New Moon in Aquarius: Part Two

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11 min readFeb 11, 2024

For part two I am going to give sample readings from the charts of people I know, and was given permission their permission. This will likely be released later Friday because I haven’t finished seeing how it’s playing out in my chart yet, and want to tell you the full story.

Let’s start with my daughter:

She is a Cancer Rising meant to embrace and lead with emotional intelligence. She is ruled by a Gemini Moon in the 12th house. So she battles with the fear of death. With the thought that we live, we love, we build legacies, and then it’s for nothing because we are gone.

Recently I told her to wait it out and trust the universe with a job situation she was feeling torn over. She trusted me and now she is full time, getting a raise, and just got a promotion. Astrology is so beautiful. I am so proud of the healing work she is doing with Saturn in her 9th house.

That’s a transit that wants you to mature your life philosophies. It wants you to believe you have a purpose to pursue. And it’s encouraging her to pick up spiritual habits and practices that are helping her blossom.

I’m so proud of her because since she was young she has been very much like me. She joined drama to force herself to get over her social anxiety. When Mercury was going Rx through her sixth house she was getting antsy. She works for the school across the street as support staff.

They had cut her hours, and working with the children means she gets sick a lot due to her immune system. No other jobs were getting back to her. I told her to trust the universe has a plan. She did a great job of that. And tomorrow it will be announced that she has been promoted to office staff.

She gets a raise, full time hours, and is not directly working with the children, so that she doesn’t get sick as often. She is so glad she listened to me and trusted the astrology. I am telling you it never lies.

The New Moon for her is in the 8th house of power dynamics. She’s moving up to help manage someone else’s resources, and she has to learn to navigate a new level of professionalism and authenticity. This New Moon is quite close to her Uranus in the 8th house, so there is a lot of liberation and unexpected dynamics to come for her in that space.

It’s square her Jupiter in the 11th house. She has her Jupiter return soon. But this square is tension. She doesn’t necessarily want to do what she’s doing now forever. Jupiter is telling her to keep the faith in her long-term objective, and understand the long game.

I want to look at her latest Venus return because she had hers when Venus was Rx in Leo, as her own Venus is in the 2nd house. She had three Venus returns in 2023. So where we were all meant to figure out what we’re devoted to she was really meant to.

Her Venus is in the 2nd house, so she needs to be devoted to what she values, to earning personal resources, and to maturing her self-worth and integrity. In Leo she is meant to earn resources through creative leadership, and I am watching her embrace it fully.

The goal is to not seek a pedestal, but to be herself, and let people love her as she is. Her entire interview she spoke about emotional regulation and intelligence. They couldn’t believe how mature she was. And no, I didn’t break the cycles when they were young, but I broke them.

I was not nearly as emotionally intelligent as my children are when I was their age. There was no cycle breaker leading the way for me. I cannot ever be perfect, but I am always worthy. That’s the lesson for us all right now.

Here is the last hit. Leo Rising is letting her know that in matters of love, pleasure, relationships, and money it’s time to be honest. For her to embrace telling the truth in loving ways, but refusing to live a lie or beg for the dream that never comes.

This means the Sun is the chart ruler, and she is meant to follow her spirit. Which according to this is in the Libra 3rd house. She is meant to learn from the community she is surrounded by everyday. To recognize where she is keeping everyone’s peace but her own and correct that.

Venus is in the first house. Here she is direct at 19 degrees, which is 10 or 1. This signals completing old versions of herself and integrating them into the new identity she is embracing. I love that Venus is sextile Mars here. It shows she can be persuasive through communication right now.

I’m not concerned about Venus square Jupiter in the tenth because both are benefics. This is simply pushing her to step more out of her comfort zone. To believe in herself more. She is meant to lead from the heart. She is a creative visionary who has a loving and nurturing soul.

Venus rules the 3rd and 10th houses in this chart. This lets us know that right now she is to be focused on female relationships in her career and connecting with them in her community. Empowering herself and surrounding herself with other empowered women is key. There is so much for her to learn.

She is in a profection year one, meaning the focus until her next birthday is herself, her body, her identity, her own evolution. And I am so here for it.

The New Moon in this chart was the 7th house and it was the hiring of another person that led to her receiving the promotion. The New Moon is trine Mars in the 3rd house, which told of the news being positive, and her duties changing in a way she is passionate about.

That square to Uranus is the same for us all. We have to be willing to expose ourselves in order to step into our power. We have to convince ourselves we’re going to be okay no matter what, so that we don’t sabotage ourselves and cheat ourselves out of joy, love, and belonging in life.


I wanted to talk about Liz’s chart right now, too:

Liz is an Aries Rising and I’m here for it. She is meant to evolve into someone who is emotionally sovereign and secure in who she is. She is destined to pioneer something in this life. And this New Moon is taking place in her house of hopes and dreams. The house of groups, networking, and benefactors. The house of long-term wealth.

I love this because it shows she feels a sense of freedom there that wasn’t there before, but it’s square Uranus in Taurus, as well as her Chiron and Pallas. So there may be more work she is doing on healing her attachment style. I cannot wait for us to do that episode for you.

She sent me a beautiful clip the other day because I had emailed her feeling a bit defeated the night before. She spoke about how when you’re anxiously attached you view money as a necessary evil, and all you want is love. She was so right. In my first marriage I gave up my own dreams, goals, desires, and resources to cater to his anger and appease him.

But in line with her transits right now she has been pouring herself into research on attachment styles, and the areas of life they can affect. I truly appreciate the time she invests in helping me grow as a person. Right now this is about her networking on the bigger goals out loud, and stealing away for the shadow evolution alone somewhere in between.

Saturn in her 12th house wants her in the ethereal. It wants her digging into her subconscious and maturing that part of her, too. I love when the people I love evolve. I can’t wait to meet the next version of the potential that they clearly see in themselves.

She is softening this year into her authenticity and I love watching her flourish. She did an amazing podcast today, which is very New Moon in the 11th house. She looked and sounded great! Real Estate is her main gig. If you’re interested in checking that out:

This New Moon is sextile her ascendant, which speaks to this release perhaps being a boost for her own avenues. There are so many she is pursuing, and it’s all so exciting. It’s also sextile her Moon and Neptune conjunction in the 9th house. She is expanding in huge ways right now.

She is starting to see the interconnectedness of all things in a new light. To weave the web together. I love that it’s trine her 7th house Pluto. This speaks to some powerful new people or patterns coming into her life and relationships that bring ease and collaboration.

I would also like to look at her most recent Venus return:

I want to look at Venus because she represents relationships, and Liz is in a relationship focused period of her life. Venus also represents pleasure and money. She is focused on healing wounds related to those things, so she can attract and align with more ease and opportunity.

Venus also represents the divine feminine, and Liz is in a personal year two, which is all about stepping into softness, alignment, reciprocity. Leading in loving and nurturing ways. This is her Venus return chart until her next one in April. It started February 23rd of last year.

Pisces Rising with Neptune right on the ascendant immediately tells me that it’s a period where she is focused on seeing herself more clearly. Pisces is her natal 12th house. See the Sun there in Pisces, too? Illuminating where she is holding herself back based on her refusal to soften and surrender. So Jupiter is the chart ruler here.

Jupiter is in her Aries 2nd house, which is her natal first house. So what is she aligning with? Expanding her self-worth, her values, and her personal resources. Look how close Jupiter is to the wounded healer, Chiron. Venus on the left and the Moon on the right hugging them loosely.

She will heal and obtain her goals as she chooses to surrender and soften. I note that Venus is important as this is the Venus return. She is in Aries, where she likes to be in charge, and she is trine Lilith in the sixth house of health, wellness, work, and habits.

Something else she is doing is trying holistic healing methods to stop having flares, and ensure she is caring for the vessel she is lucky to have to traverse through life. But Lilith here is in Leo and it’s going to require absolute integrity and authenticity from her. The ability to not take it personal when others are intimidated or reject her in some way.

I love the grand trine between the Moon in the 2nd, Mercury in the 12th, and Mars in the 4th. Mars in Gemini in the 4th house makes so much sense because she has been home pouring herself into absorbing information, and trying to figure out how she can consistently share what she learns.

In trine to Mercury in the 12th this can speak to her networking more behind the scenes right now, but in turn her personal resources and confidence are increasing. It also tells of the potential to align her heart and mind right now.

Let’s look at the focus once April 8th hits:

I love this chart honestly. Aquarius Rising means she is fitting in well among an interdependent tribe. Pluto is there, so she may go through an intense period of personal evolution. Saturn is the chart ruler from the Pisces 2nd house. Mars is approaching conjunction to Saturn.

This can speak to her being driven to earn more resources, and to do that by sitting in energetic alignment daily. Saturn also rules the 12th house. Saturn in Pisces is about emotional and energetic work habits. And the 12th house is about the emotions we suppress.

Mars conjunct Saturn here could be an intense devotion to her energetic and spiritual side. This softening we spoke of earlier. Other than that Saturn isn’t making any real aspects. If anything there is a loose sextile to Jupiter in the Taurus 4th house. This suggests her real estate ventures are still going really well for her.

It may be a busy time come April. Remember Uranus and Jupiter are coming together in Taurus on April 20th. This is the 2nd house of resources and values. So I can see a good amount of money rolling in. I say through the real estate side of things because the 2nd house is ruled by Jupiter in the 4th house, where real estate lands.

However, this can also be us all taking the idea of buying land together more seriously. I am manifesting a well-paying job working with people who have integrity. There is a lot of Aries in the 3rd house of this chart. The Sun and Chiron are in conjunction. It’s like this healing of her entire spirit.

This could also have to do with the podcast taking off more, too. That third house would be the podcast, and it’s natal first. It’s the house of communication and community. So perhaps we gain more followers and start growing. Maybe become more focused on the studio.

This also makes sense with Jupiter as the ruler of the 2nd making home in the 4th. We would be changing part of her home into a studio. It is meant to help us earn more passive resources in the end. Mercury is Rx there, too, suggesting an edit or redo.

Mercury rules the 5th and 8th houses. So this has to do with how she is creatively expressing herself and the dynamics of joint resources. Overall I feel she is simply aligning further with her lofty, attainable visions.

I’m here for that, too. ❤

Part One if you missed it:

Part three is to come…

Namaste ❤



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