New Moon in Taurus Pick a Pile

Collective Message:

Taurus is the first of the earth signs. It’s an energy all about creating the fertile soil we will be planting our new seeds in. Allow your focus during this new moon to be on the foundation you are building. Where can you build a more solid rock to stand on? Where can you repair the cracks?

Taurus is also pragmatic and efficient. This energy is all about giving us a chance to get our lives in shape. Does your diet nourish your body? Do you mange your time efficiently? Are you operating from integrity? Are you practicing financial discipline the best you can during these times?

This sign also loves to indulge, but is smart about it. So, make sure you’re practicing self-care and enjoying yourself, too. In fact, I encourage you to schedule your self-care and fun into your day, and treat it as important as you would work and other appointments. Play is as important as work.

I encourage you to seek a grounding energy during this new moon, so that regardless of where you need to focus you remain balanced and on task. The numbers to focus on going forward are four and eight, which I found pretty perfect for this Taurus new moon.

Four is all about foundations, which should be your focus. Eight is all about career and finances, setting goals, and balancing your spiritual and material worlds. So if you see these numbers on repeat take that into consideration.

The collective affirmation is a reminder that what we focus on is what manifests and grows in our life. What we give energy to is what we are feeding. What we feed grows. So pay attention to your energy and where you’re allowing it to wander off to. Energy flows where my intentions goes.

Pile One:

There is a huge need for you to create a ritual of self-love for tomorrow’s new moon. You are full of great ideas and creativity, but there is a part of you that is afraid to take risks. It’s time to get honest with and communicate with your higher self about where your financial stability lies.

There is a new venture or task you’ve been presented with or will be soon. It has great potential for success. Allow the spiritual awakening that is coming to happen for you. You will only plant successfully by tapping into your higher wisdom and following what you find there. If you know your heart and motives are pure you have to stop worrying what everyone else thinks.

There is something you’ve been seeking intellectually, and often that’s a great way to go about things. However, this is not one of those times. There are some things that are meant to known via an experience with your intuition. Use this time to connect with your higher self and shift your perspective.

Try viewing yourself through the lens of love and a higher purpose. I would tidy up your space, create a quiet nook somewhere, take a nice bubble bath and relax. Then take a few moments to meditate, seeking grounding and answers on how to move forward. Write down what comes to you in that space. Pin it somewhere where you can see it daily, or create a meditation box and use that to plant your writings in as seeds.

The timing is absolutely perfect for you right now to take on this venture. It may not seem like it with everything going on in the external world, but that’s why you have to connect to your inner world. Pay attention to synchronicity, signs, and symbols in your life going forward.

The numbers seven and nine may start showing up for you. Seven is an energy of the collective consciousness. It wants you to tap into your spirituality, indulge in a spiritual awakening, tap into your inner wisdom and knowing. Nine is the number of universal love. You must remember you are part of the universe experiencing itself and worthy of love.

Set intentions for this new moon. Write down that you are loved and supported, so that when the time comes you’re willing to take the risk. If there was ever, ever a time for you to take a leap into the unknown it is NOW. This leap will bring you treasure and harvest beyond your wildest dreams.

Use this new moon energy to get clear on how you are going to create your prosperity. While you’re meditating envision in your mind what that prosperity looks like, how it feels, and really get a sense of where you want to be. Stay grounded in that vision and use your imagination as a magic wand.

Yes, there will be chaotic moments and times going forward. There usually is when we take on something new; especially something with the potential for a great harvest. It requires dedication, patience, and daily motivation. These things won’t come to you simply wishing for them. They are cultivated through time in meditation and spiritual practice.

Whenever things get overwhelming it’s a reminder to go within. To stop wishing things outside of our control would change, and instead to change and shift our inner perspective. You will never be able to control every little thing, and the sooner you grapple with that the better.


Pile Two:

For you I see a need to indulge in taking care of your mental and emotional health; your inner world. Your energy can be a bit restless. Lately you may be thirsty for new knowledge or information. I encourage you to feed that and expand your consciousness going forward.

I get the sense that your love life is in disarray. You have too much focus on that and not enough on your personal stability. For this new moon I encourage you to set your love life aside. Seek to meditate on how well you’re loving yourself, and where you may be experiencing unhealthy codependency. Now is the time to build your inner foundation.

You have the ability to attract wealth to you and are a reliable leader. Do not allow people to say they love you and then convince you otherwise because of their own insecurity. You got the page of swords twice. This tells me there is a deep curiosity for you in someone or something new. Your attention and focus is pulled elsewhere and now is the time to allow it to happen.

I would meditate on the new ideas and thoughts that you’ve been having, and take the time to write down what comes while you’re in that stillness. To seek a grounding energy so that your focus isn’t scattered everywhere. You’re not going to run out of time and you don’t have to do everything right now and all at once. Some things cannot be coerced.

As long as you are going within and seeking guidance what is meant for you will not miss you. If it misses you then let it because it isn’t meant for you. Now isn’t the time to assume anything. You cannot see what is ahead. This is a transition phase for you, where you’re feeling the newness and excitement.

Sometimes our path forward is a gamble, but we never lose. There are lessons in everything that we can reflect on and learn from. I have a feeling your space is already tidy. That you’re not the type to indulge in bubble baths and a lot of self-care, but I encourage you to do that for the new moon.

Leave the focus of your love life behind and just focus on loving you. Everything you need to feel good lives inside of you. Win or lose in love and life you can always forge ahead wiser and more prepared. If what you’re seeking is a soulmate and soul tribe it begins with knowing your own soul.

Once you have an alliance with yourself you will create the right alliances around you. The right people will come in at the right time to help you going forward. Take this time to build the foundation and get your ideas set in stone, so when they come you have something to build upon. Write down your intentions and ideas. Bury them in the backyard, put them in a keepsake box. Don’t assume you will remember.

The numbers eight and eleven are important for you. The eight for you is about taking back your personal power. You have the executive ability and can build the confidence you need to make your dreams a reality. It’s not your partner or relationships standing in your way; it’s you. You can choose to set healthy boundaries and heal.

Eleven is telling you to pay special attention to your thoughts and ideas. They are revealing the answers you seek. It’s important that you seek an optimistic attitude to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. It’s a sign that you’re on the right track, or a call to get back on it.

Don’t struggle to see the bigger picture right now. Just trust the instincts and ideas that are coming. There are times in life we must take the next step without seeing the top of the staircase. Simply trust what is there is good and ready for you. When you’re afraid of the unknown or you are struggling meditation is a great tool for you.

This isn’t a time for action. It’s a time to go within and sit in the silence with your soul. Get to know what it wants. Your mental and emotional health is suffering because you’re focused on everyone else. It’s time to put that focus on yourself and stop disappointing yourself trying to please others. Your ideas are valid and can lead to absolute abundance and real connections.


Pile Three:

If you chose this pile there is a spiritual partnership meant for you. This partnership is meant to spark a rebirth in you. Take some time to meditate and focus on your mental health. Now is the time to clear out any old patterns and mental prisons you’ve been living in.

Use this new moon to ask for assistance and open your eyes to the truth of who and what is meant for you. Who is going to fulfill you spiritually going forward? You will have to leave the rest behind. Do not allow this thought to add to the anguish. Understand you will heal, and that ultimately your life and the people in it will bring you such greater joy and fulfillment.

The numbers seven and nine may start showing up for you the same as pile one. Seven is an energy of the collective consciousness. It wants you to tap into your spirituality, indulge in a spiritual awakening, tap into your inner wisdom and knowing. Nine is the number of universal love. You must remember you are part of the universe experiencing itself and worthy of love.

Meditate and spend a good amount of time alone tomorrow on the this new moon. Tidy up your space, create a ritual that feels good to you, meditate, and write everything down. I would suggest even putting on a love or heart chakra frequency, even a sacral chakra one, and just letting the words flow without much thought to them. Look into automatic writing.

Become your own inner sage and guru. Ask the universe to show you your brightest light, so that you may follow it like a north star. Do not plan anything that will be chaotic or keep you busy externally. It’s a day to really tap into your intuition and seek clarity going forward.

The truth is everything, and you’re faced with some choices that you need clarity to make. It’s not a time to be rash, and with the Aries energy in the skies we can be prone to that. So, think before you act. In a previous pile I told them not everything is meant to be understood intellectually. For you, I suggest using reason over intuition for now.

You are someone meant to step into the limelight and influence others. I feel like part of you is scared of this and shies away from it. However, until you embrace it and succumb to your path and purpose nothing will ever feel right for you. So meditate on this as well. Seek to learn where you are meant to shine and influence others. Your partnership comes in once you figure it out.

This partnership may be with someone you already know. It’s important to work on understanding those who have hurt you in the past didn’t do so because you deserve it and that nothing is as personal as it feels. Seek to open your heart. I encourage heart chakra meditations again here.

I would also spend time writing out a conversation between your highest self and the higher self of anyone who has hurt you in the past. This can help bring you insight and forgiveness. You are at a fork in the road, pile three. Will you make a new choice or will you live the same, never-ending story of the old?

You’re going to be asked to open up to the possibility of love, and if you’re practicing your spiritual rituals and meditation you’ll know who it is when the time comes. Don’t end things or refuse to restart them because you’re afraid of being hurt. Allow yourself the full breadth of experience life has to offer.

If you have more than one person in mind let it go and don’t focus on the who. Focus instead on building your intuition and inner wisdom. Don’t get bogged down in it looking a specific way for now. Just know it’s coming.

I would also seek to be grounded in self-love and ask assistance to make sure you’re not being self-critical. This will only serve to wound your ego and bring you unnecessary drama. You do deserve the best love has to offer and you have to believe that to receive that.

We are all faced with choices in life. When you’re tapped into your intuition and inner guru these choices are easier to make. Simply ask yourself when decision time comes which one is for the highest good? Not which one makes you feel protected or safe in that moment. That will bring you success.

Be true to yourself in all things and do not compromise your integrity. If you can do this that alone is success. Take the time today to seek what integrity means to you, and where you’re willing to compromise and where you’re not. It’s important when you mend things with others they are given a heads up of the new, healthy boundaries you have built into your life.


Pile Four:

You are someone who feels things very deeply. There is a need for you to focus on creativity and compassion during this new moon. Compassion for yourself and compassion for others. I would find a way to incorporate something creative into your ritual; writing, painting, drawing, dancing.

Lately you’ve been very non-committal. You may have ideas, but you haven’t made any efforts to bring them down to earth. I would highly suggest meditating on those ideas, writing down the answers you receive, and making an action plan moving forward.

There is an energy of giving and receiving available to you right now, but I have a feeling you’re not seeing it. Create a quiet space this new moon to meditate and ask for help developing a positive mindset. Ask for guidance on where or who to go to for help and assistance to bring your ideas to earth. You aren’t meant to do this alone.

You can’t always see the universe working behind the scenes on your behalf, but it is. Ask for clarity and help in trusting your path is being laid out before you. Everything is illuminated in its time, but for now it is going to require you to have faith. That isn’t easy without a daily spiritual practice.

Write down all the things you want for your future. Write down your ideas. Make lists of the pros and cons. Ask for guidance on how to remain grounded and balanced as you indulge your imagination and dare to believe what lives there can come alive in the material world.

Since you do feel things so deeply you often take things personal. Now is a good time to ask for assistance with that, too. To seek growth and evolution on the emotional level and practice emotional intelligence. You need a lot of self-care, so use tomorrow’s new moon to light candles, take a bath, and indulge in what nourishes you and makes you feel comforted and whole.

There is a need for you identify where you feel orphaned. There is a sense of loss surrounding you. You cannot be all things to all people and that’s okay. Learn what you want to be to yourself. If you spend your entire life trying to earn love you will never feel loved. You will be putting on a costume or mask trying to impress others and even when they say they love you, the real you will know they have no clue who you is.

It’s a good time to write and practice letting go of attachments and the need for specific outcomes. To embrace inner peace and ask your higher self how you can cultivate more of it. There is a deep need for you to spend some time this new moon focused on a higher power and purpose. You are more than a flawed human being. You’re an immortal soul with the power to tap into the fabric of the universe and find yourself there.

You haven’t felt hope in a long time. Whatever ritual you create for tomorrow’s new moon have it include the seed of hope. Write yourself a letter from your higher self perspective. Hang it where you can read it as needed. Plant it in a manifestation box. Bury it in the backyard like a seed of hope.

The numbers three and nine are important for you. Three is the universe trying to get your attention. You’re being asked to follow your intuition and inner wisdom. To use your creative ability to manifest your desires.

Nine is about universal love. You’re meant to be a light worker and lead by example. It’s a sign that your life path and soul’s mission is to be in service to humanity through your natural skills and creative talents. If you are lacking confidence seek that on this new moon. Plant seeds of confidence, and don’t forget to nurture those seeds and watch them grow.


Pile Five:

For this pile your focus this new moon is on manifesting a love partnership that will be beneficial to your life purpose and path. Some of you have been impatient for this and you get defensive when love is brought up. There is a need for you to go within and seek why that is.

You got a double 8 for your number and there was an 8 in the collective message. There is a strong need for you to seek guidance on balancing your material and spiritual worlds. Tidy your space, create a ritual where you seek to walk a middle path, knowing that love is on its way to you, but not needing it to move forward and build your foundation.

I would also write out your plan to defend yourself and how deserving you are of this partnership on its way to you. There may be some people in your life who disprove of the relationship when it comes. They may not appreciate it the way you do, so you should be prepared for that and not caught unaware.

While others may not understand it, for you it’s a right of passage in this incarnation. Seek to write and understand that no matter how turbulent things seem you can remain calm within. Practice that daily. I would sage your space, open a window, let all the negativity out. Light some candles with intentions and stare at the flames a while.

This reminds me a bit of pile three. You and this partner coming in for you are meant to be spiritual leaders. You should also be practicing a spiritual ritual daily for faster manifestation and change. Don’t worry about doing things by the book. Leave dogma and rigidity in the past. Your guides know your intentions and there are no hard and fast rules except integrity in intentions.

When it comes to this other person do not expect them to conform. They may be different than your usual type, and you’re to honor the diversity and individuality within the partnership. This person is going to add to your happiness in huge ways and open your heart in ways you never expected. Maybe this person is already in your life and the relationship is changing.

Engage only in honest, heartfelt conversations. This is not the time for non-commitment and casual flings. If the person isn’t in your life it’s a good time to keep building your happiness and self-love, so when they do come you’re ready to have a mature relationship where you don’t rely on the other person for a codependent purpose that isn’t healthy.

Taurus is the first earth sign. You have some healing to do that the earth and nature can assist with. Eat right, take in positive things for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Walk barefoot in your backyard. Now is the time to finish up your edges before this person comes in. Taurus is known to love food, so indulge in food that is healthy for you and don’t feel guilty.

This may be someone from the past that you have to forgive or ask forgiveness from. If this is the case make sure you remember that no one is perfect. We can all only treat others at the level of healing we have allowed ourselves. Now is not the time to live in the past taking it all personal. Deal with the past now, so that when it comes your conversations are productive.


Pile Six:

I have the feeling that for most of your life you’ve worn a mask. You’re being asked to focus on your individuality and new beginnings that allow you to be yourself fully without fear. There is nothing wrong with the real you. When you aren’t your authentic yourself your victories are hollow.

You may be experiencing conflict and unfair advantages right now. We all do at some time. Now is a good time to tidy your space, to create a nook to meditate and seek the lessons you’ve learned for guidance on how to move forward in a more authentic space.

Often enough the delays we experience are our own fault. You can’t be rewarded for walking your path if you’re walking it wearing a mask. Light some candles with the intentions to gain confidence. Write down confident, I am statements. “I am whole. I am more than enough.” Hang them where you can see them and be reminded of them throughout the day.

Your path involves teamwork and collaboration, and this is hard to do if you’re not networking in a genuine fashion. You are enough to impress others without the embellishments that will always be revealed in the end anyway. I advise writing down your intentions going forward. To intend to walk in your authenticity and integrity. Bury it in the backyard or plant it in a box.

I would include manifestation statements about attracting your soul tribe and co-creators. Your energy is very fertile and ripe for change now. As long as you walk in honesty and integrity nourishment is assured you. When you doubt that it’s always a good idea to meditate and be reminded. Your higher self is always there to remind you and pick you up.

You must be more flexible. The only constant in life is change and when you are rigid you do not embrace that change well; even if it’s for the better. Write down your intentions this new moon to remain teachable and adaptable. To allow new versions of you to grow from what old versions have learned.

You have a sense that change is in the wind already because it is. You may not feel as if you’re on solid ground. Do some root chakra meditations tomorrow and seek to find a grounding and balance within. Trust that whatever is happening right now is fated and meant to be; even if it’s hard.

There are just some things in life you will never have control over. This takes me back to the collective message where I spoke of the Hanged Man card. In these cases the only thing you can change or control is your perspective. You can avoid this advice, but it’s not fair to complain later if you do.

The numbers one and eleven are important for you. Do not beat yourself up over who you were in the past. The number one is a reminder that we are all connected and all associated by our thoughts. It’s asking you to be aware of your thoughts and focus on your desires. To stop focusing on the fear and what you don’t want because as the collective affirmation reminds us energy flows where our attention goes.

Eleven is a reminder to meditate and focus on your spiritual awakening. To get in touch with your higher self, so you can learn your soul’s mission in this life. This new moon I’d spend some time learning your birth chart and what it says about you.

Sometimes you’ll be provided with a familiar situation. Don’t ever cave to the shame that may rise up. Sit with it, acknowledge that in the past you acted in a way that was inconsistent with your values, and then act accordingly this time. It’s just a test for you to prove to yourself you’ve evolved and grown.

Trust that you have the strength within to endure all your experiences. Create a ritual that includes planting seeds of strength that can grow with you. Now is the time to be completely, authentically yourself. Nothing will ever feel as good as that. No amount of attention from anyone feels good in the end if they’re entertaining a false version of you.

Namaste to all



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