The Moon in Taurus was very pleasant for me. It put me in such a sweet, comfortable, loving mood. I decided to share four photos and I’m going to do a tarot reading for each one. This is about what you need to hear most right now and where to look for more sweetness in life during harsh times.

See the photos here if you haven’t already:

I know this year has been hard for so many of us. I don’t ever want to make light of that. You won’t ever hear me being preachy about love and light. I firmly believe we must face the shadow and integrate it. However, I do believe that sometimes it takes a bit for us to build the courage to face it.

So, I’m hoping that these readings will offer you a way to soak up some sweetness in life that can see you through. May you all be taking this year to reflect and do some introspection. I hope this finds you and those you love healthy and hanging in there.

Meditation Message for all piles:

Take a walk and along the way stop and smell any flowers you come across. Tilt your face to the sky, eyes closed, and let the Sun fall down upon you. Inhale to the count of five, exhale to the count of seven. Take pictures of all the pretty things you see. Journal in the park.

Spend time with children or pets if possible. Right now everyone feels overly responsible and worried. Strip back adulthood for a bit. The world won’t end if you take an hour to just laugh and engage a child, or play fetch with a dog. Your sweetness will be found in those simple moments. It doesn’t have to be something profound and huge.

It can be as simple as a family movie night. Having your parents over for dinner. Visiting your grown children a while and lifting each other’s spirits. Call a sibling or friend and reminisce about the good old days, or make each other laugh with memorable stories from the past.

Pile A: The Lotus Flower

The number two showed up most in your reading. I feel like those who chose this pile are struggling to reconcile two different things. It’s also reflected in your Animal Spirit coming in as the Dolphin, this and that are true. It’s often we tend to forget that duality exists. We want one answer to be the THE answer, but sometimes more than one answer exists.

A lot of this is due to us all having our own unique perspective. Your take on a situation may be different than another person who was there, but both takes are true at the same time. They are just coming from different angles. No relationship, situation, environment is all good or all bad. You allow the good to bring a smile, and you learn from the bad by not taking it personal.

If a person has hurt you and you’re wondering how they could do that, thinking they were such a great person, well, they probably are a great person. We are all great and not so great. Each of us possess light and shadow within us. It takes incredible self-awareness to control our shadow.

Right now Mercury is in Libra. This can have us wanting to weigh all the options and be right. It can have us wanting to prove another wrong. You will find so much more sweetness by not needing to be right. By simply believing what you believe and allowing others that same respect. If the other person is wrong and simply not hearing you set a boundary and move on.

It’s likely true that person loves you, and true they have a lot of pride. It’s always true that nothing is as personal as it feels. Strive for more balance in your life, balance within. You will never control the external world to a point where you can assure constant peace, but you can cultivate inner peace.

When you need to display great strength go within and do some reflection. Clarity will come and show you where to invest your time and energy. Trust your dreams, visions, and any signs that come through. Many of you will start feeling a spark for a new project, relationship, or venture.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing, what their character is, or what they choose to do with their lives. Be practical, grounded, and trustworthy. You are resourceful and can create a happy, harmonious home within. Let your heart be your throne.

You want more sweetness in life? Practice heightened emotional awareness, seek a romantic view of life, achieve that balance I spoke of. There is an element of denial with this pile that should be released. Meditate and try bringing your head and heart together to the same space.

If you’re over-thinking force yourself to feel. If you’re overly emotional force yourself to think. Little by little you will build resilience and be able to fortify yourself. Release the need to be right at all costs. It isn’t serving you. It isn’t bringing you any sweetness. In fact, it’s hindering your sweetness.

If you are going through something difficult remember the lotus flower during your hardest moments. It grows so beautiful in spite of the fact that its environment is dirty and harsh. You can do the same. ❤


Pile B: The Peony

If you chose this pile you’re a master manifester and may not even know it. The number four came out most for you. This is about you building a foundation that is solid and immovable. Your Animal Spirit is the Lizard and it’s telling you to dream your world into being.

You will find the sweetness in allowing yourself time each day to daydream the world you wish into existence. This doesn’t mean neglect your work and taking action, but it does mean schedule time to paint with your imagination. If you normally use your imagination to dream up nightmare scenarios and anxiety now is the time to get control of that.

There is something wonderful coming your that way that is unexpected. Act as if it’s already here and tell the universe how grateful and blessed you are. Remain humble as you receive. This could be the deepening of a connection that is important to you. Maybe you thought it was over, but it revives out of nowhere. This would make sense with the peony.

Make sure you’re not walking around with this illusion of lack. Now is the time to combat those old thoughts and mindsets. If you start worrying about money or resources notice it. Repeat “I lack for nothing. Money comes to me effortlessly and easily. All my needs are taken care of.” Repeat that with thanks and gratitude until you feel it’s true deep in your bones.

I see brilliant moments of clarity available to you now. Take time each day to meditate, rest, and heal. Make your self-care a priority and create a spiritual practice that allows you to cultivate an inner peace. Your heart is already so full of love and wisdom. The work you are moving into is the sweetness.

As these moments of clarity come make sure you proceed with integrity and are willing to put the work in. I see you feeling incredibly powerful and taking action toward creative collaborations with others. Soul connections are coming in that will inspire you. You may work on a business or project together. I see it being stable and long-lasting.

Make sure you listen to all voices involved and ensure they are heard, but consider your own wisdom before deciding on how to move forward. This has legacy building potential. You really can dream your entire world into being. A dynasty of wealth and abundance.

Your sweetness is found in you learning and crafting your skills right now. In allowing your imagination to be the magic wand that dreams up ideas, and then using your practical, resourceful mind to bring those ideas to life in the real world for tangible results. This could be a healing business you’re meant to start or bring you deep healing over time.


Pile C: The White Rose

For you the number six is prominent. This is about your domestic life and achieving harmony and balance. Your Animal Spirit is the Scarab Beetle, reminding you that the magic works through you. You can truly bring about something incredible seemingly out of thin air. Remember your power comes through you and not from you. Remain humble and grateful.

Your sweetness is found in your creativity and magic. Try to release the personal lens with which you view the world. Now is a time to distance yourself from your own perspective and see the view beyond it. For this pile I feel there is a relationship in your life that is a bit jumbled up.

You are being asked to take a step back without reacting and view this from a higher perspective. You are extremely intuitive and creative. You’re also quite practical and grounded. Incredibly resourceful, but still carrying pain that is keeping others at bay. You are afraid something will be taken from you if you truly open your heart again, but you have a lot of love to give.

You have to heal this because if you chose this pile you’re meant to be in the limelight spiritually influencing others. You can’t teach what you can’t do. So, now is the time to ask yourself if you’re going to remain in your comfort zone, which isn’t even comfortable, or if you’re going to map out a better plan for the future. One that allows new love in and brings emotional fulfillment.

Your sweetness is found in healing past heartache and understanding it was never as personal as it felt. We can each only offer one another what we have cultivated within. If all this other person had was pain and trauma what else could they offer you but the same?

Spend some time with friends and family celebrating the simple things in life. Make that a priority, in fact. A lot of healing will come through that alone. I feel like this pile has shut themselves off from real connection and intimacy. But, it’s in the real connection and intimacy that your sweetness awaits.

You are incredibly cautious when it comes to love. I see you being uncertain even when Spirit clearly illuminates a path for you. It’s fine to pause and think things through before making a choice. Just don’t create red flags where none exist. I wrote a thread earlier that may help you:

Sweetness is headed your way in the form of unexpected resources, happy surprises, and generosity from others. I do see a stable, long-term commitment coming in for you, but it is moving a bit slow. I believe this is because Spirit wants you to heal fully. If you’re already in a relationship maybe this is the promise of future growth.

Again, your sweetness right now will be found in celebrating life’s simple pleasures with those you love. In allowing new love to enter your life. In taking time to heal deeply and not be afraid to open your heart. I can almost feel you flinching as you read that.

I would also take time to create. Whether you paint, write, draw, however you express yourself. Make that a priority, too. There is a talent or skill you have that brings you healing, passion, and joy. Dip into that for sweetness.


Pile D: Lilacs

Both the numbers six and seven are heavy in this reading. So, perhaps there is a focus for you on creating a harmonious domestic life and on your spiritual evolution. Your Animal Spirit is the Wombat, be at home. You’re being asked to accept your entire life experience without judgment. To really figure out what home is for you. Are you at home in your own skin?

Your sweetness right now is going to be found in a course correction. Spirit is coming through saying you can ask for a sign and you will receive it. Just don’t fall in the trap of receiving ten signs and asking for “just one more”. Don’t ignore Spirit’s signs and don’t ignore red flags in relationships.

I do see you feeling fiery and ready to access co-creative power. Spirit is willing to help you create the life of your dreams. You don’t have to be in a rush. You can plant one seed at a time. The danger comes in your getting bored with life because you haven’t planned it at all. You’re just going through the motions and not seeking that excitement and sweetness on purpose.

I do see unexpected resources, happy surprises, and more in store for you. However, first you must make the choice to follow the path that is being clearly illuminated for you. You must find the courage, the confidence, and the willpower to move away from something or someone. That or to move forward on a project, job, or idea you have.

You can both honor differences and admit the differences are too much to handle for you. I do see many of you moving on from someone or something that is no longer sweet. Seek help as you transition from people who love you and will help you obtain balance. See the sweetness in that help.

You’re incredibly creative and fertile. You have the possibility to create abundance in all forms. However, you have some healing to do. You have to stop deceiving yourself and trust your higher self on where to invest your time, energy, and resources going forward.

For some of you I see either a choice between two lovers, or the choice is do you stay or go with a current partner. For those with a new love coming in I do see it being successful and happy. The two of you will create wealth and may even end up well-known in the public eye.

This is a general reading and I’m getting two stories. For those in a relationship that you’ve been questioning I see it here clearly. On one hand, you’re in this comfort zone that often isn’t comfortable. On the other, you’re so ready to map out a different, better future for yourself. Find your sweet spot by balancing your head and heart.

If you’re over thinking feel for a bit. If you’re overly emotional think for bit. Either way, whether you have new love coming in, or are deciding whether you stay or go now is the time for some soul searching. Figure out who you want by your side to build your future. You’re full of extreme compassion and unconditional love, so there is a need to set some healthy boundaries.

I would say your sweetness right now is in self-care and self-reflection. In discovering how to feel at home in your own body, mind, and spirit. In a daily spiritual practice that will help bring you inner peace and guidance.


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