New Moon in Leo Importance and Significance

I am going to try and get a pick a pile reading regarding this New Moon in tomorrow at some point. For now I wanted to give you some basic information that can help you decide where your intentions should be focused. I encourage everyone to set a ritual around every New and Full Moon. There is a collective reading and message at the end of the introduction.

Rituals can truly help you harness the energy and get in touch with your emotions, rather than being controlled by them. With every New Moon I set my intentions. With every Full Moon I figure out what didn’t work and what needs to be released. I love to light candles with intentions as well.

Do whatever works for you because the last thing you should do is get caught up in rules over this. Spirituality is an incredibly personal thing. There should be no dogma. You are your own guru. Set your own rules.

This New Moon is happening on either the 18th or 19th of August, depending on where you are in the world. Feel free to Google your information. Leo is all about self-confidence. It’s a fixed sign all about purpose and intensity. It is about mastery and getting the job done. It’s an unstoppable energy meant to produce results. Leo brings enthusiasm and sometimes drama.

It’s a great time to connect with who you are and why you are here. What makes you feel confident? Where do you find the most joy? Spend time with children if you can. Ask yourself where you need more pride in yourself and where you could use to swallow some. Leo is all about unconditional love, too, but sometimes it seeks that externally through validation from others.

There is a strong need for us to push forward balancing our head and our hearts. To understand that the pedestal we’re looking for is our hearts. It’s never external. When you give others the power to raise you up you also give them the power to knock you down.

This New Moon is not about you making drastic and dramatic changes to your external life. Leo is an inward sign. This is about you harnessing and learning how to sustain your self-empowerment. It is bringing the energy of fire to burn everything away that isn’t you at your core essence. The Sun rules Leo and some meditation and inward reflection can illuminate your path greatly.

The more evolved Leo traits are charisma, nobility, performing, creative self-expression, warmth, joy, child-like innocence, romance, bravery, respect, and so much more more. Including the theme of loyalty, which I want to discuss a bit further here in a few.

The shadow side of Leo is egotistical, has too much pride, can be conceited, stubborn, attention seeking, arrogant, self-centered, cultivating drama, and be overbearing. These are the things we want to avoid. The shadow isn’t evil or bad. If you have these traits do not avoid the truth of that. Now is a great time to overcome shame and set intentions to change.

Where loyalty is concerned I want to ask if you are loyal to yourself? Do you know who you are and what you want? Do you chase that dream with everything in you? Or, do you cast aside loyalty to your soul to please everyone else and their desires? Don’t be anyone’s ride or die but your own.

This New Moon will highlight where you still suffer from self-doubt and anxiety. It wants you to reflect and do some introspection about your own emotional well-being. This is about an internal, heart-centered shift in who you are and what you stand for.

There is a need to consider how you think and how you communicate what you think. The other astrology is still there and could produce a frustrating and chaotic situation that brings unwanted drama into your life as a test of your self-empowerment and will.

While the New Moon is forming a harmonious trine with Mars, Mars is forming a difficult square with Saturn. The three are forming what is called a dominant triangle. This can definitely elude to some sort of crisis.

Try to remember that crisis doesn’t create your character. It simply reveals it. This crisis could lead to a profound change that you may not notice right away. So, keep an open mind and heart going forward.

For some of you the theme is completing projects throughout the rest of this year and setting intentions based on that. For others you’ve been working too hard already, so the theme for you is going to be your wellness and rest. How can you achieve some sort of balance between the two?

There will inevitably be some sort of darkness that rises up around this New Moon. Whether just for you internally or around you externally. It’s important to remember that it rises up because it is begging to be cleansed and released. You cannot transmute the shadow into light if you refuse to see the shadow.

Look up your transits the day of the New Moon and see where this New Moon is happening for you. It is generally based on your Rising sign. Mine is Leo so the New Moon for me is taking place in my first house with Mercury and the Sun all in Leo, too. There is a need for me to reflect on how I communicate who I am to the rest of the world. Mercury is already increasing my anxiety.

My intentions will be set based on how I want the world to perceive me, which is as an authentic individual full of unconditional love and healthy boundaries. How the world sees me is the theme for me going forward. If you’re unsure how to check your transits there are calculators free online.

I use the whole sign system, but no matter which system you use it can tell you where the Moon will be transiting. I would create a ritual around that area of life. Set aside time to journal or reflect on that area of life, and set some intentions to manifest around that theme.

I am going to do a collective energy reading based on this New Moon. As I stated, I will try to get a pick a pile reading out tomorrow if there is time. I’m not currently operating as a business or offering services personally at this time. I do appreciate each and every one of you supporting my journey.

Meditation Vision and Message:

They are showing me this vision of the container from Beauty and the Beast. The one that holds the rose. Only, it’s empty. There is a sadness when we only focus on what we’ve lost. The truth is while the rose is gone the container is still quite exquisite and you could fill it with something else.

There is a strong theme coming through of many of us wasting our time pining for the past or wishing to change something or someone that we simply do not have the power to change. This New Moon is most definitely about reflection on what you do have the power to change and that is yourself.

They are showing me this huge pencil and stack of books. You are the author of your own life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been staring at the past, feeling the emptiness, or struggling. What matters is the present moment. You may not be able to erase the past, but you can choose to learn from it, and from there write an entirely different future.

You are strong. You are brave. You are confident. When you don’t feel like you are repeat those things out loud until it rises up from your belly. “I am strong, brave, and confident. I am strong, brave, and confident.” Don’t just repeat them a few times every morning or evening and think that is going to work.

Self-awareness is the key to self-control and self-empowerment. It’s catching your thoughts when they go where they shouldn’t that matters. It’s using those affirmation in that moment when you need them the most that will help you in the long-term.


There are several messages coming through the cards. As this is a message for the collective please only take what resonates and leave the rest. There is a need to stop doubting your own worth and know that you are always enough. That is true no matter who comes and goes, no matter what other people say, and no matter what you’ve been through.

Take some time out this New Moon to unplug and relax. Turn off the social media, turn off the television, and tune into your higher self. Make sure you’re thinking through everything before coming to a judgement or conclusion about it. Things may not be as they appear. For many of you there is also a need to start taking your physical health seriously, too.

Some of you will be facing some inevitable endings. You will need to think on your feet. The more in tune you are with your higher self, the more you’re meditating, the more contemplative you are, the better you will handle whatever it is that comes. It may be that you or someone else is hiding themselves away from being fully intimate.

Things are going to start moving swiftly soon. As soon as Mars leaves it’s retrograde I’d prepare for things to move fast. Now is a great time to prepare for that and to set intentions to be able to handle the changing pace of life. There is definitely a surrender to unfortunate endings coming into play here.

For many of you the loyalty theme is here just as it was in the intro. You are meant to stop being loyal to people and situations that do not align with your higher purpose. Those type of attachments keep you stagnant and resentful. It’s time to set some clear, healthy boundaries and then enforce them. If you don’t respect your own boundaries neither will anyone else.

It’s time for some intense rest and healing of your heart. Sometimes we beg the universe for a respite from our troubles, and yet we don’t change anything ourselves. If the people and situations you choose to have in your life are causing you headaches the universe isn’t going to suddenly make them stop. It’s your job to change the people and situations in your life. To know that you are worthy of more and act on that belief.

This New Moon is going to turbocharge your intuition. You’re likely going to become more sensitive to the energies around you. Do not let it overwhelm you. This is a great tool and a gift that allows you to make changes in your life and manifest something greater. Being able to tap in and sense the undercurrent is something so many people take for granted. The universe is saying you’re going to see clearly now, so no more excuses.

There are some wells you’ve been tapping into for years and they have remained empty. It’s time to leave those barren lands alone. There is so much potential in you that you haven’t even tapped into yet. Recognize that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs really do manifest your reality. Yes, external factors can influence things, but ultimately your perception is your reality.

There is a ton of transformation to be had for those who are willing to be brave and lean into it. Change can be scary, but it’s the only constant in life. If you’re unwilling to take a risk how can you expect reward? It’s time to seed the light, to lay your foundation, and to follow the divine plan you cultivated before you were ever born into this incarnation. Nurture whatever new ideas pop up for you over this New Moon. Consider them epiphanies from the Gods.

The energy of this Leo New moon is ending illusions. The path is being illuminated for you to step into the confidence and willpower you need to end the old and stop juggling and hustling for a worthiness you can simply claim. For many of you there is some reassessing going on in your relationships of all kinds. You’re trying to figure out who to invest in. Invest in you.

You don’t want to leave anyone out in the cold or feel you’ve been abandoned, but you’re ready to be around light-hearted people who celebrate life. Those who are playful and fun. The heaviness of the past weighs you down and it’s time to free yourself for the future. Many of you are hearing the call of your soul and ready to learn something new that fulfills you.

You’re taking aim at your life purpose. There has been this active waiting period, or there will be. You will be learning and active as you build the skills you need to bring your ships home. You’re going to feel hope in the face of so much darkness. I see great healing to be had with this energy.

You are aligning with the will of the universe. Becoming your own guru and letting your intuition guide you. I see a lot of happiness for you as you release the old and make way for the new. Harmonious home and family life is around the corner. You’re fertile with creativity, so use it.

I see many of you practicing self-love, self-empowerment, and self-control, which is beautiful. We can only offer others what we first cultivate within. That’s why all some people offer you is frustration, trauma, and pain. They can’t offer anything more than what they have inside of themselves. You can’t fix them or save them, so it’s time to release them.

Let your love of self and your creative projects flow for now. There may be some discord among family and friends, but I see you achieving honor and success regardless. Don’t put your life and dreams on hold for others. Some of you may be dealing with a younger male energy and if so I see guaranteed success whether this is love or business. Just beware of greed.

I see whatever you focus on in August, for better or worse, coming to fruition by December.


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