New Moon in Cancer: Ready for War

The astrology right now is going to have you taking action in one way or another. The goal is to balance the polarity, and to not be reactive or passive. Instead, to respond to life in a meditative, contemplative state of mind. How you react to what is coming will largely be measured on whether or not you take being armed for this war seriously.

On July 20th we will be having a New Moon in Cancer. Not only are we facing the New Moon, but it’s in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. In May the North Nodes of the Moon shifted from Cancer and Capricorn to Gemini and Sagittarius. This is a last battle of the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Wherever the Nodes were previously in your chart is likely where you will feel this most.

Cancer is a deep, watery sign ruled by the Moon, so you are likely feeling more emotional lately. This is especially true if you have strong Cancer placements in your chart. Soon we’re leaving the watery depths for the fiery, passionate season of Leo. So, take advantage of this time.

When you break it down to the very basic level Cancer is all about healing. However, Saturn is all about teaching us lessons, restrictions, hardships. So, the emotions coming up for you may be hard and heavy. You may feel things very intensely. You may feel extremely touchy and reactive. In fact, you may fall into depression, sorrow, and loneliness.

What is waiting for you to be learned is emotional resolve. How to stay focused, disciplined, and self-nurturing amid chaotic emotions. Saturn wants you to push past the loneliness and remember you have to heal your own wounds. No one else can do that for you. They can help you temporarily forget, but that’s called trauma bonding and causes only more wounds.

If you have people in your life who listen to and validate your emotions, without enabling toxic or trauma behavior please reach out to them. If you don’t you’re going to have to be strong on your own. You have the power within you to understand your emotions and control your reaction to them.

There is a need during this New Moon for you to practice solitude. To go out in nature if you can and reflect on how you feel, where those feelings come from, and recognize your own triggers. For us all to spend some time in self-reflection and going within.

I always tell you that the astrology is meaningful for the personal, individual person, and the collective as a whole. Globally we are seeing Capricorn expose the darkness of our structures. We have been enslaved and they told us it was freedom for years. It’s all crumbling. So, too, are the illusions you’ve built up around your own, individual life. Let them fall.

For the next two weeks be ready because Mercury is in Cancer forming a hard square to Mars and Chiron, which are both in Aries. This energy is likely to affect us for the next six months. It’s the season of the warrior and that’s what you’re meant to become over this time.

It’s a season of protection. Of us balancing our inner feminine and masculine. Of personal and collective freedom. This Mercury square makes us more reflective, but Mars and Chiron are challenging our perceptions. Everything we’ve believed and known will be questioned.

There are going to be people who are naturally more aggressive tempting us to get into a war of words. We are being challenged to decline. To instead consider our own beliefs and why we defend them. Mars is the planet of war and it’s in Aries, which is its element. It’s reactive and powerful. So, be sure to watch your own words and think before you speak. Don’t give up your power.

Everything you’ve ever perceived is being challenged because Capricorn is about tearing down the old structures that never worked, and Cancer wants to nurture you as you rebuild from the ashes of the control mechanisms being exposed. See beneath the surface of feelings to what is. Emotions are valid, but they are not always true. Emotions are ego and you are not your ego.

Chiron is about the need to heal our personal and collective wounds. It’s retrograde in Aries right now until December 15th. I’ll include a few links after I’m done in case you want more information. Our wounds make us panic when they are triggered. It activates our fight or flight.

When we fail to heal our wounds and choose instead to take them personal and hold onto them we are reactive rather than responsive. There is a push with this astrology and this New Moon for you to be in the zone. To train yourself and set intentions for the future that make sense.

Volatile people in your life are going to test you. Will you keep your power remembering it isn’t personal, and set healthy boundaries? Will you allow the destruction of the old, so you can embrace the new, calmer, unknown path? I know it’s scary. Sometimes we think better the devil we know than the one we don’t know, but I promise you the devil is a liar.

If you’re someone who lives in a low level of consciousness you are going to be reactive and cause yourself more problems in the end. When you act from a higher level of consciousness you take appropriate action instead. If you feel more pent up emotions and they are making you want to explode, pause. Go get some exercise, write, spend time in nature, or meditate.

You do not want to have walls up to what is meant for you, but neither do you want to have zero boundaries. Balance your desire to assert yourself with the desire to be passive. You don’t have to be reactive to be heard and seen. There is far more power in your quiet, but firm authenticity, than there will ever be in you choosing to hand your power to others in a fiery explosion of words.

The intensity of this New Moon won’t be near the level of the eclipse we had on June 21st, but you will start understanding more about the bigger picture. Right now you can’t miss the forest for the trees. Do not get lost in the details. There will be a strong wave of energy that makes you feel held back.

You will feel a bit restricted by your own beliefs, habits, and routines. This is because Saturn wants you to notice what about those things has always held you back, so you can heal it. You’ll discover more about that with an intentional focus on it. This is why I love Moon rituals.

This is great energy for you to set the intention to discover the way in which your own beliefs are holding you back from living your best life. Often we are the only ones standing in our way. Rather than admitting that and taking charge of our lives we choose fear and doubt. We keep playing small. This limited mindset affects everything around you.

There will be plenty of time to take action in Leo Season. Right now the feminine sign of Cancer wants you to focus on aligning yourself with those goals by changing how you see yourself. It’s time to align with your higher truth, your higher self, and to stand in your power. All without worrying about what comes next or what is unfolding.

Trust and faith in the unknown is easier when you recognize your intuition is always guiding you. The Moon is about emotions and intuition. This allows you to trust what is meant for you will not miss you, and guides you to the next step as it is revealed to you. Follow those bread crumbs and quiet nudges.

To live in a state of surrender, rather than in a state of illusory control, allows you to tune in and connect with your true North. It offers a sense of hope in your heart that everything is working out for the highest good. Surrender and trust is hard because it requires you stop living in ego. That you release social and familial conditioning. To recognize there is a better way.

This year has been tough for all of us. Change can be upsetting and challenging, but it’s the only constant in life. If you’re honest the life you’ve been living up until now was also upsetting and challenging. This is your life. You have to find a way to make it work for you.

All the chaos, pain, trauma, can be turned into purpose. It’s literally your perception holding you back, period. Not other people. Not their choices. It’s your own perception and the choices you allow it to fuel. If you think everything is hard in life it will be hard.

This New Moon reminds you that life is not a process of hard work and struggle. That if you stop working so hard to chase what you want you can instead align with it energetically and attract it to you. This isn’t about you being in solitude and alone completely.

Cancer wants you to consider family, home, close connections, and what you want out of them. Connect with like-minded people who inspire you. Stop pushing away the right people because you’re terrified to open up. Because you’re so worried about what all the wrong people will say if you outgrow them. Find gratitude in your ability to grow at all.

Cancer is all about family, but this isn’t just about blood relatives. Sometimes we have to set boundaries with them, too. We can’t keep seeking approval from people who don’t have it in them to give us. We have to approve of ourselves enough to not take it personal and walk away.

This is a great time to set intentions regarding home and family. Write out how you believe a family should make you feel. Write out that you’re attracting your soul tribe to your life. Write out that your home is a peaceful sanctuary of harmony and bliss. So mote it be. Light candles with intention.

It doesn’t matter if right now you don’t have a place to call your own. Act as if. Write it as if you already have it. Don’t be fooled by what you see in the 3D ego space. It’s time to tap into the 5D and create your world there, so it can come into being in the material, tangible world.

If you aren’t in a space that is warm, welcoming, and peaceful find one at least for the night of the New Moon. Visit a good friend who will do the ritual with you. Go out in nature alone and write under the Moon. Find a way to surround yourself with peace and comfort.

This is the start of a new cycle. You may feel restless and need to ground yourself at first. Eventually the goal is to feel more at peace with your surroundings and who you are surrounding yourself with. To feel more at home within yourself, and finally be comfortable in your own skin.

My best advice to you for July 20th is to consider what or who brings you the most tranquility and peace and spend time with them or in that space.

The night of the New Moon will be the quietest, most uninterrupted tranquility you’ve experienced if you choose to allow it. If you are intentional about it. This is the least demanding point in the lunar cycle. It wants you to reflect, to restore your soul, and to plan how you want your future to feel.

Highly related to domestic matters, personal care, and family you are meant to discover what those things actually mean to you. Not what others told you they should mean. Not how others told you they should look. But how those things feel for you. What they mean to you.

You have the choice to use the tools I am offering you to plan your next course of action. If you have been dying for change in your living situation, relationships, family dynamics, this is the time to be real with yourself. Clarity is available to you should you choose to accept it.

This is the time to stop caring what everyone else wants. We all spend way too much time trying to care for and please other people. People who don’t please for and care for themselves. This is wasted time and we are insane for doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

This is about YOU. What do you want? How should family make you feel? It doesn’t matter what other people seem to demand of you. You know from experience you could jump through every hoop they demand and still never feel like enough. It’s because they aren’t enough for themselves, and you can’t control that. You are a boulder at the top of a hill right now.

Which way will you roll?

Your endurance is being tested. Will you pass?

Tomorrow I will be posting a new pick a pile tarot reading regarding this New Moon and how you can make the most of it.

Small Collective Reading:

This time is meant for us to slow down and allow healing to come in. To choose new connections with people who will cherish, love, and respect us. Those we feel connected to at a cellular, soul level. It’s about learning to trust our intuition and follow our dreams.

With the eight of swords and four of cups coming out we really are the only thing standing in our own way. Don’t overthink the negative. If you’re an over-thinker force yourself to think about what can go right. Don’t imprison your mind. Don’t hold back from stating how you really feel, either.



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I also listen to frequencies when I sleep. If I’m not going to be in my room for a while I will let them play while I’m away, so it’s peaceful in here when I come back. I do not avoid the negative emotions I feel or experiences I have. I simply choose to view them from a higher, more detached perspective. I choose emotional intelligence.

My lack of emotional reaction does not equate to me being emotionless. People are just so used to reacting from a primal, low vibrational space, that they assume that. I let them assume. I feel very deeply. I just choose to not allow that to invalidate my power.

I hope you all find growth and gratitude this New Moon.