I posted a Tweet with four photos to choose from. Please choose one or more and then scroll for the message. This is about what you need to be focused on cultivating and growing in the month of August. As usual, I’ll be starting with a collective meditation message.

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Meditation Message:

You are standing at the top of a huge mountain. There is a ring of fire in front of you. Everywhere you look the view is amazing. You can see the entire world from your vantage point. There is excitement and hesitancy simultaneously. I see you in awe of what is transpiring all around you.

It’s as if you’ve entered a portal. This ring of fire is what is causing you some trepidation, but it’s also what is protecting you. You will be forged in this fire. Everything you’ve ever gone through needs not be wasted. It is a talisman of wisdom if you transmute your pain into a purpose.

This is what I feel being cultivated within us all at this time. A sense of deep, inner knowing. We are going to gain clarity on who we need in our lives, who we must leave behind, what we want to do, and who we want to do those things with. Soul tribes are coming in for many of us.

I see you and all your people joining hands, smiles on every face, trust and safety envelopes every being, and one…two…three…all of you jump as one into the unknown, through the ring of fire, and fly toward a higher mission and calling. Letting what no longer serves be burnt away into the ether.

Picture one:

Before I pull cards I am picking up things intuitively just on the photo alone. You are pregnant either literally or with new, creative ideas. August is going to be about planning and preparation regarding what you’re birthing into being. It’s like the sunset before the bright dawning of a new day.

There is a huge emphasis on you believing in what you cannot always see. Tap into your intuition daily. Spiritual discipline will keep you in alignment with what it is you’re cultivating next month. What is being cultivated for you, should you choose to work toward it, is complete trust in your path.

If you knew you were supported fully what would you do? Well, you are supported, so act as if you are and do it. Now is a time to take your planning and preparation seriously. It is time for you to stop playing around with this and actually go the distance.

If you really want this dream you’re pregnant with to come to life it’s time to stop paying attention to fluctuations and being distracted by the 3D. This is about you seeing the bigger picture and not losing sight of it as you become more diligent with the details. The trees and the forest matter. You cannot have one without the other.

As intuitive and sensitive to energy as you already are that is increasing in August, so make sure you’re practicing grounding techniques. You have this magnificent ability to adapt to your environment, rather than allowing it to chart your course. This ability is not you conforming. It’s you learning how to dance with others to propel yourself further into your purpose.

You are still at the end of one cycle, and not quite ready to begin the new. Make sure you’re using this time to integrate the lessons you’ve learned from the old cycles, so you’re not having to repeat them in the new one. Your destiny is calling out to you. It’s time to answer the call.

Do not get nostalgic for a past that was never as pretty as you remember it, and don’t be anxious over the future. Cultivate the ability to live in the present moment and learn all you can from it. Being fully present allows you to be in tune with your body and intuition, which helps you adapt quickly to changing circumstances or challenging spaces.

There is something you want that just hasn’t come to fruition yet. There is a lesson in this, too. You have to follow your intuition and let others in. Being too self-reliant or too reliant on logic alone will fail you. You are over-analyzing this situation and it’s time to trust it instead.

The universe gives you signs that what you want is coming, and if you don’t get what you want when and how you want it that’s okay, too. It all works out for the highest good in the end. Be open to outcomes differing from expectations. Stop being so afraid of the very thing you’re asking for.

Trust that behind the scenes your happiness is being blended. There is an alchemy taking place on your behalf. You just keep walking a balanced, middle road and you will get where you’re meant to be. This space being worked on for you is full of absolute joy and abundance. Trust it.

Keep working on your own healing, and allow others the space they need to heal, too. Deeper ties to other people are coming in for you in August. These people are meant to help you search for and discover hidden meanings and deeper truths along your path. Do not hold back.

I see one connection in particular with someone who is passionate and heart-fueled. This person inspires you deeply. They are a creative visionary meant to help you build your empire. You must not hold on so tightly to the past or this new connection doesn’t have room to thrive.

Everyday make gratitude part of your spiritual discipline. Tell yourself over and over that every given moment you have more than you need. Reach out and ask for help if you need it. Cultivate balance in your life. This is especially true in regards to your emotions.

You may hold back how you feel in fear of being hurt, but all this does is prevent you from being loved. Practice opening your heart space fully. It’s Leo Season, too, so no better time to do heart chakra work than now.


Picture Two:

Intuitively I feel you are afraid to be exposed. You hold back who you really are and what you really want because you’re scared of what others will think or say. I sense you ready to stop withholding your vulnerability and openness. The sadness this has brought to your life is immeasurable.

You want things to move fast and speed up, but for some time now it’s a big, fat no for you. This isn’t because you don’t deserve what is coming, but you haven’t grown and evolved enough to receive it yet. Now is the time to take your personal growth and evolution into your own hands.

A daily spiritual practice where you connect to and co-create this growth with a higher power or your higher self is highly recommended. You can already feel this intensity and desire for growth within. It’s been brewing beneath the surface for some time now.

Stop focusing on how fast the world around you is moving. Your only focus the month of August should be on your own movements. Observe yourself, consider your own perspectives and how you can change them. Be an outsider looking into your own mind, heart, and soul. This will help you pull out the truth of what is there without influence of bias.

I see a fated connection that is already in your life or will be entering. If you haven’t done the work on your inner healing and growth you will miss what is meant for you. You will doubt this person’s love for you or how worthy you are of it. You don’t just sabotage yourself this way, but this other person, too.

This person has been sent to teach you how to move mountains. Sometimes you view obstacles as insurmountable mountains, but my friend, the obstacles are the path. Sometimes they are divine detours meant to demand your attention. This person is here to teach you that you don’t have to climb every mountain or chisel away at it. You can flow around them.

In August there is a need to cultivate getting out of your own way honestly. You’re wanting this new life with this new person, but you’re feeling a bit unstable. So take simple, small steps to growing your trust and knowing that when the time is right you will see exactly what you need to see.

It is time to come to life. I sense a recent split from a past relationship that is the main obstacle. This person or place was your “home” for a long time, but if you’re honest you never felt truly at home with them. It’s this new person who allows you to be completely yourself and accepts you fully.

Maybe your life has been full of chaos and trauma, so you have mistaken chaos and trauma as a home base for a long time. You’re being asked to go within and heal that pain, so you can turn it into a purpose. Cultivate your home within. This way no one can take it away from you.

Say no to the pain of the past, say no to your inner critic, say no to those who want to dim your light, just so they can shine a false mask to the world. Go where you’re welcomed, encouraged to shine on your own, and accepted fully. This is what you deserve. Cultivate self-worth like you’re dying of thirst for it.

In August you must fully let the inevitable come to an end. For some of you this will mean divorce, or walking away from long-term connections. Stop defending yourself to this past person. You have done all that you can to build and create a legacy with them, but they just aren’t meant for you.

It’s time to transition to smoother waters. To allow this new person to help you unpack the baggage and lighten your load. You feel healed and reborn in this person’s presence. If you want to defend something defend your worthiness of a connection that is so pure, true, and unconditional.

It really matches what I felt intuitively. You’re dying to just be who you are and this new person gives you that space freely. But before you can come into a full union and life with the new you must firmly end the old. Take decisive action in August to do that. You’ve been given so many signs.

This new offer is the most stable you’ve ever had in your life, but if you approach the new with an old mindset you fail before you even begin. I do see you moving away from the past and cutting your losses. There is no sense in continuing to fight a battle when you know the war is over.

You are holding back right now, deceiving yourself and this other person, pretending you don’t know what you want. Their offer of love is on the table, waiting there, tempting you to grab it. Stop focusing on petty things and letting self-doubt sabotage what is meant for you.

Look, if you want something different than you’ve ever had you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done. Is this new person and this new life worth the risk of healing and being vulnerable? Or do you want things to stay the same for the rest of your life and live with those regrets?


Picture Three:

I sense intuitively that you’re in shambles. Maybe you recently hit a rock bottom in some area of life, but there is hope returning. You’re ready to pick yourself up from the ashes and rise like the phoenix.

This coming month there is a need for you to cultivate inner peace. Start a daily spiritual practice and journal morning and evening what you are grateful for. Meditate to frequencies that bring you peace, or use guided meditations meant to help you achieve it.

There is an ancestral pattern that you’re breaking. A healing is being cultivated for you in August, and you’re going to rewrite the future. There is an intense deep, knowing within you about what to do next, but you’ve been in the ruins so long you’re afraid to take the risk.

As you cultivate inner peace the risk will seem less scary. Follow your intuition and know that the anxiety, the fear, those are not hunches. Your intuition is a knowing, not a hair raising, stomach churning experience. You have nothing to fear in moving forward. Trust the hunches on your next move and make it.

You’ve honestly calculated this risk long enough. Whether it’s leaving, moving far away, whatever it is you know what must be done. Now just go within and make lasting peace with it. The fear will keep you stuck or lead you into spaces you do not belong. It’s time to release it.

There is some area of your life where you’re being pushed to step up and take the lead, but you’ve hesitated. Cultivate inner strength and know that this leading role is one you’re meant to take on. Life is filled with choices and it’s time to stop demanding others, including the universe, make yours for you.

Right now and in the month of August you are highly susceptible to manipulation. Now is not the time to trust other people and ask their thoughts or permission. Develop your inner knowing and trust only that. Outside influences do not have your best interest at heart going forward.

You have spent enough time grieving. Looking at all the spilled cups so intensely that you can’t see the ones behind you waiting to fill you up. Your heart is a bit tender now, but let it lead you. Go within and the epiphanies you need will be found there. Soul searching time.

Big, fated changes are coming in for you. Old cycles are ending. There is a purpose you’re missing in the process. Plant your future seed by seed, but plant it. No one is asking you to move fast, but you do need to move. The only thing standing in your way is you honestly.

It’s time to cultivate that peace and inner knowing, so you’re not trapping yourself over and over in your mind. New connections want to come in and form for you. Some of them are past life connections or connections from your past in this life. You sense this and have been holding back.

Once you build and maintain your inner peace and core there is less guess work to be done. You will be so in tune with your intuition and higher self that not much will get by you. Now is the time to cultivate your dreams, and stop being afraid to step up and lead in your own life.


Picture Four:

For you I sense a lot of nostalgia and over-thinking. You don’t want the past back really, but you’re just reflecting on it a lot. One foot is still in the past, and the rest of you is headed toward a brighter future. It’s this in between spaces feeling, where you’re reassessing and taking stock.

There is a huge need for you to cultivate a relationship with Spirit and let the universe become your guide. There are likely already many signs all around you that you’re meant to leave the past and create a different future than you intended, but you’re waffling back and forth.

Your vibration is rising because you are an oracle. You are meant to give voice to the voiceless. There is a message the world needs that only you can deliver. I sort of feel you’re already in this space, doing your best to cultivate it. Like the hawk you are flying high above the personal feeling attached to your situation, observing the bigger picture and the details alike.

Cultivate the ability to listen closely to the signs being given to you. There is a bigger message you’re intended to speak to the world and those around you. There are signs in both directions for you right now, so do not dismiss them. Signs pointing you in the right direction, and red flags alerting you of the wrong path and how the past must remain the past.

There is something you’ve uncovered that is a treasure for you. Everything in you wants to discover and learn more about this person, place, or thing. However, you’re allowing the chaos and conflict of the past to keep pulling you back in. What can you learn from this? Tap into meditation and find out.

You’re starting to realize that all of life is a magic stream. The past, the present, the future are all woven from the same fabric. It’s all meant to guide us, teach us, and encourage us to learn our soul’s lessons. Part of you senses deeply the tragedy of your life story is going to shift to one of success, and that’s partly why this pause is needed. Prepare thyself.

Stop wandering back and forth between emotions and intellect with no real substance or goal in mind. Stop longing for that which is gone and appreciate the lessons it taught you. Don’t pine for what hasn’t happened yet. Try to cultivate joy in every present moment you have and live in it fully.

Yes, you are entering uncharted territory and it’s unfamiliar, but it’s meant for you. Just like riding a bike you will learn this new land and it will become a habitual space for you to reside in. Cultivate faith and trust the signs you’re being given fully. This is judgment day.

You are going through a spiritual awakening and self-actualization. The glorious unveiling of Spirit is working in your life right now. You may feel at times that you’re having an out of body experience. Victory is coming to you through allowing this experience to happen. All the signs you’re being given, if followed, lead you to public recognition and fated destiny.

Right now you’re ignoring the new offers on the table. You’re focused too much on offers in the past that didn’t work out. But did you follow Spirit in the past when you accepted those offers? Likely not. This time is different for that reason alone. Trust it.

There is a new love who has given you a solid, stable offer, but it’s all moving quite slow. It could be a new job offer perhaps. There may be choices to make between two lovers or two jobs. In both cases you’re being encouraged to follow the signs and embrace the new.

In this new space is balance, reciprocity, and home. You understand fully the offers you’re considering. There is no need to keep going back and forth with yourself. Instead, cultivate being honest with yourself. You already know who or what you want. Just go for it.


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