New Moon in Cancer: Welcome Home

Left to right are piles one through four. Please read the collective information regardless the pile or piles you choose. What do you need to know about the energy of this New Moon in Cancer on July 20th? Where are you at in your assessment of the old life and the new one you’re meant to live?

Collective Information:

We have stepped partially into our new lives at this stage. Even if we haven’t made any physical changes to our homes and foundations we have clarity in the mental space. The moments we do not we are caving to fear and anxiety, rather than using our intuition. Your higher self already knows.

This New Moon in Cancer on July 20th is about becoming more comfortable with the choices you’ve made. A month ago, we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer at zero degrees. This happened on June 21st and was likely a catalyst pushing you to make a change.

I wrote about that here. Most of us were pushed with the energy of that cycle to make physical changes to our home and foundation. If you didn’t you are fighting what you know deep down. Now is the time. It’s past time.

It is rare that we have two New Moons in the same sign, but here we are. This one is in Cancer at 28 degrees. Each New Moon is a fresh start for you to plant intentions that you wish to manifest into your life. Set intentions for this New Moon to see yourself in a better, new light. To feel different and better about who you are and who you know you can become.

We are each feeling intense pressure to align with who we are authentically. Since April of 2019 we have been being pushed to change our lives. For me, this started more than a decade ago. But in April of 2019 was the moment I came out of my dark night of the soul and decided to take charge of my life and the direction it was heading in.

It is likely that you, too, started viewing life differently. Feeling less satisfied with the way things were. The last New Moon pushed us to step into the new chapter of a new life. It was the last eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The North and South Nodes had recently shifted from Cancer and Capricorn. We finally completed a major change in our lives, shifted into a new cycle.

This New Moon is about learning the ropes of that new life, and how you want to build a solid foundation for it. That’s what a universal year four is all about. There is something we don’t fully understand yet about the new direction we are heading in. There is a need for us to complete the past and close old chapters for good, and to keep working on healing feelings and emotions.

It’s time to settle into your new life and keep building without allowing stress, emotions, and feelings to provoke you into constantly giving up your power. It’s about us gaining control of our emotions and learning to navigate the space between emotions and intuition. Feeling versus deep, inner knowing.

Where is your home? Where do you feel like you most belong without having to be anything other than who you are? That’s the new land you’re meant to learn now. It’s the core of all the current astrology. You know the answer and during the last New Moon you made some sort of step toward it.

This New Moon isn’t giving you as many challenges, so you have no excuse. The hard work has been done honestly. Now it’s just a matter of tying up loose ends, closing out old chapters, and not being hard on yourself. As you navigate this new space be kind and supportive to yourself. Cancer is all about nurturing and compassion.

You’re being pushed to change your life further. To stop putting things off. Even the virus we are witnessing is a push to change your life. A blaring horn reminding you how short life is and to stop wasting your time. Do not look back because you’re not going that way.

Accept that you need to adapt to change, otherwise you will consistently sabotage yourself and live a life of regret. It is time to commit to your path and purpose. You have free will, of course, so you can choose to remain stagnant and small. No one is forcing the changes, but you know they are needed.

Saturn’s opposition means hard choices and decisions will have to be made for you to move forward. Understand that once those choices are made it relieves a weight from you that lightens your entire being. That weight will never leave until you choose to release it. To face the difficult endings and heal.

Tap into your lightheartedness on purpose, but know that any restriction you feel you are choosing. You choose to cave to the fear, anxiety, and emotions. You can choose not to going forward. Emotions are valid, but they are not always telling you the truth. They are coming from a wounded ego.

This New Moon set the intention to make decisions about what you need to feel better about yourself moving forward. Mercury square Chiron and Mars is not new either. It’s time to have the hard conversations with the people you need to leave behind. These aren’t going to be catastrophic conversations.

They are only hard because you’re worried they will be. When in truth it’s the only thing that is going to truly set you free. These conversations may hurt you or others, but pain is a lesson we are meant to learn from. The longer you put these conversations off the more pain there is to overcome.

Venus and Neptune are making us feel confused a bit about relationships and money. We may even feel sad because we have to end old relationships and change how we relate to money. This aspect is about us overcoming all of that. Clearing out the sadness and confusion for healing. Embracing a new soul tribe who really and honestly gets us and accepts us for who we are.

Re-conceptualize who you are. Jupiter’s aspects are helping you feel good about your new life. To put your soul more and more at ease with stepping into your vision and power. This New Moon is the clean up crew. So, clean it up and start laying the foundation for this beautiful new life.

You won’t truly feel at home with anyone anywhere until you learn to feel at home with you. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Learn to love you and others will, too. The only solid foundation there is, is the one you build within.

Self-control, self-awareness, self-worth, self-esteem. That is the foundation you need. Nothing is as personal as it feels. Know thyself and it’s easy to learn to be your own peace. To bring others peace as well. None of us can offer another being what we have not first cultivated within ourselves.

Go where the people help you grow.


Pile One:

I can clearly see your transition as I view your pile. Right now you’re overly concerned with what you appear to lack in life. You’ve made a decision to chase what makes you happy, but you’re in your head questioning everything. Your advice is embrace the Koi Fish Spirit. There is always, always, always going to be enough. Just breathe.

A Koi fish grows big in a small pond. This, too, is what you have done. In spite of circumstances that were determined to keep you in a box you’ve freed yourself. You grew and began to understand there is more to life than what you were settling for. Stop looking back. You’re poised for such a bright future.

Your current 3D circumstances are temporary. Do not go back to where you came from due to fear and the unknown. You will simply be delaying the inevitable. Great faith is called for now. You must first generate abundance and wealth within you and then it will be attracted from without.

Right now your intentions must be deliberate. A New Moon ritual is a must for you. I would come up with deliberate intentions, things you want to overcome, things you want to attract in life, and write them as if you’ve already overcome and obtained. Sign it, date it, and bury it somewhere like a seed, so it can grow. Reach out to someone else who can guide you.

Your current external conditions are a reflection of your internal condition. If you shift the internal vision the external vision changes, too. Resources are not as scarce as they seem. You must stop feeding the fear, make the next right choice, reach out to those who can assist you. Using people isn’t advised, but it’s okay to ask for help you honestly need at this time. Even if that is professional help to reach the reset you need.

You may feel you have nothing to offer others, but generosity from you will attract it to you. So, do something nice for someone else without expectation of return. A kind word, your time, some type of investment that you feel called to make into another being is called for at this time. Do something nice for yourself, in fact. Something your higher self will thank you for.

You are ready now to bring something new to light. You’re right on the precipice of huge change and transformation. Of becoming happy and confident in your own skin. Be around people who make you feel that way. Other people rub off on you more so than most people. You’re highly attuned to energy, so be around energy that helps you grow and evolve.

Maybe right this moment your ultimate happiness is eluding you. You want to move forward, but are facing overwhelming demands first. That’s okay. What is meant for you isn’t going to miss you. Slow down and recall why this person or place or thing makes you happy. Determine it is worth the effort you have to put forth and the investment into your own soul.

It’s a great time to begin something new. The only reason you’re truly hesitant is you feel unworthy. You feel as if you don’t have enough to bring to the table. The truth is all you have to bring is you. There is something or someone you’ve moved toward since the last New Moon that brings you such joy. Your desires are effortlessly fulfilled in that space.

This person or situation just makes you feel good. When you’re in that space you feel you are right where you belong. That’s because you are. Let that feeling be your motivation. Your why. Even if it doesn’t seem logical you’re being pushed toward this new life and vision for a reason. It’s going to take a bit of time to learn the ropes, but they are so worth learning.

You are struggling right now with defining the line between love and lust. There is a fine balance between a desire that is pure that can become more over time, and the insatiable thrill of danger you’re used to. In the past you allowed lust and ego to drive you. Now you’re being asked to slow down, invest, and learn the lands you want to devour first.

You are feeling a bit fragmented and if you chase the lust or the past that won’t change. You’re being encouraged to remind yourself that even when you don’t feel like it you are whole. Go where the people make you believe that. Where they effortlessly increase your self-worth and belief that you can be the person you’ve always dreamed you could be. That’s where you belong.

You are not your ego. You are not your feelings or emotions. Take a deep breath and step outside of yourself for a moment. Stop telling yourself you can’t because you’ve never really tried if you’re honest. Now is the time to detach and fly above what you see on the surface. You are someone who dives so deep, so now you’re being asked to do so on purpose and with intellect.

The waiting is almost over. The only real shift being waited for is a shift in your perspective. There is a star with your name on it and you now have the ability to reach for it. It’s right there in front of you and you’re letting it shine without you. You’re not going to dull the shine. You’re meant to be in this space with this person. Together your brightness heals the world.

It is truly only your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs holding you back. You created that old version of yourself to protect a child who was abused and hurting. Now, as the adult version of that child you’re meant to convince him he is safe. That it’s okay to accept love and abundance into your life. Stop putting off the work and the inevitable. You know deep down what this is.

This is something you’re meant to be committed to for the first time in your life. Something or someone worth being committed to. It’s a harmonious union. There is an evolution of this waiting to be had and accepted.

Be cautious what and who you’re committing to. It’s time to have hard conversations and release old commitments because that is no longer where you belong. If you’re honest it never really was, but it’s not wasted either.

You have been holding back, hoarding your old mindset and feelings, feeling like if you release the past the future isn’t certain, but that’s what following your intuition and taking risks is all about. It’s time to surrender to this process. Deep down you know this already. You have known for some time.

Celebrate your new life and this new community of people you belong to. For the first time in your life you truly feel you belong. Belong to yourself. You’re meant to be a self-made, happy and encouraging leader. Get out of your head now. Stop worrying about who you used to be.

You’re worried you won’t be reliable for these new people. That you have to somehow work hard to earn their love, but that’s not the case. They love you for you, not for what you can do for them. Search the hidden depths and release yourself from this mental prison you’ve created.

If you stay stuck in the old mindset and on the same story you’re preventing yourself from writing a new one. You’re preventing the people you know you need to leave behind from writing their story. You’re preventing the person or people you know you’re meant to be with now from moving forward.

We trick ourselves so easily. It is in holding ourselves back that we fail not only ourselves, but everyone else. You’ve been reassessing your life for a while now. Stop giving up so damn easy. You have what it takes to follow through and you’ve developed all you need to move forward with confidence.

Use your charisma for good. Leave the hot temper behind. Be forceful with yourself and creative in your way forward. You’re almost there. There is the need to stop feeling like a wounded warrior who has been left out in the cold. You left your old life because it was already cold. Go where the light is on.

Doors that will activate magical opportunities have already been presented to you, but you’re refusing to walk through them. This New Moon energy is going to give you the push you need. Be ready for it.


Pile Two:

The changes you have made are going to lead to something so huge and unfathomable. I do see some things you’re meant to work through first, but this is legacy leaving energy. You’re being asked to embrace the Peacock Spirit and let it shine. There is something you offer worth receiving.

You have been called for a while now to come out from the shadows. You are a channel for the divine. There is still a bit of hesitation or doubt that you are going to have to work through. It’s true that not everyone will approve if you put yourself out there, but the ones who do are the only ones meant for you.

There is still chaos and conflict in your life that you may be avoiding. It’s time to embrace the lessons you can learn from it and let it go. There is value in chaos when you realize it’s not personal, and mediate it with grace and ease. It helps you leave behind pieces of you that you no longer need.

You’re being asked to reinvent yourself amid the turmoil, rather than to allow the turmoil to reinvent you. Don’t be so eager to fight and prove any points. There is a need to release any stubbornness keeping you stuck. To count your blessings instead of your burdens. Gratitude is a magic wand.

You’ve been feeling divine intervention in your life. So, learn to be grateful for it. Yes, some of what that brings us is the ability to make and follow through with difficult choices, but in the end it frees us. If you’re finding the bigger dream too much that’s okay. Take a day to simply chop wood and carry water.

There is a deepening of intimacy with self and others on the horizon. Until then, do the necessary things you need to do each day, and practice non-attachment to outcomes. Be absolutely grounded in the present, every day experiences of life going forward. That’s what is being called for. These are the moments you have the opportunity to shine.

When the time is right you will be guided to move. The message will be clear for you. For right now the biggest reminder for you is to find beauty among the pain. To use the past as a lesson to correct yourself in the present. Don’t let the new life elude you by caving to how you feel. Chaos makes us feel like running, but you’re meant to face it head on with inner peace.

Practice mindfulness every day. It’s time to stop being controlled by the circumstances around you, and take control within you. To really grasp the concept that nothing is as personal as it feels. The chaos around you is only present because the people you choose to be around are full of inner chaos. They can’t permeate you with a peace they don’t have. Be your own peace.

This may seem at first like a block or detour, but it’s divinely orchestrated. It’s meant to help you learn how to navigate emotions and intuition. There may be unexpected visitors or plan changes. Learn to roll with it. There is huge uncharted potential in those moments.

Get clear on what you believe, what you think, and what you want. Focus on your internal garden regardless of what the outer world looks like. Shut off anything that distracts you. Meditate and get to know your higher self. Co-create this new life you’re aiming for.

Something has inspired a new, passionate beginning within you. You’re full of fire and eagerness, but you’re being asked to be practical, dependable, warm, and nurturing right now. To yourself and to others. Don’t let your passions run wild with no structure. That isn’t how we ground our new life into reality.

Stability is coming in for you. A true sense of home with a group of people ready to learn and teach. Honest teamwork and improvement of skills. A new, creative phase is coming. Choose relationships that bring you harmony and that make you want to celebrate who you are.

There is a need to focus on overcoming a fear of loss and despair. You’ve been given the visions, the signs, and the dreams. So, when the fear of loss or despair arise go within. Meditate, write, practice some sort of mindful habit that can help keep you grounded and stable.

This New Moon is bringing you Empress energy. Fertile new ground to grow on. Sensuality, abundance, and empathy abound. Whatever you’re moving toward it’s going to bring you wealth, prosperity, and a legacy to leave behind when your time this go round is done.

Your entire world is shifting. Old cycles are closing out. Stop feeling you have to fight for everything and rebel against it once you get it. We don’t chase. We align and attract. Align and attract.


Pile Three:

You have been learning to set healthy boundaries and appear to still be healing from heartbreak. Embrace the Armadillo Spirit and set those boundaries. In order for you to truly align with your path and higher purpose there is a need to set boundaries and stand in your power.

For a long time you didn’t know where you ended and others began. The shift you’ve been making has been pushing you to learn where that line is. You cannot save other people, and so they cannot all evolve with you. Some will simply have to be left behind. It’s not personal to you or them.

Knowing your own limits is the first step to preventing regret and resentment. It’s been a journey of discovering and being honest with yourself about what it is you really want. If you declare your needs after meeting everyone else’s and they don’t want to meet yours it’s time to let them go. I feel that’s the transition you’ve been in for some time.

Now isn’t the time to be overly concerned with how others are going to feel because you finally decide to put yourself first. In fact, it’s time to end all relationships that have been one-sided. Your current situation is an in between phase. You have already ended something, but haven’t quite yet begun anything new. Take stock of the lessons you’ve learned.

There may be some relationships that you can repair and mend. If not allow the pain to pass through reminding yourself it was never personal. Let it be integrated into the lessons you’ve learned. People who aren’t whole within don’t have anything to offer others, including you. It says nothing about what you deserve or your worth. It tells you they don’t have much self-worth.

Right now you’re waiting on divine timing. Don’t feel like you have to rush forward. You have all the time in the world. Practice releasing your expectations and just allowing each moment to be what it is. Stop watching the clock and feeling as if time is slipping away. This time is meant to be exactly what it is for you. Take advantage of it.

There is a need for you to discover what loyalty is. You cannot be everyone’s ride or die. At some point, loyalty to people who aren’t concerned with meeting your needs in return is being disloyal to yourself. It’s time to consider being loyal to you and your path above all else.

Find time right now to be playful. Don’t take it all so seriously. You really can’t commit a mistake at this point. You’ve simply learned too much to ever go back now. The wisdom you’ve accumulated will see you through any storms. Whatever uncomfortable chaos surrounds you is going to pass.

Not every storm we experience is meant to be destructive. If you choose to view it as a lesson and what you can learn from it you give your pain purpose. You’re going to have plenty of epiphanies with the energy of this New Moon. Use it as wishing well. Write down your intentions, desires, and wishes.

There is heartache and sadness that you’re still healing from, and that’s what this time is about for you. It’s about rest and recovery. It’s about nurturing yourself and finding compassion for yourself.

This New Moon is also bringing in a new friendship or love that is stable and long-lasting. A harmonious situation that will give you insight and clarity. Don’t hold back from this connection because you refused to use this time to set intentions and heal. This new person is reliable, hard working, and able to charter the hidden depths with you.

Don’t spend so much time daydreaming and confused about which choices to make. If you’re honest you already know. Make the choice that leads to spiritual growth and pleasure. That leads to self-love and evolution.


Pile Four:

This pile seems to be moving away from a love connection that is meant to be in order to focus on business. You’re being encouraged to embrace the Pig Spirit and use your mind wisely right now. Your intuition is correct about this person, but your intellect is also correct about it not being the right time.

You are someone who is incredibly intelligent and open-minded. Don’t make any rash decisions before all the facts are in. There is always the danger of being too intellectual, as well. The larger message is practice balancing your head and your heart going forward. That balance is coming in for you.

There is a fork in the road. This is an obligation you have to yourself and your path to make a choice. Which choice do you know for sure will unfold your dreams? Only you know that. If this person isn’t ready then the choice is easy, focus on your business and stop investing in the person.

This doesn’t mean you forget the person is meant for you. It simply means you see beyond the surface and know that things are being worked on behind the scenes and on your behalf. Don’t throw yourself at other people, trying to impress them just to get a morsel of attention. It’s not worth it.

Don’t put this other person on a pedestal either. It’s unfair to them. Allow them the time and space they need to grow and evolve. You cannot save them and I think you’re someone who knows this deep down. Shine your authentic self for the world and not just one person. You have such important stuff to say and this person isn’t the only one who needs to hear it.

This New Moon is bringing you an energy that is going to help you live in the flow state. A wave of opportunity is coming your way, so make sure you’re ready to ride it. Let this relationship be whatever it is without feeling you have to change it. Let things come to you. This is where your success lies.

You and this person are definitely meant to live a mutual journey, but you can’t force it. This connection is effortless when it comes together, and that’s why when it isn’t together you feel a bit lost. It’s a test to make sure you’re not going to fall into past patterns and behaviors. Pass the test.

Sometimes when our external conditions are blocked there is a reason for that. Accept that fully. Be true to yourself and refuse to compromise your self-worth and self-respect going forward. Stop slacking off on your goals and dreams because of this person. You can’t force them on board.

Your ability to communicate is going to be increased with this New Moon energy, so use it wisely. Movement is coming. Up until now you’re been restricted, and that is all changing. You’re releasing the need to control the outcome of everything in life.

This person came into your life to impact your personal growth. To inspire you to be the best version of you. They awakened you to a higher frequency. I know your heart hurts and is likely breaking, but this too will lead to a more authentic life. Good fortune is yours and it’s a shame to waste it wallowing in a pain that simply isn’t personal.

This person’s inability to accept you doesn’t meant you’re unworthy of acceptance. Move forward knowing you can do so safely and securely. Be loyal to what matters, but more than that be loyal to yourself. If you can use this time to strengthen bonds of friendships overall, rather than focusing on this one person who simply needs time to be ready.

There is a business idea that is transforming for you with this New Moon. Set some intentions and practice a ritual regarding this idea. It’s going to require you balance hard work and walking away. It’s going to be difficult for you to walk away from this connection, but you have to. Your focus is better served elsewhere right now.

Don’t be blinded because the truth is hard to accept. You’re meant to be planning and preparing for your future right now. This is what brings you future reasons to celebrate and enjoy your soul tribe. Maybe this person will be part of it and maybe they won’t. You are worthy either way.

Either way the wheel of fortune is turning in your favor and you’re destined to leave a legacy when this incarnation is over. Whatever this idea is that is coming to you is going to generate untold wealth and prosperity. Don’t allow this person’s failure to be honest and authentic get to you. Their failure to communicate is not your problem.

Focus on the details of your career. Learn new skills. Put in the hard work. The romance and love meant for you will come in when the time is right. Your goal for now is to become self-sufficient and not need anyone else to validate or take care of you. You can do this. Your home is self-sufficiency for now.

This person really does love you very much. The way you make them feel is out of this world. They are holding back because you each have a journey to fulfill on your own first. Your legacy is meant to be your own. It will be after you get the ball rolling on this that he or she comes in ready to spill all.


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd