I began this series with writing about the year 2020. It is a universal four year and all about foundations. I then did a pick a card tarot reading with four piles to choose from. These readings were meant to guide you on the cracks in your foundation and where there is need for repair.

On top of the universal year we each have a personal year that goes in cycles of 9. The way you find this out is to add the month and day of your birth with the current year. For example: If your birthday is February 13th you will add 02+13+2020 or 0+2+1+3+2+0+2+0= 10.

Always break it down to one number, so 1+0=1. That answer is your personal year. In this case you would have a personal year one. Feel free to Google and learn all about your personal year. I’ll be posting a blog for each of them.

Find personal years one and two here:

The universal year comes first. It is a universal, planetary energy. This means we are also working on foundations in our systems and governments. It makes sense with our current global events. We are setting the foundation for big, major changes now. We are planting the seeds. #NotMeUs #BigUs

We are being made ever aware of the cracks in our critical foundations. People all over the world are rising up, joining a movement, and ready to do something about it. It’s going to be hard work and take dedication, but we really can come together and change the whole world for the better. This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about.

In 2021 we will be in a universal year five. It will be all about freedom and change. So once we lay the foundations prepare for what is coming. Change will be accepted rather than tolerated. People will be able to express themselves more freely. We will adapt to newer, fairer systems abroad.

On the personal level, which foundations you work on this year will likely be determined by the personal year you’re in. For this post, we’re going with personal year three. This is mostly about social networking and creativity.

Your year one was all about having excess energy and being on the go planting the seeds. Year two you may have felt lethargic, tired, and low energy, as it was a time to rest, to nurture, and to cultivate patience. This year it’s back to the high energy and creativity.

Express yourself in creative ways this year. In year one you were focused on the self, in the year two more intimate one on one connections, but this year will be all about group socializing. The seeds you planted are just starting to sprout and you’re lacking in focus this year. It reminds me of 7 of Cups tarot energy honestly. Choices everywhere you look.

You will be receiving lots of downloads to spark your creativity this year, but I wouldn’t start anything new, unless you’re certain you can handle it. The best way to start something is by building it with others this year, so the pressure isn’t all on you. This is more about exploring and envisioning, creating the stable connections you’ll need to build your ideas in the future.

Express your ideas to others and gather opinions. Expand your social circle wherever possible. It’s a great year to network regarding what you’ve already started or plan to start. It’s important to learn to laugh at yourself and maintain a sense of humor this year. Also, watch your emotional spending habits this year, as you may regret over-spending.

For the foundational year of 2020 you are to build foundations in the area of social networking, business, relationships, and find creative ways to do so. This is about building strong, stable partnerships. There will be many new people, but don’t stop nurturing what you started in previous years.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd