New Moon in Aquarius: Part One

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8 min readFeb 9, 2024

Aquarius is represented by the Star card in the tarot. I love this depiction of the Star from the Muse Tarot. This is number 17, which is 8 when you break it down. Liz and I spoke about how we are in an 8 year. A year where you are meant to stop playing supporting roles and become the main character in your own life. I’m doing that to lead by example.

I am facing so many big changes in my life right now, but if I can’t handle this level, how on earth will I handle the next? Aquarian energy is the hope that comes to life after Capricorn’s brutal retreat. Pluto in Capricorn exposed the government structures, and we started to learn we need to connect and collaborate, not compete.

If they keep us competing only they win. So Pluto in Aquarius is exposing your tribe. The individuals who have made up the tribes in charge. It’s going to transform how you view and value connection with others. We’ve already experienced Mercury conjunct Pluto. Next is Mars, and then shortly thereafter Venus wants to dance with Pluto, too.

Liz and I have done so many good episodes on The Grand Rising Podcast. I’ll link some at the end that are relevant to the current energy. We are a week late with February’s recordings, and I apologize. We hosted a benefit dinner for John to help us make up some of our mortgage, as his health had him off work for a long time. This prohibited our recording last weekend.

Part Two will be me diving into charts and how the New Moon is playing out in them, so you can have examples. I’ll be showing my charts, my daughter’s charts, and Liz’s charts as examples of how to find the energy in your chart, and see whether or not it’s affecting your personal placements.

So, let’s start with the chart of the New Moon EST:

Aquarius is a sign that is about freedom. It cares very deeply about individual freedom, but not as much the individuals themselves. So, this can make them seem a bit cold and detached. I speak as a triple Aquarius who has done and is always doing deep self-reflection.

This New Moon is about planting seeds around community. Around how technology and collaboration with others can make your work so much easier. The pull yourself up by the bootstraps era is over. Aquarius wants to advance humanity, and that’s the objective at the core of all it does.

So many people in our community supported us on Sunday that we caught up two mortgages, and still had a little left to put toward something else. Prior to that the community was sending donations to Go Fund Me and to our electronic sources. That helped us pay January’s bills and groceries.

Look at what we can do for each other when times get hard. That’s what Pluto in Aquarius is showing us. We can’t depend on the government structures that encourage us to compete and hate one another. Notice that the chart is a Leo Rising. Stepping into warmth, integrity, and authenticity.

The Ascendant is 21 degrees in an exact conjunction with the part of fortune. This supports a natural ability to communicate and bring what you want about with ease. It is a very positive omen. The number 21 breaks down to three, which is teamwork, collaboration, communication.

Some of this is internal communication, too. It’s you co-creating with the universe. Sitting in gratitude for what you want like it’s already yours. You know how I’ve told you time and again that you have to build a tolerance and then acceptance of the uncomfortable emotions? Well, for some of us joy and peace are uncomfortable, even as we crave them.

So we have to sit with and intentionally learn to maintain those states, just as much as we do the shame, anxiety, and fear. There is this sort of in between space that comes along eventually. It’s where you feel the imposter syndrome, the shame, the questions of your worth, but they’re not strong enough to override the excitement, the faith, and the joy.

I retold the story last night about me learning to drive. It’s so funny because in 2020 I was definitely manifesting the life I have now, and the life I am collaborating on with others. Part of that was finally getting my license. I had my permit so many times in my first marriage, and he didn’t want me to have any independence, so it made it easy to let the fear win.

John is very different and encourages and assists my goals. So he helped me get a car, and then he taught me how to drive it. There was imposter syndrome around that because my grandma never drove, my mother still doesn’t drive, and I had broken another cycle. Who am I to do that?

If the universe had given me everything I was envisioning in my life back in 2020 I would have had too much imposter syndrome, guilt, shame, unworthiness left in me to truly appreciate it. To be able to maintain joy and peace you have to become quite good at navigating your inner world.

The Sun rules the chart, and the Sun is conjunct the Moon in the Aquarius 7th house. You see clearly now your own reflection in the people around you. I personally have not liked some of the reflections I’ve seen. In that case, it’s my duty to change, not theirs to change their perception of me. So it’s not always cut off your tribe time. But you know what time it is.

This New Moon is square Uranus in the Taurus tenth house. So if anything is holding you back it’s discomfort. You’re afraid to be seen, but meant to shine. You may have to speak up, confront something, ask for what you want, and maybe that isn’t comfortable for you, but neither is the regret and resentment you build later for having remained silent.

The ascendant and part of fortune are in Mercury’s terms, and Mercury is now also in Aquarius, having recently come into conjunction to Pluto. Mercury is square Jupiter in the tenth. So what is preventing you from expanding in your highest calling? Jupiter is telling you to have faith.

The New Moon is in Mars terms. Mars is in the sixth house, all exalted in Capricorn. So we are feeling quite driven to create new habits, to be of service in a new way, to change the work we do, to take care of our health and wellness. To cultivate healthy habits that create a good foundation.

The South Node in the 3rd house is about learning that people pleasing drains you. It’s about setting up your daily life on your terms, and not running on everyone else’s schedule. There is good luck, grace, and wealth waiting for us all should we choose to see it. It’s in Jupiter’s terms.

Pallas at one Sag in the fifth house is us learning the patterns we’re in regarding pleasure, self-expression, parenting, romance, and seeing where we can change that up, too. And I love Vesta in the Gemini 11th, keeping the home fires burning where your long-term goals are concerned. Create the habits and it will come.

What habits are we speaking about? Well, that’s Saturn in the Pisces 8th house here. He is sextile that same Jupiter. Jupiter in Taurus wants to expand your material resources and comfort through joining resources with others. It’s offering you safety and stability, but most people think it’s just having money and goods.

When Saturn in Pisces is saying, no, t’s actually you maturing emotionally and building the inner discipline to achieve the outward expression. You have to convince yourself you are who you want to be over and over until you become who you want to be. Who you know you’re meant to be. It requires a certain level of absolute delusion in the beginning.

This New Moon is taking place Friday, February 9th at 5:59 pm. This adds up to 19 or 10 or 1. We’re ending old cycles to begin new ones. The New Moon is at 20 degrees. The number of reciprocity and connection. We’re starting to view each other as a vital network in this craven world.

I watched a video today that said studies prove that day 19 is the day that people give up on new habits. So keep that in mind. With this number you know ahead of time that day will be the hardest day to not quit. You can go into it prepared. And even if you quit for that day, the next day you can start again. You don’t lose all your progress.

You’re not unworthy because you’re imperfect. Baby, we all are. So imagine a world where none of us are worthy. That’s the one they’ve convinced you of. Organized religion, politics, and education has done it’s job, and it’s now been exposed. You’re a worthy, divine, cherished being.

It’s time for us to figure out where we fit in authentically, and not where we have to compete for a pedestal we’ll just fall from later.

This all started in 2020 when Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn all came together in Pluto. When we could no longer deny our collective and personal structures were just about beyond repair. There was so much upheaval in the world, and everything slowed way down.

It’s said that Jupiter isn’t much good in Capricorn. That he’s in fall. But I would argue we need hope, faith, and internal philosophy the most when things are hard. It gave us the courage to listen to our souls. To make changes to our jobs, relationships, homes, and lives. We began to access this new level of authenticity.

The Nodes and eclipses through Taurus and Scorpio thereafter were about us understanding the wounds we have related to money, wealth, and abundance. It was showing us our scarcity mindset. We were forced to release whatever grudges, emotions, hurt, pain that was holding us back from believing in ourselves and achieving our goals.

Last year when Venus went Rx in Leo we were meant to ask ourselves what and who we want to be devoted to. Where is our heart authentically? How can we learn to sit in the joy, the warmth, and the playfulness more? And this New Moon in Aquarius is feeling freer than we have in a long time, but at the same time, we still feel limited or stuck.

The square to Uranus is a huge push outside of your comfort zone. Will you step into the next level of your life, or let it pass you by again? ❤

Stay tuned for part two, which will likely be released tomorrow. Remember, Liz and I are doing a giveaway right now. If you subscribe to the podcast and comment your interest we are drawing two names to receive live readings on a future episode. I’ll read the astrology, Liz the human design.

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