Left to right is pile one, two, three, four, and five.

Today I felt led to write about compassion. I’ve included the link below.

For this post I’ve done a five pile pick a card reading for you. These piles are meant to tell you where in your life you have too much or too little compassion. Choose one or more and see answers below.

All piles:

The numbers four and five may be significant to you, or you will begin seeing them often. The number four is all about being practical and organized. It’s about endurance, trust, and building solid foundations. The number five is about change and being flexible and adaptable.

It’s great to have a schedule and follow it, but you have to leave room to hear Spirit whisper in your ear and allow yourself to be inspired. Swap things around when that happens and be open to changes in your schedule. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s all about balance.

Perhaps if you see the number four repeating it’s a sign to work on the practical matters of life, and balance that out by being flexible about it. Five may be a sign that you’re resisting change. That you’re not currently channeling your energy effectively. Or that you need some fun in your life.

Pile One:

You may over-give to people in a sexual way. One of the affirmations that came out for you is “I have a healthy view of sex, and I vibe high. My sacral chakra is open. I only give myself to souls on my level, so that blockages do not form. I am tapped into my divine feminine side.”

If you are not a hundred percent on board with your current sexual partner it’s time to really reflect on that. Don’t give yourself away to people who don’t deserve you. It’s okay to understand and forgive, but then you move on. You don’t keep exchanging energy with people not meant for you.

Another is “My thoughts and words are spells that I plant as seeds. I water them with affirmations, honesty, and intentions. I embrace my harvest in full gratitude. Life is so much simpler than we make it.”

Whenever you’re struggling to forgive or find compassion, whether for yourself or others, remind yourself oneness is your true nature. You have the capacity to tune into the energy of love. This will give you the words you need when you’re ready to speak, the compassion when it’s time to forgive, and the power you need to find yourself when you are lost.

You will never be found in another human being, or in a substance of any kind. You, the real you, lives within. The still, quiet knowing. The awareness that you are living and conscious at all.

You are meant to have a spiritual career. One in which you use your intuition to help others understand and overcome their environments. You can’t do that unless you’ve learned how to do it for yourself first. Now is the time for you to practice this way of life. If you’re reading this it’s not too late.

What you think you want is not always what you’re meant to have. The universe likely has far better and greater things and people in store for you. If you’re investing energy into a person or situation that doesn’t feel satisfying to your soul, you are lacking compassion for self.

Surrender your attachment to how things are supposed to look. Plant seeds but allow the harvest to look the way the universe wants it to look. In love you tend to spend far more time in your head than in your heart. You create your own mental prison. It’s time to free yourself.

When you release yourself you become ready to birth all the new and beautiful things you’ve always wanted, but feared actually having. It’s time to release the fear of the unknown and get comfortable living in it. Anything less and you’re not fulfilling your purpose.

Compassion is not allowing people to hurt you over and over, and then keeping them in your life. It is understanding the hurt isn’t personal, but sending them off in love. It’s a balance of the head and heart.

If you want your wishes to be fulfilled you have to check your ego. There is a connection on your mind that doesn’t feel very caring to me. There is distance and coldness. You keep clinging to this connection, terrified to release it. It is way past time to forgive and let it go.

Maybe this person isn’t even around you in this realm anymore, but the energy hasn’t been released. I would practice cutting energetic ties. There is so much indecision surrounding you right now.

The universe says stop procrastinating and take action. Your only solid foundation is built within and you’re wasting time. If you do not take action the universe is going to step in soon and shake things up. You will be left with no choice at some point. Take charge of your life.

It’s time to stop thinking so much, and start feeling with your beautiful heart. You’ve been too rigid, too long. Accept that we are all just bits of the universe experiencing itself in a unique way. Honor our differences.

We are all learning different lessons and on different levels. Respect the uniqueness of consciousness. Take the lessons and leave when it’s time. No need to stay and keep learning the same lesson over and again.

You would benefit from meditation and candle magic. Light some candles with intentions and go within. See what you find there.

Numerology: 78, 22, 44


Pile Two:

Now is truly a time to reflect on what exactly self-love is, and how you can better take care of yourself. You have likely lacked compassion for yourself up to this point and the universe literally gave you the compassion card.

Don’t worry about feeling lonely. Your affirmation is “When I feel lonely I am reminded to seek my contentment within. I understand I have to follow divine timing, so that I do not repeat cycles. I trust those meant for me will find me. I send out good vibes and and my heart chakra is open.”

You may have been seeking a sign or answer lately. The other affirmation is “Sometimes the answer is no. Until we accept that our energy will be stuck. If the answer is no I understand that sometimes rejection is protection. I thank the universe and figure out how to move on.”

The more energy and intention you bring to your faith in self the more fearless and free you will be. Repeat “My vibes speak louder than my words” and remember your energy is your seed. The things you allow to steal your energy are important. Yes, you’re going to experience negative feelings, but what do you do when they come? That matters.

Look back at the times in life when you had no idea how things were going to work out and they did. Sometimes you had no clue who or what was going to come through, but something or someone did. You have powerful manifesting abilities. Intentional or not your thoughts and words attract things to your life.

You get bored easily, though, and don’t like to finish what you start. This has you often moving too fast, from one thing to another. It’s a good idea to meditate or journal if you have a decision to make. When you fail to care about the consequences of your choices you fail to have compassion for yourself and for others affected by your choices.

You have a lot of reflection and inner work to do, but the cards are telling you not to give up hope. That in that darkness you find the light. Your energy feels very heavy. You may be in the middle of a huge storm or several small ones.

You could feel all tied up and envious of something or someone. Don’t waste time in jealousy. If someone has a trait you admire mimic it. Make that trait a part of your own life. Now is the time to connect with Source. You’ve been seeing signs of Spirit all around you. Time to heed this call.

You have been deeply hurt and wounded, but with patience and intention healing will come. Wallowing in the pain is cutting off the supply of compassion and understanding waiting for you. Be determined for a new adventure. Be kind to yourself as you’re learning and finding your feet.

Live above your emotions and surf them like waves. Ask for assistance with your awakening from the universe. Self-compassion is your focus going forward.

Numerology: 61, 71, 99


Pile Three:

You feel like you’re at rock bottom and don’t know how much more you can take. The affirmation is “The ladder at rock bottom seems a lot to climb, but each rung is a step closer to clarity and light. Take the next step, even if you can’t see where it leads. It has to be better than where you are.”

Another issue is that you’re settling for “love” that isn’t love at all. “I always recognize real, genuine love. When the illusion comes through instead I choose to see through it. I release it with good intentions. I never hold grudges because nothing is as personal as it feels, and I don’t want to block my channel to Source and my abundance.”

Real love sees through the illusions. The moment you re-align with that clear direction is presented to you. In every moment, the universe is conspiring to bring you toward right-minded thinking and the energy of love.

Now is a time for you to observe what is going on in terms of love, your domestic harmony, and your financial discipline. In these areas you’re either too compassionate with others or making excuses and refusing to be compassionate to yourself. You deserve more than you’re settling for.

You need to seek after self-love and self-compassion. You may be someone who falls for the slightest attention you receive because you lick your wounds or hide from them, rather than facing and healing them. Self-love is hard at first, but the only journey worth taking.

Until you take it you will struggle in love and in creating domestic harmony. In your case, this is affecting your financial discipline as well. Maybe you do shop therapy, which isn’t therapy at all. It’s a way to try and hide your pain, but your pain isn’t hiding. It’s waiting to be faced.

Spirit says it’s time to stop deceiving yourself and spend some time alone, getting to know who you are and what you want. Meditate and journal until your epiphanies come. Your victory comes when you choose to walk through the door to personal healing and happiness.

Let go of what your idea of a happy family looks like. Create what that means for you instead. Step into a new beginning with like-minded people who will encourage you and remind you of the truth when you’re lying to yourself.

You’re almost there. At least, that’s what you keep saying to yourself. Stop avoiding the conflict and calling it compassion. Use your logical mind to piece together your fragmented pieces. They won’t be put back together by other people. You hold the pen. What is your next chapter going to say?

Numerology: 91, 77, 11


Pile Four:

You may have children if you chose this pile. There is something you have to forgive in yourself or someone else. In order to do that you use compassion to help you understand trauma patterns and cycles. You don’t use it to enable those cycles and patterns.

“My children are safe and loved. They are all healed from the past and led by their higher selves. They walk their purpose and are abundant and successful. We are all close and nothing or no one will ever come before them in my life.”

“I eat well, do yoga, take walks in nature. I drink plenty of water and sleep a full eight hours every night. I am always well-rested and full of wisdom. My body, mind, and soul are completely aligned.”

If you have children they will never listen to what you say. They are watching what you do. They will internalize it all. Don’t feel shame or guilt over the past. You can’t do better until you know better. So start now, and show them what it looks like to grow, change and evolve.

If you don’t have children perhaps there are children you’re close to. Children who have had difficult lives. Maybe you worry over them.

It is time for you to surrender to Spirit. Your fearless freedom is meant to light up the world. When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more. The focus for you right now is finding forgiveness through surrendering to a spiritual path that is individually yours.

You lack compassion for yourself and offer an over-flow of what you think is compassion to others. Self-sacrifice is not compassion. You may keep people in your life who hurt you and use you, and harbor resentment over it. It’s time to learn that the pain was never personal. Set a boundary in love and teach people what compassion really looks like.

Whenever your world is jolted you seek to escape in love. The problem is you’re seeking something externally that can only be found within. You have had many false starts in love and in money. It would benefit you to keep a gratitude journal and practice appreciation.

Unblocking your root chakra will help bring you from the clouds and root you in reality. There is huge expansion available for you right now. You seem to feel the energy of that, but stay stuck in indecision. You are resourceful.

Use the tools available to us all to figure out how to become obedient to your own soul, and not be blown by every wind. It will never steer you wrong, no matter how scary a risk or next move may feel. Include remembrance of your ancestors in whatever spiritual practice you choose.

Numerology: 6, 46, 48


Pile Five:

You seem slightly further along on the journey of self-love and compassion than the other piles. The first two affirmations that came out are regarding manifesting money and believing in yourself. You may still be harboring doubt even though you’re on the right path.

“I believe in myself. I accept myself. I trust myself. I love myself. I am one with the universe. The universe has my back. I attract what is for my highest good easily. My needs are met. My debts are paid. I am full of gratitude.”

“I am grateful large sums of money come to me now. I love money. It comes to me when I call. This is so exciting.” ~Jake Duecy

You also need to incorporate more fun into your life. The universe works faster when you’re having fun, and not leaving room for doubt. Whenever you’re worried take a step back, lean on your faith in the universe, and allow that inner peace to become real for you.

Now is a time for you to observe the world around you. To use your head and heart in balanced rhythm. When you’re hurt you tend to get fiery and angry, but now is a time to really be self-aware. Justice came out twice for you, so tests may be coming up. Will you choose real compassion?

The universe is about to reward you greatly if you do. Stay humble and balanced. Let life be an adventure, be proud of how far you’ve come, and allow the relationships in your life to come and go. Set boundaries where necessary and let people leave when they’re ready.

You will maintain a state of joy and connection to self using intentions. If you allow yourself to be emotionally unstable it causes you to lose strength and compassion. When you feel uncertain take precaution and go within. Re-evaluate the situation with your higher self.

This is a test and when you pass it the wheel turns and your rewards arrive. This is your path to complete honesty. A time to really get in touch with your divine, feminine spirituality. Even if you’re male I suggest you do this. We each have masculine and feminine within. Your energy can project as more masculine, and it’s time to balance that out.

Numerology: 55, 19, 56


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd