October Messages Part One: Aries through Virgo

We all know by now that October’s astrology is truly out there. This entire year has been something else for the whole world. Personally, I’ve had a lot of growth and evolution in spite of it, but you can feel it all brewing beneath the surface regardless. I wrote more about that here:

This post is for the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo placements for the month of October. Part two will have the remaining six signs. Feel free to check your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, and whatever else you feel may resonate. As always, these are general and won’t apply to all.

Tip jar and good karma donations accepted for those who ask. The links are at the end of the post. I hope you all accept stepping into your new identity going forward and embrace your true selves. Release the ghost of the past. You’re not obligated to be who you’ve always been. Growth is so good. ❤

Aries placements:

They are showing me a stack of mail. You should go through it because there may be something you missed among it. It could be you thought it was all junk mail, but something important is caught up in the pile. This may be something you know about, but haven’t been wanting to deal with. Now is the time to deal with it and get it out of the way.

If it’s not something you overlooked in the mail it could be something you are meant to mail out and forgot or procrastinated.


I do see a huge potential for wealth increase coming in for you this month. There is this period of happiness and fulfillment coming that seems long overdue. Make sure that you remain humble and remember real value is something money could never buy. Your mindset this month is going to be huge for you.

There is this level of self-sufficiency you’re about to master. You’re coming through quite warm, nurturing, and confident. I see you working hard to master a skill or on your soul mission. There is this ego battle you’re having that has to come to an end, though. Release internal conflict and celebrate your life and the growth and changes that are taking place.

There is a choice you have to make, and you’re going to try to push this choice off on someone else. You’re holding back and not wanting to choose. If this choice is you having to let go of the past and move on do it. Clean up any messes you’ve made, apologize where you should, but don’t sit back and hope the other person or situation makes the choice for you.

Move forward slowly and steadily this month. Leave no stone un-turned as you move through each day. Make sure you’re not defensive against allowing others in to help you. That’s coming through more than once in this reading. You can’t push everyone away and then complain you feel left out in the cold and abandoned. There is real potential to manifest a dream here. Do not go sabotaging yourself and pushing away what is meant for you.

Take time out each day to meditate, to rest, to replenish your energy. Make sure you’re not working with a lack mindset of never enough. There is always enough of everything you need. I do see things shifting in terms of love in your life, too. If you’re already in a relationship it may become more spiritual and emotionally fulfilling. If you’re not an emotional fulfilling relationship may be making it’s way to you.

Make sure you’re honest with yourself and everyone else around you this month. Delegate what you can so that you’re not overwhelmed. There is a blockage to your heart that needs to be removed. Open it up. You’re afraid to be manipulated, so you think you have to go it all alone. In fact, you do have great power on your own. The ability to masterfully blend the spiritual and material worlds, but your soul knows it isn’t meant to do it all by itself.

There are harmonious connections making their way in, but you have to be willing to be creative and intimate. Acting like you can take or leave these connections will leave the other people without clarity and you will be left with heartache and anxiety. Know, understand, and use your power correctly. The divine is intervening here and trying to bring you the gift of healing.

In fact, some of you know this deeply already. There is a recognition that you’re meant to build with this person or these people. You’re feeling quite creative and fertile, but questioning whether or not you’re meant to walk away from all you’ve already invested in. If what you’ve invested in previously has bore no fruit walk away. Try something new.

Let the pain and regret of the past be transformed from something toxic to something abundant. You really do have the potential to create a legacy here. You’re poised for anything this month, and maybe that’s where the fear and anxiety is coming from. Try to celebrate the losses as wins, too. If nothing else they taught you valuable lessons worthy of learning.

Do not let this make your communication cold and bitter. Heal that heart and stop holding back. Your cup overflows and it’s okay. Love is what makes the world go round. We need all of it we can get right now, my rams. Acting like you don’t have a heart doesn’t ever protect it, I assure you.


Taurus placements:

There is this sort of numbness I feel for you. They’re showing me a fall scene, you’re walking down the street, sort of feeling blah. Kicking up leaves and sighing this deep, heavy sigh. If sighs could speak. Your hearts feel quite heavy. Spend some time in nature taking in the peace and quiet if you can.

Go for a long walk, sit in a park, walk the shore of a body of water and listen to the roar. Let yourself be full of nature’s beauty and the promise that this, too, shall pass. Some things are painful and it’s never weak to admit you’re struggling, so if you need help please reach out and seek it.


You enter October feeling like you’re going in circles and not getting anywhere. You have all these hopes and dreams and seem to have very little clarity on what and who to invest in. I sense a lot of confusion, but honestly this is nothing more than a chance to master the past by choosing a different route in the present than you would have previously.

Do not put the responsibility of choices you aren’t making onto other people this month. If you aren’t taking care of yourself it may be easy to blame others, but you are the one making the choices in your life, not them, and if they are it’s because you’re refusing to stand up for yourself. Let people know what you need and do not be apologetic for that.

It’s time to be honest about the conflicts in your life and the fact that you’re feeling like a wounded warrior in need of tender loving care. There are people around you who love you, who celebrate you, but it may not always feel that way. I get the sense this month that is going to change. There is a new fire lit in your belly and a fresh perspective you haven’t had before.

You’re so done chasing hollow victories and fighting empty battles. There is some sort of truth being illuminated for you this month. What you need to walk away from will be made abundantly clear, and who has your back to help you transition will also be clear. I do sense new emotional fulfillment and satisfaction coming in for you.

It’s important that you recognize your own value. You may feel as if your work or finances are suffering, but I do see you recovering from that this month. Make sure you’re tuned in to your intuition and following the guidance there. You may begin something new this month. Trust the unknown and know that the clarity comes as bread crumbs at times. Follow those crumbs.

There is a need for you to ground yourself. You’re not feeling as secure and stable as you normally do this month. Take it slow and steady and know that being human is more than okay. It doesn’t make you weak. Tend to your foundations and find joy in the little things around you. There is transformation happening all around you, and you likely feel it bubbling up beneath the surface. Trust it.

If you’re offered a new job or new responsibility this month I do see that leading to long term success, but you have to communicate your standards. Don’t get defensive for no reason because this only leads to anxiety. Know your worth and demand you are compensated for it. Don’t let your self-worth be what holds you back from your full potential. You can’t get mad that you don’t get what you never asked for.

You may be prone to over-thinking this month and that is only going to cause more anxiety. When I feel anxious I take a few deep breaths. I inhale to the count of five and exhale to the count of seven. Then I say something like, “Anxiety, I see you, I feel you. I know that your intentions are good and you’re trying to protect me, but I do not need your protection. You can go now.” I do this as often as I need with conviction until it alleviates.

You’re too focused on the past this month. Don’t get caught up over-thinking what you could have, should have, would have done differently. When you find yourself going there pause and go within. Turn on a meditation and do some soul searching about what you can do in the present to benefit the future. This is far more productive than beating yourself up over the past.

I see people around you willing to work with you. There are fresh starts being offered. It’s crucial this month that you build a relationship with your higher power, whoever and whatever you feel that is. This is how you will successfully map out your future and trust the transformation taking place for you. For many of you this has to do with family and home.

I see you making up with family, but setting healthy boundaries going forward, so that the past isn’t repeated. You’re so over the chaos and conflict. There is a lot of regret I feel coming up for you over your part in it. Well, speak to the shame the same way you do the anxiety. Take a few deep breaths. Inhale to the count of five, exhale to seven.

“Shame, I see you. I feel you. I am aware I haven’t always lived up to my internal value system, but now that I know better I do better. It’s okay that I’m human and I no longer need your reminders of what I should have done or said differently. You can go now.”

There is a lot of potential for growth this month, Taurus, but you have to put in the healing work. You have to be willing to let down the walls. To stop viewing yourself as a victim and trust it’s all working for your higher good.


Gemini placements:

I feel for the group of you I’m tapping into there is something or someone you’ve outgrown, or maybe they’ve outgrown you. However, they are showing me Cinderella. It’s like you’ve been in this relationship where you felt you were constantly taken advantage of, but someone new has come in and caught your eye. You’re praying for a magical moment that lets you avoid all the responsibility that comes with leaving the old and accepting the new.


There is definitely someone new in your life who is meant to help you evolve and grow personally and spiritually. This is causing you to be up in your head, spinning your wheels, and causing a lot of anxiety. The unknown is a scary place sometimes, but it’s where the magic happens, too. You know your current situation is full of conflict and ego, but the new is unknown and that frightens you a bit. Trust your higher self.

This new romance is one that is meant to help you become more fertile and creative. It’s pushing you to create your empire. There is a new perspective needed on what you’ve been investing in. Maybe you’ve been in this current relationship a long time, but if you wasted fifteen years why would you bet on wasting fifteen more?

The new offer is solid and offers you more long-term stability. There is a harmony and peace with the new person that the other person just doesn’t offer you. You’re going to have to display some strength and accept this new beginning, but it’s not going to be easy for you, but it is worth it.

Out of habit or duty or some sense of obligation you’re having a hard time walking away from the past. However, there is some truth you’re rushing to speak this month. You want a more solid foundation. One that celebrates milestones. I see you making the choice to accept the new before it’s over. To know and use your true power to start the more solid foundation.

There is a receptive energy you should adopt this month. Be willing to receive what is meant for you. Let the hands of fate and destiny step in. The ten of pentacles is here twice in a row. You and this new person are not only going to create a harmonious, happy home, but wealth and spiritual abundance. If you want the inspiring, passionate new beginning release the old already.

You can do this in a way that preserves a decent relationship with your current partner, especially if there are children. I encourage you to think about this and if you need to research ways to split amicably. Remember that even if this relationship was toxic it has taught you a lot. Take the pain and turn it into purpose.

There is no need to do this defensively. That is only going to increase your problems and anxiety. Do it with peace in your heart. Know that this is your soul’s calling and it doesn’t matter who else accepts that. It’s time in October to leave your comfort zones behind.

To start mapping out a future with someone who truly wants to build and not bullshit. This person inspires you to be a better person, too. I wouldn’t let self-doubt have you miss what is meant for you, Gem.


Cancer placements:

You are standing there in the darkness when rays of light suddenly beam down upon you. It feels like illumination and cleansing all at once. Your face is turned up to the light and you’re feeling warm and radiating beauty. You raise your arms ready to accept what is being shown to you.


Something unexpected is coming in for you this month. Try to keep in mind that some detours are divine. This may be something that seems inconvenient at first, but ends up being the best thing to ever happen for you. Someone is coming into your life who is going to inspire you, and you may feel a bit defensive and hold back at first. Trust your higher self here.

This person is meant to help you evolve personally, professionally, or in some way. You’re going to feel conflicted and hold back, but use your head and your heart. There is an opportunity for harmony and peace here. You and this person could be a power couple in whatever sense you come together. This is the Emperor and Empress together building their empire.

This may not be the person you expected to be, and maybe that’s the detour. It’s incredibly important for you to be tapped into your intuition. You and this person are going to be learning new things together, and working together to build something stable and long-lasting. Don’t cut them off without thinking because you’re in your ego battling it out.

You may feel blocked or discouraged from moving forward. Your ego battles may be heavy this month. Write up a detailed plan and follow through. Something is going to be illuminated about the work you’re meant to be doing this month and someone is expressing deep feelings for you, too. Whether it’s a current partner or someone new they see you as their destiny. They feel their soul is calling them toward you.

This could be the same person who expresses love for you that you’re meant to build the empire with, of course, or it could be two different people. It will likely be different for all of you. The biggest problem may be that you’ve closed yourself off, gone into your shell, and are refusing to let people in. There is a chance you miss out on a fantastic opportunity if you aren’t open.

You can take it slow, but make wise and intelligent decisions about your future. Don’t let the pain from the past overwhelm you and prevent you from moving forward and finding balance now. Try to stay in the present moment. If you catch yourself too much in the past or too far into the future have the self-awareness to bring yourself back to the now.

If there is regret or sadness that has to be healed. You can’t keep avoiding it. Trust the dreams, signs, and visions you’re given. The universe won’t let you leave any stones un-turned. This is a passionate, inspiring new start for you coming in. One that has empire building potential. It makes you feel creative and ready to give birth to a brighter future than you imagined.

You need to reason and strategize this month. Maybe love makes you feel illogical, but love makes the world go round. You want to be self-sufficient and able to provide, and there is nothing wrong with that, but are you allowing your fear of rejection and abandonment to hold you back from your dreams coming true?

Are you defending the truth or being defensive when you are faced with the truth? That is the question. It’s not about indulging in fantasy and thinking yourself weak for doing so. If the two of you have real potential for a romance, or even for working together it’s logical to go for it. The clarity will be there, but whether or not you actually accept it is a choice only you can make.


Leo placements:

They are showing you in this grand, regal room where you think a Leo would feel right at home, but you don’t. You’re looking around in awe. Maybe you think the room is tacky, or you feel like you don’t deserve the luxury headed your way. There is a shift happening under the surface for you.

For many of this has to do with your finances and career. Know that nothing you’ve been through is wasted. Give your pain a purpose. You are more than deserving of all that life has to offer.


Many of you are definitely being presented with a new path this month. It’s requiring you to take a great leap of faith. There is something about this new path you know will challenge you to the core, and you’re hesitant to take it. A challenge like this can be so rewarding and the advice is take the risk. It will bring you such clarity and you’re divinely protected and guided.

Don’t turn your back on something that has the potential to improve your life. You’re one of the most warm, loving, nurturing souls and the walls are going to bring you regret if you keep them up and refuse to leap. You’re not meant to let past pain create new pain because it has you fearful. You’re meant to turn that past pain into purpose. Do it afraid.

The greatest threat with taking the risk is you not remaining humble, so just be sure you are grounded in your heart space and never forget where you come from. Take time to meditate and listen to your intuition. For many of you this goes beyond work to your love life. You’re strong and independent, yes, but something is being illuminated for you regarding your current partner or a new partner that is coming in.

The two of you together can effortlessly blend the spiritual and material worlds together and create absolute abundance. Practice a lot of self-care and spiritual rituals this month. Let your heart overflow with love. Remember that we are all one.

Everything is connected to the universal flow of consciousness and when you fail to love others you’re in a way not loving a part of you. Likewise, when you fail to let them love you there is a piece of themselves you’re withholding from them. Let love flow in, my lions.

This is the chance for a brand new beginning in your life. One that is solid and can lead to longevity and wealth over time. There is definitely some type of transformation at work or you choosing to follow a soul purpose. However, in order to do that there are things you have to leave behind. People, addictions, mindsets, whatever it is. You’ve invested a lot into it, but it’s time to let go.

You’re standing in your comfort zone, unsure whether or not you should move forward, but you should. Your choice to stay where you are is motivated by ego, fear, and illusion. Follow your higher self and stop clinging so tightly to what is no longer meant for you. There are people ready to collaborate with you and help you build a prosperous future.

Find the strength to follow what is fated and destined for you. The strength card is here twice. Display the mighty heart we know Leo’s are known are. I might make it sound easier than it is, I know, but your need to feel absolutely safe and secure before you leap is going to be your downfall. You are safe and secure if you trust the universe has your back and jump.

If anxiety and fear of rejection or abandonment comes up work through it. Inhale to the count of five and exhale to the count of seven. Do this a few times and then acknowledge your feelings. “I see you anxiety. I know you’re just trying to protect me, but I do not need your protection. Me and my higher self got this. You can go now.”

“Even if these people do leave me I will be okay. It doesn’t say anything about my worth. People can only offer me what they have cultivated within themselves, and that says more about them than me.” It’s time to walk away from the pain of the past, from the chains you keep yourself bound in, and find some emotional stability. Open that heart up and be receptive.

Pay attention if you’re feeling overwhelmed or off, and take a time out when it happens. Meditate, write, reflect during those moments. Face your deepest fears and the what if’s. The path will be illuminated for you. Your heart is full of deep wisdom and love not meant to be held back. Practice self-empowerment and find some structure in your life.

If people come against you stand your ground and communicate your dreams and visions with clarity and conviction. Do not let them sway you away from them. It’s okay to go back and forth from being to doing. In the end, I do see you rushing forward, ready to follow your truth. If you need clarity simply ask for it because I see it coming in for you.

Leave no stone un-turned, don’t be in a rush, but do move forward. You may be reconciling with people from the past to celebrate this new beginning. You deserve this, Leo. I can’t convince you, though. That’s an inside job.


Virgo placements:

For you I’m feeling some sort of spiritual awakening in October. You’re in this building with stained glass windows, and the light is pouring through them in technicolor. You’re in the middle of the room with your head in your hands. You may feel physical ascension symptoms this month.

Trust that everything happening is for your higher good. It’s happening for you and not to you. Build a relationship with your higher self this month. I also see you journaling, which is a great thing to do. It offers you evidence of your intuition coming true when you write it down.


This awakening happening for you is to give you clarity on the toxic patterns and people in your life that you need to walk away from. The path you’re currently on isn’t the one for you. It consistently leads you to regret and sorrow. You once thought it was your dream come true, but your soul is calling to you lately that there is more out there.

I know this makes you sad. You are afraid if you leave your current path it will fill you with more regret and sorrow, but a new path is what is meant for you. It will bring you a more solid foundation and more reasons to celebrate life. It’s time this month to clear out the clutter. This could be physically making space for the new, emotionally or mentally healing, or all of the above.

The fact is the path you’re on right now isn’t reciprocal. The energy exchange is nowhere near even. When you’re honest with yourself you’re inspired and passionate when you think of starting over. You’re so tired of going through the motions where you are, and it’s causing you to build walls. But, starting over also feels heavy. I assure you it’s the new path that leads to abundance.

Time to release your old identity. For some of you this is you leaving a relationship that has turned more cold than warm. If this is the case you’ve been receiving the signs, the visions, and the dreams for a while now that it’s time to leave for a more even exchange elsewhere. I do you see gaining the confidence and willpower to move forward this month.

If it’s not a relationship it could be that you’re turning down offers to be in one right now, so you can work on balance within yourself. Almost the moment you release this person, mindset, habit, whatever it is I see financial constraints being lifted from you as well. When you follow your soul’s calling it leads you right to the inspiration to build your empire.

It’s time to heal that heart of yours. You are full of way too much creativity and fertility to allow yourself to stay small where you are. There is someone out there ready to build a dynasty of wealth and a legacy of spiritual based love with you. Someone who is self-empowered and won’t syphon your energy to feel powerful.

Your intuition may be blocked a bit this month. If so this is you living in ego and being afraid to listen to your soul. Practice meditation, journaling, or some other form of self-reflection. Go to people who you know have your best interest at heart and celebrate your new changes with them. There is great clarity available if you choose to go within instead of allowing your ego to run the show this month. There are even people willing to help you.

I see people wanting to collaborate with you to build something long-lasting and solid. Urging you to move forward, to go within, and to find that burning passion and inspiration for life again. It’s time to detach from your situation a bit and observe it as if it were someone else living it. What is the advice you would give them and why do you not feel worthy of that same advice?

I know the decision isn’t easy. You’ve invested a lot into this situation, but it’s time for transformation now. No matter how much you try to ignore it there is a fire lit in your belly for growth and evolution this month. I see you defending yourself, standing in your power, and using that power wisely.

You’re taking a look this month at how you keep going round and round with this person, habit, or issue. You’re learning a lot about yourself and creating a strategy to love yourself. To fill your own cup and do what is best for you. I feel like there is an energy around you, whether your ego energy or someone else, that is harsh on you. Time to be stronger than your ego or display the strength to leave behind the energy that is doing this to you.

Follow your higher self. Map out a strategy for your future instead of staying stuck in toxic comfort zones. You do not have to settle. Know your worth.


Namaste! Part two to come tomorrow.

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