Personal Year One in 2020

I began this series with writing about the year 2020. It is a universal four year and all about foundations. I then did a pick a card tarot reading with four piles to choose from. These readings were meant to guide you on the cracks in your foundation and where there is need for repair.

On top of the universal year we each have a personal year that goes in cycles of 9. The way you find this out is to add the month and day of your birth with the current year. For example: If your birthday is February 13th you will add 02+13+2020 or 0+2+1+3+2+0+2+0= 10.

Always break it down to one number, so 1+0=1. That answer is your personal year. In this case you would have a personal year one. Feel free to Google and learn all about your personal year. I’ll be posting a blog for each of them.

The universal year comes first. It is a universal, planetary energy. This means we are also working on foundations in our systems and governments. It makes sense with our current global events. We are setting the foundation for big, major changes now. We are planting the seeds. #NotMeUs #BigUs

We are being made ever aware of the cracks in our critical foundations. People all over the world are rising up, joining a movement, and ready to do something about it. It’s going to be hard work and take dedication, but we really can come together and change the whole world for the better. This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about.

In 2021 we will be in a universal year five. It will be all about freedom and change. So once we lay the foundations prepare for what is coming. Change will be accepted rather than tolerated. People will be able to express themselves more freely. We will adapt to newer, fairer systems abroad.

On the personal level, which foundations you work on this year will likely be determined by the personal year you’re in. For this example, we’re going with one. This year for you is all about new beginnings. Great year to couple with a universal year of four because it’s a chance to rebuild foundations on more stable ground from more stable energy.

Everything you start this year is what you’re manifesting for the years to come. It’s important to take stock of what you’ve learned about yourself and the world thus far in life. To take those lessons with you as experience when making decisions in the present. The balance is in learning not to allow those lessons to close you off because if you do you haven’t learned them.

You will have more energy this year. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy will be high. You will be meeting new people and attending new events. It’s a year to till the ground and plant the seeds for future projects and relationships. Next year you will be further cultivating and deepening your connection to the people and projects you entertain this year. This year is all about the self for the most part.

This year sets a stage for the next decade. How old are you going to be in nine years? Don’t waste this opportunity. Focus this year on what you want to accomplish, and let go of what you haven’t yet achieved. It’s time to defeat the lack mindset, whether you feel you’re lacking in love, finances, or anything else. You always have what you need within.

Take charge and take initiative this year. It’s a great year for leadership roles. The only limitation on you this year is the one you give yourself. Use your time wisely and start as soon as possible. You will start running out of steam in the fall of this year, as the energy of the two year creeps in. All the hard work will be heavy at this point and you’ll start focusing a bit more on connections.

For 2020 you’re instructed to look at life as a clean slate. This is ground zero and how exciting is it that you can build whatever you want now? Yes, it will take hard work and dedication, routine and structure, but just be sure to schedule in the breaks and the fun. All work and no play will burn you out. There is the potential to go, go, go this year, so schedule in slow time.

Be thorough this year in everything; especially contracts. If there is something you do not understand please hire someone to help you understand. Otherwise, it’s a great year to pioneer a new career as well. Go forward this year with confidence and be rooted in your spiritual self-care. It’s all about creating a foundation that frees by taking personal responsibility.

Meditation Message:

New beginnings are highlighted strongly this year. Especially in terms of finances and career. A new baby, home, relationships, are all possible this year. Allow the old to have served its purpose. Let it go to make space for all this new trying to come your way.




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