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13 min readJan 17, 2020


If you aren’t in my Facebook group and don’t follow me on Twitter these are your choices. From left to right is pile one, two, three, and four. Choose one or more that speak to you and see below for the answers.

In my previous post I discussed that this is a universal year four for us all, and explained how it’s all about foundations. If you want to know more about what that means please see the following link before you go forward. Feel free to just do the reading as well. Your intuition should guide you.

During mediation I was told to tell you that you have two choices this year. One is to stay stuck, repeating old patterns, habits, and relationships, and blaming other people when things go wrong. The other option is take personal responsibility, which is where real freedom lies. To lay a new foundation that will allow you to build something more stable and secure.

You are never alone in this. I advise creating a spiritual routine that involves meditation, journaling, and other forms that work for you. Self care should include a spiritual practice that makes you feel whole and good. This will also help you maintain an inner peace no matter what is happening around you.

If you make up your mind to do the hard work on changing your mindset and laying a proper foundation you will be rewarded. Divine timing has been coming up a lot, so keep in mind that our rewards aren’t always obvious. Sometimes we have to experience pain first. When we let go of the old and release that is what opens up the space for the new and rewarding.

This year isn’t going to offer us a lot of fun. So make sure you plan that into your life, and don’t get so focused that you lose sight of what’s important. It’s perfectly acceptable to plan breaks and fun into your life. Overall though, this year is about planning and hard work laying the foundation for the next decade of your life.



Pile One:

Your foundation must be to follow your dreams. Therein lies your divine path and destiny. Even when it’s hard you have to find the lessons in the pain and trust they are for your highest good. Whenever things feel slow or you feel stuck and stagnant, take a break and have some fun. We block ourselves when we’re serious all the time and over-thinking everything.

You’re being challenged to repair your relationship with money this year. Practice a budget and financial discipline. This may require you communicate with someone else you share finances with. The advise is to do it with or without the other person’s approval. There may be fights surrounding finances and you’re being asked to just be responsible for you.

Another test or repair is to learn how to communicate effectively and be vulnerable. You will be receiving plenty of messages and opportunities this year to practice. It’s important to be tapped into you intuition, so you know what to say and when to say it. I would incorporate a spiritual routine with candles, meditation, and music.

Your throat chakra could be blocked. I would do throat chakra meditations and yoga. Perhaps listen to a throat chakra frequency play in the background, while you practice automatic writing. This is great to do for all chakras, but your throat is coming up as significant.

There may be something you’ve needed to say to someone for a long time now, but you’ve been afraid or blocked from saying it. You’re to open up that throat chakra and speak your truth. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Some of you are in unhappy relationships or friendships and need to find unconventional ways out of them.

If you remove toxicity from within it becomes easier to deal with and remove externally. You open space for the universe to reward you. The unknown is scary, but it’s also where your happiness and freedom live. It will meet you there, but you have to build up the confidence to go.

With judgment in reverse you may be facing difficult legal battles this year. Some of you will be getting divorced or leaving what you once thought was a spiritual connection. You, the other person, maybe both of you, have grown cold and distant. The joy and celebration once felt has been gone for some time now.

When you cut this karmic relationship from your life understand the lessons it was here to teach you, rather than feeling ashamed. None of it was a waste of time. The depression, nightmares, and sleepless nights will end once this karmic cycle closes. This person isn’t the one meant for you to build with. The foundation has always been faulty, but knowing the why helps you ensure a more solid foundation moving forward.

Your power center is your solar plexus chakra and has blockages as well. Your creativity is blocked and those unconventional ideas you need are behind it. Sleep with solar plexus frequencies on, do solar plexus yoga, or meditations. It’s time to believe you’re powerful enough to take risks and be open to new paths. What you thought was meant for you was for a time, but if you’re feeling pulled in a new direction it’s time to listen to that.

This is a good year to work on intimacy and vulnerability issues. Read up on shame and healthy ways to process it and let it go. You deserve the depth of love that you seek, and all that requires is you really believing it.

Once you do your true mate is going to come in and the realness of this connection will blow your mind. You will go from feeling you have to beg for love to having it showered on you without hesitation or asking. If you don’t do the healing, inner work you will mess up this connection.

The universe believes in you because it knows you are part of it. It wants to experience itself in high vibration in all forms. You are the universe. Once you repair the cracks in your vulnerability, intimacy, and communication you will attract your soul tribe because you will no longer be afraid to share your soul. You will find creative collaborations and passion everywhere you look.

You are far more powerful than you ever thought possible. Let down the armor and discard it. You need to surround yourself with a spiritual teacher or spiritual people, who can help you find hope in painful cycles ending. When you feel stuck or rigid the right people can help you find movement again.

Work with plants and herbs if possible. You are the creator of your life. Cultivate real and deep balance in all that you do. This will help you remain calm in all situations. Don’t keep yourself small.


Pile Two:

You haven’t always been so great at self-discipline, and it’s one of the ways we choose to love ourselves.This is a crack in your foundation that has you building all the wrong relationships and situations. The universe has aligned everything you need to fill in these cracks and start anew.

Physical activity out in nature is something coming up as transformative for you. This year whenever you are struggling with what your next move should be go out in nature and walk or run. Do something fun like sledding or swimming. This year is about you birthing the ability to trust yourself and stand in your own power.

This includes being decisive and not over-thinking or doubting yourself so much. Doing something physical in nature will be what helps you decide when you feel like you don’t know what to do next. Even if it’s winter time where you are I suggest short, brisk walks as necessary.

Once you repair this indecisiveness and find out where it comes from you will find the strength to walk your divine path. A path that leads you to abundance. Calculating our next move is smart, but over-thinking prevents us from taking the next move altogether sometimes.

Sometimes the time is now. Yes, meditate and rest as you need, but part of self-discipline is understanding the difference between a rest that is needed and one we are using to procrastinate our next move. Part of it, as well, is self-care, but stop staying small and deceiving yourself about your greatness.

Clear out deceitful people as well. It’s time to set higher standards for yourself and create healthy boundaries. Work on developing your self-worth and esteem. Make shrewd decisions, and have clear communication. Now is the time to start bringing your internal visions to life in the 3D reality.

To creatively plan for the future and trust in the unknown is your mission. I advise chakra yoga and meditation for healing and opening up. Your reality should be created with Spirit, so the more in tune you are the bigger you allow yourself to be, and you know you’re meant to be bigger than where you are.

This means in love, too. Be someone worth loving. Someone who is whole on their own, and loves people for the right reasons. Let go of unhealthy attachments that you lied to yourself about too long now. Then you will attract more whole people into your life. Let go of trauma bonding.

A spiritual routine will bring you new visions, understanding, and honesty to your life. Now is a good time to apologize to anyone you’ve hurt, and to accept apologies you may never get. Practice compassion and kindness for self and others. Heal your internal pain on your own, and stop pretending others are responsible for your healing.

You cannot find wholeness in other broken people. You can become whole on your own and attract whole people to your life. I advise inner child and heart chakra meditations as well. Someone reading this is afraid of their power and passion, but they know it’s there. They can feel it.

You are being guided to pursue that which you’re afraid of. There is also a guardian very close to you pushing you to succeed.


Pile Three:

You may have a hard time trusting in your purpose and power. There are cracks in your environment and surroundings that must be repaired. It’s easy to blame others, but we allow them into our lives. Real power lies in keeping yourself in control no matter what is happening around you.

This year is about creating inner peace and domestic harmony. That may look different for each of you. Music is very important to you, and you’re being guided to listen to only high vibrations songs that make you feel good and inspire you. Everything we feed ourselves is important.

A passionate, inspired new beginning is waiting for you. You must heal all the internal conflict in order to successfully deal with external conflict. We cannot expect others to change, so that we don’t have to. For too long you have offered or accepted immature takes on love and relationships. It’s time for honesty and full disclosure with yourself this year.

There is no devil tempting you. This is a scapegoat to taking responsibility. The reason we scapegoat responsibility isn’t because we're lazy. It’s because we’re scared of that much freedom and power. Other people only have as much power and control over you as you allow them.

Your answers and freedom lie in taking personal responsibility for allowing people to make you feel bad over and over. You may lose people this year who are keeping you imbalanced. Let them go. Make space for better.

The universe is going to step in. It’s past time to create the life you were meant to live. Practice a spiritual routine and let the universe guide you away from what is no longer meant for you. It may have been for a time, but some things are only meant for a season.

This isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. Your message is to focus on ridding your life of deceit. Whether this is about you deceiving yourself about your purpose, or allowing others to deceive you. Take an oath to pursue only the highest good.

Pleading and begging will only result in more pleading and begging. You are not a child. Heal the inner child within and take back your power. Sometimes more is done in our quiet moments with the universe than when we are working unceasing. Don’t make it harder than it is.

It’s time to trust your intuition and change your perspective on domestic harmony. This is where you will find how to build a proper foundation. Use your imagination because this is where you feel most at home. My only caution is to be sure you’re imagining what is for the highest good and in a high vibration. Your imagination is your power, too.

I would definitely work on unblocking the solar plexus chakra. That is our power center and if you’re blocked there it will make this all so much harder. Don’t rush anything. Just take it one day at a time and choose love. Choose unconditional love that respects we all have lessons to learn, and sometimes that means letting people go to learn them.


Pile Four:

This year is teaching you how to process loss. If you have any fear of abandonment or like issues now is the time to deal with those. These are cracks you’ll be repairing going forward.

Practice emotional intelligence and be sure to grieve the losses in your life, but don’t allow them to consume you or feel like you’ve done something wrong. Believing that as we leave behind the old, the new comes in to help us grow, can really be beneficial. Sometimes we have to have our heart broken to save our soul. It’s time to admit things you’ve known for some time.

Allow your heart to expand with patience and compassion for yourself and others. Don’t let anyone leaving leave you bitter. Trust that they have their own journey and growing to do. That won’t always involve you and that’s okay. Don’t take it so personal. Learn what they were meant to teach you.

Whenever you feel bad remind yourself you are the dreamer of your dreams. This means at any given moment you can decide what comes next. That you have the power inside to trust in the highest good, regardless of how things appear on the surface. You were meant to live and dive deep.

A recent time out from someone has already come to fruition or will soon. There are signs all around you that this time-out is necessary. There is a completion that has to happen for both parties and they aren’t meant to complete it together. It feels like a loss, but ultimately it’s a gain for you both.

If you can temper your emotions and remain patient going forward the love of a lifetime is coming in. A divine partner and soul contract is on their way for you. Your foundations need to be strong on their own first. Then you’ll attract a partner who is meant to build with you and be just as stable. Trust in the synchronicities all around you.

Letting go of an old love can bring in true love. If you don’t let go this year will be painful and draining for you. If you do let go the stability and soulmate relationships are coming in big time. There is a new beginning just waiting for you to surrender the old and embrace something new and different.

Your third eye chakra is strong right now. Your intuition is on fire. You have the insight and clear thought you need and can tap into it. This year is about expanding your perspectives and broadening your horizons.

Work out any money blocks and conquer the lack mindset wherever it exists. Your stability and prosperity is only found via a spiritual connection to the universe and in co-creation. So let that be your ultimate foundation that you come back to every time.

You may often live with your head in the clouds, but a foundation requires you be practical and grounded. You are resourceful and being asked to tend to your own inner garden for now and trust the universe. What is meant for you will not ever miss you. Be committed to your higher purpose.

Don’t focus on love so much right now. It’s time to love yourself enough to become self-disciplined and self-reliant. I know you might feel like you’ve had to do that for so long already, but the point is to understand you may have to do that for life. Find restraint and self-control right now.

We cannot romanticize every person or situation that we encounter. This is the final year of a long period of growth. Your final stones are being laid in your foundation this year. Find all your healing in mediation, rest, and recuperation. When things seem difficult fallback on spiritual routine and rest. This is where things come naturally for you.

You don’t have to be busy to be worth something. Sometimes our greatest work and rewards are found in moments of connection to source. Work smarter rather than harder. I think you’ve been working on emotional healing for awhile now and this is the culmination year of all that inner work.

Let go of lust and longing. Summon your inner power and become fulfilled on your own. You’re being advised to keep things you learn from your spiritual practice contained for now. You may soon be getting a lot of downloads. Write them down, but wait to share them until it is time.


Keep in mind all readings are general, so if it doesn’t fit your situation the worse thing you can do is force it.



Adjust Your Sails

You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd