New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Feel free to ask a question for each pile you choose. The top card on each pile is an answer to that question. Top row left to right is piles one through three. Bottom row left to right is four through six. Choose one or more and scroll for the reveals.

Collective Message:

On June 21st at 2:41 EST we are going to have a very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. The astrology for quite some time has been all about us overcoming the past 35 years and stepping into the next 35 years. This goes for us as individuals and the collective.

This phase is going to entail physical changes in our journey, while prior it’s been more internal. You have to find patience and trust in yourself and the universe. New Moons are all about new beginnings. It’s about setting intentions for the next phase of your evolution.

Focus during this one on gaining emotional intelligence. Creating a life that feels good from the inside out. This is about changing how you see yourself. Choosing a foundation that makes you feel grounded, rather than repairing the same faulty foundations that keep crumbling all around you.

This could have to do with changes to your home and family. For some of you it could involve a literal move. The Solar Eclipse intensifies all of this energy and makes it larger. This is going to bring massive personal and emotional shifts for us all. The next six months is about building up new structures to replace what is no longer standing.

This isn’t going to be easy. The difficulty is going to come in having to trust the unknown and not knowing what the future holds. You have to be okay with not knowing. The unknown is where all the magic happens, though. It is time to release control, trust your intuition, your heart, and your soul.

There can be no force of will here. Your mind alone will not cut it. Rest, relax, and trust your inner voice. Know that behind the scenes things are being worked on for your highest good. Things will become a bit clearer over the next couple months. Now is just a time to be adaptable.

You are your own peace. Do not give anyone or anything that power over you. Don’t put that pressure on them, either. We can’t be each other’s peace. When you give someone that sort of power over you it also gives them the power to take your peace away. Besides, if the people you’re pressuring to bring you peace don’t have it within them how can they offer it to you?

Carve out a sacred space for what you care about to flourish. Everything is about YOU right now. What do you care about? This is not the time to keep sacrificing what your heart and soul is craving trying to please others who have decided they cannot ever be pleased.

Think of this as a final process of elimination. You cannot avoid the things that you know have to change and expect your life to improve. It’s not a time to be stuck and living in the past. This is about using the present moment to set intentions for your future.

Emotions are likely to be intense and overwhelming. Remember you are not your emotions and they will pass like they always do. Don’t avoid them or rush them. Detach a bit, understand why you are feeling them, validate them.

You’re about to embark into the unknown, and emotions are not a solid foundation to build from. Balance it with some reason and logic. When I say you can’t use your mind alone going forward I am not saying not to use it at all. Just really listen to your intuition above all.

Collective Affirmation:

Sometimes it’s so frustrating. We do everything we’re led and guided to do. We seek external validation to confirm the validation we’ve given ourselves. We feel like something should have given by now. It is in those moments, when you truly think you’ve surrendered all and nothing changes that you haven’t truly surrendered all.

Your heart and mind must be completely open to possibilities and not focused on specific outcomes and pathways. Being adaptable to change is how you will survive and thrive in any situation. Don’t let chaos control you. None of that is personal, and remembering that can help you mediate it like a pro.


I always advise people to trust their own intuition over all else. These messages won’t be for everyone, but they will be for someone. Please do not ever force a reading to fit your situation. Sometimes they will fit and it will resonate with a deeper knowing within you. Other times it won’t, and it will resonate with that same inner knowing. Both are okay.

Pile One:

Whatever question you asked the answer is “unlikely”. This means whatever you’re hoping for is still possible, but not likely at this time. I want to encourage you to remember that sometimes rejection is your protection. We think we know what we want, but so often our higher self knows better.

The universe wants you to take a leap of faith. Maybe what you’re asking about is too familiar or an old way of life that is meant to leave you. Something is shifting and you’re being required to level up in life going forward. You think you’ve surrendered, but you’ve been unwilling to take a risk, maybe afraid of deceit, rejection, or falling on your face.

It may be hard for you to trust in good fortune, but it will be required for you to practice doing so. Now is a great time to tune in and trust your inner guidance and intuition. There is something or someone you know is not meant for you. It could even be a mindset, thought process, or behavior.

It’s part of an unfinished symphony of the past. Whatever you’re asking about isn’t meant for you at this time. I know this can be difficult to hear because you’ve likely worked hard for it and it seems to consistently elude you. It’s because what you desire is you still settling for less.

There is a need for you to assess your own thoughts and the motives of others right now. There is deceit somewhere around you, whether it’s you deceiving yourself or being deceived by another. What you want could still manifest, but there is this nagging pull to tie up loose ends. Not everyone or everything that started with you can finish with you.

Make sure you aren’t forgetting you are a God, or Goddess if you prefer. The other beings aren’t above you and don’t require worship. In fact, without you their message has no oracle or vessel from which to spread. Your vibration is currently rising, and this shift is to help you walk your higher calling.

Meditate. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a pillar of light. You are the rainbow bridge connecting the heavens and the earth. Without your voice, your body, your unique expressions the higher thoughts would have no way to be emitted into the ether. You matter.

You have all the tools you need, but you may not be seeing it. Literal magic doesn’t exist. You’ll never make something disappear, change color, or appear simply by speaking words, but your words are power. You shape your reality.

There is a need for you to exercise judgment, power, and force of will going forward. It’s important you detach from and become impartial to this outcome. This will help you see clearly what you no longer need to hold onto, or what you’ve been missing. If there is chaos around you be the calm.

There is something you’re doing in everyday life, in the physical realm, that needs to change. Pay attention to the things you do and be aware of the effects they generate. Even a small strain of wildness, left unchecked, can have you lacking foresight and hamper your passage forward.

What data do you need to make an informed, good decision? What can you learn from this situation? What needs your dedicated commitment right now? What addictions, unhealed wounds, patterns are keeping you stuck?

There may be something that was or is a great wish for you that isn’t going to come to fulfillment. Maybe your joy and desires will turn to pain for a time. Now isn’t the time to defend it, to double down on the conviction of it, or to maintain it as a strong belief. New clarity and inspiration is trying to come in.

In fact, the energy of this eclipse is going to bring you brilliant moments of clarity. It’s time to take stock of your beliefs and strip them down. If they can be doubted doubt them, see how it feels. The only thing you can know for sure is that you think, therefore, you are. Start there and build from a place of logic and reason, being led by your inner voice.

Right now there is an obstacle to what you’re asking about and it’s not the time to move forward. Whatever mountains are in your way will be moved when the time is right. Trust in divine timing and guidance. Cultivate patience and temperance while you wait.

If you stubbornly forge ahead you can’t be surprised when you come tumbling back down the mountain. There is something unfinished that must be tended to first. Try revisiting the details, focusing on new skills that can assist you, and practicing new traits. Perhaps what you need is simply more knowledge and practice before it comes to fruition.

I know it’s a difficult answer. Sometimes those are the answers meant for our highest good, though. Trust that and surrender to the process.


Pile Two:

The answer to your question isn’t a yes or a no. It’s “reconsider”. There is something you asked about that you should rethink in some way. There is a chance that something in your life isn’t aligned at the moment, and this is what needs to be reconsidered.

Life is about to speed up. You are a powerful co-creator and your evolution is about to hasten. It is time to get moving, to get in alignment, and to start making concrete steps to bring your dreams down to reality. It’s likely you feel that intensity deeply beneath the surface and have for some time.

You will need to conquer your fears and remember they are false evidence appearing real. It’s time to really adapt and learn to enjoy the exhilarating ride you’re about to partake in. You will need to be in alignment and in touch with your higher self because you’re expected to keep moving forward no matter how fast or dizzying life becomes.

The answer to your question can only truly be revealed once you’re in full alignment. When you’re not in alignment you aren’t seeing the highest potential in yourself or others. Strip away who the world and those around you taught you to be and become who you are.

I feel you are someone who has managed so much growth and change in your life. Step back and acknowledge it. It’s time to level up. To stop defining yourself by the external things and the people in your life. Your worth is inherent even if you’re alone and have nothing material to show. The way we define success in this world has to change.

There are still areas of life where change is needed, so take some time to credit yourself for the growth you’ve achieved, and then tackle what remains. You’re literally about to be caught up in a whirlwind of your own manifestations and I hope you’re ready for it.

You will need to hone your intuition because some of the opportunities you’ve manifested will be apparent, while others will not. Good fortune is coming for you and there is a need for you to leave the past behind and to not focus on the future. You must be present in the here and now.

The now is the only moment you are promised. We can get so caught up in wondering if the person in front of us will be here for the long haul, when we should just enjoy them while we have them. This goes for jobs, ideas, dreams, and anything really. Plans are great, but don’t get stuck in the planning stage.

The here and now may be where you have to walk away from old people, patterns, behaviors, and make hard choices. You’ve made so many hard choices in your life already that you shouldn’t be afraid of this. Be fully present in each moment and take one day at a time.

Your ability to communicate is going to become enhanced, so watch your words and understand their power. Use logic and reason along with your intuition. Don’t be afraid of hidden depths and hard work. You’re meant to become a more reliable presence going forward.

Whatever this has to do with I am being shown it’s you becoming self-made, but never losing your jolly demeanor and encouraging aura. This could have to do with you becoming a business owner and working for yourself in a way that heals and encourages other people.

You are someone others see as a dreamer and visionary. You weave a spell that so few can resist, but when they do it’s because they can’t handle the intensity of your light and the shadow you’ve managed to integrate. Your will is becoming tempered by a profound understanding of the other-world.

You contemplate things with a considerate heart. You have learned the only person you need to trust is yourself. You serve others with genuine love. Don’t forget to stop and listen to what others are saying, and don’t live only in your imagination. I feel you’re often head in the clouds, but this moment is calling for you to be mindful and present.

Where do you need to let your feelings show? Who is meant to get closer to you? What deeper trust is being asked of you at this time? Only you know.

Part of you feels like a wounded warrior, hellbent on going it alone. However, I sense people around you willing and ready to help you through. This message of you taking time out to celebrate the evolution you’ve already achieved is so strong in this pile. Victory is yours, but you’re not alone.

Cultivate just a bit more endurance and strength. Reach out and seek guidance or a listening ear as you need. You will be required to be calm, decisive, and resolute. To have clear eyes and a resolute heart. Everything you’ve been through has only made you stronger.

Do some introspection as needed. Communicate sternly and clearly as needed. Focus on what is ethical and right and you can’t go wrong. I feel like things for you materially are going to improve. There is a caution here for you not to be defined by the material. To make sure you’re tolerant, guided by inner wisdom, and remain humble.

This eclipse energy is bringing you a new idea, business, or action plan. Don’t let it go to your head. Practice that mindfulness we spoke of. It’s necessary to express yourself with wisdom and clarity. You are a thought leader.

Practice making unbiased decisions, keep your integrity and honesty, be direct, and never stop seeking your truth. What is coming for you is the peace, security, and belonging you crave. A sense of home.

A growing and evolving in becoming comfortable in your own skin and owning who you are. There may even be a special person entering your life if you’re not already partnered. This person will feel like home. Home is love and love is what you’re attracting to your life in all ways right now. Home is where the heart is and what your heart wants is being made manifest.

So reconsider what you need to do to remain humble every day. To not get caught up in the whirlwind. To express yourself well.


Pile Three:

The answer to your question is a clear no. I’m sorry if this isn’t the answer you wanted, but if it’s correct you likely already knew this is the answer you would get. Whatever comes next require you to take the lead, and perhaps what you asked about would strip you of that leadership.

It may not be your intention to lead, but that’s what you’re being called to do right now. There are new skills you’re still developing and other people around you who aren’t even as far as you on this journey. Don’t let the fact that you don’t know everything stop you from teaching what you do know.

The energy of this eclipse is asking you to take a break. You’ve worked so hard, and it’s time to just breathe for a moment. If you work, work, work and don’t take time to enjoy what you’re working for what is the use? Get off the treadmill and get your mind focused on fun and relaxation.

There is a regeneration coming in for you. Old opportunities you thought were dead may resurface and bring you second chances. I feel like you’ve maybe even manifested them by feeling nostalgic. Focusing your energy on the past can have it return.

Don’t view this no as a failure or loss. It simply means something more powerful is meant for you. There is a need for you to remain flexible and open to outcomes. Common sense is important, but so is an open mind. Consider how trees can often withstand a storm because their branches are flexible, while sturdy building can come toppling down. Be the tree.

Not all doorways you want to open are meant to be open. Not all relationships are good for you. This is the second no card in this pile. A need for you to rethink teamwork and how you can improve your skills. There are some disagreements and irritation on the home front that have to be confronted and resolved. Even friendly competition can be harmful. Be mindful.

The initial attraction to what you asked about may have excited you to explore its potential. I see it’s also necessary for you to view your partnership here, and remember the first spark shared between you. There is an under-lying psychological chemistry and subtle interplay that needs reigniting.

There may be a need for you to watch how you communicate. You may tend to be sharp and cutting. You’re highly intelligent and organized, super insightful, but it’s important to make sure others feel heard and their ideas are contributing to the overall plan.

I’m seeing an emphasis for you to shift your focus to the inner and outer community that sustains you. Are you being guided by the need to win and be right? Try being guided by love, respect, and loyalty. A commitment to making teamwork the dream work. It’s about cooperation, not competition.

Don’t give up on your current projects. Just reconsider how you’re working on them and how you can better include others. There is also a need to revisit your money mindset. It can imprison you or bring you freedom. What are your motives? Have you made them clear?

Keep practicing a miracle mindset. Expect your expectations to be fulfilled. Just be open to them being fulfilled differently than you expected. I still sense a wound in the way that needs healing and attention, but you’re on the right path ultimately. It’s just time for a few tweaks.

Focus on how you can become more nurturing, warm, dependable, and practical. That’s the best guidance I can give you right now. You may be mistaking a rogue wave for a fun ride. You can only coast so long before you smack into the shoreline. It’s important to know when to change course.

This energy is wanting you to consciously prepare and plan. To keep building your skills. To consider others in every move you make, and make sure they feel included and not isolated from your drive to do it all alone or be in charge. You’re meant to lead, but a leader should never forget they are equal to the followers. You should serve those you lead, not dictate to them.


Pile Four:

Whatever you’re asking about it says there is no need to worry. Try putting yourself at ease and reminding yourself that whatever is meant to be will be. Your worry is ill-founded. Even loss is often a blessing in disguise.

Right now you’re being asked to be generous of Spirit. This energy is bringing you a healthy sense of pride, and a knowing of your worth. It’s time to express your divine, authentic self in a unique way. Serve from your heart, but don’t forget to serve yourself while you’re dishing up love and affection.

Now is the time to call in your soul tribe and stop isolating yourself and feeling so alone. Surround yourself with people you know love you through the good and the bad. Those who believe in you and inspire you to do good when you momentarily forget.

New people are going to enter your life who are meant to be on your path. Who will make you feel understood, validated, and heard. Make sure you don’t shut them out. They are going to help you get clear on your motives. Your greatest power will lie in understanding your motives right now.

Are you seeking to serve your higher calling, or seeking to be validated by others? I see mending of tense or strained relationships, too. You’ve been hurt in the past, and allowed it to pass through you without integration and understanding. This accumulates unwanted burdens and affects our self-worth. There is a need to assess who is and is not worth mending with.

This eclipse is going to bring you the ability to fully stand in your power. You will feel weights lifted. You will be freed. You’re going to notice things under the surface more. Your life will change shape right before your eyes. It’s important to learn how to go with the flow, and not block out or numb anymore. The time to confront and release is here.

Something new is going to come through regarding someone you feel is your divine connection or soulmate. You may be feeling nostalgic and unclear, but clarity is coming in with this eclipse. You’re going to know where you stand and become certain of what you want going forward.

It’s just time to honor what you know is dead and not growing. To mourn for what is gone and must go. Learn the lesson of letting go by offering thanks for cherished memories and being at peace with the past and what it taught you. Your recovery process is about to start and this is your heads up.

You will have to learn the lessons from a previous situation or current one that ends up leaving. This at one time brought you great joy and fulfillment, but it hasn’t for a very long time now. At least not beyond the surface levels that you simply cannot settle for. You’re a deep, wise soul who already has all the answer you seek within you.

The most potent act of your mind is to conceive of an idea and manifest it into practical, material reality. That’s something else coming in for you. This idea will be something grounded in reality and imagination both. It will be stable and lead to long-term stability and possibly material abundance.

This new idea is going to be looked back on some day as a turning point in your life. The moment you reassessed and changed course, altering your future for the better. There is a lot in this reading about this eclipse bringing you certainty and clarity. A lot about the altered course leading to material wealth and abundance.

There is someone or something you’re going to walk away from and the burdens of that being released frees up space for those meant to be on your path. You take on too much in your partnerships and this new soul family and the ones you’re mending with are going to help you remember not to do that.

Envy, jealousy, and possessiveness are character flaws many of us struggle with, and it’s time to be careful with that. Someone around you may have good intentions, but refuses to open up fully. They aren’t as open as you to new ideas and intimacy.

This hurts you and at the end of the day I feel you will be leaving this person behind sometime in the next six months or so, as that is how long this eclipse energy is going to last. Holding on too tight to what you know isn’t meant for you will only choke the life out of it more and more.

Open your heart, loosen your grip, and realize that what is yours cannot be taken away. Even if you set it free it comes back if it is meant to be. Don’t try to force hearts and minds to open that are hellbent on remaining closed. It will only cease to bring you drama, chaos, and pain.

You’re going to be receiving signs, synchronicity, psychic visions, and dreams that are all trying to lead you in the right direction. Make sure you’re taking notice. Your advice is to get organized in your thoughts and intentions. To remain insightful and use your intelligence.

You may feel lost, out in the cold, and be fearful of losing material gain. Now is a great time to set intentions to remove the lack mindset from your life. Once you remove the blinders and follow the signs you step into absolute joy and fulfillment with soul tie family who will build you up always.


Pile Five:

The answer to your question is “let go”. You may be holding on too tight and wanting a very specific answer or outcome. It’s important that we remain open to how we receive being different than we expect.

Right now is a time for the beginner mindset. Try on some innocence and curiosity. If you’ve been feeling defensive lately now is the time to dig deep and find out why. Self-protection can be a good thing, but there is a difference between walls and boundaries that are healthy.

You have all the tools you need to proceed with a child-like wonder and learn something new. If this resonates for you it’s likely you’ve already been itching to learn it. It’s also likely it has something to do with you stepping up and into your power, so that you can effectively lead.

You are meant to be a teacher. Don’t feel you have to know everything before you start. The best teachers never forget how to be good students. You do not have to have it all together to lead. With you it is your life that is meant to be the message. It has something to do with sharing your story.

Now is not the time to debate your truth with other people. It doesn’t matter what external voices are saying. You are being called to ignore the chatter and express your truth. Nothing less than surrendering to what is can be accepted at this time. Peel back the layers of illusion and step away from it.

The energy of this eclipse is bringing you a knowing that the universe is there for you. It is ready to co-create your reality side-by-side. I feel meditation could benefit you greatly. We are all a part of the same universe experiencing itself, so that divine spark is you. Prepare to be amazed.

Your confidence is going to increase. The world needs you and what you have to say. A lot is going to be asked of you, but it wouldn’t be if you couldn’t handle it. You have everything you need already. The only thing I see changing is you’re getting more of what you already have.

This is a new beginning for you. One full of new risks and great excitement. Don’t squander it by doubting your ability. You’re not alone in this. A true artist and teacher listens to the inner voice and hears the wind song of the cosmos singing. It’s a beautiful language.

You have courage, freedom, and skill that allow you to meditate on the lyrical language and refine it, focus it, and teach it in a meaningful way to others. Your creativity is going to increase. You’re going to allow energy to flow through you that is rich and rewarding in itself, and then the faces of awe on those you teach will be the ultimate reward.

You are entering a phase of emotional and spiritual relationship with all that is. To delve deeply and summon the intuitively creative power that actualizes things into the practical reality around us. You’re meant to remind others of the personal and intimate connection we all share with consciousness.

There is no punishment or reward in reality. Forgiveness doesn’t even really apply. What we have is a reaping of what we sow. If we sow negativity and live from our shadow we reap the consequences of that naturally. If we sow positivity and integrate our shadow we reap the reward of that naturally.

On a personal level, some kind of adjustment or interaction has already taken place for you. You understand that real freedom only comes when one takes responsibility for themselves fully. You’re moving forward in honesty and with integrity. There may be some haunting guilt or healing left to sort through, but I have no concerns for you. It all looks very doable and positive.

Now is a time of planning and preparation, tying up loose ends, and building anew. You are a spiritual warrior and your arrows are your inspiration. You play your intentions like an instrument that summons the highest good. You have an inner oath that helps keep you balanced and dedicated to the greater good. Just don’t go playing martyr.

I am seeing that a connection you have may be severed. This loss is necessary for you to move forward. It may simply be a severed connection from your old self and your fear of abandonment and rejection. Remain introspective at this time and communicate your feelings and ideas from an ethical standpoint.

Whether it’s another person or your old self that is being released I see new connections coming in that are reciprocal. They will have equal give and take; two-way abundance. This eclipse is bringing you other awakened souls ready to walk by your side and lead the masses.

You are being called to lead by example. Your wisdom has been achieved through your bravery and courage, and it’s meant to be shared with others. All your past suffering has been crystallized into a talisman of wisdom. You are ready to be fully authentic and lead others into the light. Lead with love.

The best leaders never forget they serve their followers, and not the other way around. Just make sure you’re not allowing them to take advantage of you. I feel you’re very balanced overall and will be just fine.


Pile Six:

Whatever you asked about I see a yes. It’s letting me know you are headed in the right direction. I feel this direction leads you independence and self-reliance. You’re going to be giving up the victim mindset and walking away from anything that detracts from your goals and purpose.

The important thing for you to remember always is that truth transcends illusion. Often our thoughts can take us to an overly positive or overly negative space, and we should be self-aware. Once we recognize this we understand neither extreme is ideal.

Positive thinking without integrating the shadow doesn’t do anything for you. It simply ignores the shadow and leaves it alone to grow, fester, and wreak havoc, causing you to self-sabotage. This eclipse energy is going to increase your psychic awareness of what is under the surface. You’re going to see answers seemingly everywhere. This helps you plan and prepare.

In fact, you are part of a sisterhood, or brotherhood if you prefer, where your lineage is nothing but high priestess and mystics. You are someone devoted to creating beauty wherever you go. You’re being asked to spend more time connecting with nature. Go on walks if you can, even short ones, daily.

Notice the leaves on trees, the blades of grass, the simple things we normally overlook. These forms in nature will bring you insight and grace. This is a time for you to purposely seek out the beauty in the life no matter how you feel. We often need gratitude when we feel it the least. Your mindset is your own responsibility and the sooner you recognize this the sooner it changes.

It’s important that you allow faith and trust to guide you. I feel like you keep yourself mentally imprisoned with insecurity, fears, and doubts. This eclipse energy is going to change that for you over the next months. This may have to do with a connection you’re in. Due to the next clarifying cards I’m going to say the connection is a romantic one.

It seems you go round and round with this person, revisiting the same themes over and over. They are very sweet and romantic most of the time, but I sense they talk down to you at times. They are a bit immature and don’t how to communicate effectively.

Remember that when it feels like you keep going backward you can choose to stand at a higher vantage point this time. This will help you end a haunting cycle that keeps you stuck. Try viewing your situation as an outsider.

You have to stop being so rigid and open up to a flexibility that will help you when considering details. There is a need to focus, practice new skills and mindsets, and invest in hard work, but to do so with an open ended space for outcomes. Don’t limit your possibilities to what is in front of you now.

Sometimes you get caught up in nostalgia. You remember the past fonder than it was with certain people. There is a need for you to start living in the present and get honest with yourself. Don’t allow lethargy and fear to have you repeating cycles of wasted energy. All around you is a well of inspiration that can help you follow and achieve your dreams.

It’s a time to be decisive and act. You may feel disenchanted and entrapped, but this eclipse energy is going to spur you into action. Don’t allow yourself to become emotionally frozen and disconnected from the right people because the wrong ones claim it’s necessary for your connection.

Honestly, the only thing you can be sure of in life is that if you wait long enough it’s going to change. It’s about how you survive that change that is up to you. The fear of death and hell have distorted our view of judgement and spirituality. The universe is far simpler than that.

The laws of evolution and cause and effect have more to do with “divine” judgement than our human morals. Don’t squander your personal life in pursuit of vain glories and you won’t reap despair and frustration. It’s not vindictive, but practical. Heed the call to educate and understand yourself and the world around you.

You are creative, forceful, and charismatic. There is no need to keep selling yourself short. This eclipse is also bringing you self-knowledge. A window to correct past behavior. A desire to find and set new goals. Goals that will shape the legacy you leave the world once you go back to wherever we come from.

It’s going to require you walk away from heavy, unnecessary burdens and debts you do not owe. You can’t heal other people and if they refuse to heal themselves that is a burden and debt you do not owe, nor should you carry. Don’t let it keep you up at night, have you addicted to substances, plagued with worry and guilt. There is no need for that.

Release it and true joy, fulfillment, and soul family arrives. You’re being asked to picture yourself as an eagle. Able to soar high above life’s problems and challenges, so you can detach and see them from an outside perspective. You have the ability to reach the stars and have your name written among them.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd