of all. You can teach others how to do the same.

I do feel there is someone on your heart and mind. Together you and this person are going to add so much love to the world, but now isn’t the right time. I have no way of telling you the timing, but I would highly suggest having faith and trusting in it.

The person coming into your life was a divine detour meant to wake you up to the power of your connection, but the illusion of separation is also a divine detour. There is healing that must be done before you can come together and spread your combined healing power to the world.

You are being blocked from this union right now and it’s important for you to understand that it is for the highest good. Don’t resist this conclusion and don’t feel as if it’s an end. You have no way of knowing the end of a story that is still being written. This is a person who may be from the past that has come around again. Trust the way it’s unfolding.

Listening is a subject that I could spend hours on, but for now just know there is something this other person has said to you that you may be refusing to hear. Open the ears of your soul and listen with intention. You will be able to pick up on what isn’t being said, too. Give them what they need and nurture yourself while they’re figuring out what it is they want or need.

Getting caught up in this person has brought up lessons of self-love and self-esteem. So, focus on those lessons. You’ve likely already learned a lot in these areas, but triggers are active. Like unexpected visitors they arrive when we lease expect them. You have a unique service to offer the world with or without this person in your life, so focus on that service.

There is a plan for your life that doesn’t match the agenda you’ve been walking around with. Allow this exciting change to happen. When the time is right you will know all you need to know.

There is a lot of synchronicity in your life right now, so allow that to encourage you to keep the faith and walk your highest path. Now is a time for you to focus on your mission. To build up new skills and follow your divine path. Your stability is found in moving on right now to smoother waters.

This union will happen when the time comes. Let this person heal and turn into the warm, nurturing leader they are meant to be. Help them unpack if you can, but don’t try to burst in and unpack for them. That’s a past you trait that you should have learned from by now.

This person absolutely loves you, even if they aren’t showing it in spades right now. It’s just that when you came into their life you created a tower moment. Everything they thought they knew was questioned. Things in their life are falling away and apart right now to enable them to step into alignment with you. There is a need to trust this.

Keep focusing on courage and authenticity. There is part of you that still fears persecution and rejection, but you must understand your light is always going to challenge those living in darkness. Don’t take that personal and don’t allow it to stop you from doing what you came here to do. You’re far more powerful than you can ever imagine.


Pile Three:

Personal Message from Spirit:

Do you ever wonder whether your ideas and inspirations might be coming through your soul rather than generated from your mind alone? We are here to tell you we are always whispering in your ear about your highest good. We are conduits for Spirit, letting you know you are a living channel for this awesome co-creative energy.

When you’re feeling inspired it means you heard us. Inspiration means Spirit is breathing through you. It needs your human passion to keep it going so you can make a difference in the world. So keep moving on what inspires you. Let yourself be led into new experiences and know that this is why you are here.

Your purpose is to discover your spirited nature and to bring forth through your efforts whatever is meant to be. Wondrous miracles have a way of showing up when you let inspiration propel you forward. You are so loved.


Joy is the ultimate creator.

If you are stuck in negative feelings you’re only creating more negative experiences for yourself. Joy is a choice you can make. Simply look up and smile big. That alone will change how you feel. Do things that inspire you and bring joy to your soul. Things that uplift you.

Your Current Mission:

To align your life. Your purpose isn’t clear yet because there is a need for you to align with it first. What in your life do you know deep down you have to move away from and let go to walk your higher path and ascend? Your life is no longer in alignment with who you truly are and you can sense it deeply.

It is becoming harder and harder for you to hold onto the facade and wear the mask. You may not fully understand the person you’re becoming, but you’re starting to feel more you than you’ve ever been. It’s a strange sort of in between energy that excites you and terrifies you all at once. There is a need for you to leave people and places behind now. They served their purpose.

Embrace the Flamingo Spirit and this in between phase. You are being asked to remain strong in the face of uncertainty. Part of you is so intrigued and inspired by the future, but part of you is unsure still. Stop living in the past and stop worrying about the future. Take this one day at a time and live fully and truly in the present moment.

You are not the person you were in the past and neither are you the person you’re meant to be in the future. This in between space is allowing time to heal and learn. Trust the unknown and the new opportunities that are coming into your life. Whenever you start feeling nervous and wobbly seek joy. Seek a reminder that the unknown is where miracles happen.

Now isn’t the time for you to act and you sense this, too. It’s time to step away from everyone and everything and rest. You don’t need to think about your goals, dreams, who you’re going to end up with. It’s just time to be with and experience yourself for the first time probably ever. To remain neutral.

You are about to enter a brand new life. As you start to shift out of this in between stage and embrace more of the inspiration that sparked your rebirth you will feel like spring is here. This is an auspicious time for you in love.

If a new person has entered your life there is so much love and respect they have for you. Don’t worry about taking the time you need to accept it fully. This person is more than willing to wait for you. You are connected at your power centers. There is huge intimacy and creativity between you.

This is likely why you need this in between time. Maybe you’ve never truly experienced real intimacy and love before. It has awoken you to something you’ve been missing your entire life until now. Something you failed to appreciate because you didn’t believe it existed.

There is a warning here. You are failing to find gratitude in the transition. If I were you I’d write in the morning and evenings. Just a list of all the things, big and small, that you are grateful for. We often need it the most when we feel it the least. It’s your job to seek it with intention. Gratitude is a magic wand that will manifest so much abundance into your life.

Know this, all things and experiences are woven together like a magical web, and that is what is happening here. Things are being woven behind the scenes for you and they have been for a while. Let some things remain a mystery and just learn to enjoy being on your own, filling your own soul up, and learning how to navigate and experience emotions fully.

There is a need for you to be extremely intentional going forward. Inspired intentions are like arrows. The universe has brought you a gift. Don’t miss the mark. For once you’re not going to feel you’re the only one doing all the work. You will be co-creating a future with someone who inspires you daily. Let their good intentions inspire you to set your own.

Use this time where you seem to feel stuck to observe. The power of observation will serve you well now. Find joy in spaces you’ve been overlooking it. Joy will move things forward. Sparking your own heart and inspiring yourself is necessary right now.

The time will come where your intuition will nudge you to move forward. Do not let fear hold you back. It’s a good time as you wait to cultivate loyalty to your own values and to figure out what your values are. Strengthen a friendship with this person, so that when the time comes the rest comes easy. Protect this relationship like a treasure because that is exactly what it is.

The seeds you’re planting are slowly building a foundation will sprout. This is a long-lasting, stable investment you’re making. Don’t rush it. Just make the next right move each day, and be expectant of your ships coming in. In truth, the biggest reason you’re holding back is because you know that you’re going to be seen. You’re meant for the limelight and to be a spiritual influence.

This time is increasing your intuition if you let it. Co-creative powers are being unleashed for you. It’s up to you whether or not you’ll take advantage of them and step into this new, amazing life being offered to you. This new person, this new path, this new life offers you endless possibility and you know it.

You are highly sensitive to negative energy right now. You always have been, but this connection has heightened your awareness. So, now is the time to align with the new version of you. To banish the people, behaviors, and thoughts that you know aren’t serving your highest good. There are many people who aren’t who you think they are and that will become clear.


Pile Four:

Personal Message from Spirit:

There are times you get lost, but refuse to see your part in things. Happens to everyone. Something feels familiar but sort of “off”. If you’re feeling confused, it’s best to throw away that map you’re using. Which only lets you navigate based on your past experiences. That isn’t what you need right now.

Instead, take a deep breath and open to the truth. A desire to stay in the denial means that part of you doesn’t want to be responsible for the pattern that has shown up in your life. Yes, this is the right time to wake up and start over. By the way, you will always get another chance, in fact, you have unlimited chances to start again.

We love you so much. We really do. Be gentle with yourself. Coming out of denial is like being temporarily blinded by super bright lights. Allow your eyes time to adjust. Carry on, special one. A beautiful life awaits.


I always trust the direction of the universe and know I’m being guided.

See, this right here is hard. There is likely an intuitive knowing in you that it’s time to move on from something or someone, and you may be projecting your misery onto that person or situation. The truth is you’re putting up with it, so you’re equally responsible for how you feel right now. Trust the guidance.

Your Current Mission:

To answer your deepest calling. There is a warrior inside of you. You are here for a reason and it’s time to carve out your path. Your mission is to begin living a heart-centered, soul-led life. To stop allowing fear and insecurity to be your gatekeepers. Repeat, “I’m not afraid. I was born to do this.”

Embrace the Bobcat Spirit and let life be a mystery. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Not everything in life can be explained using intellect. Yes, intellect is important, but so is your intuition. We don’t know everything about the spiritual realm, but trust the nudges you’re getting.

Don’t go rushing to tell everyone your dreams and plans right now. Just spend time discovering what they are internally and make the next right move toward them. The next right move is letting go of what you know isn’t meant for you. No matter how badly you want it to be meant for you it just isn’t.

Take some time to clean up your body, mind, and spirit. There is a clear knowing about what you need to leave behind. You’re not unsure at all. You’ve just been allowing fear to keep you stuck where you no longer belong. You’ve learned the lessons from this person or situation already. Release it all.

Honestly, as terrified as you are to make the decision once you do the sense of freedom and lifted weight is going to feel amazing. You’re so bogged down with emotional gunk that you can’t think straight. Releasing this past life is going to free you up in the present and give you space to sort through it all.

It’s time to make your move. Once you leave this situation or person behind I see your real soul tribe entering your life. Harmonious relationships will be yours. If you stay in your current situation you will get what you currently have. So ask yourself if what you have is worth settling for, when so much more is being offered to you.

You have been a follower and people pleaser your entire life. Now is the time to lead. Stop waiting for someone else to show up and save you. It’s time to save yourself now. Have bold discussions and make bold decisions. You are far more powerful than you’re allowing yourself to be right now.

You are being stubborn, mistakenly believing the path you’re on is the only one for you. When in truth, the path you’re on is only going to bring you more regret. This is a painful lesson as most lessons are, but the sooner you learn it the sooner you move on from it.

There is a need for you to start considering inner stability and stop seeking the outside world to suddenly become stable for you. Plant your future one seed at a time. You will achieve the four of wands, harmonious, prosperous lifestyle you want, but you have to invest in it. This is a time to find balance within.

In fact, the two of pentacles came out twice for you. You either work too hard or play too hard, but whatever you’re doing it’s not focusing on the inner work and healing you need to bring the balance and stability you seek. That which you avoid is what you should be paying attention to.

Time to invest in yourself. Self-love, self-care, self-worth all start with self for a reason. The person you’re wasting time with could tell you how worthy you are every day, every hour of the day, and it wouldn’t matter. In the end, you’re going to believe exactly what you tell yourself. What are you telling yourself?

You are protected on this journey. Someone you are investing in isn’t being true to themselves or you. Stop allowing yourself to be placated with meaningless words when the actions fail to back them up. Intense focus and intention are required from you now. What are you waiting for?


Pile Five:

Personal Message from Spirit:

Miracles never run out. Look back over your life, and you will see so many moments of synchronicity, when all the right people, the right place, the right opportunities, and the right time just showed up without any of your help. Think back to how you felt just before a miracle happened.

You felt you were giving up, but it was more a gentle surrender to whatever was going to happen. We want you to know that miracles are being concocted for you and you will never, ever run out of them. You just don’t get to choose how they come, who will deliver them, when they show up, and what they will do for you. All of that is our department.

Spirit knows what is best for you and what wants to be expressed through you. You are incredible and amazing and a magnet for miracles. That would be a good mantra for you today. We are on it relax. If you only knew how much you were loved.


Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good of all.

If you’re stuck wishing things would work out a certain way pause. Consider that if instead you pray for the highest good of all to be reached your own highest good is included in that scenario. If things don’t seem to be going the way you planned there may be a good reason for that. Stay open-minded.

Your Current Mission:

The birthing of a new age. You are here to birth new creations. To dream a new world into being. I feel like someone or something came into your life this year that sparked an awakening in you. One of the miracles you weren’t expecting when you needed it most.

This isn’t a path you’re prepared to walk, but it’s the one you’re meant to walk. This time is meant to prepare you. I know it intimidates you, but only because you haven’t built up the confidence you need just yet. Just because you don’t have the confidence doesn’t mean it isn’t resonating with you. It totally is.

Your mission is to trust this transition period. To let old cycles fall away as you become more comfortable with the lay of the new lands you’re getting ready to embark on. You are part of a group of souls who agreed to come back and take on a time such as this. Go within and remember.

Embrace the Scarab Beetle Spirit and know that magic works through you. Our power is a gift we are given. It doesn’t come from us, but through us from a higher realm. You have the power to bring things forth from almost nothing. Tap into your creativity and watch it unfold.

There is a need for you to write, speak, sing optimism into your life right now. I don’t care how pessimistic you normally are. There is someone or something in your life that is optimistic and inspiring and you attracted this to your life for a reason. You’re meant to be inspired and adapt that attitude to your life.

You have infinite potential. You are as capable as anyone. If you’re not ask yourself who told you that? I bet the answer is no one. It’s just that other people throughout your life, who had nothing good within to offer you, offered you pain and trauma instead. Forgive them. It was all they had.

You’ve had a very challenging life and now the universe wants to balance that out, and is offering you nourishing experiences. Experiences that will allow you to transmute that pain into purpose. Accept your experiences as lessons you signed up for when you felt brave. You are brave even now.

There is someone your heart is longing to connect to and you’re encouraged to go ahead and connect. You don’t have to label it or rush it. Just observe what you read, see, and hear going forward. Time to stop viewing the world through a lens where everything feels personal.

Distance yourself from the feelings and emotions of your experiences, so you can see the truth and learn the lessons in them. Your feelings are all jumbled up right now. It’s an echo of past experiences that is in the way of you feeling and hearing clearly. It’s time to clean all that up.

Now is a confusing time because you’re leveling up spiritually. Awakening happens in stages. Imagine if it came all at once. As overwhelming as the stages are we’d never make it through. This new path you’re on is the one you’re meant to be on. It’s a spiritual destiny you chose prior to birth.

Work on releasing envy. There is nothing you lack that you cannot achieve. Spend time with people who help you believe in yourself. Who make you want to be a better person. Energy is influential and you absorb it all, so if that’s the case absorb the good energy on purpose. Why would you choose otherwise? Develop and cultivate your self-worth.

Focus on what in your life already has value. Discover what values are important to you and work to embody them. If you see something someone else has that you admire don’t get jealous. Work for that. Cultivate that. There is no reason you can’t have it, too, other than deciding you’re not worthy of it.

You are going to learn you create your own reality. The thoughts you think, the feelings you allow yourself to feel, the beliefs you hold are all either holding you back or propelling you forward. It’s all within you and nothing external can take it from you unless you allow it.

Everything that no longer serves you is being burned away. Let it burn. I know it makes you feel as if you’re at rock bottom, but the good news is that it’s only up from here. You’ve reached a place in life where you know on a very deep level you cannot continue down the same path you’ve been on.

The old way you did things, thought about things, spoke about things has to be discarded now. The only way out is to surrender to the process. Accept where things are and it’s okay to admit you have no idea what to do next. Sit in that moment of heartfelt release and the answers will come to you. There are signs and synchronicity all around you right now. Follow them home.

Right now you’re in a deep freeze and not ready to move. This is the hibernation stage or your rebirth. Allow this pregnant pause and accept the dreamy state of being you’re in. I know it doesn’t feel clear, but you’re doing fantastic navigating the spaces of the unknown. Keep going. Take care of yourself and offer yourself the care others have failed to give you in the past.

The past has a way of repeating itself when you fail to learn the lesson, and that’s what you’re being faced with right now. You are being challenged to finally see yourself as a whole being and not one perpetually trying to heal old wounds in all the wrong ways. You can’t heal through other people. The healing comes through recalling your history.

Sitting with the past and learning why you reacted certain ways, forgiving yourself for it, and choosing to react in new ways now. It’s time to be your own guru. Remove those outdated ways of thinking and embrace your evolution. You have already been enlightened, so why would you go back?

Ground and protect yourself. If you must defend this new life and these new choices to those who seek answers, but if the answers you offer aren’t good enough say goodbye and set boundaries. You don’t have time to keep trying to fit in everywhere. It’s time to fit in with yourself.

You are feeling extremely vulnerable, and want to share this and your ideas. Make sure you’re sharing only with people you know you can trust. People who encourage you, inspire you, and want to see you grow. All else is wasted time and will bring you only more pain and trauma. Some people just aren’t going to be ready to let you shine. Well, shine anyway.

You are so full of new potential right now. The way someone else thinks intrigues you. They have planted seeds within you. You and this person act as a mirror for one another. They are waking you up to the mirror-like nature of consciousness. The interconnectedness of all things.

It’s time to release the denial. You’ve spent considerable time trying to deny this awakening, but no amount of denial has worked. It won’t work. You have so much clarity and the sooner you embrace it the sooner your life changes for the better. Time to release yourself from the illusions.

Learn to set healthy boundaries. Build up your self-esteem. Make calculated and shrewd decisions. Be clear in your communication and don’t lead people on. You are a wordsmith right now. Use them wisely. What you speak you create. So be sure you’re speaking what your soul wants into existence.

The biggest piece of advice is go where it feels like home. Home is where your heart is and only you know the way. Return to what is truly important to you. Not to where you had to put up a facade and pretense and call it home, but your real home. Where there is effortless love, belonging, and reciprocation.


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