New Moon in Aquarius Message

Left to right: Piles 1, 2, 3, and 4. Choose one or more to discover what you should let go of tomorrow and which seeds you should plant going forward.

Message from the Universe:

This new moon is ushering in an energetic shift that is going to make it easier than ever to let go of old attachments and cycles. The time is now to plant and nurture new seeds. Remember that your intentions are arrows and you can aim them at will. You’re not destined to wander around life aimlessly. Everything you need is inside of you.

The numbers 8, 1, 2 or 11 may mean something to you. You may start seeing these numbers or some of them on repeat. If you notice that take some time to try automatic writing or meditate. Get still and listen because it’s a sign that the universe is trying to contact you and has something to say.

Do not be afraid to listen. Any truth they bring you will be brought kindly and is for your benefit. Many of these truths you already know. They just want to help you heal, so that you can start living the truths you know out loud.

Those of you who don’t know your purpose and truth they are trying to help you discover that. Tap in and you won’t miss what is meant for you or mess it up when it comes. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicity in your life.

Before I do the reading I’d like to let you in on what those numbers mean, so if you do see them you’ll understand the message better:

If you see the number 8 repeating the truth that needs to be revealed is in regard to material abundance. There may be something off balance in career, finances, or your material foundation. It’s time to figure out what that is and step into your greatness.

If you’re seeing the number one on repeat it’s time to start your spiritual voyage. Your guides want you to find a spiritual practice that speaks to you and start tapping in. The number one is all about new beginnings. I feel like you’re feeling a bit lost and in a 7 of cups type energy. So many roads and unsure which to take. You have guides ready to show the way.

If you’re seeing the number 2 repeating there is likely something that needs your attention regarding harmony and balance in love or relationships. You need to rely more on faith in a bigger picture you cannot see. Believe that energies exist and can help you understand your path in life. You may feel hopeless right now, but hope is a choice away. The choice is to connect to your inner wisdom and expose the shadows to your light.

I just envisioned your guides dancing around. They have been showing you all kinds of signs, and you’re ignoring them. At the very least, you’re not putting them together. You may be writing them off as odd coincidences.

The number 11 on repeat is a call that something going on with you or those around you isn’t right. Judgement needs to be brought to a situation. They are calling you to tap into your intuition. You have eyes to see in the material world but seeing this number on repeat lets you know that you’re super sensitive, and can see what is going on in other realms as well.

Whatever you’re being asked to focus on stop putting it off. The time is now to take it on. Shame may ask, “Who do you think you are?” Well, who do you think you are? That’s a good question to sit with.


Pile One:

This new moon we’re letting go of society’s standards. We are releasing people who won’t commit to our path and purpose. We are planting seeds of independence and personal power rooted in intimacy and creativity. That is the foundation for you going forward. Release the need for approval and specific outcomes.
Plant seeds of abundance in every area of your life. Fit your manifestation and spirituality into your daily routine. Your affirmation going forward is “Thank you, universe, for helping me see beyond the limits of fear. Thank you for expanding my perceptions so that I can see what is of the highest good.” Never ask for a specific outcome or plead and beg for others to change. You will only attract things not meant for you, and more reasons to plead and beg.

This reading is coming in with a powerful energy. You’re so ready to be independent and take care of yourself. You are tired of conflict and drama. It’s beyond time for you to attract the people to your life who want to build with you on a solid foundation. Time to walk away from the people who tear you down and force you to rebuild constantly. Stop blaming them because the truth is you’re allowing it, excusing it, and enabling it.

This new moon is bringing you the energy to see different possibilities for your life. You’re going to start feeling like anything is possible, and tapping into that personal power I spoke about. This may be in matters of the heart.

There is a battle you’re waging within over someone you care about. Every time you’ve offered your cup to this person they have thrown it in your face. The universe wants you to focus on how personal that pain feels, and then remind yourself that it isn’t. People hurt us because they have unhealed hurt and trauma in themselves. Two fragmented people cannot become whole.

If this person isn’t in your life breaking your heart, you’re being encouraged to release them energetically. Cut the energy and psychic chords that are keeping their energy attached to you. It’s truly time to walk away from focusing on loving others and stand fully in your power alone.

If there is someone you know you’re meant to be with and have absolute clarity, but are waiting on divine timing, release that, too. Focusing on the when will only hinder it. It is time to move forward alone and be a thousand percent okay with that. Trusting the universe requires you live your life as if what you know is meant for you has already arrived.

The moment you find yourself not needing someone else to love in order to feel whole is the moment you attract the right one into your life. You’re meant to be with someone who is a spiritual teacher and be a teacher yourself. Somehow you’re meant to help transform the world and its perspective on love together. Don’t settle for less than that.

Listen to me, there is a soul out there that is ready to be deeply committed to you, protective, and kinder than any other soul has ever been to you, but they cannot come in until you’ve learned to stand alone and choose wholeness on your own. You are a warrior and meant to be self-reliant.

In taking personal responsibility for our choices, how we feel, our reactions and responses, we can find such freedom. Movement is already happening in the 5D. The sooner you tap into it and shift your own energy the sooner your entire life will change in ways you never expected or believed before. I can feel it brimming under the surface. I know you can, too.

How fitting that your overall guidance is that you will never find the security you seek giving away your power? You can’t make up how perfectly aligned this reading is. Your true security will always be within. Stop putting that responsibility on others and level up. It is time.

Tomorrow make time for yourself. Clean a space really well where you can sit in the quiet. If you don’t have a space contact someone you trust and borrow theirs. Take a long bath or hot shower with a sacral chakra frequency playing. Then sit down in your spot and write. Write down all the people, habits, and behaviors that you are going to release.

As you write do so as if you have already let them go. Imagine how good that feels to have finally conquered something you put off so long. Really get in your imagination about it too. What we allow ourselves to feel energetically is what we create externally via our vibration.

Commit to knowing that you can rely on yourself to understand emotions and find your way back to unconditional love of self and others every time. Sign it and date it as your intentions for this new moon. We are letting go of the need to save people, understanding we can only ever save ourselves.

Then write another one. This time write the things you want to feel and attract to your life going forward. Do so as if those things, people, and situations are already in your life. Make sure you really feel grateful and write how grateful you are for it all. Sign it and date it as your seeds.

You can burn these letters. You can plant them in the back yard. One as a burial and the other as seeds. You can simply put them in a keepsake box. You do whatever works for you. Just give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

The main chakra you’re being advised to tune up tomorrow is your sacral chakra. This is where you intimacy and creativity lie. I would do a meditation or two on this chakra to heal it and wake it up. You definitely need to be tapping into your feminine intimacy and creativity going forward.


Pile Two:

You like to be right, but it’s important to admit when we are wrong. Going forward you need to release the need to be right all the time, and plant the seeds of becoming open minded and willing to see different perspectives.
Your main theme is moderation. Release the desire to over-indulge in all areas of your life where you are currently doing so. Your affirmation is “When I lean on certainty and faith I change my mind about the world I see.” You have to start diving deeper to understand people and things, rather than being so afraid of them.

Let me start by saying I can feel you’re not in a very good place and probably haven’t been for a long time. Coming into this new moon you are feeling so much internal conflict, your walls are high, and you don’t know how much more you can take. Having to be right all the time is so exhausting.

It’s time to walk away from the overwhelm. To plant the seeds of inner peace and calm. You have so many choices and life keeps ripping the rug out from under you because you are not paying attention. You will make the right choices when you allow yourself to build a foundation in the self and your spiritual connection to source. You are meant to do big things.

You may have vices that you’re over-indulging in. Perhaps you drink too much, are addicted to food, sex, porn, or a drug. Maybe you spend too much time on meaningless entertainment to avoid going within. Whatever it is you are keeping yourself chained there worried about whether anyone else would ever be able to love you if they knew the whole truth about you.

It’s time to love yourself. You need to figure out who you are underneath all the shame and trauma, so that you can release it and step into the warmth and joy of self-love and compassion. This new moon is bringing you an epiphany, so listen out for it. It’s going to give you what you need to leave the past gracefully and step into a hopeful new beginning.

Plant the seed of understanding that rejection is often for our protection. The universe will break your entire heart to save your soul. Many of your most powerful shake ups are easily stopped when you learn to go within. Stop trying to exert so much control over people and situations. All you can ever control are your responses to them. That is where your true power lies.

Trust that every experience you’ve had is a brave lesson you chose to come here and learn this lifetime. Stop feeling ashamed of that. It takes a strong and brave soul to sign up for what you’ve been through. It’s time to be patient and start learning the lessons now.

There is a balance this energy is going to bring you. There is a fine line between desire and allowing a desire to become an obsession. If you’re a water sign, in particular, this may hit home for you. It’s not your fault you feel so deeply, but you do have to learn how to handle your feelings.

It’s time for you to do the shadow work; past time. Time to look beyond what seems obvious for the real answers. You are now a fledgling. It’s time to cultivate patience with yourself and others, understanding we are all hear learning our lessons, and at different points of our journey.

Perfect that your overall guidance is to respect the spiritual path you’re meant to walk and allow yourself this time in incubation. Things are awakening in you this year in ways they never have before. You can’t stop it, so you may as well embrace the process.

This new moon write down your intentions to let go of the need for perfection in self and others, of over-indulging, of obsession, and any other trait or behavior that you know must go. Write them as if those things have already been let go. Write about how good that feels. Sign and date it.

Write another one about what you want to feel and do going forward. Use your imagination to really bring those feelings to life. Write them as if they have already manifested. Be grateful from your soul for it. Sign and date it.

Start challenging yourself regarding old thoughts and beliefs. You are not the darkness that follows you. You’re just living in fear, which we all do sometimes. You are neither the light or the dark. They both teach you lessons if you live as you truly are. You are the awareness that light and darkness even exist. You are love. We all are.

Hate isn’t the opposite of love. Fear is the opposite of love. If you hate someone or something it’s because you’re afraid of it. Fear and shame can be found at the root of most of our issues.

The problem is we’re shown versions of love that aren’t love at all. The only real love is unconditional love, and you won’t love someone else that way until you love yourself that way. When you fail to love yourself loving others will always come with conditions that they behave a certain way to prove they love you. True love is meeting them where they are and really seeing them.

You can burn these letters. You can plant them in the back yard. One as a burial and the other as seeds. You can simply put them in a keepsake box. You do whatever works for you. Just give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

Your solar plexus chakra is highlighted here. Spend some time listening to frequencies or meditations to heal it and help it expand. This is your power center and being able to stand in your real power is crucial to letting go of the habits you created chasing a false sense of power.


Pile Three:

You may tend to get overwhelmed easy when things seem off and not be great at dealing with conflict. It’s time to let go of the fear of conflict and learn to navigate it. You do this by going within and finding a deeper meaning and purpose to life and events.
Take care of your health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s time to let go of putting everyone first and take care of yourself. Until you do you will feel constantly stuck or sick. Your affirmation is “When I focus on my inner light I see the world through the lens of love.” The only real love is unconditional love, and understanding can help you achieve it.

Your guides are the ones dancing all around you trying to get your attention. I felt this clearly in the meditation, but didn’t realize it would resonate for a specific pile. I would pay attention to signs and synchronicity around you.

You are feeling like life is hard right now. You are likely having sleepless nights, nightmares, and dwelling on the what if’s and what is. You really want a new beginning that is stable and solid. Something you can build using your creativity and magic.

There is someone in your life you really love and maybe you want to create that life with this person, but the cards are saying a rest or break from them is actually what is coming up for you. It may hurt when it happens, even if it’s a choice you make because it’s time to let them go, but you’re being encouraged to find hope in the darkness. To cling to that hope and plant it as a seed.

Let go of your fear of feelings. They always come and go, and you are not your feelings. You’re the awareness above them. Allow them to come and go, to flow as the energy they are, and release your grief. None of the pain you’ve ever felt was personal. You signed up to learn lessons, and it was only meant to teach you those lessons.

You really need to cultivate space in your day to be sill and quiet. Meditation would be so beneficial for you. Even starting with five or ten minutes a day with anxiety releasing meditations would help. When you start doing this the energy shifts for you and the wheel suddenly turns in your favor.

You have to release your anxiety and people who make it worse. You’re full of it sometimes and it isn’t serving you. You are seeking your healing in substances and people, where it will never be found. The ancient healing wisdom you need is inside of you. Until you tap into it nothing changes.

Your success is in reminding yourself that when others deceive you it isn’t personal, and to stop deceiving yourself about the way you’re living your life. It’s in recognizing that sometimes we’re in different places and that’s okay. It’s really no one’s fault. We can honor our differences and part amicably, or set boundaries even when it isn’t.

Now is the time to take stock of those you have left to forgive, and to realize some of them may never be able to apologize. Forgive them anyway. Release the pain understanding it wasn’t personal. Ask for forgiveness, and whether or not you’re granted it, forgive yourself. Let yourself off the hook.

Your overall guidance is to do the shadow work required for healing. To allow yourself a rebirth and self-discovery. You are here with a purpose and when you’re not tapped into it you will always feel it missing.

Write down all the people, thoughts, and feelings you know have to be released. Write it as if you’ve already released them. Write about how good that feels. Do this tomorrow on the new moon. Really get into your imagination and feel good and feel grateful. Sign and date it.

Write another one with everything you want to manifest going forward. Write as if it’s already here. Feel that deep and be grateful for it. This is your seed packet being planted. Don’t forget to nurture them daily.

You can burn these letters. You can plant them in the back yard. One as a burial and the other as seeds. You can simply put them in a keepsake box. You do whatever works for you. Just give it a shot. What do you have to lose?


Pile Four:

Now is not a time of manifestation for you. It’s a time of rest and reflection. Going forward Spirit is asking you to really build your intuition muscles and get in contact with the universe. Feel the energies that guide you.
The seeds you want to plant are spiritual. It’s time to build a routine that taps you into the divine daily. No more excuses. We’re letting them go. Your affirmation is “I always trust the direction of the universe and know I’m being guided.” So, whenever anxiety and overwhelm come in remind yourself you can kick them out.

You are in a mental prison right now. Within you is a desire for a new beginning that will be build on a stable foundation. You are desperate for answers and clarity, but Spirit is saying you’re not where you need to be for that epiphany to be given to you right now.

We can’t seek answers from desperation and expect them to be good answers. We attract what we put out into the world. Desperation will attract more desperation. It’s time to let go of the need for a specific answer, so that the actual answers can come in.

You’re wanting to sit on the top of the world. You feel like happiness and fulfillment is your birth right, and it is. If you start tapping into Spirit for your happiness and guidance you will stop relying on people for that. You will then be given instructions on where to go and what to do next.

You have to let go of how you expected your fulfillment to look. Make peace with the pain and lessons found there. Recognize no one else is to blame. You are responsible for the life you create. Release the desire to blame anyone at all, including yourself. Embrace your healing.

If you allow the universe to co-create with you, and cultivate patience and trust, the foundation will be absolutely stable. It takes trust in the unknown, but your intuition is high. You definitely have manifesting abilities, but right now you’re being asked to learn how to use it first.

Whenever you’re in need of hope it will only be found in meditation and connection to source. Put up reminders of this everywhere. You are unique and have a special message and purpose to offer the world.

Your overall guidance is that your prosperity might be gained quicker if you added candle magic to your routine. It’s not hard to do. You purchase or make candles whatever color the intention is. So if you’re trying to manifest a spiritual connection use purple, money use green, etc. You can find the colors and what they represent or learn more about candle magic on Google.

Tomorrow write down that you’ve let go of the need to control your outcomes. Write how good it feels to live in the unknown. How exciting it is to create with the universe as your guide. Really feel that and sign and date it.

Write another one with the type of life you want to manifest. Don’t have it include specific people. More so how it feels and how those people make you feel. You can’t manifest your way out of healing and releasing. But as you’re healing and releasing feeling grateful for what you want as if it’s already here brings it all in much faster.

You can burn these letters. You can plant them in the back yard. One as a burial and the other as seeds. You can simply put them in a keepsake box. You do whatever works for you. Just give it a shot. What do you have to lose?


You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors. ― Andrew Boyd